Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 45

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Recap: Parth landed up at Niti’s place. Both of them start defending their friends in the discussion and end up in a nasty fight !

The next day when Niti comes to the set, Veebha unaware of what had happened the other night, reaches up to Niti with another fake incident about Ayaz to make her talk to Parth about it. As soon as she reaches up to Niti and is about to talk to her, she notices her dull face, swollen eyes and a lost in another world Niti. She suddenly becomes really concerned and asks her softly,

Veebha: (placing her hand softly on her shoulder) Niti, what happened darling ?

Niti: (coming out of her lost world slowly) Nothing. Come let’s get ready.

Just as Niti starts moving towards the vanity, Veebha stops her and drags her aside.

Veebha: Niti, look I can clearly see something big has happened. Please tell me. You’re making me worry !

Niti: (faking a smile) It’s nothing Veebha. I don’t know why are you worried.

Veebha: Niti, when you’re giving that fake smile, the swollen eyes get more highlighted. So now please don’t fake it in front of me. Just speak up !

Niti: I’m sorry Veebha. I could not help you. I tried talking to Parth about Ayaz but instead we ended up in a fight. He was not ready to accept that his friend is at fault. Instead, he was saying that it’s you who is after Ayaz.

Veebha: So, you’ve already talked to him ? I’m so sorry Niti, because of me you lost your friend.

Niti: Oh no not at all ! In fact I’m happy that he is no more a part of my life ! Because whatever he said yesterday, can’t be coming out of a good friend’s mouth. You know what Veebha ? I had started believing in him. I’m glad my illusion got broken before it was too late. All thanks to you ! But just one bad thing that I could not help you.

Veebha: It’s okay Niti. At least you tried. But seriously why are you fighting him for me ? I don’t want you to lose your friendship.

Niti: Oh no Veebha, in fact it’s good. So, don’t be disheartened. Come now let’s go get ready.

Parth goes to the boys vanity and on finding that there was no one apart from him and Ayaz, he speaks up,

Parth: Umm Ayaz, sorry bro ! I could not help you !

Ayaz: (confused) Help about what ?

Parth: About the Veebha thing. Actually last night I tried talking to her friend, Niti but it didn’t really work out.

Ayaz: why ?

Parth: She wasn’t ready to accept that her friend is a psycho ! Instead she was telling me that Ayaz is a psycho and he is after Veebha.

Ayaz: (laughing out loud in his mind) Let it be man ! You tried right ? Now just let go of it. Don’t spoil your mood and friendship with Niti.

Parth: What friendship ? If there was really friendship, she should have trusted what I was saying !

Ayaz: So, then even you should have trusted what she was saying ! It might be that she was correct ! You know like, me after that Madhubala ! Possible right ?

Parth: (irritated of his silly jokes) Stop it Ayaz !

Ayaz: Ha ha ha ! okay now let’s get ready ! We don’t get paid here for solving our problems and making and breaking friendships right ?

On reaching the shoot area, both Parth and Niti keep avoiding each other but it also pains them to be doing that. Their friendship had been beautiful while it lasted but this separation phase was not really tolerable. Veebha and Ayaz notice the differences and the sad faces of their friends and feel bad about what they had done ! They wanted to strengthen their friendship but it turned out bitter !

After pack up, Veebha and Ayaz meet up at a nearby cafe to talk about the mess they had created. Ayaz had been waiting for Veebha as he had left before her from the set. Veebha had left later in a cab and arrived 10 minutes late.

Veebha: (reaching to the table where Ayaz had been sitting) Hey ! I’m sorry I’m late !

Ayaz: (looking up at her) No, it’s okay..Come have a seat. Would you like to have something ?

Veebha: Umm…Coffee ?

Ayaz orders two cups of coffee and they start with their discussion. Over the cup of coffee extended through 1 hour of discussion both of them come to a conclusion that they would try and stop the drama they had started at their end and then try and resolve the differences between Parth and Niti.

