Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 52

The winner of the edits competition is PRITI GUPTA for the PaNi ff…I have chosen her edit as my story cover page but the picture does not fit to be uploaded on this website due to some size constraints…Sorry about it….So I would have to keep the same cover here…Thank you Priti and all others who had submitted their edits…Believe me it was really difficult for me to choose one from them and that is also a reason it took me so long to decide….Also for those whose edit is not chosen, please don’t be disheartened because I had certain criteria for how my cover page should look like based on which I made the choice otherwise the work done by all of you was equally commendable !!


Recap: Ayaz and Priyanka fight. Veebha convincing Ayaz to come over for the dinner at Charlie’s place. Niti the first one to reach to help Charlie with the arrangements.

Charlie: it’s so late ! Why hasn’t anybody arrived yet ?

Niti: I know ! Nobody is on time !

Charlie: let me call them up and ask.

Amar: (coming from behind) this is not a class that everybody needs to be on time.

Charlie: yeah but for shoot everyone is always on time because of the fear of the director and right now..

Amar: what ? You think they would be scared of you ?

Both Amar and Niti start laughing at that and Charlie makes a puppy face and leaves her phone aside.

The next ones to arrive are Veebha and Krissan. As they arrive, all the girls start chatting and enjoying while in the kitchen itself. Veebha was however, not quite present in the present situation. She was constantly thinking of Ayaz. She just hoped he would agree to her and come for the dinner so that she could try and help him come out of that zone she found him a while ago while talking on the phone. Just then the bell rang and for once Veebha thought it might be Ayaz and Charlie said,

Charlie: must be definitely Ayaz ! I know out of all the boys, he is the one most excited for parties like these ! Umm, Niti could you please open the door ? I think Amar is taking a shower.

Niti nods her head with a smile and moves towards the main door. As soon as she opens the door, she finds Parth standing there, who also seemed to be surprisingly happy to find Niti welcoming him. All his way he had been thinking about her, eager to meet her again and now that she was standing there in front of him, he was unable to say anything ! He took one quick look at her blue shorr dress and her hair curled and let loose. As usual she was looking stunning and he remembered the other night when she had been actually looking like a princess in the white dress. Both of them kept staring for a while and got distracted by Charlie’s voice from the kitchen,

Charlie: who’s it Niti ?

Niti does not respond and simply rushes to the kitchen back to join the others. Parth gets in, closes the door behind him and settles himself on the couch. Charlie peeps out of the kitchen and waves at Parth. She then surprisingly asks Niti,

Charlie: what were you doing so long when it was Parth on the door ? I mean we all know the two of you do not interact apart from shoot and work.

Niti quickly made up an excuse on that to hide her nervousness, “yeah so we were discussing work only ! There was one scene we needed to talk about.”

Krissan: oh god Niti ! This is not our shoot location ! It’s a party ! So relax and no work please !

Niti: (smiling) yeah okay !

After some time, Amar joins Parth and they start talking about random stuff while Troy and choti, Amar and Charlie’s cute baby dogs come out and start playing with Parth. They were both so excited, they would play with Parth for a while, then run to the kitchen to play with Niti and then again come back to Parth. Niti was standing near the kitchen entrance and therefore Parth could clearly see her. When she was playing with Troy and choti, the sight made Parth overwhelmed with joy seeing the cute and innocent Niti. He loved the way she was having that pure loving bond with the two of them.

After some time, Abhishek and Ayaz arrive and all the boys settle down in the main hall. While Abhishek and Amar had been discussing about something, Parth was lost in observing Niti from a distance and Ayaz was lost in his own thoughts. Suddenly Parth realised if Ayaz would catch him looking at Niti, he would definitely start teasing him like always and he therefore withdrew his gaze from Niti and turned to look at Ayaz. But to his surprise, he found that Ayaz had not been observing him. He was looking in the other direction, thinking about something.

Parth: Ayaz ! Are you okay ?

Ayaz: (turning to look at Parth, coming out of his thought process) hmm ? Yeah ! I’m good. Just a little tired !

Parth accepts the argument because he knew how hectic their shoot schedule had been going since a long time and therefore he completely understood Ayaz’s situation.

As the girls join the boys in the main hall, it was just one more member with his girl who had been missing and it was Utkarsh and his girlfriend.

Abhishek: Why is this Utkarsh so late ? He should be here by now !

Parth: Seems like his girl is too good to be shown around to his friends. (winks)

Niti does not like Parth passing comment about some other girl like that even is it was just a joke. She makes a puppy face at him and he quickly apologized through his eyes.

Charlie: Let me call him up.

Utkarsh and Rhea were sitting in his car below Charlie’s building.

Utkarsh: Are you okay ?

Rhea: (trying to smile, avoiding eye contact) Yeah ! I’m good.

Utkarsh: (taking her hand in his) Listen if you don’t want to do this it’s okay. I can still tell them that you couldn’t come.

Rhea: No..No.. I will come. I’m sorry it’s just a bit of nervousness.

