Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 39


Recap: Parth and Niti left alone at Niti’s place. Both of them fell asleep while chatting till late night.

Niti suddenly wakes up with the noise of the door bell early morning. She realises she had fallen asleep on the chair itself and as soon as she tried to straighten herself, her body started aching because of the uncomfortable position in which she had been sleeping. She stretches her body but the door bell kept ringing and she quickly moved to open the door as she did not want Parth to wake up due to that. She quickly opened the door to find Ayaz, Charlie, Utkarsh, Veebha, and Krissan standing at the door step.

Nandini: oh hey ! Good morning. What are you all doing here so early in the morning ? I mean it’s just 6.45.

Veebha: sorry to disturb you Niti. Actually…

Niti: I’m not disturbed Veebha. It’s alright come in. I know you’ve come for Parth.

Charlie: how is he now ?

Niti: sleeping. In there (points towards her bedroom)

Everybody moves into the bedroom except for Veebha who stays back with Niti in the hall.

Veebha: Are you okay ? I mean you had to spend the entire night with someone you don’t get along too well. Was everything alright ?

Niti: yeah Veebha I’m completely alright. It’s not like we actually “spent the night” together.

Veebha: (curious) do you wish to tell me something ?

Niti: no. Why ?

Veebha: nothing. Okay listen we haven’t spent any good time together for a very long time. Let’s go out today ?

Niti: today ? But Veebha look at parth’s condition. How can we leave him like that ? (Suddenly realising she should not sound too concerned for her “professional co-actor”) I mean he is staying at my place na. So how can I go ?

Veebha: (realising there is something Niti had been trying to hide) yeah right ! No problem we’ll go some other day. But soon.

Niti: done !

They then join the others in the bedroom where they find that Parth was awake and everyone was sitting around him and chatting.

Parth was enjoying everyone’s company but he was missing the time he had spent with his new friend Niti. He stole few glances at her not letting the others notice. He then wanted all of them to leave so that he would again have complete attention from Niti.

Parth: Umm so, don’t you all have to go for shoot ?

Krissan: How can we go man ? Look at your condition. We can’t leave you alone.

Parth: Oh I’m alright. I think you must not miss the shoot. I mean it’s important. And, and the director would be angry !

Charlie: You don’t worry about that. He has himself permitted us a day off today.

Parth’s eyes fall out of the sockets at that !

Utkarsh: (noticing Parth’s strange reaction) What happened buddy ? Are you okay ?

Parth: (straightening his face) Umm yeah ! I’m good. Just really excited ! I’ll have all my friends here with me all day long.

Everyone gets convinced and they again start chatting. Parth feels depressed for some more time but then gives up and accepts the fact that it’s not going to be easy spending time with his “friend”.

The girls move into the kitchen after some time to prepare coffee for everyone and the boys keep chatting in the bedroom. Parth really misses Niti and so picks up his phone and texts her. Niti feels overjoyed on seeing parth’s text on the screen of her phone but before she could open it, Charlie takes away her phone and puts it aside saying,

Charlie: Niti ! I’ve been asking you something !! Where are the coffee mugs ? Is this the way you treat your guests ?

Niti: (confused at first but then relaxing herself) oh so are you really a guest ?

Charlie: yes of course !

Niti: then go and wait in the hall and I will get coffee for my “guests”.

She starts pushing Charlie away playfully and both of them start laughing, Veebha and Krissan noticing the duo from a distance.

Charlie: (still laughing) okay okay ! We aren’t your guests ! Now would you please show us the way to the Royal mugs ??

Niti: So dramatic Charlie !!

Charlie: yup ! That’s me !

They then prepare the coffee as carry the mugs to the bedroom. Parth had been boiling with anger as Niti had not replied to his message. Niti took one cup of coffee and offered it to Parth who turned away his head angrily ! Niti suddenly realised she hadn’t replied to his message and she rushed into the kitchen to get her phone that she had left there after the conversation with Charlie. She quickly opened his text which read,

Parth: you need to pay attention to your patient ! It’s your duty since I am staying here ! But you don’t seem to care ?!