The next morning first thing Veebha takes Niti for a talk and similarly Ayaz takes Parth aside for a talk !

Veebha: (to Niti) Niti, you won’t believe what happened yesterday !

Niti: (to Veebha) What ?

Ayaz: (To Parth) I don’t know how to say this, but I’m finally free ! Veebha apologized to me yesterday.

Parth: What ? Are you serious ?

Veebha: (to Niti) Yes he did ! He called me up last night and apologized for each and every thing stupid he had done till date !

Parth: (to Ayaz) I don’t believe this ! But how come suddenly she realized ?

Ayaz: I don’t know how ? But she did. And she has promised she won’t ever bother me again !

Niti: (to Veebha) That is great ! But I still can’t believe that happened !

Veebha: Oh but it did ! Now it’s all sorted ! So, I guess even you should resolve your differences with Parth.

Ayaz: (to Parth) Don’t you think you should resolve your differences with Niti ?

Niti: (to Veebha) No !

Parth: (to Ayaz) Never !

Veebha: But why Niti ? Now everything is sorted ! What’s the point in fighting now ?

Niti: I’m not fighting because I’m enjoying. I’m hurt ! The way he said things ! And now today, it’s Ayaz who apologized to you right ? So, I was correct ! But he just wouldn’t listen to me ! And the way he said few things ! I can never let go of those things out of my head !

Ayaz: (to Parth) C’mon man ! Just let it go now ! Why are you stretching this so much ?

Parth: I’m not stretching things ! What I’m doing is reasonable ! See now it’s Veebha who apologized to you right ? So, she should have also understood that I was correct and her friend was at fault ! But you won’t believe what attitude she had been showing ! I just couldn’t bear that !

So, Parth and Niti won’t patch up ! This made Veebha and Ayaz stress more and for the next few days they kept trying to sort things out but nothing worked. But one fine day both of them noticed something which got their original plan back ! They wanted both of them to fight and not talk to each other so that they miss each other. But things had turned bitter when they went rude with each other which seemed to be difficult to erase out of their memories. In that disturbed phase of their friends, they had completely forgotten their original plan to somehow make them miss each others company !

Now that things had started turning weird, one small conversation got back Veeyaz’s original plan back ! They had all been sitting together for lunch one day and Parth and Niti had to finish their lunch fast and resume shoot. After the two of them left, and all the others were still sitting together, Abhishek spoke up,

Abhishek: Why are these two behaving so weird since the past few days ? I mean yeah I know they are just professional and all but these days, they don’t even speak much with the others as well and Parth, whenever he is in the vanity with us, I’ve seen him go mad at small things and get irritated very soon !

Charlie: Yeah you are right ! Now that you pointed it out, I realize even Niti does not mix up with us anymore ! Earlier she used to be so happy and excited all the time but now it seems like she is here just for work and nothing else !

At this conversation, both Ayaz and Veebha together realize that their plan was on ! What they wanted was actually happening in front of their eyes but they could not realize it soon. Now they just had to push it forward a bit to get it going. Ayaz instantly texts Veebha,

Ayaz: Do you get it ?

Veebha: Oh yes! Our plan is on ! I’ll go talk to Niti.

Ayaz: And I’ll go and talk to Parth.

Both of them go to their friends and wait for their shot to get over. Once they get a small break in between, Veebha goes forward to talk to Niti,

Veebha: (cheerfully) Hey Niti !

Niti: (softly) Hi !

Veebha: Niti what’s wrong with you ?

Niti: What ?

Veebha: Since the past few days you are behaving so damn weird ! Earlier you used to be the bubbly and cheerful Niti. And now it seems like I’ve lost my friend somewhere.

Niti: It’s nothing like that veebha. I’m just tired !

Veebha: Don’t lie to me. It’s just after lunch and you’re tired already ? You know what ? It seems like the broken friendship with Parth is really affecting you !

Ayaz had been going on with a similar discussion with Parth,

Parth: What ? Why would that broken friendship affect me ?

Ayaz: I don’t know but I can see it happening.

