Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 38

Hello friends ! And I am back ! So sorry I had to keep you all waiting for so long..Actually I had too many guests at my place and therefore was unable to write..I tried to eveyday but it was just not possible….Hope you all like my come back part ! Please leave in your feedbacks below…And one more thing, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reply to each comment on my previous part…Same reason, guests…But i have read all of them and I would like to thank each and every one of you for appreciating my work so much….But for this particular track, some credit goes to one of you and that is Zoey ! She suggested a track about Parth staying at Niti’s place and I have incorporated her suggestion in a bit different manner…So, thank you zoey for that lovely suggestion…Now, enough of blabbering…sorry…starting with the part…


Recap: Parth bit by some creature in the jungle while shooting, taken to Niti’s place for treatment. Utkarsh helping him change clothes and Niti and Ayaz standing in the balcony from the living room.

Ayaz: So, are you alright now ?

Niti: Yeah I’m good. Why ?

Ayaz: No because you weren’t really alright a few hours ago.

Niti: Why did you feel so ?

Ayaz: Niti, I’m not blind alright. I can see what’s happening in front of my eyes. But I’m afraid I’m not the only one who can see all of it. If you really wish to hide your friendship, you need to be careful.

Niti: (hesitatingly) So, are we not careful ?

Ayaz: YOU are not careful.

Niti: Why do you say so ?

Ayaz: Look Niti, for all the others except me, you and Parth can’t stand each other other than while facing the camera. Both of you are pure professionals, is what everyone knows and thinks because that’s what you’ve been portraying till date. So, then suddenly when you start feeling that type of pain for your “professional” co-actor, that is not something that is acceptable.

Niti: But c’mon Ayaz, he was so hurt how can I be so insensitive ? I mean even Charlie, Veebha and Kriss were disturbed.

Ayaz: Yes but they are his friends.

Niti: So even I am.

Ayaz gives him a “oh really” look and she suddenly turns away.

Ayaz: They don’t know it. And I don’t mind if they come to know but you would not like it later and that’s why I’m saying that please control your emotions and especially your tears in front of the others.

Saying this he moves back into the bedroom to check on Parth leaving Niti in a confused state of mind. She realises that she had been over emotional at his condition but then assures herself that it is natural and anyone would feel that.

The doctor comes with the reports and informs that some poison had been spreading in the leg and therefore immediate treatment was required. He gives him the necessary injections and medicines and leaves. Utkarsh’s phone rings,

Utkarsh: Hello ? Yes..Right now ? But I can’t come right now. Is it important ? Okay fine I’ll come.

He then turns towards Parth and says,

Utkarsh: Sorry buddy I’ll have to leave. It’s something important.

Parth: It’s okay buddy. I’ll see you later.

After Utkarsh leaves, even Ayaz leaves the “friends” alone.

Ayaz: I’ll come early morning tomorrow. Bye ! Take care.

Niti closes the main door, comes back to the bedroom and sits on the chair beside the bed. Both of them keep looking at each other for a while and then Niti asks,

Niti: How are you feeling now ?

Parth: I don’t know, maybe confused !

Niti: Confused ?

Parth: Yes, because I see something on your face which is quite confusing.

Niti: What ?

Parth: Pain !

Niti: What nonsense ? That is something applicable to you as of now.

Parth: Yes it is but right now I see it on your face, in your eyes.

Niti: It’s nothing like that.

Parth: What ? I never said anything. Why are you in so much pain for your “professional co-actor” ?

Niti: So, that’s what we are ? Just co-actors ?

Parth grabs her hand and pulls her towards him making her fall over his chest, her long hair covering their faces. He leaves her hand on his shoulder and moves his hand towards her hair to move her hair blocking her face, behind her ear. They keep staring into each other’s eyes for sometime after which Niti starts feeling uncomfortable and so tries to move away. She tries to pull herself up by pushing his body down but her hand slips and she again falls over him, her hair again covering their faces. This time Parth does not let her go and grabs her hands tight and asks,

Parth: so then what are we according to you ?

