Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 51

Recap: Manan first hug sequence off screen story. Parth and Niti’s first official date.

The next morning was completely different for both Parth and Niti. There was something that had changed between them and both of them were enjoying the change. They felt like they had grown more close towards one another. They knew a lot more about each other and also the hug sequence had created some magic which was still having its effect on them.

Charlie was constantly after Utkarsh to convince him to make them all meet his girlfriend.

Charlie: C’mon yar Uttu ! Don’t be a spoil sport ! What’s the problem ??

Utkarsh: She won’t feel comfortable that’s the only problem.

Charlie: But I promise you, all of us would take good care of her and make her feel comfortable ! Seriously !

After a lot of convincing, Utkarsh finally agrees and they plan a small dinner party at Charlie’s place that evening so that everyone could meet Utkarsh’s girlfriend as well as Amar, Charlie’s boyfriend.

Ayaz had had a fight with Priyanka and so he was disturbed about it and was not getting involved in any fun with anyone. Also, he had been missing Veebha badly ! He did not know why was that happening but he convinced himself that since Veebha had become a good friend he wanted to share his and Priyanka’s problem with her so that she could help and solve it. But was he really ready to solve the problem or did he just wanted to let go ?

He got down from his vanity dressed as Cabir and he saw Veebha coming in from the main gate. Both of them looked up at each other and kept staring from a long distance. It was as if they were both recalling the days when they used to be so comfortable with one another and now it was like they did not even know what to say to each other. That fear did not let them move forward towards each other for a long time. But after some time of quiet staring, Ayaz started taking small steps towards her and so did Veebha. They came in front of each other and started off with a very formal conversation which was very unlike them !

Ayaz: Hey !

Veebha: Hi.

Ayaz: How are you ?

Veebha: I’m good. You ?

Charlie who had been passing by at the same time, noticed the weird formal conversation between the two of them which left her stunned ! Usually on sets, Ayaz, Veebha and Charlie were the gang who would roam around, play, and initiate pranks.

Charlie: Oh hello ! What’s wrong with the two of you ? Why are you behaving so weird ? Okay Veebha I have to give you a news. Did Niti tell you ?

Veebha: Umm, no !

Charlie: Well then, hold your breath as I tell you this because you’re not gonna be able to believe it !

Veebha: Okay..What is it ?

Charlie: Our Uttu, Utkarsh, he has a girlfriend ! Can you believe it ?

Veebha: (surprised) Oh ! Yeah well I am surprised !

Charlie: I told you ! Come I’ll tell you the whole story. Come Ayaz.

Ayaz: Umm no I have a scene.

Charlie: Shut up Ayaz ! You don’t have any scene right now. Come on in !

They get into the girls vanity and Charlie starts narrating the whole incident of the mini fan to Veebha. Ayaz who was lost in his own world, participated very rarely in the discussion. Veebha did notice his off mood but wasn’t quite sure whether she could ask him about it, considering the fact that they had been feeling kind of uncomfortable with one another nowadays.

When Charlie told Veebha about the secret admirer of Niti who gifted her the mini fan, just like Ayaz even Veebha understood that it must be a gift from Parth. She looked into the direction of Ayaz and they communicated through their eyes about it, without letting Charlie catch them.

Charlie: So, that’s the whole thing ! And today we’re all meeting at my place for dinner.

Later that day, Niti dragged Veebha aside and started telling her about the other night and the dinner with Parth. She was really excited while describing the whole incident.

Niti: You won’t believe it Veebha, it was all so magical !! I just can’t stop thinking about it.

Veebha: Niti, is there something else you are not telling me ?

Niti: (nervous) What ? No ! Why wouldn’t I tell you something.

Veebha: Well, you can answer that better. So tell me what’s going on ?

Niti: (blushing faintly and nervous) What ? I don’t understand what you’re saying !

Veebha: Well I mean what’s going on in here ? (points at her heart)

Niti turns around in the opposite direction to hide her blush but Veebha makes her face back at her.

Veebha: Oh my god Niti, are you….

Niti: (interrupting Veebha) No Veebha it’s nothing like that. And I don’t even want anything like that. I don’t know what’s this happening but I really don’t want to think about it. And I would appreciate it if you help me.

Veebha: But why Niti ?

Niti: Because I’m not sure about anything. And I need to focus on my work right now rather than these things.

Veebha: Okay fine. I don’t understand your stupid logic but fine I will support you.

Niti: Thank you !

That day was very difficult for the “professional co-actors” to be just professional. When they met again for the sequence, Niti could not stop blushing and Parth could not stop observing her. The conversations from the previous night kept lingering in both of their minds and it felt good to finally know each other so well.

In between the shots, they started chatting through messages as they could not resist each other after what had happened between them the other day.

Parth: So, seems like we’re going to keep having dinner together everyday.

Niti: Why ?

Parth: Yesterday, it was the two of us and now today at Charlie’s place.

Niti: Yeah so it’s just 2 days. And besides, if you don’t remember, in front of all of them, we are “pure professionals”.

Parth: No but what’s the matter ? I think we can reveal it to everyone. I don’t like this game of hide n seek anymore.

