Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 53

Recap: Dinner at Charlie’s place. Utkarsh’s girlfriend Rhea introduced to everyone.

After the dinner, Veebha needed to talk to Ayaz and therefore she faked her car not working. Saying that she asked Ayaz to drop her home and he could not refuse since they were surrounded by the others.

Veebha’s plan worked as the silent drive in the dark night made Ayaz open up in front of her. He explained to her how he thought Priyanka had been cheating on him and that he could not trust her anymore.

Veebha: But Ayaz you should talk to her about it before making any judgement.

Ayaz: I have talked to her and she has all the excuses for that. You know all this while I never had a hint that Priyanka might do something like this. I loved her because I could trust she was completely different than the others.

Veebha: I feel you still are taking a decision in a hurry. I think you should let her explain. Talk to her and ask her to tell you the truth without any hesitation. Hear her out and then decide.

Her calm words made him rethink over and he agreed to talk to her another time. Veebha was happy for Ayaz because she knew he loved her but was also having a strange depressing feeling inside her heart which she could not really understand.

Just as Parth reached home, his phone rang and he checked it to find Niti calling. He immediately picked it up with a shy smile on his face.

Parth: hey !

Niti: have you checked your mail ?

Parth: what ? No. For what ?

Niti: it’s about the next track in the show.

Parth: okay. And what is it about ? And why do you seem so scared ?

Niti: nandini’s drunk sequence !

Parth: what ?

Niti: Nandini’s drink would be spiked and she would behave all stupidly drunk in front of Manik.

Parth: (laughs out loud) what ? That is amazing ! I’m sure the scene would turn out hilarious !

Niti: (angrily) do you really find this so funny ?

Parth: (trying to control his laughter) okay. Sorry. But how did this come up ? I mean we’ve been rehearsing for that dance sequence for some days now then when is this going to happen.

Niti: it says it’s going to be during and after that party where we dance together. Parth could you come over to my place right now ?

Parth: what ? Like now ? But why ?

Niti: okay let it be. Okay then I’ll speak to you later…

Parth: (interrupting her) no no..I’m coming. Don’t worry.

Niti was really stressed about the drunk sequence. She did not know what to do and how to prepare for it. As she had been find if acting since childhood, she had seen many actors’ drunk scenes and had always praised them all for such a wonderful talent they possess to be able to do such scenes so perfectly. But now that it had come to her, she wasn’t sure how would she be able to do it.

She had been pacing up and down in her living room till Parth arrived. As soon as he rang the doorbell, she ran towards the door and opened it. Parth took one look at her stressed face and thought it to be a good idea that he came over. He could not imagine her condition had he not arrived to help her out. More so, he was glad she found the right person to talk to about such stress to be him.

She dragged him inside, closed the door and moved to her bedroom leaving him in the living room. She was back a few seconds later with her laptop that had the script from the mail. She handed it to him to take a look and both of them sat together to read it through. Niti had already read it 10 times by now and she had the whole script by heart ! After going through the whole part, Parth kept the laptop aside and turned to face Niti who looked up at him again with that fear in her eyes.

He softly took her hands in his, looked straight into his eyes and said,

Parth: Niti, you can do this. Just be confident.

Niti: (calming down) But how ?

Parth lets go of her hands which leaves her surprised but he instantly picks up her laptop and starts searching something on it. As soon as he gets what he wanted, he places the laptop on the table in front of them for Niti to see.

He had took up few videos on drunk sequences from bollywood movies which would help Niti prepare for her act. Niti looked up at him with hope lightening up in her eyes, and the glowing confidence that she can do it, now that she had Parth by her side.

They searched for numerous videos that would help her and also discussed on certain parts where both of them could decide together on how to do a particular scene. At the end of it, Niti was feeling relieved as her “new friend” had helped her so well in overcoming her fear. They had been rehearsing the part the way they had thought of it and when they finished with the last part, Niti was so excited she immediately threw herself to Parth in a bear hug which brought a smile on Parth’s face and he too hugged her back tightly.

The next day was the dance sequence and for that again, Parth and Niti had been rehearsing since morning while the shoot for the others was going on. Ayaz had taken a half day off as he needed to go and talk to Priyanka as guided by Veebha. Veebha had been waiting for the half day to come to an end as she was eager to meet Ayaz and find out the truth. She knew Ayaz would be heartbroken if he came to know what he had been thinking was true and somehow even she knew it was true but she could not take a chance. When he did not arrive for a long time, she started getting restless to know the reason for his delay. Just then she saw the door of the girls vanity open up and she hoped it would be Ayaz. As soon as the door was opened, she saw him and ran to him to give him a tight hug. He had been lost in his thought but just as Veebha crashed with him into the hug, he held her tight and did not let go. He felt contented after the heartbreak he had been dealing with for quite some time alone.