Utkarsh: I know and I can understand so it’s completely alright if …

Rhea: (interrupting him) No..I can obviously do this for you.. (smiles) Let’s go.

Just when they were about to get down from the car, Utkarsh’s phone rings and it is Charlie.

Utkarsh: Yeah Charlie !

Charlie: Where are you Uttu ? We’re all waiting for you !

Utkarsh: We’ve reached ! Just coming upstairs.

Charlie had kept the main door open for them and as soon as Utkarsh and Rhea arrived, all the others gathered around to meet Utkarsh’s girl ! The girls instantly circle around her and Rhea starts feeling nervous.

Utkarsh: Hey girls. Relax ! Let me first do the introductions. This is Rhea, my…my…

Abhishek: Your girlfriend ! Why are you hesitating to say that ?

Utkarsh: Not hesitating..Yeah she’s my girlfriend. And Rhea that’s Charlie, Abhishek, Parth, Veebha, Niti, Ayaz, Krissan and…(pointing towards Amar) Amar.

Rhea: (shyly in her sweet voice) Hi everyone.

Krissan: Omg Uttu ! She’s got such a lovely voice ! Rhea, you are so sweet dear !

At Krissan’s comment, Utkarsh suddenly turns nervous and he looks at Rhea who seems to give him strength through her eyes.

Veebha: Oh wow ! Communicating through your eyes !! That is so romantic !!

Charlie: Okay c’mon now settle down all of you. I’ll get the welcome drinks. Kriss would you help me in ?

Charlie and Krissan move into the kitchen to get the glasses of the welcome drink. They serve it to all of them one by on and take one glass each for themselves and settle down. Everyone instantly starts praising Charlie for the welcome drink as it was so delicious.

Charlie: Thank You so much ! I’m so glad you all liked it !

Amar: Ahaan ? So dear what is the recipe of this drink ? Could you please share it with everyone ?

Charlie: Sorry ! That’s my secret recipe. I can’t disclose it.

Amar: Well of course you can’t ! Because it’s not your recipe. Let the correct person be praised ! Guys she’s just joking around. The drink is prepared by Niti.

Abhishek: Oh my god Charlie ! You’re a cheater !

Charlie: I’m not a cheater okay ? Niti did not say anything so I thought it’s okay I’ll take the credit and then pass it on to her.

Veebha: Pass it on when ? After everyone leaves ?

Parth keeps looking at Niti from the corner of his eye, admiring her talent coming out everyday. He just couldn’t stop himself from praising her beauty, talent and skills. He remembered her delicious Pasta and Biryani she had prepared. Also the parathas she prepared for breakfast. Being a big foodie himself he could not neglect these special qualities in her. However, the fact was that Niti was not such a good cook. She had always tried new things by learning from the internet but surprisingly each time the recipes turned out really well. Maybe it was destiny because she had to keep the foodie happy.

After the welcome drink, they have the dinner which was also not prepared by Charlie. She had ordered almost all of it from the restaurants and had simply served them properly. After finishing off with the dinner, they were all sitting and chatting and the chat session was basically towards Utkarsh and Rhea.

Charlie: So how long have you guys been dating ?

Both Rhea and Utkarsh answer that together,

Rhea: 1 year.. Utkarsh: 5 Years.

All of them look at the two of them surprised at the mix confused answers.

Abhishek: 1 year or 5 years ? What’s going on ?

Utkarsh: Actually, we were in school together right ? So, both of us had feelings for each other back then and we were best friends, but not into an official relationship. So, it’s been a year now that we are in a proper relationship but I always believe we have been together since school days as we were always the best of friends.

Parth: Oh like that ! Buddy, that was hell confusing !

Krissan: So, you said 1 year right ? So when is your anniversary ? Or has it just gone by ?

Rhea was about to answer that nercously but Utkarsh suddenly held her hand tight, stopping her from answering that and continued,

Utkarsh: It has just gone by, last month.

He then again looks into Rhea’s eyes and she calms down.

Charlie: Oh, so what did he gift you Rhea ? I mean it was the first anniversary !

Utkarsh: Is this some kind of an interrogation going on for the two of us ? Can’t we have some other discussion ? Let’s talk about you and Amar..

Charlie: We’ve been dating for so long now. What’s there to talk about ?

Ayaz was quiet all the while but everyone was so busy with their fun that nobody really noticed it. But Veebha was constantly worried about him. She wanted him to come out of those thoughts and that was why she had asked him to come over for the dinner but he did not improve! The party got over and all of them departed towards their respective homes.

Precap: Ayaz and Veebha going home together. Veebha trying to help Ayaz with his problems with Priyanka. Some more off screen story of on screen scenes. Niti gets her script for the drunk act !

Tomorrow: PaNi ff. Nandini to question Manik about their childhood and Manik to accept that they had been friends in New York. Would he reveal the whole thing to Nandini or would the secret remain half disclosed ?


