Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 47

Recap: Parth and Niti resolve their differences when Parth apologizes for hurting Niti. They shoot for the most sensuous scene so far on the show for them, the shower sequence and it continues…

After the lunch break Niti had to change and get ready for the next scene while Parth and Ayaz and Parth and Charlie had their individual scenes to be shot by then. After they were done with those scenes, Niti came in for the next scene, dressed in blue denim shorts not even visible under the over sized blue shirt which she had worn over with the buttons done improperly.

Niti was never like Nandini, she was way more stylish than her character in the show. She never came to shoot in such simple clothes. But she also never came in such short shorts ! She did used to wear such clothes but never wore them on shoot ! Which is why Parth was left dumbstruck on seeing her in that avatar ! His reaction at her first sight was “Hawt !”. He kept staring at her for a while and did not realize he had his mouth half open and wasn’t blinking his eyes, afraid of missing even the slightest of the view ! Ayaz who had been standing with him, noticed his reaction and said to him slowly near his ear,

Ayaz: Parth, it’s Manik who has to stare Nandini. You need not stare Niti like that ! It’s okay you can come out of the character for some time, we are having a break !

Parth suddenly realizes what he had been doing staring at her like that and embarrassed at his action suddenly looks away !

Niti was sitting on a chair and chatting with Charlie, they were both clicking selfies and Parth was constantly looking into their direction, admiring her innocence. He suddenly overhead an ill comment about Niti from someone from the crew members saying, “Wow ! Look at those two beauties man ! That’s the reason I enjoy working here !”. Parth got his monster side up on hearing that and immediately punched that guy hard in his face ! Ayaz and the others gathered around to control him and the director asked him the reason for such behavior. He did not answer at first as he did not wish to let Niti find out about the cheap comment being passed about her. He dragged Ayaz and the director aside and then explained to him the whole scenario. The director who trusted Parth, immediately fired the crew man and decided to have the minimum crew members for such a scene.

After some time, they resumed shoot but Niti was still thinking about the fight Parth ended into with the crew man. She wanted to know what exactly had happened between the two of them. While they had some time for rehearsing their script, she asked Parth about it but he jerked it away by saying that she need not concern herself about it. She was still not convinced but could not ask anything further as they resumed shoot.

Further in the scene when Nandini had to escape from Manik’s house and Manik was getting her ready for the same, hiding her face with a scarf, Parth was again bowled over by her innocence and her childish features and actions. When her face was hidden with the scarf, it was only her big owl eyes that were visible and when she blinked them, her big eyelashes being highlighted, Parth was left speechless at the cuteness overloaded !

Next before leaving, Nandini was to cover a cute sleeping Manik with the big black quilt. Niti came out from under the bed, got up and started covering Parth(Manik) with the quilt but it was stuck beneath her leg and while trying to spread it over him, she slipped over on him. Parth had been sleeping on his stomach and Niti fell over on his back. Parth suddenly turned around taking Niti with him and because he was sleeping at the edge, she was about to fall off but Parth held her tight, both of them still lying on the bed with Niti above Parth. They soon straightened themselves but this time both of them wondered simultaneously again as to what was it that they felt while doing such scenes and why was it that such tripping and falling would happen with them in every scene !

Ayaz and Veebha both noticed their confused reactions and muttered together to each other softly, “Destiny !”

That day was tiresome for all of them as they had been shooting since quite early morning and during pack up it was around 9.30 pm. All of them were very hungry but exhausted to go somewhere to eat and therefore decided to order food for delivery at the shoot location itself. All of them started deciding for what to order and there was soon a chaos !

Charlie: I’m gonna have a large pizza and a chocolava !

Abhishek: So, we’re calling for pizzas ? Better have something else ! How about Mc. D brugers ?

Krissan: No none of it. I want something fat free !

Ayaz: Oh then Krissan you could have the best thing fat free..

Krissan: (excited) What ?

Ayaz: Water !

Krissan: Shut up Ayaz !

Charlie: I think Pizza is good man ! C’mon ! Parth what do you say ?

Parth: I’m in for anything that’s food and that tastes good ! I’m a big time foodie !

Utkarsh: Okay then pizza it is ! Is it okay Abhishek ?

Abhishek: Yeah well okay.

They order pizzas and deserts in huge quantities and while they wait for it to arrive,

Abhishek: Let’s play some game !

Utkarsh: Oh yes how about cards ?

Krissan: No no cards ! I don’t know how to play that ! Something more interesting !

Charlie: How about something really kiddish ?

Ayaz: No Charlie. You might be a kid but we’re all grown ups here ! Right guys ?

All of them give him a “not really” look and jump in for Charlie’s plan,

Charlie: Ha ha Ayaz it’s okay you may not play if you’re not a kid. So we will be playing musical chairs !

Ayaz: Oh my god ! Literally too kiddish !

Charlie: So what ? It’ll be fun ! C’mon now !

All of them gather around outside the vanities and arrange the chairs. Niti had the speakers with her so she sets up the music and Ayaz volunteers to operate the music as he was still not interested in the game.