Niti: (hesitatingly after a long pause) friends ?

Parth gives out a small laughter, his breath brushing her face and hair and then looks into her eyes,

Parth: yes of course ! Friends ! That’s exactly what we are !

He lets go of her hands and she quickly straightens herself. She then instantly moves out of the room feeling shy of what had just happened between the two of them. Her body had been sweating even in that cool atmosphere. Her mind was flooding with numerous questions as to what was it that she had been feeling back then, what was he trying to say, and what did she understand ?

Parth on the other hand was simply giggling at the prank he had just played on her. He knew they were just friends but he was just teasing her. But he was unaware about the effect his teasing had on her.

After about 10 minutes Niti came back into the room trying to ignore what had happened 10 minutes back in that same room. Parth noticed the discomfort on her face,

Parth: Hey I’m sorry for what I did. I was just trying to joke around. That’s what friends do right ? But I think my joke turned out a bit odd. Now please cheer up, I don’t want to see you like this.

Niti thinks for a while and then gives him a smile and gets seated on the chair beside his bed.

Niti: So, what would you like to have for dinner ? Chinese, continental, Italian, Indian ?

Parth: So, that’s the quantum of variety you offer ?

Niti: Yes of course ! But unfortunately all I can get you is soup.

Parth: What ? Soup ? No way ! I’m not having that !

Niti: Aren’t you hungry ?

Parth: Of course I am ! But I want to eat some proper food.

Niti: As of now, soup is the most appropriate food for you ! The doctor has asked you to have it and nothing else ! There’s poison spreading in your body and we can’t take any chances.

Parth: (staring lovingly at her concern) Ms. Niti Taylor, would you please get me a delicious bowl of soup out of your kitchen ? I’m starving and your soup would just be the perfect choice !

Niti gives him a smile and then goes into the kitchen. She then prepares soup out of an internet recipe for both of them. She carries both the soup bowls in a tray into the bedroom. She then helps him sit upright on the bed with the support of few pillows and then offers him the bowl of soup and gets seated on the chair with her own bowl of soup.

Parth: Is poison spreading in your body as well ?

Niti: What ? No !

Parth: Then why are you having soup ? Have some proper food.

Niti: Soups are really healthy and I wish to stay healthy. You got a problem with that ?

Parth: (smiling) No.

They keep chatting till late that night, just the way Parth wanted. He had wished to chat with Niti face to face to be able to get to know her better and that’s exactly what happened. Sometime later, Niti fell asleep on the chair itself and Parth wanted to pick her up and carry her to a proper and comfortable couch but his leg did not support him. So, he carefully covered her with a blanket and then himself fell asleep looking at her sweet innocent face sleeping peacefully !


Hope you enjoyed !



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  1. medhavi….thanks a ton for this wonderful update. it is actually so sweet of you to take out time and compose such beautiful piece, its magical………thank you so much!!

