Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 44

Okay so yesterday was disturbing for all of us including me…I probably hurt you all a lot….but that happened because I was hurt too….I had decided to stop writing both my ffs as the response on both of them had drastically reduced ! Well I had then declared it last night through a comment on yesterday’s manan ff part itself that I WILL BE CONTINUING ! so, don’t be disheartened as I’m not stopping ! I don’t want to hurt anyone and seeing the response yesterday I felt like many are connected to these stories than I think….actually that I the reason I ask for a response because otherwise how on earth am I going to find out how many are reading my stories and liking or disliking them ?! But I done like to force anyone to comment and I won’t !

I would also ask those few who had been saying yesterday that they will convince others to comment…please don’t say that…I want people to comment because they like it, not because they have a fear of me stopping writing…and that’s what happened yesterday. All the silent readers came up and showed their love because there was a fear of me stopping….but I would like to say, now, whatever may come, I won’t stop ! So, there is no burden on anyone to comment ! Whether you read my stories or not, whether you comment or not, I am not going to stop ! Because I LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU !! It’s because of you all I am what I am today !!! Sorry that I hurt you all yesterday, you may now enjoy today’s part !


Recap: Veebha and Ayaz create fake situations which make Niti and Parth decide to talk to one another and sort out the problems between Veebha and Ayaz.

Niti is about to get into her car when she sees Parth’s car come in and get parked beside her car. She stops there and waits for him to park the car properly and come out. Niti was in her blue denims and plain black crop top. Parth gets down from his car after parking it beside Niti’s car and he was in his blue track pants and a plain black tee.

Parth: Hey ! Were you going somewhere ?

Niti: Actually I was coming to meet you.

Parth: Oh. Even I needed to talk to you about something.

Niti: Oh. So, come let’s go upstairs.

Parth: Okay.

They head back upstairs to Niti’s apartment. Niti opens the door and asks Parth to settle himself on the couch and she moves to the kitchen to get some water. She comes back few minutes later with a tray with two glasses of water. She offers him one, takes the other one for herself and places the empty tray on the table. She settles down beside him on the couch with a good distance in between. Both of them finish off their glasses of water and place the glass back in the tray. For some time, none of them speak anything as both of them had been feeling nervous about talking about something uncool about their friends.

Niti: (trying to ease down the situation) Umm…would you like some coffee ?

Parth: Yeah sure..That would be great !

Niti: Okay. I’ll just get it.

While she goes to the kitchen to prepare coffee, Parth tries to prepare himself as to how to start the discussion. He tries several ways but finds none to be appropriate. Niti was doing the same thing in the kitchen while preparing coffee but could not find an appropriate way to tell Parth that his friend was a psycho without offending him.

She pours the hot coffee in two big white mugs and carries them to the living area in the same tray in which she had carried the water glasses before. Parth had been standing in the balcony that was connected to the living area and watching the clear sky, still trying to figure out a way to talk. Niti placed the tray on the table slowly not to disturb him, took both the mugs in her hands and carried them to the balcony. Parth turned around on hearing her footsteps nearing and helped her by holding one of the mugs for himself.

Parth: Thanks. You wanna sit inside ? I was just…

Niti: No, it’s good here. So, what did you want to talk about ?

Parth: Actually I don’t know how to say it. I’m still trying to figure out how to start. You too wanted to say something right ? So, how about you start first ?

Niti: Same is the case with me. Even I don’t know how and where to start from ?

Parth: Let’s do one thing. Let us both speak up the topic first together and then whosoever’s talk seems to be more crucial would begin first.

Niti: Okay.

Parth: Okay then. On the count of 3 ! One…Two…And three…

Parth and Niti: (together) Ayaz and Veebha !

For a while both of them keep looking into each other’s eyes, shocked as well as confused. None of them speak up further. Both of them had the same issue ? How was it possible ? “Maybe she wants me to convince Ayaz for Veebha” thought Parth. “Maybe he wants me to convince Veebha for Ayaz”. Few seconds later, Niti breaks the ice,

Niti: Ayaz and Veebha ? You too ? Okay then you wanna start first ?

Parth: Umm…no…Ladies first. Now that it’s the same topic it should not seem so weird to talk about.

Niti: Okay then..I don’t know how to say this. But you really need to make your friend understand that things won’t work like this. He needs to understand what Veebha is trying to explain.

Parth: Hold on a second ! You really think Ayaz needs to understand what Veebha is saying ? In fact, Veebha needs to understand what’s practical.

