Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 40

Recap: Parth resting at Niti’s place. The whole gang gathered there to disturb the new “friends”.

The next day Parth and all the others resume shoot. They reach the location together from Niti’s place.

They continue with the scene that was left unfinished because of Parth’s injury. As usual, the Fab 5 and NH3 start off with improvised dialogues and the scene gets extended.

Later, after lunch, the scene to be shot is the one where Nandini falls off from the cliff and Manik saves her. The scene was to be shot in pieces and accordingly the first scene was where Niti had to act as if she is falling off. She did not have to actually fall off as they had been shooting near a real cliff which was dangerous. She just had to act as if she has slipped.

Director: Roll camera, and action !

Nandini ran towards the guitar near the cliff and slipped her leg, lost balance and was about to fall. Actually, she did not have to fall but due to the force with which she came running, she actually fell over and gave out a scream. Parth had been standing close as the scene was one where even he had been running after her. He heard her scream and got scared himself. He rushed towards her and pulled her towards him, saving her from falling off the cliff.

The force with which he pulled her, made both of them fall on the floor with Niti on top of him. Both of their faces horrified of what could have happened. Niti having tears in her eyes fearing the fall and Parth sweating due to the nervousness of loosing her. All the crew members immediately gathered around to check if they were alright. Both of them straightened themselves not to let anyone notice their feelings.

Luckily none of them had got any injuries and therefore they continued with the shoot after a short break.

The next part to be shot was where Manik and Nandini both fall off the cliff and stay hanging there.

The first time when Niti is asked by the director to cling on Parth, she hesitates a little but then being the “professional”, she slowly places her hands around his shoulders and then even Parth slides his hand into her waist which gives Niti thrills all over her body.

Step by step they complete that scene as well and nothing really special happens after that as the scene was shot in parts and all the crew members were surrounding the two of them all the while. But they did have chills all over their body all the time.

The next scene was when after Manik and Nandini climb back up, the Fab 5 and NH3 members gather around and start enquiring what the matter was and whether the two of them were alright?

It was a tradition on sets that whenever there used to be a combined scene where all the actors were to be present, they would never stick to the actual lines given for the scene. They would all go on improvising and adding so many lines that even the smallest scene would get extended so long !

When all of them had gathered around Manik and Nandini, Harshad got an evil plan to somehow link Manik and Nandini to give a wrong impression of the two of them in front of all the others. Abhishek improvised the line as,

Harshad: yar Nandini ko kaise kuch Ho sakta hai ? Manik tha Na use bachane k liye. Sach mein Manik, Tu to Nandini ka hero hai !

The line was a bang on for the show ! After the scene was completed, the director and all others started praising him for that wonderful improvisation. But there was something that happened off screen as well.

The line was definitely meant for Manik and Nandini, but Parth and Niti took it on themselves as if Parth was Niti’s hero. This actually made sense for them as Parth did save Niti from falling off the cliff before. Niti blushed at the thought of Parth being her hero as she remembered the concern she saw on his face when he pulled her and saved her from falling. Parth felt embarrassed as he understood what the comment meant. He suddenly decided on being over conscious about the way he behaves in front of the others. He takes his phone and texts Niti,

Parth: Hey ! Listen ! We need to be careful about the way we behave in front of everyone.

Niti: (confused ! replies…) What do you mean ?

Parth: I mean for example the way I saved you and we fell over. People might have noticed that and maybe that’s the reason Abhishek improvised the dialogue.

Niti: But Abhishek himself said, it just came to his head. there was no specific reason for such a comment.

Parth: Yes but still. Maybe someone else might have noticed it.

Niti: So, you regret saving me ?!

Parth: What are you saying ? I didn’t mean that.

Niti: You sounded so. Fine so you want us to be careful right ? We’ll do that ! End of discussion.

She keeps her phone aside angrily and starts talking to the others completely ignoring Parth. Parth sends her so many texts after that but she opens none !

Then came a scene which was a DhruNi scene and for that Niti and Utkarsh started rehearsing together. All the while after that fight, Niti kept avoiding Parth and kept on chatting with Utkarsh. This made Parth really very furious as she wasn’t even checking his messages. He didn’t realize but he was getting jealous of his buddy Utkarsh. He could not stand the fact that on one side she was so angry with him that she wasn’t even checking his messages and on the other side she seemed so happy and chirpy with Utkarsh.

