Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 42

Recap: Niti sharing with Veebha about her friendship and fights with Parth. Veebha convincing Niti to apologize to Parth as he was not at fault. Parth sharing with Ayaz about his fight with Niti and Ayaz convincing Parth to apologize. Veebha upset about something associated with Ayaz.

Veebha has stopped saying anything since the time Niti told her that Ayaz knew about her friendship with Parth before her. According to Veebha, Ayaz wasn’t trustworthy.

Niti: Veebha please speak up! What’s the matter with you and Ayaz ? You have to tell me Veebha. I’m your best friend.

Veebha: If we would have been best friends you would have told me first about your secret friendship with Parth, rather than Ayaz.

Niti: I’m sorry about that Veebha. But now please tell me what’s the matter with you and him ? Please !

Veebha: (after waiting for a long time) Okay fine. I will tell you. But you won’t go and talk to Ayaz or Parth about it ! Parth and Ayaz are very good friends so even if you tell Parth, Ayaz will come to know.

Niti: Okay I won’t talk to any of them. But now would you tell me please ?

Veebha: Ayaz….he….he proposed to me !

Niti: (shocked) What ?!

Veebha: Now what’s there to be shocked like this ? Can’t a guy propose to a girl ?

Niti: So you said yes ?

Veebha: Not at all !! Don’t you know he was already committed to Priyanka since Splitsvilla ?

Niti: Priyaka ? Oh yes I remember that ! So then, did they break up ?

Veebha: I don’t know. But even when he was committed to her, he proposed to me ! Now, how can I accept such a proposal ? And now, you tell me, is that guy trustworthy at all ?

Niti: But Veebha, maybe he truly loves you !

Veebha: Love my foot ! He must have said that to Priyanka as well. And tomorrow he might say that to another girl. I can’t trust him and I would suggest you too don’t trust him.

Niti: But Ayaz does not seem that type of a person to me.

Veebha: Niti, people never show their real faces. You need to identify them yourself !

(At Parth’s place)

Parth: C’mon now speak up what’s the matter with you ? Since you’ve solved so many of my problems, I can also do something for you.

Ayaz: You can’t do anything bro ! She…She won’t agree…

Parth: Who won’t agree ?

Ayaz: Veebha !

Parth: Veebha ? What’s with her now ?

Ayaz: I don’t know ! She’s not letting go of me ! She knows, and even you know right ? That I love Priyanka so much ! My love was not just for the show ! I truly love her !

Parth: Seriously ?

Ayaz: What do you mean by seriously ? Of course man !

Parth: Ohh okay. Well I thought maybe it was just for the show.

Ayaz: (dramatically) No !!! It was all real ! It still is ! But this Veebha ! She does not understand ! She is a psycho lover ! She wants me to break up with Priyanka and be with her.

Parth: What ? You mean she…

Ayaz: Yes ! She loves me. So she says…I really don’t know !

Parth: Oh man !! What’s going on ? Like true love ? I don’t think it even exists !

Ayaz: What do you mean ? It obviously does exist ! I love Priyanka !

Parth and Niti are both left confused on learning the weird stories from their friends. Niti and Veebha end the discussion and go to sleep. Even Ayaz leaves for his place and Parth goes to sleep. On his way home, Ayaz texts Veebha,

Ayaz: Plan is on ! Hope it is so on your end too !

Veebha replies to him instantly with a smile on her face, “Yup ! 😉 “.

The next morning, when Niti and Veebha reach the set, they come across Parth and both Niti and Parth stand there staring at each other. They had been angry at each other a day before, but the new morning seemed to have brought new beginning to their friendship. Veebha keeps noticing them for a while after which she simply drags Niti inside the vanity and does not let the two friends talk about anything. Once Niti vanishes from in front of his eyes, Parth starts looking around to check if anyone had noticed the eye lock. He is relieved to find that nobody was around.

Veebha: (dragging Niti inside the vanity) What were you doing ?

Niti: What ? What are you doing ? Dragging me like this ? What’s the matter ?

Veebha: I thought you were going to talk to him about Ayaz. You know I really am upset about him but I don’t want you to get into this.

Niti: So then veebha if you don’t like it, let’s face him na. Why are you keeping quiet ?

Veebha: I don’t want to but no.. You won’t talk to Ayaz about it. And not even Parth. Although he is his friend and he might be able to make him understand….but still you won’t talk. Okay bye…I’ll see you later.

Saying this veebha leaves the vanity. On coming out of the vanity, she is really excited and proud about her drama she had performed in front of Niti which would definitely make her talk to Parth, which was her and Ayaz’s plan.

Niti keeps thinking for a while, trying to figure out Veebha’s true sense out of all the things she said to her. She had been denying talking to Ayaz or Parth, but then was suddenly saying it would be good if she talked, but then again denying. She finally decides on talking to him.

Veebha moves out of the vanity and spots Ayaz coming towards her. She drags him aside where nobody could watch them.

Veebha: The plan is on ! I’m damn sure Niti is going to talk to Parth. Now you just make sure that even Parth tries to talk to her on our topic.

Ayaz: Yeah I will but I’m not quite sure about this one. Because we’ve both made up different stories. They will find out someday and reach up to us for an answer.

Veebha: Yeah ! but before that happens, I’m sure something would have happened between them.

Ayaz: okay but don’t you think we are rushing ? I think we should let them wait longer and then talk. That would make better sense. This is all going too fast.

Veebha: I think you are right ! So now ?

Ayaz: now we will convince them not to talk for the time being.

Niti gets dressed as Nandini and comes out of the vanity. She spots Parth and starts moving towards him to talk but finds Ayaz dragging Parth aside.

Ayaz: Listen man ! Please do something ! I can’t bear that Veebha anymore ! Could you talk to Niti so that she would talk to Veebha ? Actually no, you two are fighting right ? Okay let it be. I’ll do something myself. You please don’t get into this okay ? Please promise me you will stay out of this !

Parth: but ….

Ayaz: (interrupting his statement) no but….please promise me !

Parth: okay fine.

Niti reaches Parth and pats on his shoulder from behind. Parth turns around confused on finding the person he wanted to talk to. He had also decided to talk to Niti about the other day and their fight. He wanted to apologize.

Parth: Hey ! I was going to come to you. Actually, I’m sorry about yesterday. I know how you must have felt. But I really didn’t mean that I regret saving you.

Niti: (touched by his words) Actually, it wasn’t really your fault. I kinda over reacted. So, I’m sorry.

Both of them start laughing at that. Both of them had been apologizing together for the same thing. Niti was about to start the topic of Ayaz and Veebha but they were called for the shoot and so they could not continue their discussion further.

No Precap !

Tomorrow: Manan ff. Nandini wondering about the sheltered feeling she felt with Manik. Aliya reaches up to Mukti in the hospital.


Sorry guys this update again took long. And I know it’s not that good…But the thing is I’m disturbed about few issues in life so not able to write better….Please forgive me…

Lots of Love ! <3



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    1. Medhavi Thakkar

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  16. Amazing, as always. Wow I was so shocked to hear Ayaz say those horrible thing about veeba but was more shocked and releaved to hear that it was a plan. Hopefully, parth and niti will realise their feeling for each other. By the way could you maybe put some krissane and utkarsh bits in it too, that would be FAB. Your doing an amazing job carry on.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Yeah I know Ayaz saying all of that might be shocking but it’s just a plan….thanks for appreciating….It means a great deal !! And thanks for the suggestion about Utkarsh and krissan, I will try to incorporate it… 🙂

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