Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 50

Recap: Parth’s gift to Niti that created misunderstanding that it might be from Utkarsh. Utkarsh revealed he has a girlfriend outside of the industry. Ayaz and Veebha missing each other and the long conversations they used to have.

That day after shoot, Niti called up Parth as she really wanted him to confess that he was the one who had gifted her the mini fan.

Parth: (picking up the call) Hello !

Niti: Hey hi ! Hope I didn’t disturb you !

Parth: Oh no not at all. Tell me.

Niti: Why are you hiding it Parth ?

Parth: What ?

Niti: You know it ! You were the one who gifted that mini fan to me. I know it. Why don’t you tell me then ?

Parth did not respond for a while. He wanted to hide it from her because he wasn’t quite sure how she might react at that. She might not like it, or maybe it was wrong on his part. He was himself confused with his feelings, he did not know what was it going on inside him that was making him do such things. But he was unaware of Niti’s feelings on the other hand. He did not wish to make a fool out of himself by letting her know he kind of cared for her. She might think it strange for a person who used to be her enemy someday, gifting him such a thing. When he did not respond for a long time, Niti thought the call had got disconnected,

Niti: Hello ! Parth are you there ?

Parth: (nervously) Yeah !

Niti: So are you going to tell me ?

He realized he had no escape now. She had caught him and he could not be lying any more. And so he confessed.

Parth: Yes. It was me.

Niti blushed a little at that, and replied,

Niti: So then why were you hiding it ?

Parth: I don’t know maybe I thought you wouldn’t consider it appropriate.

Niti: Why ? I loved it ! Thank you !

Parth: (blushing) You’re welcome.

The next sequence to be shot was Manan first hug. It wasn’t just the first hug for Manik and Nandini but also for Parth and Niti. They had been close before during shoot of the jungle sequence or the shower scene but a hug was a completely different gesture. They would actually be together, as if filling in the empty spaces in each others’ lives. Both of them were quite nervous and therefore denied any pre practice for the same. They just wanted to do it once and finish it off as soon as possible.

Manik came up to Nandini, held her hand from her elbow, had stress lines on his forehead, thinking about the recent shock he had received from Cabir. He suddenly pulled Nandini into a hug which was a complete surprise for her.

When Parth pulled her in, both of their bodies crushed together and they felt a thunder in them. Niti was so short she could barely reach up to his shoulders. Both of them were completely engrossed in their first hug. It made them realize something really deep they had both been feeling for a very long time. They forgot for a while with their eyes closed that it wasn’t a real hug and that they had been shooting. Parth got so carried away, he picked her up from the ground, not breaking the hug nor opening his eyes.

Director: Cut it !

The director’s call suddenly made them wake up from their dream and both of them were too embarrassed. Parth instantly dropped her down and they turned to face the director.

Director: Parth you don’t need to pick her up. Maybe you did that because of the height difference but don’t worry we are taking up another shot with Niti standing on a stool. So no need to pick her up like that. Okay ?

Parth simply nods his head and they again take their positions. Niti climbs up on the stool in front of him, both of them unable to look into each others’ eyes, guilty of what they had started to feel. Parth again pulls her in for a hug and this time Niti reaches up to his height because of the stool. He tightens his arms around her shoulders and that makes her more nervous. There was something she felt when he took her in like that. It was as if the hug was not only from Manik to Nandini but the silent hug from Parth to Niti and the way he held her, seemed like he wanted to convey something to her. They had been shooting together for a long time now and had come across many such situations but this one was different. Also, they had started to understand each other really well and so Niti could very well make out when was Parth into his character and when was the real Parth expressing himself. She knew it this time that it was not Manik hugging her but it was Parth taking Niti in his arms. She was kind of liking it.

Niti slowly took her hands to his shoulders and hugged him back. The complete hug, completed PaNi ! None of them wanted to let go. They had their eyes closed and thinking about all their happy moments from the past with a smile on their face. Niti making biryani for Parth, Parth gifting Niti the mini fan, every small memory started crossing their minds and they again escaped into their dream world.

Director: Cut it ! Perfect !