    1. Hey Mona please don’t thank me…its all because of all of your support that I’m able to write like this….

  2. Wowww so cute yaar

    1. Medhavi Thakkar


  3. Yaaaa… I enjoyed a lottttttt!!!!!!!!! A stupid smile hanging on my face 🙂 love u medhu!! And again.. No sorry!!!!
    Yaar im smiling like an idiot!! It ws sooo cute!!
    Im awing at these 2 “professional co-actors” like from ages!! I so want to pull their cheeeekksssssss!!!!!!!! This stupid isnt stopping!! Ear-to-ear wala smile 🙂
    ayaz-niti convo was so understanding from ayaz’s side and adorable from niti’s side!!!!!!!
    Ayaz is truly an awesome friend!!
    Parth played a prank?!! Oh god! It literally created havoc in me!!! Im blushing… After some time i’ll laugh i guess.. No im laughing now 😛 lol.. Pagal bana dali tu mujhe!!
    We’re friends!! Awwwww i love it soooo damn much!!!!! This is one of the cutest epis medhu!!!! Im drooling over PaNi!!!!!!!!!!! Adorable!!!!!!! Cutiepies!!!!!!! Sweethearts!!!!!!!
    MaNan epi 2mrrw!! Read it 2 times from morning 😀 Love PaNi soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!
    And parth asking niti whether poison had spread in her body too was hillarious!! Ahaa sooooo cute it was!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hahaha and I’m smiling and blushing over your comment….I so missed these comments all these days !! Even though I was amongst guests all day long, I used to think of my lovely friends and their comments….Yes Yes Yes !!!PaNi are so adorable….You know even while writing these parts i feel this should have been true…it would have been so much fun….Ayaz is definitely an example of a true friend !!
      Thanks Plumpyyy for this wonderful comment…Love you !!

  4. Im not gonna get over this epi anytime soon 😉
    and that pain in niti’s eyes… Parth caught it! Haha niti you cant hide anything from parth!! Im still in PaNi land 😀

  5. Yaar medhu its sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! I so dont wanna get over this!! Its shoooooo shweeetttt and cutteeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! I love it i love it i love it and im mad!! PaNi!!!!!!!! They’re sooooo cute!!!!!!!!! And what ayaz said was right. Its natural but being the professionals they are it seems weird for others. Its sooooo cute!!!!!!! Im mad!! Prankster Parth and Naive Niti? No niti isn’t naive.. Naughty Niti?

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww that gets me blushing again….PaNi land !!! Me too loving it !!! Love is in the air…but wish they smell it soon….but I’m toh still enjoying even this phase….:)

  6. Ohhh medhavi diiii.really an awesome part…. full of emotions between PaNi… and lyk I already said “U ” r simply the best in writing about our kyy..It feels so real as if it is happening b4 my eyes…aap ki story ka har part bahut sweet aur interesting hein..Thnk u di. .for all this..#kyy forever#pani

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww Megh I’m so glad tumhe itna accha laga yeh part….And please don’t thank me….When I say this I mean it ki it’s because of all of your support that I’ve reached so far with these stories….So, thank you so much !!!:)
      #behappy always !!

      1. Then u too don’t b sorry if u r late di…coz no sorry nd no thnk u….luv u lots di…

    2. Aww thank you…love you too…:)

  7. superb medhavi……..its an awesome update….. I think soon these friends realize something more than friendship is there btn them………love u medhavi…….. keep updating….. am one of them who eagerly checking for ur updates on tellyupdates….

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Priya, thanks a ton dear ! For being that eager for my updates and thank you for leaving your feedback…I’m glad you like it…and yes you are right, friendship is not the destination. There’s much more to this friendship and it will come along soon….keep reading, and keep supporting…

    1. Thanks !

  8. Hi medhavi

    I eagerly waited for the update and it is so cutely romantically narrated I thank you for this lovely update yaar its just amazing it brings lots of small chotu chotu smiles a like blushing waala when I read it
    Keep spreading this Love

    1. Hey latha, I feel so happy that I could make you smile….keep smiling like this always !! And thanks for your feedback…

  9. Hai medavi
    I am glad that u wrote this ff I thank u very much
    I have very small suggestion please bring ayaz and veebha closer I think it would be great but if u like it then oly u make them as a couple or else no issues???

    1. Hey Ash thank you so much for your feedback and suggestion…I will definitely try to incorporate it….

  10. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii
    Medhavi missed u alot
    I hadn’t commented u from last month
    Bcoz l was banned by my parents on laptop bcoz of studies
    Really sorry for that
    And read all updates that l missed
    Only for u
    ” I have no regrets
    Life tour us apart
    But l am glad
    I had the chance to
    Call u my friend”
    Waiting for ur reply

    1. Awwww Palak !!!! That is so so so sweet dear….thank you so much for those lovely words….and thanks for this love and support….and don’t worry life won’t tear us apart again….we’ll be together….hope your exams went well…take care….
      #behappy always !