In the end, the finalists of the game are Utkarsh and Krissan. All the others were cheering both of them, the girls cheering for Krissan and the boys for Utkarsh. As the music stops, Krissan is the first one to take the chair and Utkarsh, as he did not wish to fail, he takes her lap. He instantly gets seated on Krissan’s lap which makes Krissan jump from her seat and therefore Utkarsh gets the seat !

Krissan: Hey that’s cheating !

Abhishek: Oh really sis ? Oh my poor little sister !

All the boys start laughing and the girls make annoying faces !

Once their food delivery arrives, all of them jump into the food. Niti had been constantly observing Parth and his food habits. He seemed to be a big time foodie like he said. He had been tasting everything and wasn’t stopping ! But then when it came to the deserts, all the girls had a plan to take away the deserts of the boys as well and not let them have it. The boys start searching for their desert by the time the girls had finished off their desert and had the boys’ deserts in their hands.

Abhishek: Where are the chocolava cakes ?

Krissan: Oh bhai ! (she shows him the cup in her hand containing the cake and all the other girls too show it to the boys)

Parth: Why are you taking our part ? You have your own share !

Niti: Well actually we had our parts but we still wanted more so…

Ayaz: So what ?

Veebha: So Ayaz, we took yours ! Got it ?

Utkarsh: That’s not fair !

Krissan: Oh poor Uttu !!

The day comes to an end with the girls teasing the boys with the deserts, having it in front of them and lots more fun !

The next day, during the lunch break, Niti asks everyone to wait in the boys vanity while she wanted to do something in the girls vanity. All of them kept wondering what it might be that she wished to do. Parth was the most eager of all as he believed since they were back to being friends now, she should have shared it with him at least !

20 minutes later, Niti comes into the boys vanity to call all of them to come over to the girls vanity. All of them follow her, eager to come across the surprise ! Niti opens the vanity door and enters followed by the others. As soon as they enter, they find the vanity to be decorated with balloons and a cake in between bearing the text, “friends forever” !

Charlie: Oh my god Niti ! Such a wonderful surprise !

Veebha: Yeah Niti ! It’s amazing !

Abhishek: But what’s the occasion ?

Niti: Occasion is our friendship ! We’re celebrating our friendship today ! We’ve all been working here for a very very long time but yesterday, after such a long time we truly enjoyed with one another. Yesterday I believe, we became better friends. So, a celebration is must ! And celebration cannot be completed without a cake !

Parth keeps staring at her from a corner all the while she had been talking about the friendship. For a while he felt like she had done all of this more for their friendship which got an interesting turn the other day when they apologized and their friendship grew stronger. He could not help but admire her golden heart which was so innocent and so pure.

All of them cut the cake together and celebrated their friendship. After the cake cutting and selfie session was over,

Niti: Okay now, there is one more surprise for all of you !

Krissan: One more ?

All of them look at her surprised.

Niti: Don’t be so surprised. It’s not such a big thing.

She took two big bowls and kept them in front of them.

Charlie: What’s this ?

Niti: See it for yourself !

Charlie opens both the bowl kept in front of them to find them full of delicious biryani.

Parth being the foodie he was, had his eyes popping out at that yummy biryani kept in front of him.

Niti had noticed how Parth enjoyed food so much. Last night after going home, she had been thinking about the whole day and the most exciting thing she found was Parth’s love for food. The happiness and excitement she saw on his face looking at food, she just could not stop thinking about it. She therefore wanted to see that excitement once again and this time she herself wanted to give him that exciteemnt. It had been really late at night when they departed from shoo but she still decided on to carry something prepared by herself to shoot the next day ! After a lot of browsing, she decided on biryani and it took her almost 4 hours in the morning to cook it perfectly well !

Now when the bowls were kept in front of everyone and they had been serving them into plates for everyone from the cast and crew, she was really nervous as to whether Parth would have the same excitement and happiness in his eyes as he had the other night ? She had been constantly looking at Parth when he was about to take the first bite. He took one large spoonful and tucked it into his mouth. He took a while to sink in the taste into his mouth and then instantly looked up at Niti with those sparkly eyes ! He could not control himself from appreciating how delicious she had cooked it !

Parth: It’s amazing !

And all the others who had also taken the first bites joined in to appreciate Niti. She felt relieved as it had been bothering her since morning even in between shots and it had been so difficult for her to wait till lunch break.

Everyone on set had been served a bit of it and everyone kept praising Niti the whole day. She felt good but the best thing she felt was the sparkle she saw in Parth’s eyes on his first bite ! It felt like her goal was achieved !

Precap: Mud sequence off screen story.


Sorry friends, I know I’m late but the thing is my internet connection wasn’t working properly yesterday and therefore I could not update. I hope you enjoyed this part. I had got reviews saying that I should include all the others as well into the story apart from PaNi and so I tried to do that.

Also friends please submit your entries for the eidts competition….I still haven’t received enough entries…You have time till saturday 13th feb evening 5 pm…please please do submit ! Send to [email protected]

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