Both parth and Niti opened their eyes and realized they were still holding each other and embarrassed, pull away instantly. Niti forgets she had been standing on the stool and while trying to pull away from the hug is about to trip off from the stool but Parth again holds her from her waist and a scared Niti hugs him back again. This again brings a smile on Parth’s face but then he realizes all the eyes on them and therefore makes her move away and get down carefully from the stool.

The scene is completed successfully but both Parth and Niti are so embarrassed they don’t even look at each other after that. Also they had created suspicion in many people’s minds and so they needed to be more careful. They had been shooting till late that night for that particular scene and from the cast it was only Parth and Niti present on set because only their scene was to be shot.

After pack up both Parth and Niti had been leaving at the same time and Niti saw Parth coming towards the parking while she was about to start her car but since she was feeling nervous in facing him, she does not wait for him and leaves. Parth notices that and realizes it was quite late and she had been driving all alone so gives her a call. Niti checks her phone to find it Parth calling but is so nervous, she does not pick up the call. Parth finds it strange for her not to pick up and calls her again. Niti again decides not to pick up as she did not have the courage to face him after what had happened that day. She did not even rememer what all happened during the shoot and how she behaved. She was really embarrassed and could not face him. But then she realized she would have to face him someday so decided to talk. She picked up at the last ring and that made Parth speak up immediately before Niti could even say “Hello”.

Parth: Hey ! Why weren’t you picking up my call ?

Niti: (nervously) Sorry. I didn’t realize. It was on the silent mode.

Parth realizes she had been lying but understands her situation as he had been having a somewhat similar feeling.

Niti: What happened ? Why did you call ?

Parth: Umm actually it’s quite late and you’re driving alone so just keep talking on the phone so that you can reach home safely.

Niti: But it’s okay I’ll be fine.

Parth: No. Please keep talking.

Niti: Well okay.

Both of them do not say anything and keep holding the phones in their hands, driving their way home, thinking about the hug that created some magic as well as nervousness in their hearts ! After some time, Parth suddenly spoke up,

Parth: Would you like to go out for dinner with me ?

After saying that he suddenly realized it had come out of his sub conscious mind. He had not thought of it purposely and felt nervous on having asked her such a question which she might not like. After a while both of them speak up together,

Parth: Sorry.. Niti: Okay !

Parth could not trust his ears what she said,

Parth: (In a pardon me tone) Sorry ?

Niti: (tensed) Okay I will go with you.

Parth: No it’s okay if you don’t want to. Sorry I didn’t mean to ask that question. I don’t know how it came out of my mouth.

Niti: Oh okay. we won’t go then.

Parth: No like. If you don’t mind going, I would definitely like to go.

Niti: But you said you didn’t mean to ask that question.

Parth: No, it’s not that. I would want to go but wasn’t sure about your answer so I thought I should not ask but it came out of my mouth like that.

Niti: Okay. So are we going or not ?

Parth: We are if you say yes.

Niti: Yes.

Both of them blush at that.

Parth: Okay then. I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7 ?

Niti: Okay. But what if someone spots us ? I mean the media would spread the rumours if we’re caught.

Parth: Don’t worry about that. I’ll make sure nobody finds us.

Niti was really nervous about someone spotting them but somehow she had faith in Parth and knew he would manage it well.

Niti: Okay then. See you tomorrow ?

Parth: You’ve reached ?

Niti: Yeah just parking my car.

Parth: Okay then see you. Good night.

Niti: Good night.

Parth: Take care.

Niti: (blushing) You too.

Both of them had had a long day at shoot and were really tired but two things would just not lest them fall asleep. One was the magical hug, their first hug which took them away into another world. The hug had created such a charm on both of them that the hidden feelings in their hearts were trying to come out. But non of them was ready to accept it and therefore both of them were still denying it. They were also excited about the dinner. They had planned a similar one before but it failed because of Parth’s health. Both of them hoped this time would not be the same and they would be able to be together the way it be planned.

Parth had started planning the whole evening and searching for places where he could arrange it without being noticed by the outside world. Niti was trying hard but could not fall asleep and so got up from her bed and started searching her wardrobe for a perfect dress.