After a while, Veebha realized what she had just done and therefore let go instantly and said in an apologetic tone, “Umm..Sorry..I don’t know..Just..Sorry..”

Ayaz: Please don’t be sorry. It felt good, after all that drama out there.

Veebha looked up at him to find his gloomy face. She immediately knew what would have happened and therefore moved closer, took his hands in her, made him look up at her and said,

Veebha: Everything is going to be just fine. Just give it some time and you’ll come out of it. Trust me.

Precap: Manan Dance sequence and Nandini drunk scene off screen stories. Ayaz and Veebha coming closer.


Friends I hope you’re not bored with the ongoing track. So, let me just ask you all straight, do you want to see more off screen stories or do you want me to jump all of it and show PaNi love confession ? Because friends if I go according to what I have thought, then the love confession is going to take a bit more episodes. But if you all are eager to see that then I would have to skip few off screen stories like the Diwali sequence and maybe a few more. See this story does not only belong to me, you all have a very important role to play in it and therefore I’m asking. Please leave in your feedbacks and I will consider the one with the highest votes.

P.S. My parts would be shortened because of studies. Please try and understand. But I will try to give more content even in the short parts. Whenever possible I will also give longer updates.

Thank you !

Lots of love <3

Medhavi 🙂



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  1. please go on… its getting interesting day by day… diwali scene is an important part pls dont skip

    1. Sure I won’t skip that..Thanks !

  2. hi medhavi…. actually i read all d parts yesterday only n i must tell u tht i am addicted to ur story..
    n dear u r a grt writer….. seriously this is a story i wish were true…
    n i seriously want more off screen stories…. i jusst luv them.. keep writing …. keep smiling…
    all d bst fr ur exams dear…

    1. Thank you so much Janvi…I’m glad you liked it so much…btw I don’t know if you are aware or not but I do have another story on manan which is named “Manan ff – unconditional love”.. Do read that and give your views… 🙂

  3. Hey medhavi plzzzzzzzzz don’t jump to love confession we would like to read all the episodes which u have decided n we want to see the offscreen stories also n i am not getting a bit bore while reading this episodes… so just keep writing the way u writing… just luving it…. I know ur exams r going but i egarly wait ur FF daily….

    1. Thank you so much Navneet for being so supportive…Sure will show all the parts I have planned for…. 🙂

  4. medhu add more offscreen scenes its okay even the pani confession scene is delayed….let it go smoother only….. am totally enjoying each and every bit of ur writing…….precap is superb and panis hug is awesome as well as veebha and ayaz’s …………..

    1. Thank you Priya for leaving your feedback… 🙂

  5. hey…. this track is superb…. and off screen stories are too good…. so, please don’t skip those manan scenes ??
    And yes, i really love to read your both ff…. you just make everything imaginable…
    thanks ??☺☺

    1. Thanks a ton Shweya !! I’m glad you’re enjoying both stories…. 🙂

  6. It’s. Awesommeee…! I lovd it….I think the confession can take some more time..let them get to knw each other…u handle the story with no scar to be left on it…it’s soo perfect…u are truly awesome…keep writing..and all the best for your exams n studies…good luck!

    1. Thank you so much Samyukta….sure will show all off screen parts that I have planned out…thanks for supporting… 🙂

  7. I wanna see more off screen content medhu…as we all know the on screen chemistry. So i’d prefer off screen rather than on screen?☺.. And the epis was as always too good..and study well dear…

    1. Sure will show more off screen content…thanks for being so supportive 🙂

  8. dii dii dii…..
    u r doing such a great jod……
    It’s really entertaining……
    Apko jaisa thik lge ap usi trah is track koo aage le ke chalo……
    Actually I m also very eager for pani confession but still me chahti hoo ki yeh thoda dheere or interesting way me hoo…..
    Ek ek moment ko fully enjoy Kare…..
    Love u dii…..
    Thanx for this lovely update… …..

    1. Aww thanks Kavya dear….Sure I will go according to my plan but bohot wait bhi nahi karvaungi so don’t worry… 🙂

  9. Don’t skip the off screen scene…let it be itni jldi Ni h love confession k liye so do as u want to…
    All the best for your exams
    Keep smiling ?

