Pani – a story we wish were true – part 35

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Recap: Parth and Niti are caught red handed by Ayaz. They explain to him the whole situation and he agrees to help them keep it a secret. However, Ayaz does smell something more than friendship between Pani.

Ayaz keeps supporting Pani and this goes on for a few days. Next comes a scene which makes both the “professional” actors, nervous.

Both of them are at their own homes when they receive the mail of the next track and manan scene.

The scene is the store room sequence where Manik and Nandini are accidentally locked and they share quite a few intense moments. The first thing that makes both of them nervous is the part when Nandini falls off from the stool and her dress gets torn, Manik holds her in his hands and his hand touches her bare skin at the back.

Niti, thinking to herself,

“Yeah I know it is going to be just a scene and that too with so many separate shots and retakes but still I don’t understand why such scenes make me nervous. Maybe because it’s Parth and we are just friends. But I have done many scenes before with my friends as well but never felt such nervousness before. I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow ?!”

Parth, thinking to himself on reading the same part,

“It’s not like I have never touched another girl like that but with Niti, it’s different. We are friends and more so I kind of respect her and don’t know if I would be able to do such scenes with her. But if she supports, we might be able to work it out.”

The next day at shoot, they start with the same store room sequence. First are the parts where both of them shout at each other at having landed up together. Being professionals, they manage to do all those scenes very well but then comes the part where Manik helps Nandini escape with the help of a window and she has to climb up on a stool.

Director: Okay so Parth you have to assure her that she can climb and that you have held the stool really tight. Niti, you have to be scared and try to climb first without any support and then after a while keep your right hand on his left shoulder very softly. That’s when the two of you will share an eye lock.

Both Parth and Niti nod to the director in agreement and take up the scene. The stool they had been using for the scene was actually not very stable and that made Niti more conscious. While doing the scene, when Nandini was nervous of climbing up and Manik assured her that he had held the stool tight and that she would be fine, even Parth’s eyes kind of communicated with Niti and she felt the assurance from him that he is there for her. She kept looking into his eyes for a longer time and the director had to cut the scene.

Director: Niti, don’t look towards him so much. You have to be nervous. Even after he assures you, you still need to be nervous.

Niti: But sir when Parth assures me, I mean when Manik assures Nandini, it should be so powerful that she trusts him right ?

Parth who is checking his phone, standing in a corner, instantly looks up to confirm what his ears just heard. Niti trusts him, this brought a smile on his face but suddenly his heart reminded him that she had been talking about Manik and Nandini and not Parth and Niti.

Director: You are right Niti, but you can’t suddenly become so confident you know ? Nandini still does not completely trust the monster. Get it ?

Niti: Yeah you are right.

Director: Okay then ready ? Let’s take a retake for that one.

Niti: Okay.

They again start with the scene and Nandini is scared at first to climb onto the small stool but Manik assures her that he would save her. She then slowly tries to climb up and he gives her his hand to hold for support. When Manik extends his hand, Nandini suddenly becomes Niti and blushes and the director again cuts the scene.

Director: Niti you need to be confused and not smile.

Niti: Sorry sir, these are natural expressions that come when someone tries to help you.

Director: Yes but that does not happen when it’s a monster trying to help you suddenly.

Niti: Yeah. Okay I’ll do it properly this time.

Director: Fine. take your positions. And, Action !

Manik extends his hand out for Nandini and she is confused as to how is this monster acting so sweet to her. She then hesitatingly takes his hand and again starts trying to climb. Niti is really scared as the stool was not at all stable. Also, she avoided looking into Parth’s eyes too much so that she could do the scene well without blushing at his gaze on her.

Nandini slowly places her right hand on Manik’s left shoulder for support and just when she does so, Parth looses his grip on the stool because of the nervousness caused at her touch and Niti falls off on him, having half of her body on the stool and the other half leaning into Parth’s chest. She gives out a big scream and holds the collar of his jacket really tight and hides herself into him. Her height was short but because she was half leaning on the stool, she could reach his chin. She had her eyes shut tight and Parth who was scared of her scream, had his right hand on her shoulder, holding her tight, as if assuring her that he would not let anything happen to her. His other hand was slowly moving towards her shoulder which would complete a hug for them, their first hug but it was disturbed but the director,

Director: Are you alright Niti ?

Niti immediately opens her eyes only to find herself clung to Parth’s chest like a baby, his tee shirt wet due to a few tears that escaped her eyes because of the fright. She raises her head to look up to him, still holding on to his jacket, tight. Parth looks at her concerned on finding tears in her eyes. He curses himself for giving her that pain, as it was because he lost control of the stool that she got so scared.

