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Recap: Parth and Niti are caught red handed by Ayaz. They explain to him the whole situation and he agrees to help them keep it a secret. However, Ayaz does smell something more than friendship between Pani.

Ayaz keeps supporting Pani and this goes on for a few days. Next comes a scene which makes both the “professional” actors, nervous.

Both of them are at their own homes when they receive the mail of the next track and manan scene.

The scene is the store room sequence where Manik and Nandini are accidentally locked and they share quite a few intense moments. The first thing that makes both of them nervous is the part when Nandini falls off from the stool and her dress gets torn, Manik holds her in his hands and his hand touches her bare skin at the back.

Niti, thinking to herself,

“Yeah I know it is going to be just a scene and that too with so many separate shots and retakes but still I don’t understand why such scenes make me nervous. Maybe because it’s Parth and we are just friends. But I have done many scenes before with my friends as well but never felt such nervousness before. I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow ?!”

Parth, thinking to himself on reading the same part,

“It’s not like I have never touched another girl like that but with Niti, it’s different. We are friends and more so I kind of respect her and don’t know if I would be able to do such scenes with her. But if she supports, we might be able to work it out.”

The next day at shoot, they start with the same store room sequence. First are the parts where both of them shout at each other at having landed up together. Being professionals, they manage to do all those scenes very well but then comes the part where Manik helps Nandini escape with the help of a window and she has to climb up on a stool.

Director: Okay so Parth you have to assure her that she can climb and that you have held the stool really tight. Niti, you have to be scared and try to climb first without any support and then after a while keep your right hand on his left shoulder very softly. That’s when the two of you will share an eye lock.

Both Parth and Niti nod to the director in agreement and take up the scene. The stool they had been using for the scene was actually not very stable and that made Niti more conscious. While doing the scene, when Nandini was nervous of climbing up and Manik assured her that he had held the stool tight and that she would be fine, even Parth’s eyes kind of communicated with Niti and she felt the assurance from him that he is there for her. She kept looking into his eyes for a longer time and the director had to cut the scene.

Director: Niti, don’t look towards him so much. You have to be nervous. Even after he assures you, you still need to be nervous.

Niti: But sir when Parth assures me, I mean when Manik assures Nandini, it should be so powerful that she trusts him right ?

Parth who is checking his phone, standing in a corner, instantly looks up to confirm what his ears just heard. Niti trusts him, this brought a smile on his face but suddenly his heart reminded him that she had been talking about Manik and Nandini and not Parth and Niti.

Director: You are right Niti, but you can’t suddenly become so confident you know ? Nandini still does not completely trust the monster. Get it ?

Niti: Yeah you are right.

Director: Okay then ready ? Let’s take a retake for that one.

Niti: Okay.

They again start with the scene and Nandini is scared at first to climb onto the small stool but Manik assures her that he would save her. She then slowly tries to climb up and he gives her his hand to hold for support. When Manik extends his hand, Nandini suddenly becomes Niti and blushes and the director again cuts the scene.

Director: Niti you need to be confused and not smile.

Niti: Sorry sir, these are natural expressions that come when someone tries to help you.

Director: Yes but that does not happen when it’s a monster trying to help you suddenly.

Niti: Yeah. Okay I’ll do it properly this time.

Director: Fine. take your positions. And, Action !

Manik extends his hand out for Nandini and she is confused as to how is this monster acting so sweet to her. She then hesitatingly takes his hand and again starts trying to climb. Niti is really scared as the stool was not at all stable. Also, she avoided looking into Parth’s eyes too much so that she could do the scene well without blushing at his gaze on her.

Nandini slowly places her right hand on Manik’s left shoulder for support and just when she does so, Parth looses his grip on the stool because of the nervousness caused at her touch and Niti falls off on him, having half of her body on the stool and the other half leaning into Parth’s chest. She gives out a big scream and holds the collar of his jacket really tight and hides herself into him. Her height was short but because she was half leaning on the stool, she could reach his chin. She had her eyes shut tight and Parth who was scared of her scream, had his right hand on her shoulder, holding her tight, as if assuring her that he would not let anything happen to her. His other hand was slowly moving towards her shoulder which would complete a hug for them, their first hug but it was disturbed but the director,

Director: Are you alright Niti ?