He was sitting in one corner all alone when Utkarsh came up to him,

Utkarsh: Hey buddy ! Why are you sitting here alone ? Come, we have a scene to rehearse.

Parth: (looks up at him angrily) Why do you need me ? You have that…that Niti to rehearse..

Utkarsh: What’s wrong with you buddy ? Don’t you remember ? It’s a scene with all 3 of us ?

Parth: So, you remember that now ? What was going on till now ? You didn’t need me..

Utkarsh: Till now we were rehearsing the scene where it’s just me and her.

Parth:(gets more angry at that !) So then have that ! Just the two of you !

Utkarsh:(sits beside him and pats his shoulder) Buddy ! I’m sure there’s something that’s disturbing you. Do you want to talk about it ?

Parth: No ! Come lets do the scene.

He stands up and starts walking without turning to see whether Utkarsh was following. He reaches up to Niti who was standing facing the opposite direction.

Parth: (to Utkarsh) So buddy ! What’s the scene ? Lets just do it and finish it off foe once ! I don’t have time for this.

Niti turns around and makes a confused look at him to which Parth continues,

Parth: What ? I’m talking to my buddy.

He turns around to find that Utkarsh wasn’t there and he was looking like a fool talking to his imaginary buddy. He saw Utkarsh coming from a distance and calls out to him,

Parth: (shouting !) Where have you been ? Come fast !

Utkarsh starts running to reach them and Niti gives out a soft giggle at Parth’s stupidity which aggravates his anger.

When Utkarsh reaches, they finish off the rehearsal fast but all that while Utkarsh noticed some strange vibes flowing between Parth and Niti which gives him a feeling that things weren’t alright between the two of them.

After shoot that day, Utkarsh talks to both Veebha and Ayaz, about what he had noticed between Niti and Parth. He asked them to try and talk to the two of them to find out what the matter was.

Veebha somehow convinces Niti to come and stay with her for the night so that she could talk to her. Ayaz on the other hand was aware that Parth won’t agree to be with him when he was disturbed. He therefore decides to reach his place without informing him so that he could have a talk over a glass of drink !

Precap: Veebha and Ayaz trying to talk to Niti and Parth. Would the two of them open up about their feelings for each other ?

Tomorrow: Manan ff. Manik trying to help Abhi with the treatment and talking to Mukti to convince her to reveal her secret to Fab 5. Aliya crying her heart out due to the cruel words from Dhruv. She gets her friend Cabir’s shoulder to cry on.


So, friends sorry this one took really long !! I wasn’t getting enough time to finish this off. Finally I did. And I so hope you all enjoyed. So, now a fight between PaNi. Of course it’s not that easy to fall for someone. There are highs and lows and it takes a long long time to come closer….Stay tuned to find out what happens here.

Also friends please leave in your feedbacks to let me know how did you feel about this particular update. Also, do let me know any of your experiences about gaining trust and understanding in any relationship. What do you feel about it ?

Thank You !



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  1. nice…..i wish you could upload daily

    1. Thanks…and i do upload daily dear except for sundays and some other day if I’m busy with work and studies…I upload on alternate days with one day Pani ff and the other day my other ff which is manan ff – unconditional love…

      1. itz OK….I really do love your dis story….still for d same rzn studies I only read dis 1….bt after ma xams I vll read manan ff from d start…..n ur story is really intresting

    2. Medhavi Thakkar

      no problem dear…all the best for your exams… 🙂

  2. Thanks Medhavi .It means a lot for me
    No budy had ever written any poetry for me
    Thanks a loooooot

    Tu ek baar rakhane de mujhe Jami pe kadam
    Phir iske baad tu mere sir pe aasama rakh de
    Agar dekhna he meri rooh ke twaniya
    Tu mere dil mein sholo ki darmiyah rakh de
    These lines r for no one
    These r just my feeling as I think I should share with u
    Thanks alifya for loving my poetry

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      wow Palak !! Another awesome creation !! Lovely !!! 🙂 🙂
      Keep it up dear…..

