Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 41


Sorry friends, I know I’m so late but I had a test in the evening so was studying for that. Also I would like to thank all of you for supporting me and loving me so much. I’m glad I’m able to entertain you all so much…..I would like to thank each and every one of you who reads my stories, also all my silent readers….And I would like to tell you all that I love you….Thank you so much once again for everything….


Recap: Jungle and cliff scene. Fight between Parth and Niti. Parth jealous of Utkarsh. Veebha asks Niti to stay back at her place and Ayaz decides to surprisingly reach Parth’s place.

(At Veebha’s place)

Veebha: (giving Niti a tight hug) Finally Nitiiii !!!! You and me….Just you and me after such a long time !!!!!!

Niti: Yeah !! It’s been really long.

Veebha: So, I’ve to talk about so many things. But first I need to ask few things. And you WILL answer all my questions !! DO you get that ?

She says that in a higher pitch to give a serious feel of her warning.

Niti: (confused) Okay Veebha but what’s wrong with you ? Why are you talking like that ? I will obviously answer all your questions, after all, we are best friends.

Veebha: (giving out a big sigh !) Thank god you remember that ! That I’m your best friend. Or else, since the past few weeks, I was feeling like there exists no relation except for co-actors between you and me.

Niti: No Veebha. How can you say so ? Yeah maybe, past few weeks, we’ve all been busy with shoot and stuff so maybe that’s the reason we could not spend time together. But now I’m all ears to you. C’mon tell me ? What’s going on ?

Veebha: There’s a lot going on in my life as well as your life !

Niti: (hesitatingly) My life ? What’s going with my life ? Nothing. There’s nothing.

Veebha: See, you’re again behaving like a stranger to me.

Niti: Okay fine. Yes there is a lot going on. But I’m afraid to tell you. You might scold me for not telling you for so long.

Veebha: So, if you don’t tell me, am I going to forgive you ? C’mon now start ! What’s happening between you and Parth ?

Niti: You know it’s about him ?

Veebha: Of course Niti. Many on sets have started to notice.

Niti: Many as in ? Who ?

Veebha: As of now it’s just me, Ayaz and Utkarsh. But now please start off. The suspense is killing me.

Niti then starts off the whole story as to how did she and Parth become such good friends and how have they been hiding things from the whole cast and crew. Veebha was all the while listening to each and every even with extended curiosity and excitement as if watching a movie full of twists and turns. At last when Niti ended the discussion by telling her about the most recent fight they had, Veebha started laughing out loud. She fell over on the bed and started rolling while laughing out loud. Niti was looking at her all confused and was asking her to stop but Veebha just could not control her laughter. After about 3-4 minutes of continuous laughter while Niti had been sitting on one side of the bed with her hand on her forehead and her head bent low, and Veebha lying on the bed laughing, she finally gathers herself and sits upright beside Niti. She takes Niti’s hand and makes her remove it from her forehead so that she could look at her face. As soon as she takes a look at her face, she again starts laughing out loud but this time Niti does not let her fall over on the bed. She holds both her hands and makes her look at her. She gives her a tough look expressing “It’s enough now !” and that’s when Veebha controls her laughter.

Veebha: (struggling to control her laughter) Okay Okay. I’m done now.

Niti: Finally ? Thank god ! What was wrong with you Veebha ? What was so funny about the fight ?

Veebha: What wasn’t ? The whole story was hilarious. I mean the way you guys have been hiding your friendship, it seems like it’s some love affair you’re trying to hide.

Niti: What ? No love Veebha !

Veebha: Okay okay I know it’ not like that. But anybody who hears this story would definitely think like that. I mean where the hell do people hide friendships these days ? Tell me ?

Niti: You’re right Veebha. But I told you na we don’t want too much attention from the media. And well, now that won’t be a problem and you won’t have to laugh so much because after today, I’m not even talking to him.

Veebha: See now that’s another thing to laugh about. Is that really an issue to fight over ? You only said that you wish to keep all of this a secret then why did you find Parth’s argument wrong ? He just meant you two need to be more careful. What’s wrong with that ?

Niti: You too Veebha ? There’s nothing wrong with being careful. But you know when he was ill yesterday, I never cared about what others would think. It did not even strike my head that I need to be careful. And he…

Veebha: So neither did it strike his head today while he was saving you. It’s just later that he realized and being a friend, he discussed the same with you. You took a small thing to a large extent Niti.

