Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 46

Friends I would recommend you to go through episode 46 if possible before reading the part as it would give you all the more feel ! You can skip half of it if you do not have time and watch from the Manan scene in Manik’s bedroom as I have covered from there in this part for the off screen story. Hope you guys like it.


Recap: Parth and Niti’s fight continues. Both of them feeling incomplete without the others’ support. Ayaz and Veebha try to make them realize the importance of their friendship in their lives.

Later that day, both Parth and Niti had been thinking about what Ayaz and Veebha had asked them to consider. Niti had been really upset about whatever Parth had said to her but somehow she did want to let go of it and be normal with him like old times. But then suddenly she jerked off the thought as she did not want herself to accept that she had actually been missing Parth in her life.

“Maybe I went a bit too far that day. I had decided I would talk to her in a way not offensive to her or to her friend but instead, the way I said those things to her, they were not only offensive but I also hurt her deep.”thought Parth to himself that day after shoot sitting at his place.

The next morning was the time to shoot for the shower sequence and for that Parth and Niti had the maximum part to be played and so they were the ones to reach sets before all others. Both of them had been sitting in their vanities after getting dressed as Manik and Nandini waiting for the shot to get ready. Parth had been feeling very restless as suddenly he had begun to realize how badly his words might have hurt Niti. And besides, he didn’t even mean any of it what he said to her. It all came out as a result of anger and frustration. He instantly got up from the chair and moved out of his vanity towards the girls vanity to talk to Niti, not bothering about the crew outside noticing him going into his “professional” co-actor’s vanity.

He was about to enter without any warning as he was very anxious to sort things out as fast as possible but then he suddenly realized he was going to a girls’ vanity and his manners teach him to knock the door before entering. He therefore knocked the door and waited for it to be opened. As soon as she heard the knock, she got a gut feeling it might be Parth but then reminded herself that Parth and her had been fighting and also on sets, Parth would never come to her vanity, that too when she was the only girl present there, bearing his “professional” image in his mind.

She got up from the couch and opened the door, to her surprise to find it Parth standing there dressed as Manik. For a second, she got herself to believe it was definitely a dream! Parth realized her surprise and to wake her up from her dream, he coughed a bit to grab her attention. That worked and Niti realized it was not a dream. Parth was actually standing at her doorstep. She did not say anything instead just gave him a questioning look to which Parth made a “whatever” face, pushed her aside softly and entered the vanity.

Parth: (entering the vanity in a somewhat “Manik” attitude and tone) It’s enough now !

Niti: (turning to face him) What ? I haven’t done anything ! So, please don’t start off with some stupid comment of yours !

Parth: I’m not here to pass any comment. I came by to talk to you !

Niti: Talk ? You know we haven’t had a good past record when it comes to “talking” !

Parth: But I will try this time the “talk” turns out well.

Niti: (letting out a sigh) What is it ?

Parth: Look don’t you think it’s too much now ? You know with our fight ?

Niti: So, why are you asking me ? You were the one who spoke ill to me, you were the one who did not understand what I was saying, you were the one to walk out of my house in the middle of the discussion. So, technically the fight was started by you !

Parth: So but you could have tried to end it !

Niti: Why would I end a fight with someone who disrespects me ?!

Parth: I didn’t disrespect you Niti. I was really angry and whatever I said I didn’t mean any of it !

Niti: Well, you sounded pretty convincing to me though !

Parth: Why don’t you understand ? It happens at times ! You lose control over language while you are angry ! Hasn’t it ever happened with you ?

Niti: No ! I try to be in my limits even when I am angry !

Parth: Okay but it happened with me. Please try and understand !

Niti: What should I understand ? And suddenly why is this bothering you so much ?Why have you come back after so many days ?

Parth: Because I’ve realized my mistake..And I…I’m…

Niti: You’re what ? Let it be..You won’t be able to say it !

Parth: But you understood right ? What I wish to say ?

Niti: No ! I didn’t ! Now say it fast if you want to or else we have a shoot to attend !

Parth: Yeah but…I..

Niti: What happened Parth ? It’s very easy to say things you don’t even mean while angry, harsh things, but very difficult to apologize through your heart ?

Parth stands there with his head bent low in front of Niti ashamed of his words and actions. Niti gives out a sigh and turns around to leave the vanity when Parth speaks up,

Parth: I’m sorry ! I truly am ! I was a jerk to have said those things to you ! But I really miss my friend. Could you please forgive me ?