Niti instantly replies standing in the kitchen itself,

Niti: really sorry ! Please don’t be angry ! Actually I was about to reply when Charlie took away my phone and it was difficult to text in front of her.

She then rushes back into the bedroom with her phone and the mug of coffee. Parth already had one in his hands by then and therefore Niti kept the mug she had, for herself. Parth had not been checking his phone that had niti’s reply to his anger. Niti kept signalling him to check his phone but he was so angry he just did not bother to accept her plea. She then took advantage of a situation where the others weren’t noticing and quickly took his phone from his side, opened her message and handed it to him and angrily indicated him to read it ! He finally gave up and read her message after which his anger dissolved and he gave her a faint smile.

In the afternoon, the doctor came with other reports and for the checkup. He declared that the wound was much better then and healing.

Doctor: luckily, the poison did not spread too much. Just some more rest, few medicines and you should be just fine ! You can resume shoot from tomorrow. But for that, you need to take complete rest tonight.

Parth had been missing the soup Niti had prepared for him. Although she would again prepare the same tonight but it won’t be the same. The two of them won’t be alone to share few chats till midnight, rather they’ll have the whole gang to accompany them. All the others had decided to stay back at niti’s place and then go for shoot together the next day. Th boys accompany Parth on the bed and the girls sleep in the hall.

Precap: jungle sequence. Nandini to fall off from the cliff, Manik to save her. Off screen story for this sequence.

Tomorrow: manan ff. Selection of 3rd band member for Manik and Navya !


Nothing really special in today’s episode but the next one I’ll try to make more interesting for sure…hope you guys enjoy….

Thank you !



Credit to: Medhavi

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  1. I toh enjoy each n everytime medhu 🙂
    and again.. Again i found this one hell cute!!!
    I sooooooo loved PaNi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awww they’re seriously the best!!!!!!!! Parth wanted everyone to get outta niti’s house and wanted him n niti to be ALONE!! 😉 . His eyes came outta their sockets n instantly my mouth opened soo big n puff.. I started laughin like a maniac!! Utkarsh asked him what’s the matter and he said nothing. Omg parth’s impossible!! Like he was behaving like a total kid!!
    Niti didn’t reply to his msg and he was so annoyed at her.. Awww i wanna pull his cheeks man!! Kab milega woh diamond opportunity??!!!!!!??
    Niti just grabbed his phone and showed her msg his anger just flew into thin air! Awww these are sooooooooooooooooo sooooooo sooooooo damn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweethearts <3
    Charlie-niti part was soo nice!!! Fight over mugs and guests 😀
    Last but never the least.. Their friendship.. So damn concerned they are!! Career gaya baadh mein pehle friend aata hai!! In actuality, its the opposite!
    Loved it shoooo muchhhhh!!!!!!!!
    Supah-cute epi medhu!!!
    Love u n tc 🙂

    1. Plumpyyy I did not expect this reaction at this part because personally I was not really satisfied with this one…I could not put in a lot of content….but thank you for appreciating it this time as well….you never fail to do so and that is such a sweet thing about you…thank you so very much !!

      1. Hehe.. It just depends on how we take it in medhu.. Small things n gestures too can make wonders! And you just did it in this epi! Each simple n small gestures n emotions you added n it turned to be wonderful! Your readers will always find your piece of work amazing 🙂
        be happy.. Stay blessed.

      2. Medhavi Thakkar

        Awww thanks Plumpyy !! You really have a golden heart to have appreciated my work so much always !! Love you !<3

  2. The precap’s seems damn interesting!! Offscreen story.. These 2 words tell me that its gonna be hell amazing!! Ah i gotta wait for it 🙁 . Will try hard not to go stupid until you update next one!