Niti: (to Veebha) Please Veebha. It’s nothing like that.

Veebha: No Niti, seriously, look I wasn’t aware about yours and Parth’s friendship for a long time but even back then I used to think that you used to remain so happy and full of energy all the time. And now, you’re just an actor working here ! You come here just to get ready, give your shot and then leave. You have no life left after Parth ! He really seems to be affecting you a lot !

Niti keeps staring at Veebha and tries to digest in whatever she had been saying. Somewhere she found Veebha to be correct but she herself did not want to believe her to be correct.

Parth: (to Ayaz) What nonsense man ! You know me right ? I’m a very focused person when it comes to work. And that’s the reason I focus on my work. So, there’s nothing like she has been affecting me or anything like that ! Okay now I have to go. Shot is ready. See you later. Bye.

Back for the shoot after the conversation with their friends, both Parth and Niti again come face to face and keep thinking about what their friends had said to them a while ago. They keep staring into each others’ eyes and try to figure out whether the separation had actually been affecting them. Veebha and Ayaz notice the eye lock from a distance and get excited as their plan was nearing it’s climax !

Precap: Would Parth and Niti realize what Ayaz and Veebha are trying to explain to them ? Woul they resolve their differences and approve of their friendship once again ? How would the shower sequence turn up off screen being their first “too intimate” sequence ?


So, friends our valentine’s week is on ! The valentine’s episode is going to be special for both the ffs but for our PaNi ff which has been going through a sad phase for a long time, the PaNi week is also going to be exciting….And just hold on your breath because the excitement has just begun !

I would also like to draw all of your attention to the edits competition I have come up with for Valentine’s ! Come on friends let us all make this very very special. It’s not necessary for one to have the proper art of edit making, we can all at least give it a try for our special couple MaNan/ PaNi. The competition is on for both the stories separately so you can choose to make one for each story or just for any one. Please make sure that the name of the story appears on the photo. Interested people may please submit your work in my inbox [email protected]…Deadline for submitting your work is 13th february saturday,evening 5 pm…

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Credit to: Medhavi


  1. tabassum

    hi medhavi!Happy Rose Day ? superb dear yeah i said that i am busy these days but when i read this update i cannot stop my self to comment on this….finally pani realized their mistake….i like this part so much…your great yaar….now i am more excited for valentines day….#behappy god bless you

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Happy rose day to you too tabassum….thank you so much for leaving your feedback even out of your busy schedule….it means so much…..thank you so much….
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂
      #spreadsmiles 🙂

  2. Sharu

    wow… such a nice plan. hope both will get to know their hidden feelings about each other… ? am jus waiting for the next update

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much….yes just hold on….there’s a lot more to come…hope you will like it… 🙂
      #behappy 🙂

  3. alifya

    Hm so as I promised u so I am back..u know what medhu I really don’t have word’s to convince u as to make u realize that how much superb personality u seriously studies,work,both ff,n even some other works ,n the ideas which u fill in our story ye sab ek sath manage karna how is it possible man ,kese kar leti ho ye sab???? aur uske sath hamsab ko reply Dena,ppls ke expections pure karna ..hats off to u girl.? s respect u so much ???????..
    Now coming back to your update
    The things which veeyaz is doing to make there frnds realize that how much they love each other ahhh superb ??..
    The pani part was fantabulouse ??
    Each and everything was perfect to it’s story??…every bit was awesome ?…
    The way u describe everything till now was magical aur kya bolu I don’t have word’s to appreciate it ? cuz the journey till now was mesmerizing ???…
    S now u r working so hard to make us happy I have to work hard on my comments which are not enough to appreciate u ☺ so I’ll be working on my comments and will return with enough content to make u happy each n every time too ♥♥❤❤??????..
    #lots of love?
    #stay blessed ??
    #keep smiling ??..
    Dedicated to you ??
    Zindagani bari khubasoorat huii..
    Jannat an aur kya hogi kahi..
    Jo tu mera hamdard hai..
    Suhana had pal hai❤❤
    Byee ?