    1. Thank you Pulin 🙂

  10. Don’t skip too many sequences but skip some Diwali one is important pls thanku nice update no problem is they are short

    1. Thanks Shakshi 🙂 🙂

  11. Please continue with you have in mind!! Honestly I like reading everything you put in the story… your hardwork really shows..

    1. Aww thanks a ton Bhavya ! 🙂

  12. Wowwww so nice yaaar

    1. Thanks 🙂

  13. Hey… The track is going fine. N reading off screen shots looks nice… Don’t rush into the story.

    1. Thank you Angel 🙂

  14. please don’t skip. I would like to read more off screen stories!

    1. Sure Devashri 🙂

  15. Amazing dear u r the best .
    Veebha n ayaz it’s awesome manan dance n drunk secen dam excited about it. ???

    1. Thank you so much Anu 🙂

  16. Niti’s fear towards the drunk scene was funny and it might be true bezz the drunken scene is one of the best scene of niti to show her talent…. And I like her drunken scene rather than manik’s drunken scene…
    I like the most of their off screen epi of urs bezz it is really cute and realistic but I also don’t have patience to see pani..
    It is just my thought that it will be superb to have drunken scene in off scene toooo and niti sharing her feeling towards parth

    And….ayaz and veebha…..y can’t they share their feelings to their friends so that they can help….veebha….if she thought that niti is her bf then she should share it as like niti (says feeling of parth to her)…….I don’t know y but I just hate veebha????(especially in kyy….,her stupid activities)

    I would like to share u one thing which I have got as a sudden jerk…………
    According to offscrene this is a birthday month for her. I would like to have some sweet memories of both during niti’s birthday and ir should be special….. Plzzzzzzzzz make my wish true…

    Good nite…..and sry fr long comment to make u read fr longggg time but……….accept my thought of niti’s birthday!!!

    1. Even I love Nandini’s drunk scene more than Manik’s….no offence ! But for that particular part, I felt Niti was amazing !!! I’ve seen that part so many times as I just loved it !! And I really appreciate your suggestion about the birthday month but I think it was after musicana….I’m not quite sure but if you see some of her birthday gifts interviews from last year it had her wearing dresses that she wore after musicana…but it is a good suggestion and I would love to incorporate it so if you could just confirm and let me know the exact time because as far as I know it was after musicana….
      Thank YOu 🙂

  17. OMG Niti preparing for her drunk scene was amzing, so cute. Pani HUG was amazing loved it, your updates are getting better, really wanna know what is happening with uttu and his girlfriend. Ayaz and veeba scenes are sooo good but I really want that happy, joyful and mischvious Ayaz back, it would be great can’t wait for the drunk scene Niti shows her real talents. Well done.

    1. Thank you Muskan…. 🙂 And yes Ayaz will be back soon and also Uttu and his gf… 🙂

  18. I liek the ongoing track… I think you should do like 2 or 3 more important scenes and then love confession. I think it flow better because it will seem it came out of nowwhere. But awesome episodee!!!!! I hope that Ayaz comeback to himself because it will be too gloomy with sad Ayaz! Loved It!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you Zoey and your suggestion is quite apt ! I think I’ll go with it 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂

  20. Di, hai I got a little time to read and comment so in a bit hurry. Update was suuper as usual,loved it as usual.
    Exams are starting from 4th march .
    Pray for me if u can.
    And one more thing continue ur update like this don’t hurry I don’t think there is a need of sudden confession let them take their time?.
    BYE BYE!
    LOVE U A LOT ❤
    MISS U A LOTT….???

    1. Hey Anakha dear !! Yes I have been missing you…hope you’re doing great with your studies and I will definitely pray for you….I’m sure you’ll do great and be back ! All the very best !! And yes I won’t hurry and keep it going like this… 🙂
      Thank you 🙂

  21. wow medha…….its been a long time that i last commented, as usual u are great……….amazing grl………keep up the good work

    1. Thank you Mona ! 🙂 Yes it’s been long and i missed you…hope you’re doing good 🙂

  22. hi medhavi… its really awesome…. i have been following ur ff.. but had no time to comment.. sorry.. but i must tell u… dont skip anything…. gradula inc in their relation which u showed/… my god i cant express it in words….

    by the way.. i aould love to give one suggestion if u dont mind….. while nandhu drunk scene comes….. let niti do one real drunk scene…. let her drink be spiked…. it will be awesome… its just a suggestion…. and i know u have more awesome ideas than this….