The next day, Parth was constantly on the phone planning and arranging things for the evening. He had finally found a place without any disturbances and it was in the outskirts of the city. His best friend Karan(imaginary) had a farmhouse and he had taken his help for all the arrangements there. Although he could not be there personally to get things done but every single preparation was being done with his approval and the way he planned. Karan had assured him that nobody would spot them there and that he would make sure it be a perfect evening. He was also curious to know if Parth was literally dating someone as he was making so many special arrangements.

Parth: No man ! It’s nothing like that. She’s just a friend. But as I told you we can’t be seen together or else it’ll become a media hot topic so you know.

Karan: (realizing there was more to it but decided not to ask him further) Okay okay. I get it. Don’t worry. You be here by 8, everything would be ready.

Since they had been shooting till late the previous day, they could therefore leave at 5 in the evening that day.

Niti quickly got home and took out the 3 dresses between which she was confused which one to choose. One was a full length white maxi dress with silver embroidery on the sleeves. Next one was a short black skin tight dress, barely reaching her knees, off shoulder. The last one wasn’t really a dress. She was confused whether it would be a proper date or just a dinner and therefore was thinking of wearing hot pants with a crop top. So the next one was a pair of black hot pants paired with a light pink crop top. It was already 6 and she had still not decided on which one to choose. She took one look at the clock and thought to herself, “C’mon Niti Taylor, you need to be quick or else you’re gonna be late!”. She quickly decided on the white full length maxi dress, praying to god that it would not look like being overdressed. She went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Parth had also chosen a white shirt paired with a white casual blazer and blue denims to go with it. He quickly got ready and left for Niti’s place as he also had to pick up few things on the way.

Niti came out of the shower and got into the dress. She sat at her dressing table and started blow drying her hair. It was 6.30 and she got a text from Parth, “On the way. See you at 7 !”. That made her panic and she increased her speed of getting ready. After setting her hair right, straight flowing down to her waist, she put on some light make up, eyeliner to highlight her big eyes and pink lipstick. She put on some accessories, a pair of pearl earrings and a bracelet on one hand and took up her silver clutch. By 6.55 she was ready but was continuously checking into the mirror to confirm whether she was looking alright.

Exactly at 7, her door bell rang. She took one last look at the mirror, adjusted her hair and lipstick and rushed towards the main door. She took one deep breath and opened the door. Parth was standing at the door step with a bouquet of white roses in his hands. Both of them kept staring, not blinking their eyes, dissolving each others’ appearances in their hearts ! After a while, Parth offered her the bouquet and said,

Parth: You’re looking beautiful.

Niti took the bouquet and lowered her eyelids, blushing at his compliment. Parth could not take his eyes off her face.

Parth: (still staring) Shall we go ?

Niti: Yeah. I’ll just get my bag.

On the way, both of them were quite. Niti had the bouquet in her lap and was lovingly caressing the flowers with her hands. Parth was noticing her from the corner of his eye and loving each and every gesture of her. His thoughts drifted towards their hug and it made him blush too.

Niti: Where are we going ?

Parth: You’ll see.

Niti: And what about the media ?

Parth: Oh don’t worry about that ! Nobody is going to spot us.

Niti: (laughing) What are we going to the jungle or what ?

Parth: (laughing along) No ! Not the jungle. But a safe and serene place. I hope you like it.

Niti: I’m sure I will.

Once they reach the farmhouse Niti starts wondering what would be in that old farmhouse. Parth parks the car, gets down and moved towards her side and opens the door for her. After opening the door, he offers his hand for her to take it. She slowly places her hand in his and gets down from the car. After she gets down, Parth asks her to wait and he moves towards the back seat of the car to get the blindfold cloth he had bought on the way. He makes her wear it and takes her towards their venue. On reaching there he releases her eyes of the blind fold and Niti slowly opens her eyes to what she considers a paradise.

It was a huge garden and she was standing at the entrance. There was a lane going towards the center with candles on either side of the path. There were bushes around the whole garden that were decorated in lights. When they reached the center, she found a small round table dressed in white cloth and two chairs on opposite side. There was a 3 candle stand on the table, a wine bottle and two wine glasses. She took one look around the whole place and found it all dressed in lights and she realized she was in the perfect dress as the theme was all white. Such preparations did make her wonder about Parth’s feelings but then brushed away the thought as she did not wish to embarrass him with any such questions neither was she herself ready to answer any such question.