Niti was shocked to hear those words coming out from the mouth of monster ! She turned around to find Parth’s head still bent low. She went closer to him still keeping some safe distance in between and said with a smile,

Niti: If you hurt me again, I won’t forgive you !

Parth looks up at her and says,

Parth: Never !

They then move out of the vanity together acting as if they had been discussing the script so that people around would not find out about their secret friendship.

They had been shooting for the shower sequence before which Parth had to go shirtless in front of Niti(Nandini). More than Parth who actually had to strip, it was Niti who was nervous about him being shirtless in front of her or rather, too close to her ! She had been shivering on the inside with the thought of them being so close. Parth on the other hand hadn’t yet realized it to be a nervous situation, and was just focused on preparing for his part.

Director: Roll Camera, and action !

Manik entered his room, placed his guitar on the bed, removed his jacket followed by his tee shirt revealing his “too hot to handle” body and the s**y tattoo on his back. He moved towards the wardrobe and suddenly noticed someone sitting on his couch and sleeping. He went closer to take a look and realized it was Nandini.

Scene change and Manik now had to move closer towards Nandini and try and attempt a kiss. And as their lips come too close, Nandini to speak up “thank you !” which would wake up Manik from his dream world and come to his senses.

Niti was so nervous while doing the scene, she got her hands together and held them together into a tight fist which was really apt in the scene but was actually not instructed by the director. Parth wasn’t feeling really nervous as he was kind of liking the part being played by him in the form of Monster Manik turning into Majnu Manik. He was nearing Niti, leaning his body over the couch on which Niti had been sitting, his intense eyes, not leaving her gaze, not blinking, shifting their focus from her beautiful eyes to her rosy lips one after the other. He had actually forgotten for a while that they had been shooting, but just when Niti spoke up “thank you !” as nandini, he came out of his dream just as Manik did and straightened himself.

Next was the shower sequence for which both of them were nervous. They had butterflies in their stomach on just thinking about the scene. Parth was shirtless and Niti was in a white top, all the more a romantic and sensuous set up !

Manik dragged Nandini into the bathroom, made her stand under the shower panel and turned on the shower. Nandini was left confused at the monsters’ action as she just could not make a sense out of him making her stand under his shower panel. They kept fighting and arguing for some time as was the scene with the shower drizzling over them all the while.

Director: Cut it ! Perfect ! Call Ayaz for the next part ! Okay now, Manik you will push the door from inside as Cabir comes nearer and suddenly panic and take Nandini in your arms turning your body around to show your back at the door. Got it ?

Parth: Hmm Yeah !

Director: And then the two of you share an eye lock for a while and then slowly separate yourselves embarrassed ! Right then, do we have Cabir ready ?

Ayaz: Yes sir !

Director: Okay then, Roll camera ! And action !

Cabir comes in to Manik’s room and on hearing the voice of the water flowing in the bathroom, starts moving towards it which scares both Manik and Nandini. They look at each other with the most horrified faces as it would be a big disaster if a fab 5 member would spot them together and that too in Manik’s bathroom under the shower.

Manik instantly took Nandini in his arms and wrapped his hands around her face covering her in his shelter, turning around to show his back. When he did, Niti freezed at that very moment ! Her whole body in contact of Parth ! She just had her hands protecting some part of her body from not touching his body which she had placed on his chest. She had some weird sensations going on in her entire body ! She was wet and it was cold out there but still, she had started sweating on her forehead. Good, people could not notice it as they had been drenched in water for the scene.

Director: Cut ! Superb ! Now let’s take up the eye lock scene if you guys are ready ? Or do you need a break to settle your minds ?

Niti actually needed a break ! Parth noticed that and asked for a 5 minutes break for her to calm herself as he understood how difficult must it be for a girl to perform such a scene.

5 minutes later, they resume shoot and they again had to shower themselves as some of the water had started to dry. They positioned themselves close to each other, Manik’s hands surrounding Nandini’s shoulders, Nandini, looking up at him, and Manik looking down at her wet hair, and her wet lips, the water still flowing over them. They stay in that position for a while with Nandini touching Manik’s bare chest with her hands. Parth did not wish to let go of her from his hold. He had started feeling something strange towards her but could not understand what exactly was it. It was as if he had been the Manik from the show who was being attracted towards Nandini but could not realize it.

