Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 37


Recap: PaNi decide to go for dinner the next day while going back home from shoot. Both of them excited for the first date which is not an official “date” for them.

The shoot venue next day is a different one than the routine. They are shooting in the outskirts of the city as the plot is the jungle sequence where Raghav sir gives both Fab 5 and NH3 a punishing task.

Again, Parth and Niti reach the shoot venue together with a little help from Ayaz. The whole day goes just like a normal one till evening. It was around 4.30 pm and they still had many scenes to be done as they had to complete all the scenes in one day so that they would not have to go there again.

The scene being shot was the one where Raghav sir is explaining the task to both the bands. In the middle of the scene, Parth suddenly gave out a scream which scared everyone ! All of them looked at him and his face showed the pain he had been suffering of. He started scratching his leg and took a look at it to find it bleeding. Something from the jungle had bit him which made him feel sick and the blood flow wasn’t stopping. As soon as the others saw it, they took him to the vanity and started trying to stop the blood. Since the location was in the outskirts of the city, they could not even find a doctor so easily.

While Parth was lying in the vanity with all the others surrounding him, Niti was sitting beside him on the couch and just staring at the wound on his leg. She almost had tears brimming in her eyes when Parth noticed her concern. He immediately looked into her eyes and strictly denied her the tears. She instantly granted his wish and straightened her face. All the others were busy doing something or the other to heal the wound or call a doctor but Ayaz noticed Niti. He could feel Niti’s pain for Parth even without herself accepting it.

After enough exercise, they decided on taking Parth for some treatment from a doctor.

Director: We can’t take him to the hospital. If the news spreads in the public, it will be a big issue. We have to get him treated at some other place. Maybe someone’s house.

Parth: (struggling the pain to speak) My house.

Charlie: Your house is at the other corner. My place ?

Ayaz: ( striking an idea to let PaNi be together) Charlie your place is good but there is someone else’s place that is nearer.

Krissan, Utkarsh, Veebha: (together) Who ?

Ayaz: Niti.

Both Parth and Niti look up at him just like all the others. They then look at each other and Parth tries to avoid the plan but Niti disrupts him,

Niti: Yes ! Ayaz is right. My place comes first as soon as we enter the city. C’mon lets go.

Ayaz takes Parth in his car, utkarsh on his bike and the girls in Parth’s car. Charlie is driving his car with Veebha seated beside her and Niti and Krissan on the back seat. All of them are worried about Parth but who is concerned the most is Niti ! Ayaz’s car was ahead of them and Niti was constantly staring at it. Krissan, Charlie and veebha also noticed the extra concern on niti’s face but kept that to be looked into later.

By the time they reach niti’s place, Parth had fainted. As soon as Ayaz stops the car, Niti rushes towards it only to find Parth fainted on the back seat. Ayaz notices the others coming towards them and therefore asks Niti to control herself. She wipes out the few tears that had been trying to escape her eyes. They take him upstairs and the doctor arrives soon.

Doctor: (after checking Parth) as of now, I can’t say anything. We would first need to do the blood test to find out if the poison has been spreading in the body. I’ve called someone to take the blood sample, he would arrive in 10 minutes. I’ll again come in the evening at around 8.00 pm with the reports.

Ayaz: but doctor why is he still not conscious ?

Doctor: it’s because of the poison. But I have given him 2 injections. That should bring him to his senses within the next 1 hour. If that does not happen, just give me a call.

Utkarsh: thank you doctor. Come I’ll leave you to your car.

Ayaz: I think girls even you should leave. I will stay back and keep you all updated.

Charlie: what are you saying Ayaz ? How can we leave like that ?

Veebha notices niti’s disturbed condition and understands that something had been going on between her and parth about which she was unaware. She therefore decides to support Ayaz which would let Niti be alone with Parth.

Veebha: I think he is right Charlie. It’ll be very late and we would also come across a lot of traffic. I think we should leave.

Krissan: Ayaz are you sure you won’t need us ? We can stay if you need any help.

Utkarsh: (entering the room) what happened ?

Ayaz: no kriss it’s alright. All of you can leave. Umm utkarsh even you should leave.

Utkarsh: what ? No way ! I’m not going anywhere. And please don’t try to convince me because I won’t get convinced.

Ayaz: okay so utkarsh you stay back. Girls you can leave.

Veebha: (coming back into the room after ordering a cab) I’ve ordered cabs for us.

1 hour later, Niti had fallen asleep on a chair beside the bed on which Parth had been sleeping. Ayaz and utkarsh had been sitting on the bed beside him and chatting softly trying not to disturb Niti’s sleep.

Utkarsh: do you think we should give the doctor a call. He is still unconscious.

Ayaz: let’s wait for another 5/10 minutes and then give him a call.

Just then Parth slowly opened his eyes and so did Niti along with him. Both of them slowly opened their eyes and looked at each other. Niti quickly sat upright on seeing Parth coming to his senses.

Utkarsh: buddy how are you feeling now ?

Parth: (weakly turning to look at utkarsh) yeah ! Just a bit weak.

Ayaz: I’ll give the doctor a call.

He moves out to go and talk to the doctor. Niti moves to the kitchen to quickly get some water. Utkarsh helps Parth to sit upright and Niti helps him have the water.

Ayaz: the doctor is coming in some time with the reports. Do you need anything Parth ?

Parth: I want to change into something comfortable. Where’s my car ?

Utkarsh: your car is parked downstairs and right now we are at niti’s place.

Parth: yeah I know that. Buddy can you please get my bag from my car ? I have comfortable clothes in it.

Utkarsh: sure.

After utkarsh moves out, even Ayaz excuses himself out of the room to give the newly found “friends” some privacy.

Parth: why these tears ?

Niti: what tears ? It’s nothing like that.

Parth: so you would lie to your new friend ?

Niti: I’m not lying.

Parth: our dinner got cancelled !

Niti: oh yeah ! I didn’t realise. I had completely forgotten about it.

Parth: stop lying now ! I can read your face.

Niti: so what does my face say right now ?

Parth: as of now you are quite relieved that I am now conscious. But you are also sad that our dinner outing got cancelled.

Niti: do you want something to eat ?

Parth: Why you’re taking me out for dinner ? Niti, it has got cancelled for the time being.

Niti: I think you should take some rest.

She turns around to move out of the room but Parth stops her by holding her hand. Just then Utkarsh and Ayaz enter the room and Parth suddenly drops her hand which is noticed by both Ayaz and Utkarsh.

Utkarsh: Here buddy, your clothes. C’mon I’ll help you change.

Niti and Ayaz move out of the room while Utkarsh helps Parth change his clothes.

Precap: Parth to stay back at Niti’s place as travelling not a really good option in such a condition. Niti to take care of him.


Sorry friends I know I’m very late….But I had to update !

Happy Lohri and Happy Uttarayan to all of you !! Enjoy the festive season !



Credit to: Medhavi

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