Parth: (indicating towards the table) Come.

Niti moves towards the table and Parth pulls out the chair for her. They settle down and pour themselves the red wine in the glasses.

Niti: (while taking small sips of the wine) So that’s all we eat ?

Parth: haha ! No ! Don’t worry I won’t starve you. Actually we don’t have waiters. So, I’ll just get the food.

Niti: Oh I’ll help you.

Parth: No it’s okay. I’ll get it.

Niti: C’mon Parth ! So much chivalry is enough now. Let me help you please.

Parth: (gives up at the smile) Okay ! This way.

They enter the farmhouse and go into the kitchen. There were bowls, dishes, spoons and napkins all ready on the platform. They picked up everything one by one and moved out back into the garden. Parth arranges another small table near their table to keep all the things over it. They get seated and the first bowl that Niti opens is Pasta !

Niti: Oh my god ! You remembered ?

Parth: Of course !

There were many other items on the menu including Parth’s favorite biryani. They enjoy the delicious food accompanied by chats over their shoot and random stuff.

Niti: Hmm…The food the yummy !! I’m sure you haven’t prepared it.

Parth: What do you mean ? I can’t cook well ?

Niti: Don’t you remember ? You could not even prepare maggie the other day.

Parth: Oh please. It was nothing like that. I was doing but then you yourself volunteered to help.

Niti: Yeah sure !

After completing dinner, they head towards a carpet laid on the grass to sit and talk. They settle themselves beside each other keeping some proper distance and then both of them start laughing thinking about the shoot and the type of scenes they had done together with the minimum distance between them and now they were sitting so far away.

Parth: It’s strange right ?

Niti: Yeah ! It feels different.

Parth: Really ? For me it feels quite similar.

Niti looks up at him, his eyes saying the truth, he used the feel the same Manik had been feeling on the show. She was not ready to accept it but even he could see the same feeling through her eyes.

Niti: Let’s play a game.

Parth: What game ?

Niti: So, we’ll ask each other questions, any random questions and both of them will answer.

Parth: Okay. You go first.

Niti: Okay. Well you being the tough guy that you pretend to be…

Parth: (interrupting her) Hello ! What do you mean by pretend ? I am !

Niti: Yeah yeah whatver ! But even a tough guy has some weakness. Is scared of something at least. So what’s that in you ?

Parth instantly answers it in his head, “you are my weakness Niti. I’m scared of losing you.” When he does not answer for sometime, Niti starts laughing.

Parth: Why are you laughing ?

Niti: You’re so scared of telling me about it !

Parth: I’m not scared. It’s just that, there’s nothing.

Niti: Well I guess I don’t agree. Okay if you don’t want to say it. I can say mine. I’m scared of ghosts. And I won’t deny it. I am scared ! See you should have the courage of accepting it.

Parth: Good. But there is no such thing as ghosts.

Niti: I don’t know. But I am scared !

Parth: Well you’re giving in your weakness. Aren’t you scared I might use it against you ?

Niti: (looking straight into his eyes) I trust you !

Parth is shaken at her words. He too keeps staring into her eyes and after a while,

Parth: Ahem…So let’s go further ?

Niti: Yeah..Your turn.

Parth: Okay.

They keep talking for a long long time about random stuff and do not even realize how long they kept chatting. They share about their past lives, professional experiences, etc.

Precap: Utkarsh’s girlfriend. Ayaz and Veebha missing each other. PaNi growing feelings towards one another.



So, here is anotehr most awaited part.. Part 50 !! Valentine’s special !!! Hope you all enjoyed the first date !!! I know it’s quite late today and I’m sorry about it….

Also, I would like to thank all of you for the love and support you’ve been giving me throughout !! It’s because of all of you that I have been able to reach this milestone of a 50 !! I love you all a lot !!!!

Thank you so much !!!

Lots of love <3

#behappy 🙂

#spreadsmiles 🙂

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    1. Medhavi Thakkar

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