So friends, please let me know how did you find this part ? Also are you all excited for the drunk part of Nandini, and the off screen story behind it ? It is coming up soon…

Please leave in your valuable feedback to let me know your views about the story.

Thank you.

Lots of love <3




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  1. Yay I’m the first one to comment. I loved today’s update it was so cool, and I bet this rhea girl is not uttu’s girlfriend it’s like when Cabir pretended rose was his girlfriend, your so clever loved the way you changed it round. Wow parth’s feeling are growing by the day hopefully niti feels the same. Can’t wait for veeba and ayaz to talk and tell each other that they have been missing each other.Charlie and krissane are too cute, but I hope it will soon be krissane and uttu not this rhea girl she seems a bit weird to me. Anyways loved today’s update like I already said. Well done

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Muskan…well my aim was to create excitement in all of you and I guess I have succeeded with it… 🙂 now you would just have to wait for the excitements to unfold in the upcoming parts… 🙂

  2. Today’s ff u made a secret of utrash and his gf. I think “they r not really lovers” and also “utraksh has feelings fr krissan”….” To avoid silly teasing of their friend he is acting “.
    U know what recently I watched telly updates in which niti prepared pasta and she told about her cooking interest. While watching it u came into my mind… Also I have noticed many of the likings of pani (and also the others) which I later came to know by reading ur ff. I should really appreciate u that u are the real,crazy,mad,all time,……….fan of kyy


    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Nandini…well I am a big fan but there are bigger fans than me and I can’t take that title from them….But I’m glad you appreciate my wok and that is what matters the most….also, hold on with your assumptions and expectations…things will be soon revealed and you will find out the truth… 🙂

  3. So cute parth

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Yup 🙂

  4. GREATTT EPII! Uttu and Rhea are really not dating are they tho? I pretty sure they are acting… I wonder why he is lying!! DOES HE ACTUALLY LIKE NITI? OMGGG I HOPE NOT!!!!! anywayyy I LOVED how parth was soo drawn to Niti in the party! UGHHH REALLY GOOOD!!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Zoey…and yes I succeeded in bringing some excitement into your minds…well you will have to wait with those excitements till it’s all revealed…hold on 😉 🙂

  5. plz upload kyy3 episode 23

  6. It’s just awesome dii……
    Parth ka niti too continue observe karna……
    Fir ayaz use notice kar lega woo darr…..
    It’s just all awesome……
    Really excited for next update……
    Love u dii…

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Kavya…I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  7. Ep very nice

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thanks Lily 🙂

  8. Soo good medhu….yeah of course am excited for offscreen story of nitis drunk part…and also waiting for nandus reactions on manik confession …

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you 🙂

  9. I loved the episode…it was awesomee….soo much of pani…I hope the next one would be full of manan and pani….

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thanks Saarah 🙂

  10. The epi was awesome waiting 4 off screen drama of drunk niti…..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Dolly 🙂

  11. nice episode. iam eagerly waiting for the next update.
    update it fast.I cnt wait

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you..sure I will try 🙂

  12. Am extremely happy u finally got time apart from ur studies and u r updating thanks a lot I felt so incomplete without it hufffff!!!!relieved u r literally a nice person sacrificing ur crucial time and making us happy and I am really excited for the upcoming update and yes obviously what I think is rhea is not uttus gf for sure and may be or may not be he is interested
    in krisann but if we r real life realting

    things krisann also has a bf am not remembering the name but making a
    pair of krisann and utu will not be good that’s what I guess but all depends on you and I will like whatever u will make up for sure it was just a suggestion ? and ya pls put some pani moments when they share some more closeness rather than those shy things like noticing and all a bit more now di plss and keep it up ? and keep updating
    Lots of love ❤
    Love u a lot and a crazy pani fan
    Be happy and make us happy ?
    When u didn’t updated for long I was like
    “u left me all alone and I was speechless days were longer and nights were sleepless………..”???? <3love u medhavi diiiiiiii!!!!!? ??? ignore typing mistakes!!!!!?

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Shakshi for those suggestions…I will definitely look into it…but I hope you would enjoy whatever I express…. 🙂
      #behappy 🙂

  13. I’m a silent reader of ur ff buh I need to tell u that u’re a great writer and ur ff is awesome. Buh I have a complain which is u punished me for days for not updating both ff though I know u’re studying. Please don’t delay ur ff again. I hope u Excell in ur studies

    1. Thank you aish for appreciating and supporting….and I’m sorry forthe delay…will definitely try to be on time … 🙂

  14. Awesome episode medhavi dearrr, you’re tooooooooo good honeyyyyyy. …I just loved it to the core. ..pani lost in each other n mesmerized. …wowwww. ..then he fears as ayaz won’t notice….parth admiring niti for her beauty, talent n skills…such a fooodie…lol……ayaz upset by priyanka n veebha worried for him…uttu’s gf rhea does seem to his real gf…looked fake n I think he has feelings for krissan or niti…so sweeeeeet n beautiful narration. ..thx yaar for giving your precious time to us….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh, so excited for upcoming niti’s drunken act….

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