    1. Hahaha

  3. hello dear you don’t have to say sorry for anything todays episode parth angry message ka reply na karne ke liye…niti ka parth ko msg reply batana…Charlie and niti conversion about coffee mug and how treat guests…nice yaar…special thing normal life aise hi hoti hai daily kuch naya nahi hota agar daily kuch aisa hota toh usse special nahi khete which happens rarely in our life that called special and like parth ka niti ke ghar pe rahe na…they chatting…how much all concerned about parth that is friendship how one friend cares about other friend….i like the episode…god bless you #be happy always keep smiling ?

    1. Yes dear that’s true…normal life is never special everyday ! Still I thought people might not like it because that’s what for we come to read stories right ? Because our lives aren’t special each day….But yes this is how normal life is….No matter how much you try, it’s not always that a miracle happens and things go according to your wish…that’s exactly what happened here…Parth so wanted to be alone with Niti but it did not happen because that’s how life is….;)
      Sorry for blabbering too much….I actually loved the fact that you understood my point of view and therefore kept on saying these things….Thank you so much for the support….

      1. medhavi your not blabbering,your words mean alot to me when you reply me i feel so happy in fact i love read your replies…i glad that each and every time you give me beautiful replies and also both ffs all these make my day…thanks for understanding me also…. medhavi i want say friend suggested me to watch kyy after that i started watching kyy and i liked kyy now i told her about your stories she like it and asked me how you manage studies and these ffs because woh serial updates nahi padte so she didn’t know about your ffs…both of us classmates since 5th standard and now we are studying she is my close friend…please tell how you do all these….if you don’t mind…

      2. Medhavi Thakkar

        Hey tasmeena now that you are a good friend, I would tell you the truth…it is very difficult…at times you must have noticed I upload very late…plus I also have to got to office daily…and these are the reasons nowadays I’m also not able to give quick and long replies to many comments…and till now I was on a vacation as my results were not yet announced…now they have been announced, I have cleared one exam and have to prepare for the next in May ! So it’s damn difficult !! I really don’t know how am I able to manage these days…Yes but to manage things I at times write shorter updates….nothing special….I just have to manage somehow….and thank you very much dear for recommending my story to your friend….:) Love you !<3

  4. Plz dii……don’t be sry……
    Infact…..parth ka angry look….niti ka indication msg padhne ke liye… se chipe kar… Kholna or parth ko Dena….sab bhut hi jada cute tha…..
    Itne simple se track ko bhi apne itna……special or rememberable bana diya…..
    This track is one of my fav. Track me se hoo gya h ab se……
    Love u dii…..
    Nd once again very sry for short comment….
    But sirf 26 tak ki bat h…..fir me bhi apko apke updates pe long long comments de paiyega……
    Tb tak ke liye
    Miss u lot…
    Love pani…
    Love u….
    U r my fav dii…..

    1. Aww thanks Kavya !! and don’t worry at all….sorry mat bolo….I can understand….hope you are doing great in your studies….
      Love you !

  5. Ha ha ha guys it was so funny

    1. Thanks !:)

  6. I like to give u a monoline comment. “Parth’s angry is so cute”

    1. Thanks !

  7. Khwabo se gayab hoke
    Ayi hakikat mein
    Churake le gayi
    Dhadkane mujhase
    Keh na paya much bhi usko
    Kyoki dil to tha uske bas mein

    To be continued……….

    I never thought to write poetries
    But after reading ur updates
    lines itself come from my heart
    Don’t know whaattt’s happening to me
    As u are becoming my best friend
    Love u dear.

    1. Aww that is so so sweet of you to say….
      I really can’t believe it that I inspired you to write this…
      I mean yes I do believe that such lines come out for something you truly love but I never thought my work could do that….so it’s very special….and I will never forget it….:)
      Thank you once again for this lovely poem….now I’ll be waiting for one from you on every part !;)

  8. Hmm Poor PaNi dying to spend time together.that’s sooo sweet yaar.the bond between the girls is so cool. And as usual your update was amazinggggg dear.loved it <3.waiting for next part……

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww thanks Monika ! 🙂

  9. Medavi yaar that angry wala scene….bohut cute tha……u r just awesome… Gr8 ……..everything… U made my day by writing this episo….. Thank you very much my dear…..i love you lots forever……….????