Niti:Maybe you’re right. I think I’ll apologize tomorrow. But you know what, I didn’t even consider it wrong later. As in when Ayaz warned me that I should be careful if I want to hide it, I told him that there’s nothing wrong in being concerned for a co-actor who is ill.

Veebha: Hold on a second ! Ayaz ? He warned you ? That means he knows all about this ?

Niti: Yeah he caught us together and so we had to tell him.

Veebha:(feeling betrayed) Wow best friend. You told him but not me ?! He, he’s not trustworthy !

Saying this, Veebha suddenly bends her head low and starts feeling pain.

Niti: Not trustworthy ? Veebha what do you mean ? What’s wrong ? tell me ! (she makes Veebha look at her by raising her chin and making her face towards herself)

Ayaz reaches Parth’s place and rings the door bell. Parth does not open the door for a long time and so he decides to give him a call. Just when he was about to call him, Parth opens the door, wearing a towel, with his upper body wet and exposed, just walking out of the shower.

Parth: (surprised to find Ayaz) Ayaz ?! What are you doing here ?

Ayaz: Can I come in or should I answer your rapid fire from the door itself ?

Parth: (making way for him to enter) No no please come in. Sorry was in the shower that’s why it took a bit long.

Ayaz: No it’s okay. Actually, I was passing by and my car broke down nearby. So, I thought I’ll come over. As it is I wanted to talk to you about something that happened today.

Parth: What ? Look Ayaz I don’t mind you coming over but I’m really not in a mood to talk about Niti.

Ayaz: But I never said anything about Niti. I was actually going to talk about myself.

Parth: Oh ! Sorry ! Tell me. Umm, you just be seated, I’ll go change and come.

Parth moves to his room and gets back in 5 minutes, dressed in a black track and a blue superman t-shirt. He takes a seat beside Ayaz.

Parth: So, tell me ! is everything okay ?

Ayaz: Doesn’t seem so.

Parth: Why ? What happened ?

Ayaz: That’s something you’ll tell me.

Parth: Me ? Why ? I thought you wanted to talk about something.

Ayaz: Yes but that’s a later story. First you tell me what’s up with Niti ?

Parth: What ? nothing.

Ayaz: Don’t fool around Parth ! I know there’s something fishy going on. And I’m in no mood to force you to speak up so it’s better you say it fast so that after we are done with your problem we can jump to my problem.

Parth: Problem is that girl ! She won’t understand anything ! Such a simple thing I shared with her and she had to take a completely different meaning to it and start fighting !

Ayaz: Fight ?? Woah !! bravo man !!

Parth: Why are you so happy about a fight ?

Ayaz: That’s because it adds spice to life. Ha ha !! No seriously, your track was going very slow and boring. Now this fight will bring some excitement to it.

Parth: Shut up Man ! Would you like some bear ? (starts moving into the kitchen)

Ayaz: Yes of course.

Parth comes back with a bottle of bear and two glasses. He pours both of them a glass each and then tells him the whole fight incident.

Ayaz: (after listening to the whole story) So Parth, I’m saying this because it’s true. Okay ? So, don’t start scolding me for not taking your side or anything, it’s just true !

Parth: What ?

Ayaz: She is correct ! Somehow !

Parth: What ? You too ? C’mon man how can you say that ?

Ayaz: I’m not saying you were wrong but the way you said your thing made her anger correct. What you said was perfect that you guys need to be more careful. But the way you said it, any girl would feel bad. You actually hurt her by saying it just after you actually saved her.

Parth: Yeah but I wasn’t wrong was I ? So then she should have understood.

Ayaz: Look bro ! Girls are at times very bad at controlling their emotions. That’s why even I told her to control her concern for you when you were ill the other day. Her concern was all clearly visible on her face. Similarly, whatever you said to her today, she caught hold of just one thing out of it and carried her emotions accordingly.

Parth: She was concerned for me ?

Ayaz: Yes of course you are her co-actor !

Parth: Just co-actor ?

Ayaz: That’s an explanation she gave to me when I asked her to be careful in front of others. She said others would understand as it’s quite natural to be concerned for a co-actor.

Parth: (smiling) Silly.

Ayaz: That’s what girls are. Silly ! But at times our actions and words force them to act silly and then it’s us to be blamed.

Parth: You’re right. I’ll talk to her and apologize. So now what’s your problem ? You said there was something ?

Precap: Ayaz sharing his problem with Parth and Veebha sharing the reason of her sadness with Niti. What are these things ? Stay tuned to find out ?