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww alifya you don’t need words….there’s already so much….when you say this tabhi main samajh jati hun that you actually like my work so much….I can understand your feelings and it makes me very very happy to know that you enjoy my work to such an extent !!
      Really alifya, I have found a true friend in you !! Now even I don’t know what to say ?!
      You make me feel so special ki kabhi to lagta hai do I even deserve so much of appreciation ?! And since you appreciate so much to mann karta hai ki aur zyada accha likhu to keep you happy !!!!
      Thank you once again for everything !!!!
      Oh and these beautiful lines have just stolen my heart to you !!! <3
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂
      #spreadsmiles 🙂

  4. shakshi

    Nice babe….. Damn excited for that shower scene ? wow!ayaz and veebha are true frnds instead being busy in their own lives they do so much for their friends….the eye lock was tremendous.
    #pani fan..???

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you ….yes the shower scene….wait and watch out for the drama there !! 🙂
      #behappy 🙂

  5. Hope

    Medhu that was SUPER SUPER SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!
    like ssly..parth n niti r sooo cute…i just hope they realize how miserable they r without each other…this week is gonna b FAB!!!
    N thanks for d info of d pics..coz I was ssly confused abt what text should I put up on d edited pic…
    N yep..I’ll remember d deadline for sure..
    N as always U Rock!!!!
    Keep smiling!!!
    Keep Making Us Smile!!!
    Take Care!!!
    Love u Loads!!

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey hope thank you so much dear for leaving in your feedback….
      I’m so glad you liked it….yes even I hope they realize it soon….
      And yes I forgot to mention about the text on the edit before….sorry about that….will be waiting for your edit….
      Lots of love….<3 <3
      #behappy 🙂
      #spreadsmiles 🙂 🙂

  6. Darshani

    Sorry! I know I am late to comment??But exams are near by and classes but just can’t resist reading ur ff…Just read it now and very happy that veeyaz plan is working..??I am damn excited for PaNi week …it’s just that maybe tomorrow I will comment a little late or may not be able to read..but its only for tomorrow…I’m sorry in advance for that…I just love u Medhavi …I know u will rock it in the valentines update because u are the best , awesome , beautiful , etc…just don’t have words to describe ur both ff and also the efforts u put behind them just for us…???I love u from the core of my heart???????

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Darshani, please don’t be sorry dear….It’s completely alright….I do understand when it comes to studies and exams….even I have been and still am a student so I know it becomes difficult at times….and don’t worry about not being able to comment tomorrow….just do read the update whenever you get time….comment is okay if you can’t !! And I know you will read it when you get time…. 🙂
      Thank you so much for this appreciation….and yes I am trying to make the valentine’s update a special one but I really don’t know how is it going to turn out ?! Because all of you have so many expectations from me….I will definietly give my 200% !! Rest it would depend on the feedbacks !!
      Once again thank you for so much of love and support…. 🙂
      Lots of love <3 <3
      #behappy 🙂
      #spreadsmiles 🙂

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Monika…I will try to live up to your expectations… 🙂
      #behappy 🙂

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      I hope so too Mini….well let’s see what happens….thanks for the feedback !
      #behappy 🙂

  7. aena

    so good medhu I know a sad phase but really excited for Valentine’s day epi omg can not control myself of thinking about the shower scene just like on screen scene made me crazy I hope no I know this will definitely create magic off screan jist like on screen i never miss any of ur update and do I know what I watch the older episodes of kyy season 1 love it the best show the best cast ever love all of them a lot and ya u too #manan forever #pani
    loveee them a lotzzzzzzz ??

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Aena for those kind words….Yes the shower scene was one of my fav too !!! I do not get time to watch the whole series again but whenever I can, I never miss out the showe scene vala epi….I will definitely try to live up to your expectations…and I hope you enjoy it… 🙂
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂
      #spreadsmiles 🙂

  8. Zoey

    I LOVED this episode!!!! Yes they are sad, but its so cute!!! But I hope they make up soon! Cant see the soo sad and them not liking to work 🙁 🙁 And Im SOO excited for Pani week!! A new update everydayyy!! Yay!!!