    i really love ur both stories….. they are just awesome;… bcz f u i started writing one ff… only one ff… but i couldnt get time to read ur story… thats y i want to skip my ff to read ur story…. that much i love ur stories…..

    i am waitning desperately for ur next part for both the stories….. i may not be able to comment… but dont forget this arshi….

    arshi from treat to ishra and arshi fans (fan fiction)

    1. medhavi… i have been waiting for ur reply…. pls pls pls pls.. reply yaar…

    2. Hey Arshi, of course I remember you dear and it feels so good to know that my work inspired you to write your own story….and even I did start reading your story but then 2 ffs of mine to manage along with studies, I wasn’t able to read further but I am sure you must be doing great !! Because you are an amazing person and from whatever I had read of your ff, it seemed to be a nice track….I would have loved to incorporate your suggestion but dear it’s just that if she would have been actually that drunk, she might not have performed according to the script….that is the only reason….
      Thanks for dropping your views….
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂

      1. thnx yaar medhavi… i know u have amazing idea for this track… just looking forward for that

  23. Hey Medhavi,,how r u?? it’s going great .nd today’s part is just Fab.loved it a loooooot ,trust me. nd yaah l think their confession should not come so fast Though l’m eagerly waiting for this but it would be perfect if it comes a little bit late..

    #keep it ya
    #stay blessed

    1. Hey Anu, thanks a lot dear for dropping your suggestion and don’t worry I won’t even hurry nor would I keep you all waiting for long….
      #behappy 🙂

  24. hey Medhavi
    hi dear h r u? well must be wondering since i never commented b4 and dude i read it on wattpad a small request can u plz add that epi video on wattpad that nandu’s drunk scene like u did last time for that shower scene i loved it that way plz just think over it and yeah can u help me, i mean i tried commenting on that site but am not able to comment, just ee if u or anyone here can tell me how to do that
    i love both ur stories and am waiting for the nxt part the off screen story
    full faith and trust in u that surely u gonna create something awesome
    well i can say after reading ur stories i feel manan magic also PaNi recreated that awesome feeling which i used to get while watching it
    lovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuu and ya plz go on with all the off screen stories

    1. Hello Niri, I’m glad you have been enjoying my work so much…..and dear I did want to add the epi in wattpad but the problem was that the drunk scene is spread over almost 3-4 episodes and adding so many of them would not have been appropriate…sorry about that…you can definietly go and watch them on youtube, it’s epi no. 56-59 in case you do not remember. Also about commenting on wattpad, I really don’t know what would have been the matter….would love to help you with that but only if you could describe the error coming up whie commenting…
      Once gain, thanks for dropping your comment, it means a lot to me…. 🙂
      #behappy 🙂

  25. hey when will u update ur next episode yar.
    waiting is killing me

    1. SOrry for the delay dear…It’s updated now…you can check it 🙂

  26. Hey medhavi as usual u r amazing writter … Love each n every part of urs !!! Am just in love with ur ffs .. And cabir and navya are my most fav ones n thts so amazing ur also gvng place ayaz and vebbha in ur story !!!!!!!N srry i couldnt comment on ur posts .. I jst read d part in hurry as i hardly get some tym frm study n all that stuff … Iluv to read ur updates whnever i get some tym n wait for all d parts thq medhavi i just feel like kyy nvr finshd

    1. Aww Sia that is such a sweet comment….I know just like me none of you liked the fact that kyy came to an end and I’m glad to have been one of those writers who have kept the magic of kyy alive even after such a long time of it have come to an end….all the best for your studies….
      #behappy 🙂

  27. Awesome, marvellous episode medhavi my sweeeeeet friend, it’s just amazing. …niti so worried for drunk seq n called parth…wowwww it’s superbbbbb off screen track…loved the way parth helped her n made her confident. …n then pani hug was so sweeeeeet….veebha gave very good advice to ayaz but herself feeling sad…veeyaz hug was cute…precap is very interesting n exciting. …medhavi dearrrr you’re amazing, please keep going with your plan…show all the off screen tracks. ..I’m just in love with this off screen story…I really wish it was true…I’m blessed n enjoying your both stories. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . . Muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Hey Roma thanks a ton dear !! You always manage to bring a wide smile on my face…. 🙂 I’m so happy you have been enjoying each and every track and that brings more responsibilty on me to keep up the level ! And I will definitely work out my best !! Thank you once again….
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂

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