Tomorrow: Manan ff. Mukti to talk to her friends about Abhi. Ayaz to lose his temper in front of Utkarsh for Aliya. Nandini upset about her band breaking, Manik to console her.


So, friends leave in your guesses in the comments section below as to what would be the things Ayaz and veebha are to talk about ?

Also do let me know how did you find today’s episode ?

Thank You !



Credit to: Medhavi

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  1. Wat’s there b/w ayaz and veebha?????
    My brain is thinking in a multiple way!!!!!!!!
    But I have to mention it that the fight b/w pani amd consoling of veebha and ayaz was really superb….
    The way veebha listening to niti and her continuous laugh was picturizing in my mind.
    And thanks for ur update eventhough with ur busy schedule…….. Also sorry to mention this that in ur manan ff precap u have written ayaz instead of cabir and utkarsh instead of dhruv….But it doesn’t matter.I think u r confused with the names of pani and manan..
    Don’t think thar I’m criticising u.Since I am ur fan its my duty to say this.
    Gud luck fr u studies and exams.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Nandini for pointing that out….don’t be sorry….I liked the fact that you pointed it out…actually I write both the stories parallely that’s why the confusion….I’ll make sure it does not happen again….
      Thank you once again for appreciating….
      Lots of love…

  2. Omggg!!!! new track coming up with veebha and ayaz…..SO EXCITED….i excited to find out if something happened between them… lollll LOVED THE EPI THOOO…… ALSO hope you have a great night or day depending on when you see this comment 🙂 🙂

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Zoey….Well you will have to wait and find out what happens between the two of them… 😉

  3. Lovelyyy epi!!!! Loved it too much!!
    Im soooooo happy that im commenting today medhu!!! I so missed commenting 🙁
    God!! Vibha’s laughter!!!! That was awesome!!! So vibha says parth is right n ayaz says niti is right.. Interesting.. Their thoughts clash..
    Haww.. I wish niti wud go to parth’s place…!! U kno y? Out of shower.. That hotbod.. s*xyyy guy!!!
    I’d say.. Both parth n niti r silly! Angry birds 😀
    Wanna kno abt vibha n ayaz! Umm.. Ayaz used to meet some1 aftr shoot na.. D tym he saw pani 2gthr 1st.. Was that person vibha?
    MaNan ff.. Omg! Fab 5 will break?? Nooo!! Plz no!! Fab 5.. They’re equal to manan for me!! Dhruv’s a jerk!! Is he mad??!! Feel so bad for alya.. Cabir is a true frnd!! MukBhi out! Nandu broken? Manik to console! Oh oh.. A lot of drama! Dont wanna weep!! 🙁
    Again.. How do u manage to amaze me???????
    Your just beyond everything medhu!!
    And its totally alright if u update late!! Even i dont get tym coz of studies to cmnt na.. Sowwiieee…!!! If u dont want me to say sorry toh plz u too dont need to say!!
    Love you byeeeeee……

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww Plumpyyy even I missed you dear…kuch hi toh log hain jo regular comment karte hain unme se bhi koi na kare to accha nahi lagta….
      Well yes I remember that scene from kyy….manan in shower… 😛 Sadly that did not happen here….
      So, about veebha and Ayaz, lets see what comes up ?! Mystery to unfold soon….
      Manan ff….yes the fab 5 is kinda breaking….you know it happens when there are communication gaps….
      Hope things get sorted soon….
      Thank you for commenting Plumpyyy this time….I so missed you….
      Lots of love…

  4. Dii…..Dii….Dii…..
    OMG Dii……means really dii…..kya hoo ap…..
    This time, I want too give u a tight hugg……
    Really dii…..dono ek aisi chiz ke liye apologize karna chahte h…..jisme se galti dono ki hi nhi h…..
    And the way, ayaz or veebha unse baat Karne aaiye…..sirf true frds hi aate h…..jinhe sach me care hoti h apne frds ki……
    Each and every moment mere dimang bas ek movie ki tarh chal raha h…..abhi bhi…..
    I m soo happy…..
    Really dii…..heads off for u….
    How could u manage all the stuff at the same time…..padhai, office, both ff, daily basis par…..
    Ap meri ideal ban gyi hoo dii….
    Sach me…..
    Love u dii….