Niti immediately opens her eyes only to find herself clung to Parth’s chest like a baby, his tee shirt wet due to a few tears that escaped her eyes because of the fright. She raises her head to look up to him, still holding on to his jacket, tight. Parth looks at her concerned on finding tears in her eyes. He curses himself for giving her that pain, as it was because he lost control of the stool that she got so scared.

Everyone present on the location find things fishy, including Ayaz. All the others like Charlie, Veebha, Abhishek, Krissan, and Utkarsh were in the vanity and Ayaz had stayed back at the shoot location to keep an eye on the “friends”.

Ayaz thinks to himself, “when will these two realize ? I think I’ll have to take an initiative ! But I need some help. Let me call the others.” He then moves out to go and call the others.

Director: Niti, are you alright ? Are you hurt somewhere ?

Niti looks around to find the whole crew staring at the two of them. She takes another look at Parth and then quickly lets go of his jacket and pulling herself away from him. While she pulls herself, she again looses her balance and is about to fall when Parth holds her back and she again grips his jacket with her hands. But this time, she soon realizes the gazes on them and straightens herself.

Niti: (to the director) sorry sir. i’m fine now.

Director: Are you sure ? Or do you need a break ?

Niti: No I’m fine. Just want some water and then I’ll be fine.

Director: Okay.

They then continue and complete the part when Nandini climbs up on the stool safely holding Manik’s hand tight ! Next was the part when she had to fall due to which her dress would be torn and Manik would hold her in his arms, his hand touching her bare back.

They took a small break to tear the dress Niti had been wearing and then continued with the scene.

Director: Action !

Parth held her tight from the back and just when his hand touched her back, she turned crimson red and suddenly straightened herself coming out of the character as it made her quite nervous. Manik was still in a shocked state as to what had he felt on that touch. Her skin was so soft like velvety fur and it felt as if his hand might slip off from the silky smooth skin. Although both of them came out of their characters at that, the scene still came out really well as even Nandini and Manik had to be nervous at that scene.

Manik then removes his jacket which tenses Nandini as she is scared as to what might he be trying to do ? But he slowly extends the jacket towards her, not even facing her, respecting her situation.

Parth had also been feeling bad at the sequence as he did not like it that Niti had to reveal so much for the show. He knew it wasn’t much but he was still feeling possessive about her. He didn’t realise it but what he had been feeling was possessiveness for Niti.

Manik and Nandini then again end up in a fight as Nandini thinks it was all Manik’s plan to get her locked in with him. In all that heated argument, Manik hurts his hand which concerns Nandini and she realises her mistake. She then tears a piece of cloth covering the harmonium and moves towards him to tie it on the wound. Manik resists at first but then gives in to let her tie it. As soon as she starts tying the cloth on his hand, Ayaz and the others start giving a background music as instructed by Ayaz.

“Bhaiya mere rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana….”

Parth, Niti and all the other crew members look up at them confused and there’s just one person who is furiously looking at Ayaz, and that is Parth ! He gives him one tough look and Ayaz stops the singing. Not that he was scared but he realised, his work was done. What he saw on Parth’s face wasn’t anger for disturbing the scene, but anger for the wrong song. Had he sung, “tum hi ho…ab tum hi ho…meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho…” Parth might not have been so angry.

Ayaz, Charlie, Veebha, krissan, utkarsh and Abhishek move out of the location and go settle in the vanity. Parth and Niti finish off with the scene and move towards the vanity together to join the others for lunch. On the way, a concerned Parth asks,

Parth: Are you okay ? I mean that scene, falling from the stool and all, it must have been difficult for you.

Niti: (still wearing his jacket over her kurti) And for you too. I saw it in your eyes. 

Parth: Umm Yeah kind of..

Niti: I’m okay now.. It was just a scene and it’s alright.

Parth: You sure ?

Niti: (giving him a reassuring smile) Yes of course !

Both of them enter the vanity together and on seeing them, Charlie again starts singing,

“bhaiya mere raakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana…”

Ayaz and the others could not control themselves and they burst out laughing. 

Parth: Stop it yar guys ! It was just a scene..and a very different one than the type you are portraying it.

Ayaz: Umm why Parth ? Are you feeling bad about our interpretation of the scene ? 

Veebha: Okay okay.. End of jokes.. Come let’s have lunch..I’m so hungry !

All of them settle for having lunch accompanied by some more chit chat, teasing and fun..

Precap: Store room sequence continued… Pani increasing friendship..

Tomorrow: Manan ff.. Manan bike ride..


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Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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