Next was the scene where Parth had to again strip, this time his pants and wear a towel around. It had now started become embarrassing for him but when he took a look at Niti, he forgot all his consciousness and started to perform.

Next Manan scene was where Nandini had been shivering due to the cold water and Manik took a towel and wrapped it around her carefully, cleaning her up himself. Parth actually thought as if he was taking care of a little baby because that’s what Niti looked like, in that position, her height so short she barely reached his shoulders, her wet hair coming over her face and her chubby face making it all the more elaborate to her child like appearance to him. He kept staring at her while doing the scene till the director asked to cut the scene.

Precap: Nandini dressed in Manik’s clothes. Scene off screen story continued. Both Parth and Niti have started noticing every small thing about each other and have started having a strange feeling while being together. Which turn is their friendship taking ?


So my dear friends, I hope I could live up to your expectations because many of you had been very excited for this part since I mentioned about it in the precap yesterday !

Please let me know if you liked it or not ! Your feedback matters a lot ! Also, please participate in the edits competition friends. I really want to make it special !

Thank You !

Lots of Love <3

#behappy 🙂

#spreadsmiles 🙂

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  1. Wowww perfect yaar awesome

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you ! 🙂

  2. Awesome dear…ur writing and imagining skill is damn appreciative

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      Thank You so much !

  3. Great! I’m a silent reader buh couldn’t hold it and I felt it Should comment. I wish it never ended.

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      Aww thank you so much aish for not being a silent reader anymore ! 🙂

  4. Grt epi lovely way

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      Thanks !

  5. Ur not gonna believe this..
    I m smiling like a jerk right now…
    Sitting alone that too..
    I bet if someone see’s me ryt..damn they r gonna think..i m a lunatic…
    Bt I don’t care!!!
    Coz I m in loooove wid todays ff!!!!!
    I really dont know what to say!!!
    I have already said enough..abt u..
    As always u r bang on!!!
    That was epic!!!
    U r really an awesome writer..
    U just seem to bring out d scene in front of my eyes…
    U have put me into a hypnotic trance!!!
    M serious…for real!!!!
    How do u do it yaar!!!????
    God!!!I don’t know what to say more!!!
    This rarely happens to me…I just am not able to put up my appreciation for u in words…
    I wish if u would have been in front of me…i would have given u a TIGHT HUG!!!
    Thanks…thanks..thanks..thanks a ton..
    For writing such extravagant stories!!!
    Keep smiling just like u make me smile!!!
    Love u medhu!!!!
    Take care!!!!!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww hope, thank you thank you thank you so much for such wonderful words of appreciation….*tight hug*
      I really never imagined that someday my work would have such an impact on someone !! Seriously !!! You make me feel so happy….
      What else should I say ?! I’m dumbstruck !! Just like you enjoy reading my ff, I enjoy so much reading your comments…It it just makes me feel toooo goooood !!!! Aur koi words nahi mil rahe to thank you enough !!
      Lots of love <3
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  6. Gm to my self? goshh,damm for sometime I was totally in to your world which didn’t even made me realized that I was just reading it and was not really there, for a movement I thought that I was actually in a Dreamworld ???bcuz the emotions which u portray was so strong that I actually live in the moment ??..
    Pani was so dammm adorable and parths sorry was to cute!!
    Each and every thing was just magical?⭐⭐!!!
    It was all happing in front of my eyes!!
    Was it just magical? No it was awesome too ? Nah it was superb? No yar it was mesmerizing? Erhh I hate my self when i don’t have words to explain how I feel ?..
    See u again made me speechless ?? goshh u penned it dear!!!
    What a master stroke medhuu??…
    U know m very choosy and shy types person..I don’t even easily get impressed by anyone and that why I don’t even talk to ppl much..
    But but but when I first time read ur pani ff #pani fight# usi vakht tumne mujhe impressed kar liya now did u realized that u actually deresve all my appreciation? What u r doubting for I know u deserve yar???♡♡♥♥♥♥….
    #I wish yahi dube din mere…
    Yahi hote hai savere..
    Teri galiyaan,Teri galiyaan..
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    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww Alifya, dil se kahi baat hamesha expectations ko cross hi kar jati hai….and when it comes to appreciation, dil se ki o vahi accha hota hai…..
      aur main bada comment dekh ke darti nahi hun in fact khush hoti hun, because when you write longer comments it means you are literally pouring your heart out and that means we are becoming much better friends…sorry you said I’m your new best friend right ? So we’re best friends !!
      You say, you are out of words for appreciating me but main to itna bhi nahi bol pati tumhe to thank you for appreciating me…thanks bolne ke alag ways dhoond ne padenge !!
      It is such an honor to have won your heart by the first part of the ff itself and that too someone jo jaldi kisi se impress na ho….it’s a big achievement for me !!!
      Thank you so much Alifya, you have no idea how happy you make me everyday with these beautiful comments !! Main sach mein bata nahi sakti….you would have to come here and see for yourself ! 😛
      Lots of love <3
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  7. Sorry wright to forget love u ????…
    #my new best friend ?
    Who always make me happy..I just hope ki aj ka comment tumhari expectations ke up to ho ?..
    If it didn’t match plzz chalalena I will work hard to make it more special everytime and make u more happie