  11. Wow dats so sweet n romantic pani scene

    1. Thank you !☺️

  12. awwww thank you SOO much for incorperating in my suggestion! And thank you for acknowleging me in the authors note!! Also, I LOVED this episode!! Its SOO cute and adorable!! I loved how they had the intense moment! Thank you once again! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Hey zoey, this time it has to be opposite…I should be thanking you for this wonderful suggestion….thank you so much….

  13. Superbbbbbbb as always……
    The ayaz nd niti talk,….parths prank nitis reaction on it………such a cuteeeee episode……..I’m getting a very bad hang of your epis…..They are like drugs, without which my day is in complete…………These four days literally 10 times I opened up the net only to check if u had uploaded the
    episode. …nd today at last I was sooooo relieved to see this lovely episode………now again don’t say sorry for this nd it wasn’t ur fault at all it happens when u have guests in your house…..I just wanted to share my thoughts nd so just said whatever I had in my mind……and again fab epi………..just continue this gr888 wrk nd continue writing such superb epis for us……..

    1. Hey chandana, thanks for sharing your feelings….and that’s what friends do right ? Share with each other whatever they feel….and it is really sweet of you that you don’t let me say sorry but I still do feel bad because I kept you waiting….thanks for being so supportive and loving….

  14. You are the best medhavi. The episode was awsome asusual. Your updates are really worth waiting for. Love you loads. Keep going?

    1. Aww thank you so much bhagi….☺️

  15. hi medhavi!i expected something but you surprised more than that really this time what should i comment i don’t know…medhavi ab lag raha hai itne din ka wait karna waste nahi gaye…parth prank…confused niti…everything is superb…medhavi i missed you so much #be happy god bless you?

    1. Hey tasmeena, even I missed you a lot yar !! Since I wasn’t uploading so I wasn’t even getting beautiful comments from you….and I literally missed that !! And I am so glad I could live up to your expectations….thanks for everything dear….

  16. ur the best writer .tum jo kuch likhati ho woh instantly aankho ke samane aa jata hai …ur just mindblowing

    1. Omg Shweta that is a really big thing to say !! But I don’t consider myself to be the best…yet it makes me happy to see that you all enjoy my work so much…thank you for this beautiful comment….☺️

  17. Plz unconditional love v post karo na di bahut din ho gya h plzz
    Aap Jo likhti Ho wo hm live dekhte h the way you write it’s nice nd sweet

    1. Hey yes I will be posting that today…:)

  18. It’s adorable come back dii……
    I miss u dii a lot….in this dayzz….
    apne is ff ko na humari life ka ek part bana diya h na…..ab ye na mile na……too din complete jaisa feel hi nhi hota……
    sach bolo too mere pass word hi nhi h apni khushi ko express Karen ke liye……
    Nd sry 4 late comment…..actually me aj kal bhut busy rehti hoo…….aj bhi mujhe ye time clg se coaching class Jane ke raste me Mila h…..isliye sry for short comment also

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww kavya even i missed you sooo much dear…..thanks for giving me so much love and support without which I would not have reached so far…and please don’t be sorry dear…whether you comment or no, I know that you are there for my support….<3

  19. I really wish this story was really true.Your updates are really amazing.I love to read them.Lots of love medhavi.keep continuing.I really miss kyy season 1 yaar

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Monika…:)

  20. Wowwww medhavi dearrrr, it’s superb episode, loved it very much. ..pani forever….ayaz n niti convo was very nice, I didn’t expect this mature talks from him…. parth’s prank n niti rxn was tooo cuteee.’re amazing medhavi. …such a sweetheart. you, eagerly waiting for the next episode, plzzzz upload soooooooon

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Roma….You too are a sweetheart that you never fail to read my work and comment on it….thanks a ton for everything !! Love you loads !!<3

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