Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 49


Recap: Mud sequence off screen story. PaNi noticing small things about each other. Niti’s mini fan accidentally breaks down by Parth and he decides to gift her a new one.

The next morning, Parth reaches sets a bit earlier than the others and carefully places the fan he got for Niti in her vanity near her dress mirror. It wasn’t gift wrapped but was covered with a delicate ribbon forming a bow in the front. It also did not bear the name of the person presenting it but specified the words, “for Niti” on a card placed over it. After placing it in there he slowly moved out and went into his vanity. He had been impatiently waiting for Niti to come and find her gift, something without which she could not live.

After some time, the first person to enter the girls vanity that day was Charlie. Niti had got stuck in traffic and therefore was late. After waiting for enough time, Parth called up Niti to find out whether she had found the gift or not.

Niti: Hello !

Parth: Hey hi ! Where are you ?

Niti: I’m still stuck in traffic man ! I don’t know how long is this going to take !

Parth: Oh so you haven’t reached yet ?

Niti: No ! If I would have, you would find me there !

Parth: No actually I’m in my vanity so I thought maybe you must have arrived and would be in your vanity.

Parth feels stressed on realizing that since Niti had not arrived yet, someone else might have found the gift. And so was the case. Charlie was the first one to enter the girls vanity that day and as soon as she entered, she found the mini fan lying on the table in front of her below the mirror. She took it and read the words, “for Niti” and on not finding the name of the person presenting it, she started assuming who it must be. She was aware that Niti’s mini fan had been broken the other day and started wondering who must be caring so much for her to have left a new one for her just the next day itself. At first she thought about Ayaz maybe because he cares for her like a little sister but then realized if it would be Ayaz, he would not give it like this without letting her know it’s him. Then she thought about Abhishek but realized Abhishek and Niti are not that close friends that he might care so much for her. Next she thought about Parth but jerked away that thought immediately as she knew what equation did Parth and Niti share. The last guess she had got left was Utkarsh and she found it quite appropriate because Uttu and Niti were quite good friends and maybe they were more than that or maybe Utkarsh had more feelings but never spoke about it to he or anyone else as well. She was pretty sure it must be Utkarsh and to confirm it she decided to go to the boys vanity and check who all had already arrived because for the person to leave the gift in the vanity must be on set.

She left the girls vanity with the mini fan in her hands and went to the boys vanity. She opened the door to find Utkarsh and Parth getting ready for their characters.

Charlie: Hello boys !

Utkarsh: Hey !

Parth: (constantly thinking about Niti) Hi !

Charlie: You know what guys ? I have a gossip !

Utkarsh: Well then Charlie you are in the wrong place. You must go to the girls vanity for that. We’re boys and we’re not at all interested in gossips.

Charlie: Oh really ? And when it concerns the boys, still you’re not interested ?

Utkarsh: What about us ?

Charlie brings out the mini fan still in it’s wrapping of the ribbon in front of them. Parth takes a look at that and starts sweating. Since Charlie’s doubt was on Utkarsh, she did not notice Parth’s expressions. Utkarsh on the other hand was indifferent. He had a plain expressionless face.

Charlie: Now don’t pretend you don’ know anything about this.

Utkarsh: Of course I do. It’s a mini fan. Niti had a similar one which got broken by Parth yesterday.

Charlie: Right ! So what is this now ?

Utkarsh: What’s wrong with you Charlie ? This is a similar fan. But why is it surrounded by this ribbon and all ?

Charlie: You tell me ? Why have you wrapped it like this ?

Utkarsh: Me ? Why would I do that ?

Charlie: Because you wanted to gift it to Niti but not let her or the others know about it. But your bad luck Uttu, I caught you ! I always had these faint hints that there is something going on between you and Niti. And today I got the proof. Right Parth ? (she turns to look at Parth who is lost in his thoughts and suddenly looks up at her)

Parth: Huh ? What ?

Charlie: What are you thinking ? This is more interesting !

Just then the spot boy comes over and calls Manik for the shot. He leaves and Charlie continues her interrogation on Utkarsh.

Charlie: So Uttu, are you now going to confess ?

Utkarsh: What’s there to confess ? I told you it’s nothing like that. I really don’t have a clue about this.

Charlie: Utkarsh please tell me the truth. I will help you in winning over her heart !

Utkarsh: Charlie but there’s nothing to tell. I’m telling you it’s nothing like that.

Just then Ayaz enters the vanity and Charlie explains to him the entire situation. Ayaz immediately realized that the fan must be a gift from Parth to Niti but being the good friend he would behave at times, he decided not to reveal it and instead the story Charlie had been creating seemed to be more fun. He agreed with Charlie and also added that he had seen Utkarsh lost in thoughts at times and also smiling for no reason. And he enjoyed shoot a lot. He had also noticed that if there would be a holiday, Utkarsh would never be happy about it as he wanted to come on sets.

Utkarsh: That’s because I enjoy shooting. It’s my first show and I enjoy it. There’s nothing more to it. Trust me.