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Oh Kavya ! Idol is a heavy word dear ! I don’t know if I can carry that weight kyunki main manage nahi bhi kar pati na at times….jaise kal I could not update manan ff…
      But agar tum manti ho mujhe fir bhi, toh it’s an honor for me…..Thank you dear….Thanks for this respect……
      Love you loads….
      #behappy always !!

  5. Amazing episode di…..after a busy schedule ?? veebha nd ayaz are really good friends the time they need most they are always there….. Veebha sad kyu h ayaz pareshan kyu h?? I am sure that parth nd niti will solve their problems TOGETHER ??
    Thank u di
    Love u #❤❤

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Pulin….
      Well lets see unki problems kya hai aur kaise solve hoti hain ?!
      Lots of love….

  6. it was just a fab epi…..excited for the next epi….luv u medhavi….all the best for ur exams as well as tests ……keep uploading n entertaining

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Misti….
      Lots of love….

  7. Awesome story dr

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Hayathi…

  8. thank you so much medhavi for such a lovely episode………excited for the next one…….thank you….

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you mona… 🙂

  9. Wohoooo!!!.new track new turning point our vo bhi cabir n vebhu ke beech awesome terisome yeyyy??..n n n though there was not so much emotions in today’s update but still one thing which was glowing in between was nitiveebhu and ayazparth friendship bond which was superbbbbbbbbbb?????? #frindshipgoals??#cutefights?#adorable trust??#love is in the air❤❤❤…..
    In short great job medhuuuuuu…
    Lots of love.??????✌✌???❤❤???????????????????????❤❤❤??????♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww Alifya…..The way you leave your comment these days, makes me blush….
      Well lets see what is the new track and how does it come up ?!
      Thank you so much dear for the appreciation….
      Lots of love….

  10. And ya one more thing I really thankuuuuuuu u soooo much from bottom of my heart ♥♥♥??..u don’t know how much I adore Charlie and parth they r my idol thanks as ton!! For making their friendship goals continiuing??..
    #medhavi is superb??#medhavi is awsome ??#she is a love❤❤#she is my Bea ??????????♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡….
    #keep smiling always medhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Anytime dear…..I’m glad I could make you so happy….
      The hashtags are so heart touching !!! Love you dear !!!!
      #behappy always !!! <3 🙂

  11. Yep..excited for the next episode… And the episode was awesome dear:) keep continuing:)

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Monika… 🙂

  12. It might be Ayaz and veenha falling for each other

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Well lets see what happens… 😉

  13. Niti and veebhaz scene was jst awesome …. D way u potrayed all d emotions in simply amazing and wow jst hope ayaz and vebbhas track coming up next kimda love dere pair !!!!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you…and just wait and watch for the next part to know what’s in store ?

  14. superb epi……as alwayssss

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you ! 🙂

      1. most welcm

  15. From Feb 1st no mobile allowed so no commenting.hope u will understand di. Epii was awesome bye .
    Exam will start from mar1st pray for me.
    Luuuuuuujvvvv u

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Oh no problem dear…I completely understand….
      All the very best for your exams !!! I’m sure you’ll do great !!!
      I will definitely keep you in my prayers…. 😉 *Nandu dialogue* 😛
      Lots of love….

  16. I felt the above one a little odd that’s y I’m again writing.
    Di my session ending exam timetable for 11th came on Friday. So amma said no mobile from feb1st to mar23rd.So I will not be reading or commenting. I know this is a long time but exam is the first concern for me so plz don’t be mad at me and plz pray for me di.
    LUUUVVVV U LOOOOOOTTTT❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Wow, wow, wowwww medhavi dearrrr you’re amazing…what a awesoooooome episode. …niti n veebha convo was really very funnyyyy…veebha can’t control laughing n niti annoyed…hiding the friendship as it is a love affair…lovely comment…but as a true friend veebha made her understand parth’s situation…same for ayaz n parth’s convo…very interesting…ayaz made parth realize niti’s concern for him…the way these guys (pani) are behaving is very sweeeeeet n innocent, who don’t know their own feelings for each other. both want to apologize…so cuteeeee…hmmm and now whats between ayaz n veebha…something fishy here…so curius to know…medhavi it’s superb n interesting, dialogues n narration mind blowing. ..I’m totally addicted to it. ..I wish it was a really true story…pani makes best pair…precap very exciting…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. ..plz take care sweetie, muaaaaahhhhhh. ..I really appreciate your time and energy you’re putting into these stories. you loads for sharing these with us. ..♡♡♡

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