Everyone present on the location find things fishy, including Ayaz. All the others like Charlie, Veebha, Abhishek, Krissan, and Utkarsh were in the vanity and Ayaz had stayed back at the shoot location to keep an eye on the “friends”.

Ayaz thinks to himself, “when will these two realize ? I think I’ll have to take an initiative ! But I need some help. Let me call the others.” He then moves out to go and call the others.

Director: Niti, are you alright ? Are you hurt somewhere ?

Niti looks around to find the whole crew staring at the two of them. She takes another look at Parth and then quickly lets go of his jacket and pulling herself away from him. While she pulls herself, she again looses her balance and is about to fall when Parth holds her back and she again grips his jacket with her hands. But this time, she soon realizes the gazes on them and straightens herself.

Niti: (to the director) sorry sir. i’m fine now.

Director: Are you sure ? Or do you need a break ?

Niti: No I’m fine. Just want some water and then I’ll be fine.

Director: Okay.

They then continue and complete the part when Nandini climbs up on the stool safely holding Manik’s hand tight ! Next was the part when she had to fall due to which her dress would be torn and Manik would hold her in his arms, his hand touching her bare back.

They took a small break to tear the dress Niti had been wearing and then continued with the scene.

Director: Action !

Parth held her tight from the back and just when his hand touched her back, she turned crimson red and suddenly straightened herself coming out of the character as it made her quite nervous. Manik was still in a shocked state as to what had he felt on that touch. Her skin was so soft like velvety fur and it felt as if his hand might slip off from the silky smooth skin. Although both of them came out of their characters at that, the scene still came out really well as even Nandini and Manik had to be nervous at that scene.

Manik then removes his jacket which tenses Nandini as she is scared as to what might he be trying to do ? But he slowly extends the jacket towards her, not even facing her, respecting her situation.

Parth had also been feeling bad at the sequence as he did not like it that Niti had to reveal so much for the show. He knew it wasn’t much but he was still feeling possessive about her. He didn’t realise it but what he had been feeling was possessiveness for Niti.

Manik and Nandini then again end up in a fight as Nandini thinks it was all Manik’s plan to get her locked in with him. In all that heated argument, Manik hurts his hand which concerns Nandini and she realises her mistake. She then tears a piece of cloth covering the harmonium and moves towards him to tie it on the wound. Manik resists at first but then gives in to let her tie it. As soon as she starts tying the cloth on his hand, Ayaz and the others start giving a background music as instructed by Ayaz.

“Bhaiya mere rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana….”

Parth, Niti and all the other crew members look up at them confused and there’s just one person who is furiously looking at Ayaz, and that is Parth ! He gives him one tough look and Ayaz stops the singing. Not that he was scared but he realised, his work was done. What he saw on Parth’s face wasn’t anger for disturbing the scene, but anger for the wrong song. Had he sung, “tum hi ho…ab tum hi ho…meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho…” Parth might not have been so angry.

Ayaz, Charlie, Veebha, krissan, utkarsh and Abhishek move out of the location and go settle in the vanity. Parth and Niti finish off with the scene and move towards the vanity together to join the others for lunch. On the way, a concerned Parth asks,

Parth: Are you okay ? I mean that scene, falling from the stool and all, it must have been difficult for you.

Niti: (still wearing his jacket over her kurti) And for you too. I saw it in your eyes.Β 

Parth: Umm Yeah kind of..

Niti: I’m okay now.. It was just a scene and it’s alright.

Parth: You sure ?

Niti: (giving him a reassuring smile) Yes of course !

Both of them enter the vanity together and on seeing them, Charlie again starts singing,

“bhaiya mere raakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana…”

Ayaz and the others could not control themselves and they burst out laughing.Β 

Parth: Stop it yar guys ! It was just a scene..and a very different one than the type you are portraying it.

Ayaz: Umm why Parth ? Are you feeling bad about our interpretation of the scene ?Β 

Veebha: Okay okay.. End of jokes.. Come let’s have lunch..I’m so hungry !

All of them settle for having lunch accompanied by some more chit chat, teasing and fun..

Precap: Store room sequence continued… Pani increasing friendship..

Tomorrow: Manan ff.. Manan bike ride..