Niti: No Parth. We can’t reveal it. Don’t you remember it was you who explained to me the consequences ? The media might get obsessed with us. And that won’t be good for any of our careers.

Before Parth could reply to that and they could take the discussion further, they were called for the next scene and the conversation had to stop abruptly.

Later that evening, Niti was the first one to reach Charlie’s place for the dinner as she wanted to help her with the preparations. Parth was again really excited to be with Niti on another dinner and when it came to dinner, he could not stop his thoughts from going in the direction of their private dinner the other night. While driving towards Charlie’s place, he was wondering what would Niti be wearing ? He exactly remembered each and every detail of her outfit and attire the other night. He was never a person who would notice such tiny things but when it came to Niti, he would be a completely different person.

Ayaz had gone to meet Priyanka after shoot and was directly going to go to Charlie’s place from there. They were both sitting in a cafe and discussing about their issues,

Priyanka: Ayaz I’m sorry. Please please let it go. I don’t want this relation to get ruined.

Ayaz: How can you say that so easily Priyanka ? You have cheated on me ! And I can’t take that !

Priyanka: Ayaz I haven’t cheated ! He is just my friend. And he was in Mumbai without any place to stay so I just offered him to stay with me.

Ayaz: Priyanka, Mumbai is not a village. There are hotels and he could have stayed there. And if he is just a friend then why didn’t you tell me he was staying with you ? I completely remember you had also been avoiding me those 2 days. I asked you if we could meet, so many times, but you always had an excuse.

Priyanka: Those were not excuses ! I really could not meet you, for work. I wasn’t with him. Why don’t you trust me ?

Ayaz: Trust ? How can I trust you when you’ve been lying to me ?

Priyanka: I didn’t tell you because I thought you might not like it.

Ayaz: So then if you knew I won’t like it then why did you do it in the first place ? Listen I’ve had enough of this. I’ll see you later.

Saying that he leaves and after getting into his car, he checks his phone for a message on the kyy group from Charlie, “Hey guys, see you all at 8.30. Please don’t be late.”. He was so disturbed by then, he decided he did not want to go for the dinner. He started his car to go towards his place.

While getting ready for the dinner, Veebha had been thinking about Ayaz and it had been bothering her that he seemed to be disturbed. She wished to ask him about it but the awkwardness between them had been resisting her from it. Finally after enough brain storming of her mind, she decided on calling him.

Ayaz was on his way home when he received the call from Veebha. He picked it up without checking the caller id.

Ayaz: (frustrated) Hello !

Veebha: (nervous) Hey Ayaz. It’s me Veebha. Are you busy or something ? I’m sorry to disturb you. I’ll call later.

Ayaz: (suddenly calmed down) Oh no no. I’m free. I’m sorry for shouting like that.

Veebha: It’s okay. You seem to be disturbed. What’s the matter ?

Ayaz: Nothing. nothing like that. I’m great ! You tell me ?

Veebha: I’m good too. Just getting ready for the dinner. What time are you reaching ?

Ayaz: Ahh about the dinner, Veebha I won’t be able to make it. Have some work so…

Veebha: Ayaz, I know it’s not work and it’s something else. What is the matter ? You can share it with me.

Ayaz: I don’t know man ! I’m just tied of all the drama !

Veebha: Is it about Priyanka ?

Ayaz: Yeah ! I mean she thinks she would say any damn thing and I’m going to believe her ? She can’t be playing around with me !

Veebha: Listen, I don’t know what the matter is. But just remember that you’re in a relation and don’t ever ruin it on the basis of mere small fights.

Ayaz: I know it Veebha ! But she does not understand ! And this time it’s not a small thing. And even then, I’m trying to make this work somehow but my heart does not allow me to trust her again.

Veebha: If it’s about trust, you need to have evidence supporting your decision. Because trust is a really sensitive issue and if you take the wrong decision, either way, it will end up bad !

Ayaz: I even have the evidence ! And I know it’s 100% correct ! That is the reason I can’t trust her again.

Veebha: But you should still think about it calmly. And I want no excuses, you are coming over for the dinner.

Ayaz: No Veebha please..

Veebha: No please. I want to see you there at 8.30 ! If I don’t find you there, then you’ll see what I do.

It was really hard for Veebha to convince Ayaz to go back to Priyanka. But she was a girl herself and did not wish to be happy on another girl’s heartbreak. She wanted Ayaz for herself. She knew what she had been feeling was not normal, was not just friendship, but was not ready to accept it because of Ayaz’s existing relationship.

Precap: Dinner at Charlie’s place. Utkarsh’s secret !


Hope you all enjoyed !

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    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey nandini thank you so much 🙂 And yes I wish to see the show as Utkarsh is definitely looking great but I don’t think I would be getting any time from studies 🙁

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    1. Medhavi Thakkar

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    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      All the very best with your story dear….I feel so happy to know that I could inspire you with it… 🙂

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      Thank you Aena and I know I am so late with the manan ff…sorry about it…stuck badly !! Will update soon 🙂

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      Hey Zoey…Yeah I know PaNi are a bit slow but they are such stupids, not ready to accept their feelings….actually I have something planned for their track in the future which is why it is going slow….and About Amar and Charlie, they have broken up…Charlie had posted on insta…:(

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