Niti: What do you mean ? How is this practical at all ?!

Parth: Of course it is !

Niti: No !! It’s not ! In fact what Veebha says is practical ! Ayaz can’t be breaking someone’s heart like that !

Parth: Exactly the reason Ayaz is correct !

Niti: How does it make him correct ?

Parth: Obviously it does. Look Niti I don’t want to fight here. All I’m saying is please explain Veebha to stay away from Ayaz.

Niti: What ?? Veebha should stay away ? Parth it’s Ayaz who needs to be in his limits.

Parth: Mind your language. He is definitely in his limits. It’s Veebha who is out of her mind. I believe she needs a psychiatrist. Or maybe just a friend. And that’s why I came over to ask you to be with her and support her so that she stops all of this daily drama !

Niti: Daily drama and Veebha ? Are you kidding me ? It’s Ayaz who comes up with a new drama everyday ! I’ve seen it myself !

Parth: Even I’ve seen it all, Veebha doing all possible weird things to convince Ayaz to be with her and leave Priyanka !

Niti: What ? Why would she do that ? In fact it’s Ayaz who is after her and ready to leave Priyanka for her. Veebha in fact asks him not to break Priyanka’s heart as she does not love him.

Parth: Oh really ? She does not love him ? Ms. Niti Taylor, it seems like your friend has a serious issue with her mind. That is the reason she’s doing something in front of Ayaz and telling you some other stories. She madly loves Ayaz ! And Ayaz is fed up of denying her proposal everyday !

Niti: How dare you say that about my friend ?! Now you need to have some control over your language !

Parth: Well I can’t tolerate anything against my friend.

Niti: Well then when your friend is at fault you also need to take the responsibility to accept it and make him realize his mistakes.

Parth: Oh yes you’re absolutely correct ! So I believe you will make Veebha realize her mistakes will you ?

Niti: What mistakes ? She isn’t at fault ! And Mr. Parth Samthaan this is the last time I’m telling you this thing ! Veebha is innocent ! It’s your psycho friend who is after her and she is literally fed up of his stalking !

Parth: Stalking ?! Ayaz would stalk Veebha ? Seriously ? You and your friend have no such standard to have been stalked by anyone ! And you say Ayaz has been stalking her ? Bull shit ! I’m sorry I wasted my time coming here. Because it seems like not just Veebha but you too need help ! Thanks for the coffee. Bye !

He moves out of the balcony, places the coffee mug on the table in the tray, and leaves through the main door smashing it loudly behind him. When the door hits due to the smashing, it makes Niti jerk suddenly. She had gone blank at what had just happened ! She could not believe how things just changed within 10 minutes ! 10 minutes back, she was standing in her balcony with her new friend, having coffee in the middle of the night and having a trustworthy and respectful feeling for one another and 10 minutes later, she was standing there alone with the coffee mug in her hand and an empty heart for that one person she had started to gain respect for. She saw Parth drive away in his car from the parking and it felt like he had been going away from her life. They had come such a long way from hatred, to fights, to strangers and to friends turning into better friends and now again strangers who hate each other to the core. It was like they had traveled a full circle and were back to where they started from.

Parth drove off at an enormous speed, all the arguments with Niti flooding his mind. He was really furious at the way things had turned out. He had gone to her to help his friend and ended up losing another friend. He had believed Niti to be a sensible person and the way she had been denying Veebha’s faults, made him lose respect for her in his heart. He had started to trust her more, like her more, but this one incident, the 10 minutes had changed the way he used to think about her. He wanted to say many more things to her but it was as if he believed she would not agree to any of it and therefore left without saying anything further.

Precap: Sad moments for both Parth and Niti. Both of them ignoring each other on sets, angry at one another. The phase makes both of them depressed !

Tomorrow: Manan ff. Abhi critical in the hospital. Fab 5 reach up to be with Mukti, keeping aside all of their differences.


I know friends it is a sad phase for all us PaNi lovers. But trust me this was required and I promise this won’t last long and after this will be a new sunshine. How does this get cleared and what is the new sunshine ? Stay tuned to find out.

If you liked this part do share with me your feelings about this part. Have you ever ended up in a nasty fight with a loved one ? If you have, do you or the other person, lose control over language and speak something really offensive and heart breaking ? If you have, you would know exactly how it feels right ?

Thank You !

One more thing, there is an announcement coming up for Valentine’s Day related to my both ffs…so
Please do keep checking the comments section here today for the same !

Lots of love !



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