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Even I don’t like to see them sad and away from each other….Let’s see how and when do they make up ?? Thanks Zoey for leaving your feedback ! 🙂
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂

  9. Priya

    Superb medhu….finally veebha and ayaz ka drama katham hogayi…..and Im loving their mission which is started working…. Niti started realising but parth he won’t accept the truth very easily …….medhu whos villian for this story……..its good going now …..waiting for next update……u r a fabulous writer medhu…..u r narrating their feelings and their expressions like v can feel them… u medhu….keep updating……

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Priya….It makes me so happy to know that what I feel while writing the scenes and parts, even you can feel all of it while reading….it is one of the best comments any writer could get….Thank you so much for that !!! It means a great thing to me ! And to answer your question, as of now the villain in the story is Parth and Niti’s mood swings towards each other…as you can see they are themselves resisting each other….but do give me your suggestion if you would like to see an actual villain, I can try to bring one, although as of now I haven’t thought of any ! Do let me know !
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂
      #spreadsmiles 🙂

      • Priya

        If their mood is villain its OK… will change easily…….so I think no villian is needed…,…in case even if u add na I know u will portrait the character soo beautifully…….disha is there right one villian..

  10. Its so amaging just today my friend said me about this and I have completed all other your ff its so so so amaging your are so creative person loving your ff

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww thank you so much Sunisha !! 🙂 Welcome to the world of PaNi – a story we wish were true !
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂

  11. pulin

    Awesome di…i hope dono jaldi se realise kar le about their feelings..
    Their magical eye lock it was amazing…waiting for their shower scene kyy season 1 Mai dono ka ye scene it was memorable nd I know Ki aap iss scene ko aur beautiful bana dogi
    Love u di##

  12. alifya

    Hey medhu I had send u an edit for pani so when it reach to you plzz do tell me that u got my email or not ?..
    Gud nyt?..

  13. OMG wow just wow this episode was amazing, I’m really glad pani are going to get together soon and its so cute that they miss each other ( thier “friendship”) by the way you still haven’t out any utkarsh and krissane bits in, I mean kaisi yeh yaariaan was just not about manik and Nandini but about fab 5, all I’m seeing so far is veeba, ayaz and pani please put more characters in that would be great, your doing an amazing job?? and please don’t be offended on what I said, im just trying to help ?

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Muskan thank you so much for the suggestion….I will definitely work on it and add more bits with the others as well….
      Thank you so much… 🙂
      #behappy 🙂

  14. sujatha muthukannu

    Hi frnd, how r u,these days unable to comment. I enjoyed all ur updates. Keep gng, great work.

  15. Roma

    Wow, wow, wowwww, awesome episode my dear friend medhavi, awesomeeeeee, I’ve no words to describe my feelings after reading this amazing episode…veeyaz’s convo with pani n one to one dialogues was like I was watching on screen both scenes playing together as happens in the real series….what a creative work my sweeeeeet friend it’s mind blowing. …totally loved it. …veeyaz’s so sad for pani fight then realizing that the plan is working!!! made me too smile wide… 😉 dono taraf hai aag barabar lagi huiii….uffff the eyelock, patta patta kucha kucha haal hamara jaane hai
    Jaane na jaane to GUL hi na jaane baag toh saara jaane hai…

    Medhavi dearrrr you’re amazing mastermind of this amazingly awesoooooome story…I’m totally immersed into it n now started shayari too…love u soooooooo muchhhhhh yaar for this pani valentine treat…sorry for late comment. ..little behind on these FF’s. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Roma….I’m glad you enjoyed it….Actually I was confused whether that one to one conversation simultaneuously at both ends would turn out proper in a written story but since you pointed it out specifically it made me feel really good….
      Thanks a lot for this appreciation….It really motivated me to write better !!
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂

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