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Credit to: Medhavi thakkar


    • Medhavi

      Aww Megh thanks for those kind words..and thanks for commenting as well…:) love you too…

  1. Piya

    hey dear , i just couldn’t stop laughing at the scene where ayaz and other sang bhaiyaa mere rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana and love you ff dear .

  2. Devi

    You are awesome.. the way you write, we can relate it soo much and picturise it soo well… and ofcourse Ayaz rocks..

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    Really dii…….
    Apki taariiffff…….ke liye mere pass words nhi h……
    Amazing, mind-blowing, adorable, such apke samne bhut chote words lgte h……
    Apki ye “PANI” story mujhe kbhi kbhi parth or niti ki real life story lgti h……aisa lgta jaise un dono ye sb kuch real me experience kiya h…..or apne ye sb jaise apne samne hote dekha h……
    parth or niti ki situation hoo, ya ayaz ki masti……sb kuch ek dum real lgta h……jaise new frds jb ek dusre ki like karene lgte h……..or uspe jaise common frds leg pulling karte h…….
    It’s totally realistic……
    Ye padh ke kbhi lgta….hi nhi ki koi story h…..
    You r amazing dii……
    Love u…..
    Love pani……

    • Medhavi

      Kavyaaaa !!! you are such a sweetheart dear !! i love you so much !!!
      Your compliments make me blush at times ….
      and i’m glad you found it realistic because at the end of the day, what’s realistic and with what you feel related looks good….I just hope you keep enjoying both my stories and also any future work if i write something….
      what else should i say ?! I don’t have words to thank you dear !!! Really dil se, THANK YOU !!

  4. tabassum

    hi! medhavi todays part contains some concern,comedy,romance wow great the mixer of all these things is awesome like pani nervousness…ayaz song…niti smile…nice part…this part makes me laugh too much keep it up

    • Medhavi

      Hey tabassum….thanks dear !! Niti smiled because of Parth and I am smiling because of you ! thanks for taking some time to always leave a comment…that makes me feel connected to you ! because i really look forward to what all of you have to say about my work…:)
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    I strtd reading ur ffs lately and I love them…. the way you hv presented your plot and the way it is progressing is amazing! You hv a lot of talent girl! Kudos!

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      I wish I knew you.! Being passionate about writing myself I love reading other pieces of writing πŸ™‚

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        We do know each other dear…now that you have left a feedback on my work, you are my new friend now..So, even you write ? I would love to read something…even i love reading different stuff !

  7. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode, medhavi dearrrr you’re amazing. …I feel it’s all true n exactly happened during their shoot…you’re presenting it with very realistic that it made me watch the whole show on YouTube…and believe me I’m enjoying it more now as I’m getting the same feeling of PaNi nervousness, concerns, caring, eyelocks, smiles and ayaz’s intuitions…in the show also ayaz/cabir was the first one to know anything about manan or catch them in odd situation n here too he is the first one to know about pani “friendship”…bravoo…medhavi dearrrr, salute to your talent, you’re connecting all point together very brilliantly…thx for keeping pani n manan alive in our hearts forever. u soooooooo muchhhhhh for this…sorry for long comment…keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode of PaNi n MaNan….love you loads and very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Roma, first of all never say sorry for a long comment…you might think i’m selfish but i loooooveeeee to read long long comments….when i see a long comment on my story, i get a wiiiiideeee smile on my face even without reading it….so yes, i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart because you really make me very very very happy !!!! Ahaan so you saw the show again haan ? then i guess i am promoting the show even after it has ended…:P even i wish to see the show again but these days i don’t get much time…just when i get enough time, i am going to watch it all over again ! Can never get bored of it !! And yes i know in the show as well it was cabir who came to know first about manan and therefore i even thought of keeping something different here in my story but then i was missing ayaz badly !! and so i thought let it be a repeatation but i will keep it like that only that ayaz would come to know first… once again thank you so much for your precious comment….love you too !! *tight hug*

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Anu…that is a really big compliment dear…yes that is a dream ! hopefully someday !:)
      Thanks for commenting…:)

  8. This is sooooooo good……you write soo welll Your updates just make my day and are sooo good……All your descriptions ayaz and co singing bgaiya mere….just awesum…..luv u?? Medhavi di…

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey chandana thank youso much…i’m glad you enjoyed it so much…i promise to keep doing this….:)
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

      • Fathima

        Hey tell me y u named it as pani and what does it mean PS don’t mind coz I luv the story but I don’t understand the word pani mean n y u named it