Charlie: No Utkarsh, I think Ayaz is right. Even I have noticed such things and such things are definitely signs of you being in love with someone on sets. Now if it’s not Niti, which is not possible, but if we consider that, then who must it be ?

Both Charlie and Ayaz start thinking which makes Utkarsh more nervous and he speaks up,

Utkarsh: I have a girlfriend !

Charlie and Ayaz constantly keep staring at him trying to digest what he had just said. Both of them do not say anything for a while and Utkarsh continues,

Utkarsh: Sorry, I had been hiding it from all of you for quite some time now but the thing is, she is not from the industry and therefore I had to hide her from the media.

Ayaz: Utkarsh !! That is shocking man ! Wait a second, are you making this up or do you really have a serious girlfriend ?

Utkarsh: Why would I make it up ? I’m serious !

Charlie: Well then, make us meet her. Then we would consider it. Don’t worry. No media, we’ll all gather at someone’s place and have dinner or something.

After enough convincing, Utkarsh finally agrees to it and they all resume shoot.

Charlie goes back to the vanity and offers the gift to Niti explaining to her the entire situation. Niti keeps wondering who must have given her the gift and then it strikes her that it might be Parth. She blushes at the thought of Parth being so caring towards her. She had never imagined she would see this side of him and now when she had, she was loving it. She immediately texted him, “Thanks !”.

Parth who wanted to hide it from her as well, replied, “For what ?”.

Niti understood why he was doing that and concluded by replying, “Nothing. We’ll talk about it later.”

Veebha did not have to shoot that day and Ayaz was also not his normal self. He usually would roam around and have fun with each and every person but that day, he wasn’t quite interested in doing any of it. Generally it would be Veebha most of the time he would hang out with on sets. Or maybe Charlie. But since the time, Parth and Niti had got back to being friends, Ayaz and Veebha did not have much to talk about. They had actually started missing all those late night conversations planning and plotting for their friends to get back together. Veebha who had her day off, was relaxing at her place, having coffee, going through the newspaper and suddenly her thoughts drifted off to her friends, especially Ayaz.

No Precap !


Well, now it’s just one more day to go friends…You would not have to wait longer for the most exciting parts I have been working on for a long time and you all have been waiting for a longer time !

Do share your views about this one. Also, I’m extending the deadline for the edits competition as I haven’t received enough of them. So, it’s a request friends, please please submit your entries.. Also, let me specify once again, I need the full title of the story for which you are submitting the same on the picture. The new deadline is, Wednesday, 17th Feb, evening 8.00 pm. Hope I receive more entries by then.

Thank You !

Lots of love <3

Medhavi 🙂

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  1. S.u.p.e.r.b. Yaaaaarrrrrr

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you ! 🙂

  2. Thank God!!!! Charlie haven’t found out parth. But she found utraksh’s secret of having a girlfriend.Who is that???I think it might be Charlie…
    I’m excited for tomorrow…. Plzzz edit sooooooooon.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Well wait and watch dear !! 🙂 Thanks for your feedback… 🙂

  3. OMG OMG OMG….
    Kya bolu Mai medhu tumhai dear these was just Cho cuteeeeee ??
    Aww parthu concern for niti ayyio ye larka kisi din apni cutness se marvagega ??…
    My Charlie she is so smart he he..
    N ayaz missing vebhu n vebhu ayazzz awww it’s so so so damm cute man..??
    P’s: I just can’t stop smiling ??
    Aur kya bolu? Ummmm ??
    Medhu thank u dher Sara yar u always make my day wid ur beautiful updates so thanks a ton!! ??????
    It is so sweet of u ki even we don’t know each other persnaly u always tried to make us happy ?? dhersara loveeee to u my frnd…upss best frnd ❤❤❤❤❤….
    U now what now a days, my days without ur update r like…
    Tum bin jiya jaye kaise ,kaise jiyan jaye tum bin?? I just can’t rid out of it ??…
    LOTS OF LOVE??????
    GOD BLESS U ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    S dher Sara love to your mom n dad tooooooo ??????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      OMG Alifya !!!! You know what coincidence ?? I was reading your comment while songs were playing on my phone and the same song was going on….Tum bin….and and and…..just when I read those lines you wrote for me, Tum bin jiya jaye kaise, just then, those lines came up in the song… was amazing !!!!!! It is my current hot fav track and you dedicated it to me…..Awwwww so sweet of you my bestie !!!! You literally made my day !!!! Even my day without reading your comments is incomplete….
      Thank you thank you so so very much !!!!!
      Wish you a very happy valentine’s day dear !!!!!
      God bless you !!!
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  4. N no precap these is not done hehee ??
    I just can’t tell u that I am so so So sooooo dammmmmmm excited for tommrws update ???????? erhhhh I just can’t wait till tomorrow ?? hehe

  5. Pls make 50th update soon. Eagerly waiting for it . and yaa a nice plot.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you ! Yes 50th part coming up today !