  8. Have u gone crazy Medhavi ? U r asking us whether we liked or disliked this part…I didn’t like the part….but I just loved it???Like seriously how can u amaze me everytime with ur better than best writing skills….I feel the scenes while reading them….I never miss kyy just because of ur ff…Both parth and niti have been feeling something about each other but have still not realized it….Waiting anxiously for ur valentines day part of both ff as I have full trust and faith in u that u will not put ur 100% but will put ur 200% just for our smiles and happiness… I don’t have more words to describe ur efforts, love, writing skills,etc…I LOVE YOU MEDHAVI ..not only for this both ff but seriously as a person also…

    Bahut kuch khoya,Bahut kuch paya
    Kasam se zindagi me bahut hee hasaya aur bahut hee rulaya
    Par shikwa nahi zindagi se hame koi
    Kyunki issi ne tujh jaise haseen dost se milaya

    Dedicated to u????

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww Darshani those are such kind words !!! yes even I am so thankful to life and god who got me a friend like you….I know even I enjoyed a lot while writing this part but still I’m never confident about any of my parts about the feedbacks I might get….and for this one I was nervous because many of you had high expectations for it…I’m glad I could live up to those expectations….Thank you so much for so much of appreciation…..I can’t thank you enough for getting this wide smile on my face…..And yes I will definitely work hard for the valentine’s day update !! I know all of you are eagerly waitiing for it and I have a huge responsibility to keep up your expectations…..
      Thank you so much for encouraging me through such lovely words of appreciation…..
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂

  9. Awesome ya!!!!!! Its really marvelous.. I like the way party said sry!!!!! to niti and niti’s nervous towards the shot.
    I should say sry for 2 things
    1: I haven’t comment u yesterday bez… I had a program in my college.(As a fan it is my duty to comment ur ff. But make sure I’ll do it regularly)
    2: I don’t have as much creativity as u have.So I’m really sry fr not participating in ur edit comp..
    And thanks fr ur regular reply….

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Oh nandini, you don’t need to be sorry….now that I know how many people are actually connected to the story, I understand when any of you are not able to comment that it would never be intentional….So it’s completely alright….and nobody has less of creativity in them…each person has their own set of creativity….you might be having it somewhere else….it’s okay if you can’t participate….
      Thanks for appreciating….
      Lots of love <3
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  10. Love u dear u r the awesome
    Amazing it was

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      Aww thanks Anu 🙂

  11. Like……i love it dii…..
    Or jaha tak bat rehi expectation ki……ap too humshah expectations se upar hi rehi hoo….
    Really excited for valentines day……

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Kavya !! Will try to keep doing so always !! 🙂
      Lots of love <3
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  12. You r such a amaging person I loved this part and the way parth said sorry to niti was so good

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Sunisha… 🙂

  13. ??? it’s mind blowing
    Shower scene is really amazing
    Good job di it’s so romantic eye lock muhhhhh

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much…. 🙂
      I’m glad you liked it….
      #behappy 🙂