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      And I love you for this lovely feedback….thanks a ton ! <3
      #behappy always !

  10. Party gussa wo v reply na karne par it’s so cute…….n u r amazing like always love u di

    1. Aww thank you !

  11. Di….the scene where parth shows his anger on niti fr not rplyng to his msg and thinking abt niti s soup ,the tym they spent and all was damn cute nd sweet. Waiting fr next part from now itself…Amazing ..those scenes just made my day… I’m actually dreaming in the land of PaNi..luv u loads…nd keeepp writing….

    1. Thank you so much dear….:)

  12. Medhu how do u get these creative ideas from
    Like its just so good
    I can’t resist myself frm commenting ????

    1. And I can’t resist myself from replying to your comment…thank you so much….:)

  13. Its amazing. Thnx for this awesome update

    1. And thanks for this feedback….:)

    2. Nashiiiii!!!!!!!! Nash i missed u sooooooo much dearie!!! We hadn’t talked since a week n i missed u like anything!!!!!! I srsly get no tym fr wattpad yaar!! Nowadays not even IF.. Just some tym to read d stories n commenting isnt possible… Can u plzzzz come here dearie???
      Oh i missed u so damn much nash!!! Love youuuuuuu

  14. hey !i jst luvdd moment bw charlie nnitti n thn parths angry mode …. That ws so cute … Parth getting shckd tht whole gang got a day offf hehe … Medhu u r amazing ???? u nvr know how special this ff is for us !!!!!

    1. And these comments are special for me !! Thank you so much for commenting and supporting my work….:)

  15. Awe how cute parth n niti’s cute fight was so cute….?
    Angry parth was awesome…☺
    N his friends concerns was so adorable…?
    N don’t say sorry dear? the epi was perfect in it story line…all tym it can’t be alwyz romentic naa…hehe?
    Sorry for short reply as u now not having that much tymbcz of exams ? …n ya thank u so much for ur lovely wishes ?….
    #stay blessed ❤

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey thanks a ton for taking time from your studies and reading my work and commenting…I really appreciate that….and hope your exams are going fine…all the very best !!

  16. What do mean this episode was not interesting???? All the episodes you write are SOO good!!!!! Loved it again!!! 🙂

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Oh Zoey that is really sweet of you dear !!:) Thank you !

  17. Omg medhavi dearryyy, it’s superb episode, awesome like I’m amazed how brilliantly you’re writing this story, the whole gang came to niti’s house…poor pani can’t even see each other properly…chori chori texting…niti so busy with “guests” n parth angry for not getting her reply back…ufff…sooo cuteeee pieeee…gang will stay whole night ai niti’s place n our “new friends” won’t be able to get privacy…awwwww…such a sweeeeeet torture…medhavi dearrrr you’re doing marvellous job…precap is very very exciting…can’t control myself to read about cliff scene. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very very tight warm hug, muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆☆

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hahaha……sweet torture !! So true !! 😛 Thank you so much Roma for this sweet response….I really appreciate your involvement into my stories and that is a reason I get motivated to write more and better…I know I have said this earlier but I actually mean it and therefore keep repeating it…:)

  18. This s so exciting.. I actually m in loveeeee wd d way u take it slow n steady fr d Pani feels

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you !!:)

  19. Please start voting lines you know .. Like a wild card entry for director auditions.. I swear I ll make you win

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Sashii what auditions are you talking about dear ?? Please reply if you read my reply….and thanks for the support….:)

      1. Heyaaa I mean … to say that u shd become d director of a show.. Ur story z soooooooooooo awesomeeeeeeeee.. Nothing like dat it ws jst a way f expressing what an awesome writr u r

    2. Aww thanks deariiee….I’m sorry actually I thought there might be some auditions about ff writers…wish there were I would love to participate…silly me…sorry…;)

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