  3. These two r like dumbos

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Haha !! True that ! 😉 😛

  4. Hmm so u r back wowww!! I never thought k I on screen n off screen ko tum itni acchi tarha se link up karogii??
    N finally I got what I wanted their cute fight yeyyy?? thanks for that medhuu unmahhh..?
    U story is perfect se bhi zayada perfect n I know aagee or bhi zayada twist ayenge n which will be going to superb cuz u r going to write it?…
    N ya u know what mere bhayyu ka bhi birthday same date ko aata hai so m definitely going to remember yours..??
    N u asked me mine is on 23sep..
    Well I believe ke relationship Mai trust hona bohot zaruri hai if there is no trust then there is no love?’s all about trust u know, n to care for someone is also important bcuz if ppl really care about u then they will always stand beside u even if it’s hard to stay….??

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Alifya for these beautiful words of appreciation…. 🙂 🙂
      I’m glad I gave you what you wanted…. and i hope I would be able to entertain you the same way always….
      And even I’ll remember your birthday…. 🙂 🙂
      Aur haan tumne sahi kaha, trust is very important !! and another thing that is important is respect for each other and each others’ feelings…here Parth did not respect Niti’s feelings which hurt her so much….he did not realize but he somehow disrespected her and their friendship….
      Sorry for blabbering so much….I’m glad you shared your thoughts with me…. 🙂
      Thank you once again !!!


  5. First off all……”CONGRATS DII”
    U complete ur 40 episodes……
    A big round off applause…….for u dii…..
    2nd thing I want too ask u….”How r u now??
    Nd now come too update……it’s just……..
    I have no words dii
    I m totally blank……ab apki tariff me mujhe new words sikhne parege…..bcoz mujhe jitne aate the sb use joo hoo gye h….
    Really dii…….each an every time u amaze me……jb bhi mujhe lgta h….ise acha or kuch
    nhi hoo sakta…..then only….next update use bhi acha aa jata h….or lgta h…..
    U r too awesome dii….
    I m just loving it…..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww Kavya thanks dear !!!!! Actually I am awaiting the time I complete 50 episodes and am planning to make it a big big hit !! Like a maha-episode…. 😛 Trying haan….can’t say though….but you congratulated me for 40 episodes as well…..that is so so sweet dear…..thank you so much… you for everything….the way you support I get motivated to write more and better…..
      And I’m competely alright now dear….hope you are fine too….and hope your studies are going great !!! all the best for that !!!! 🙂


  6. So good yar. …parth is feeling jealous of uttkarsh .. So nice….keep updating…love u medhavi…

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thanks Priya !! Sure I will….

  7. Yess pleaeeeeeeeeeeessseeeeeee upload daily.. I come only to read ur FF s .. So pleaeeeeeeeeeeessseeeeeee upload daily.. It’s just a request

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thanks Sashii for liking my ff so much….It really means a great great deal !! And yes dear I do upload daily….It’s just that I’m writing 2 ffs…another one on manan which is called Manan ff – unconditional love….So the schedule is mon, wed, and fri, pani ff – a story we wish were true and tues, thurs, and sat, manan ff – unconditional love….


  8. Cute fight…and manik sry parth’s jealously was awesome. (It remains kyy)!!!!
    I have a doubt that y haven’t u included harshad( abhishek) as friend fr others.Though they r enemy in onscreen,they might be friends no.Did u purposely ignored him or they r enemies in off screen too??? Plzzz clear it…
    And I should be thankful to u fr ur fabulous writings and also fr the reply to my comment..
    Have a happy today and upcoming days….

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Nandini thanks for your wishes dear….I’m so glad you like my wok….
      And to answer your question, I haven’t done it on purpose nor do I have any idea about his off screen bonding with others….Yeah that much I know that he isn’t an enemy for anyone off screen…It’s just that I missed him out…You’re actually right….I could include him in….thanks for the suggestion dear….


  9. I am one of ur silent readers…….. but just couldn’t stop myself from commenting..
    The ff is really awesome and the way you tell the story is amazing…
    Keep updating ……….waiting for ur next episode….