  14. Medhu.. Frm 2mrrw plz give appropriate words for your ‘laachaar’ readers as we’re at loss of words!! I truly truly agree.. This medhu leaves us this speechless and stupid!! Even i was smiling huge like an idiot and acting abnormal!! What have you done to us?? I want to know the truth.. How do u manage to amaze me everytime?? Without missing a single chance!! Ur literally a well organized person medhu!! Like u learn CA which is not at all easy, work, write, all the other activities of a day on top of that you reply to each one of us!!! Anyways i dont wanna make u cry like last time.. Sorry for that.. U too keep smiling as u say us to! 🙂
    I soooo loved parth’s restlessness!!!!!! His apology was tooo sweet n genuine!!! In this case, i completely agree with parth! My evry cell agrees wid it as i do exactly d same wen m angry n regret later! Speak ill without thinking that it might hurt d other one n act so b*t*hy, that’s me! Uske baad like a kiddo i go n say sorry! Hmm me n parth r similar! Great! 😀
    Haha.. Parth was liking being Monster Manik 😀 Aww Niti was nervous for the scene! Adorable she is!
    Shower sequence.. Nazar laaye na!!!!!!!!! Loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it loved it sooo damn much!!!!!! – proof of my insanity right now! 😛 Nandini keeping her hands on manik’s bare chest as to not let their body meet fully.. She’s truly d epitome of adoration!! Im agn fida over parth!!!! He agn undrstood niti n askd fr break.. Eyelock!! Eyes roaming frm eyes to lips.. Naughty manik or shud i say parth!
    Ab hui mere cabira ki entry!! The main reason for manik n nandini to be MaNan! Cupid cabira!! Love him lotsss!!! Usne dekha hoga na woh PaNi aka MaNan ka eyelock??
    One song just barged into my mind! Tip tip barsa PaNi.. PaNi ne aag lagayi!!! Srsly aag laga di tumne medhu!!! Kabhi jo badal barse main dekhu tujhe aankhen bhar ke………
    Wow wow wow!!!!!!!! PaNi started feeling that weird feeling fr each other!!!!!! Yayyyyiieeeeeee!!!!!!!! Main pagal ho gyi!!! Im a gone case now!!!!!!!! Wen will manan 1st hug come??? Epi 53 na! Cabir’s secret will b out to manik! Woh chodo.. Wen will epi 67 come??? On valentines??????????
    Im so damn interested to read ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Llllloooooooovvvvvvvveeeddddddddd itttttttt medddhhhuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S- my insanity at its height!!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      So Plumpyyy it goes like this, you ask me for words to be able to appreciate and then I need to ask for words to thank you enough….I mean how on earth should i be able to show you how happy you make me feel ?? I don’t know about any spell cast by me, but you definitely have cast me a spell because of which I’m able to write all of this….
      Ha ha ha Tip tip bars PaNi…..That is too hilarious !!!! 😛 😛
      I know this shower sequence could be said to be the phase after which there was too much attraction towards the show !!!! Manan getting closer and now even our PaNi coming closer…..
      I know and I understand your excitement but just calm yourself down….I promise I’ll try to bring alive all our memorable Manan moments here….I know you can always go to youtube and watch them but looking at the PaNi story of that is also kinda fun right ??
      You ae just like me Plumpyyy !!!! Even you remember the episode numbers ??? Oh god I’m the same !!! Episode 53 the first hug was sooooooo magical !!!!!! And 67 to was out of the world !!!! Well let’s wait for the PaNi story behind all of these scenes while it comes up !!!!!
      And it’s okay if you can’t participate in the competition….just concentrate on your studies…..all the very best for your exams !!! I’m sure you’ll do great !!
      Thank you once again for such wonderful comments verytime !!! You know you always appreciate my efforts in witing the parts but your efforts in commenting on every part like this is also commendable !!! Seriously !!! And that too it’s not only for me….you comment for many ohers as well !!! Too good dear !!! <3
      Keep it up !!
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂
      #spreadsmiles 🙂 🙂

  15. I missed d last para.
    Aww ab toh parth is nervous.. Seeing niti it just vanished! Good job niti 😉
    Aye haye manik cleaning water on nandu.. She’s a doll man.. So so adorable!!!
    The precap!!!!! Manik’s nandu looks oh-so-cute in manik’s oversized tee!!!!!!! Wanna see parth’s reactions 😀 that wud b super fun!!
    And sorry medhu i cant participate.. I actually dont use mails.. No fb also.. All that aftr 10th as i’m totally addicted to TU n mostly IF! There r just 5 days to go fr d preboards n m still active at both d places! So not serius of me!
    Chalo u enjoy d feedbacks u got.. I’ll enjoy in my PaNi world.. 🙂
    Love youuuuuu medhuuuuuuuu
    BTW.. Abhimanyu thakkar is ur relative kya?? 😛 hope he was n he’d b alive n we all cud meet him n eventually meeting all d cast of kyy 😀 😛

