Pani – a story we wish were true – part 4


He does not have anything important for the day so decides to spend the day at his place as even disha was busy with her own schedule. He was watching tv when he came across some show where he saw niti. He had heard about her but had never seen her performance. As he saw the show which sadly had a very small part of niti, he thought she was quite good. He noticed the chubby cheeks, the eye catching lips dipped in rosy red lipstick, her owly eyes, and her beauty draped into a parrot green coloured traditional Indian salwar kameez. He again thought about last night when he had misbehaved with her and thought of contacting her to apologise but then suddenly decided against it !

He thought to himself, Parth have u lost it ?? U really gonna apologise to her ?? No u should not ! Don’t u remember the way she was talking to u last night ? Aur baad mein tujhe lecture de rahi thi ! U really should drop that idea ! Aur vaise bhi show mein acchi lag rahi thi that does not mean ki real life mein bhi acchi ho. Dekha Na kal ? Real life Aur reel life mein bohot fark hota hai. Tv pe actors dikhte hain vaise real mein nahin hote. Tujhe to pata hi hai na ? Aur kal k incident k baad u should be more sure !

On the other side niti was at shoot but did not have a busy schedule so was sitting in the vanity and was browsing the Internet where she accidentally came across a post about parth samthaan and remembered last night when she had had the argument with him. She got angry and put her phone away but then was curious to know what the post was about so took her phone back and opened the post. It was some rumour about parth samthaan dating disha patani. She saw disha’s picture with parth, both of them standing with their shoulders touching, disha being the tall, fair and skinny but attractive one. She kept looking at the picture for few seconds and thought to herself, nice couple and also disha looks very pretty ! Also, she seems to be a nice girl. But I just hope she’s not with this sadu. Iske sath to jo bhi ladki hogi Na she’ll go mad only !

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Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. Oho when will our parth and niti patch up

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Wait and watch !! ??

  2. Hi madhavi dear, it’s going really well, plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  3. Exciting…

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