    1. Aww thanks poornima dear…I’m glad you commented…I would love it if you could do that more often…
      Thank you once again…

  10. I love how you are incorperating the show’s scenes into ur ff!!! It just makes it SO much better!!! I dont know why but I love when they get in a fight and then they cutely make up!!! Anywayy, LOVED THE EPISODE!!!!! WHY ARE U SUCH A GOOD WRITER????? AMAZING!!!!!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww Zoey, I’m so happy you like my concept….It’s all my wish that could have happened off screen…..we know it didn’t so I try and make it come true here…. 🙂
      Thank you so much for loving me…..
      Lots of love…..

  11. AMAZZZZING di totally looved it . Day by day u r proving that u r a fantabulous writer. Abhishek’s improvisation was sooper,it really brouught a smile on my face.WHY is parth and niti is going on fighting ????? I think fighting and getting onto argument with each other is their main hobby . Parth getting jealous about niti and uttu was really cute I was thinking about his face because we know that parth (manik) looks daamn cute when he is jealous about niti(nandini).
    Continue like this I will be always there for supporting you.
    luuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvv u a loooootttt!!!
    keeepppp smmiiiiiiilingggg.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww Anakha thanks a lot dear…..It means a lot to me……To know that people are there to support you always….I don’t know about my writing skills because there are many much better writers than me out there…..But I know one thing for sure that you all are fantabulous friends…..Without your love and support I would not have reached this place…..So thanks a ton !!!! For everything till date !!!! Love you loads !!!

  12. Sowwiieeeeeee!!!!!!! I kno m hell late!! Bt mom’z not allowing much tym on phone n i cnt cmnt a small one! Bt unfortunately im gonna give a small cmnt now 🙁
    Hah. Monster Manik se Monster Parth!! Lovd his jealousy sooooooooooooo damn much!!!!!!!! He made a fool outta himself lol.. Parth Samthaan you’re a fool!! Spoken by drunk #nooffence
    Love ur writing skills a lot medhu!! U rock yaar!!
    Abhishek rocked n became d centre of d epi!! Harshad became d cupid wao!! Oops abhishek!
    Manan epi ws awesome as ever!! Loved it too!!
    Waiting fr 2day’s manan epi 🙂
    sollyy agn

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Plumpyyy definitely missed you dear…..But it’s okay good you’re not going against your mom…..Just focus on studies…..And yes he did make a fool of himself but that was soooo cute ain’t it ?? 😛 😛
      What else do I say ?? Be back soon….Missing you….
      Lots of love….

  13. sorry sorry sorry medhavi there was some network problem in my mobile so i didn’t comment….wow awesome fight….sometimes we can’t understand either situation or our loving person i think thats what happened here…sometimes hum logon ke barre main zyada sounchte hain aur aapne relations mein problems latte hain first think about our friends and family after that think about others…superb update parth like a little kind….Happy Republic Day ?? medhavi…..#behappy god bless you

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thanks dear….yes you are right, such situations do come up and create troubles in life….But hey, what’s life without few ups and downs….It’s a roller coaster ride so just enjoy it !!!
      Thanks for sharing your views…..
      Lots of love….

  14. medhavi congratulations for completing 40 episodes of pani ff

  15. medhavi congratulations for completing 40 episodes of pani ff keep it up

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you dear…. 🙂

  16. Awesome, marvellous episode medhavi dearrrr.’s really superb. ..I’m totally lost in this sweeeeeet story, parth saves niti and both have unknown feelings towards each other, her fear n his concern, nervousness. ..the body chills during the scenes…wowwww medhavi it’s awesome…the texts for being cautions…lovely fight…parth jealous with utkarsh…shoooo cuteeee. more people suspecting their behavior. …precap is very interesting…you’re doing marvellous job my dearrryy…n don’t be sorry…I understand, to write this wonderful stories you do need peace of mind n time, so take care n keep smiling…but crazy me, so addicted to Youuuuuuuuuand Your both stories, can’t control myself n always eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Awesome comment Roma….. 🙂 🙂 I’m still blushing…. 🙂 🙂
      And thank you so much for understanding my situation because that is very true that I need peace of mind which was kinda absent for a few days in between….but now I’ll try and write much better and faster because I just can’t miss out on these lovely comments….
      Thannk you once again…..
      Lots of love…

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