  16. Finally our PaNi is back☺☺☺☺such a lovely update medhu… Thank u sooooo much?????

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Monika ! I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  17. Itz just awsum…
    U have bst writing skills.. U described so nicely…
    I just luv it..
    Thnks.. N keep it up.. :* :*

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Shreyanshi 🙂 🙂

  18. U r just marvelous dear……….i mean you always surprise me sooooo much…….i could not comment on the before prts as i have my exams going on but had a little time today so just thought of reading your amazzzzinggg updates…….
    Your updates are sooooo gud and its soo refreshing……reading all your ffs,my mood just lightens up and i go into the kyy mode…..just thinking about kyy…….
    Its sooo gud to see the effort your taking to write such splendid updates…….i just love reading your updates…..everything you have explained has actually happened……i mean in the episode……every minor detail…..and it is all soo realistic…….i just hope Pani soon realise their fellings……i just dont want to stop reading your update but it has to come to an end……it is sooooooo addictive i am soooo waiting for all your future updates……..
    Thank you soooo much for entertaining me soooo greatly…..and god bless you dear….

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Chandana for noticing and appreciating every detail about the update…it feels good to know that people realize your energy spent on the work being appreciated….but I do it to keep you all happy and when you remain happy, I remain double happy !!!!
      Thank you so much for bein such a good friend and support !! Your kind words help me write better each time…
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂
      #spreadsmiles 🙂

  19. omg I couldn’t control myself u actually r just awsum yaar Apna talent thoda sa mujhe bhi dede I was like smiling like a fool mera brother was sitting beside me and after reading ur ff I was like aaaahh I literally couldn’t control myself and he was pagal hai pagalpanti ke dore padte hai kya aur mei chup but I was very excited this magic is created when I watch the show but ur update was really impactful the same thing I was feeling when I was reading ur ff my God ……no words speechless . parth apology was cute and the weird feeling for each other will create something
    #manan and #pani forever loveeeee
    medhu tujhe kya bolu …. speechless but still love u and ur ffs ?

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Oh my god Aena, main kya batau how happy and relieved I feel when I see the result of the hard work I put in….I mean my motive is seriously to make you all happy everyday and when that happens I feel so so so good,….Now that it has reached to such a level, the bar has gone high and I need to keep up to that…I hope I do and will definitely give my 100% now that I know how happy it makes you when I come out with a good update !!!
      Thank you so much for appreciating my work….
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂
      #spreadsmiles 🙂

  20. Amazing, beautiful, fantastic I can say hundred of words to describe today’s episode, you are really imaginative and I love that.ur just marvelous, you surprise me EVERYTIME with a new story and sorry to say but still waiting for utkarsh and krissane moments by this was fabulous a great job. I cant belive it our pani is back together?? and wow they held so together for that scence, you have so much talent and the way you write it is as if I’m watching it not just reaching you out every little detail in and I love that great job well done. ???

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Muskan….It feels good to know you enjoyed “watching” the part…..It’s a big big compliment to know that you could actually live in the moment….
      And yes dear I have considered your suggestion about Utkarsh and Krissan and I am working on coming up with a track for them….Sorry to say but it might tke some time….but since you’ve requested I will definitely try to bring it up….kindly bear with me till then….sorry if I hurt you….
      Lots of love <3
      #behappy 🙂
      #spreadsmiles 🙂

      1. Thank you so much and I cant wait till utkarsh and krissane moments and really exited about pani

  21. l’m not dat kinda person to wait for next part of any story…dat’s y l don’t watch any serial nd prefer to read den watching anything…..l should say,,, u compel dis impatient fellow to wait 4 ur ff, nd seriously l love to wait 4 it …thnx .. #love PaNi forever
    Stay blessed…

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Same pinch !!! Even I can’t wait for any serial till the next day !!! When I started watching kyy it had already reached 70 episodes so I was watching it on youtube and when I finished with those 70 episodes and then had to wait for it to come on tv, it was so difficult….and I’m glad to know that you do wait for my ff considering the fact tht I completely know that feeling when you don’t like waiting but still you have to !
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