  6. Yaaa some masala or lill romance in d 50th one.. M excitedddd

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Well wait n watch ! 🙂

  7. Wowwww looking pretty dr

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      Thank you ! 🙂

  8. The update was really nice eagerly waiting for the next update to come I am loving it I wish whatever u imagine and make us imagine would be true in real life also but still we r happy imaging it only ha ha ha ? well the misunderstanding didn’t go lo Ng I was happy for that but I was wondering why parth is not telling niti also
    ?? He needs to hide it from the caste andd crew not niti didn’t understood that part only but still loved it amazing
    Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi kismat pe aaye na yaki
    Mujhe aata nai kismat pe apne yakin kaise mujhko mili tum??❤
    Love uuuu?? <3??

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww shakshi dear that is so sweet of you …..those are wonderful lines…..I’m glad you liked the part….and your confusions would get solved in the next part so don’t worry….
      Thank you once again !!!
      Happy valentine’s day !!! <3
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂
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  9. Ayyiappa! Where am I stuck???!!!! Medhu!! U toh trapped us wid no precap!! Haww.. Nt fair huh.. :p
    yeh epi tha kya? What was it? Aftr i read this.. I conclude.. Parth is a sweetheart!!! Ittaaaaa cute tha woh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He ws sweating wen charlie questioned utkarsh!!!! Awwwiieeeeeeeee he’s shooooooo cuteeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna pull his cheeks!!!!!!
    Charlie nailed it man! But d icing ws done by ayaz!! Oh my! Yeh joker! Nautanki!! He added so much to it!! Asambhav!! Parth ws so lost!!! Hayeeee cant get over this guy!!!
    Utkarsh has a girlfriend.. Yeh toh chupa rustam nikla! Is it sana? Splitsvilla wali!
    Ayaz n vibha missin each other.. Aww cute these are! But AyaNka will break na?! 🙁 chalo no worries they’ve broken up a year ago so that doesn’t matter to me.. Bt still m a ayanka lover! :*
    PaNi convo ws hell cute!!!
    Precap.. Khali hai!! Huh. Donno hw to wait!
    Bt i dont want 2mrrw to come soon n i dont want 2mrrw to end soon!
    Loved it lots!! Love u medhu!! Be the best of the best! Ur already d best.. Usse bhi zyada.. The word ‘best’ is small for u.. Ur somethin bigger than that!!
    #spreadsmiles 🙂

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hehe Plumpyyy well you would have to wait without a precap dear….that is the whole suspense !!!! But it won’t take long now….and yessssss Parth is soooooo cute !!!!!! And PaNi together are the cutest !!!!! 🙂 🙂 Wish they were the same in real life as well !!!! But since that is not possible I’m trying to make it happen here…. 😉
      Utkarsh ki girlfriend, Ayaz, Veebha and Priyanka story, sab kuch will be coming soon……Hope you would enjoy it…..
      Lastly, wish you a very happy valentine’s day dear !!!! <3 <3
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂
      #spreadsmiles 🙂

  10. Loved niti blushing at parth’s thought was the best in the epi!!!!!!!!!! That’s d sign of falling in love…!!!!!! Parth toh started blushing b4 niti only.. Hehe.. Boys first! Love them!!!

  11. Its literally a different idea of bringing vebhayaz together in real life also like literally and who’s uttus gf is it Sana after splits villa the couple is literally so cute…
    Most exciting material is that u didn’t even gave a precap ha ha leaving all of us confused ? suspense excited and fun loving all this u know what I am getting butterflies dancing in my stomach pls make them confess their love I know its not possible as they r on a frnds note but just saying….
    And and and forgot the most important thing happy kiss ? day di I have a elder sister now I hope and I wish I could meet u ? lots of love keep smiling ? love u a lottt?❤? ? ?❤?? ? ☁ ?♥?

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww shakshi my lil sister, thank you so much for such a beautiful comment….I can understand all of your excitement but you would just have to wait a little bit longer and all of it would be revealed. I’m late in reading your comment so now it’s already valentine’s !
      Happy valentine’s day dear !!! <3
      Lots of love <3
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  12. nice episode n i hope it is going to be more interesting…..update next part soon…..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you ! 🙂

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    Charlies theories being enjoyed by ayaz…….tooooò gud……ayaz nd veebha ki luv story bhi start ho gayi hai………superbbbbbbbbb epi……waiting badly for both the valentines day updates………nd ya i will not be able to take part in the edits competition as i have my exams on……..soo sorry but nice idea to bring out the inner talents in people…….nd ya keep up the gud work…..god bless you dear?

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  20. Aanchal Singh

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    Each n every line of this update was incredible, parth’s excitement for his gift to noti, and his tension of crew to find out n then Charlie’s misunderstandings n utkarsh’s confusion n then ayaz entered n he never leave any chance to annoy people but it came out good as ututtu’s gf secret cam out…niti knew who is this gift from…n blushing. ..awwww. .so sweeeeeet of parth…no precap. ..wowwww awesome episode. .love you loads and very tight hug. Muaaaaahhhhhh

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