    • Medhavi

      Hey Fathima, actually the story is named Pani after the two main characters of our story Parth and Niti which combine to make Pa-Ni..This is a name given to the duo by their fans…just the way we have derived ma-nan from manik and nandini…hope you got your answer…you can ask again if there is any confusion…:)

      • Fathima

        Thanks medhavi for telling I didn’t know did n at first I couldn’t watch kyy coz of my busy school schedule but den I found did written update site n den I started reading n even though before I couldn’t see kyy only at times I used to see but I am a crazy fan of manan n kyy n all the characters n u know wen I get time I day dream abt den n make situation n take it further

      • Medhavi Thakkar

        Hey Fathima, that is really surprising that you are an equal fan of kyy and manan as the others even though you’ve seen very less episodes and have only read them…that is the charm of this show and the characters…:) πŸ™‚ anyways to tell you a secret, even i day dream a lot…and these two ffs are a result of such day dreaming only…:P

  9. Pravni

    I really enjoy your story…. Infact it makes me feel good… I mean seriously u was missing kyy badly.. But wid dis pani ff I really feel too good.. Jus keep going… Love ur work.. ?????

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Yes pravni we all miss kyy very badly !! and this story and all other stories written by my other fellow friends is a compensation for that…:) thanks for commenting dear….you too make me feel good by this…

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    Sorry I was silent reader till now but I must really appreciate u you have very good thinking as well as writing skills
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    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Isha…thanks for commenting dear…it makes me very happy…and i’m glad you are enjoying my work…

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    Medhu. Huhh. Coz of u my tummy is aching. Dont worrg coz its coz of me laughin again like a lunatic XD no not “like” a lunatic i’ve become one lunatic! πŸ˜›
    like seriously.. What was this? Umm.. According to me full package! I laughed,blushed awed n evrythin.. Even cried.. Out of laughter XD cried matlab my eyes r teary.. Godd my tum is literally aching!! The song ws p-e-r-f-e-c-t !! I went completely mad wen i read “bhaiya mere rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana” rofl!! This ws my reaction to it!! And then wen i read that if ayaz would’ve sung tum hi ho instead of that bhaiya-behen song parth wouldn’t have been so angry.. This cracked my mind.. Like how do u nanage to amaze me each time widout fail??!! I srsly wont get my answer till this story ends!! But i toh wish n hope this story is never ending πŸ™‚ buddhi ho jau tab bhi i’ll remember this one fr sure!! MaNan ff bhi yaad rakhungi!!
    PaNi were fabulous!!! I just cant say how beautifully u’ve penned their thoughts!!! It ws so full of care, innocence, trust, respect n ofcourse love which they didn’t realize like our ayaz baba!! It was magical.. Enchanting and… Thoda suitable words bhi suggest kiya karo to appreciate medhuu!!! Words are less to depict how brilliantly u pen it down!!! And i swear.. I forget the offscreen drama wen i read this!!! I hate utkarsh fr wt he has done.. Fr calling my evr fav show FLOP.. Bt wen i read his name here i didnt even for a nanosecond think of d shitty drama!!! This is pure relaxation for me!! Thanks for it medhuu πŸ˜€
    and MaNan ff too ws awesome!!! I loved it so damn much!! Going all insane fr manan bike ride πŸ˜€ gud dat alya got drunk, manik came to kno bout mukbhi, manruv ws nice.. And i love this manik!! U kno to be honest, b4 u posted d previous ya usse pehle wala epi na where fab 5 asked manik that they’ll party at his place.. I used to think.. What if they somehow come to manik’s home?? What if they make manik take them to his house anyhow?? What will be their reaction after seeing that hugeee mansion.. After seeing the interiors and seeing the not the s*xy nerd manik is!!!????? All these thoughts just use to roam in my mind!!
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      So Plumpyyy, yes it took me a long time to reply to this comment but c’mon now what do you expect ?! Frankly I had been missing you…each time i used to check the page and your comment wasn’t there, i felt really incomplete…and then when i read these comments, i went crazy ! You said you were laughing so much on reading my update, and i was blushing so much reading your comment….and i love your blabbering so don’t think it was nonsense…it was heart touching….<3 and when you said you will remember this ff till you grow old, main to phuli nahin samaa rahi thi sach mein…kya bolu main ?? I love you Plumpyyy is all i can say…now your comments have become like a drug to me….
      and now what you said about bff and the comments made against it….i can completely relate to you….actually i haven't seen that show but have felt a mutual feeling on other occassions…and now after hearing so much from you about it, i think i will have to watch it whenever i get time….i just love to watch such shows that have so much and so good and realistic content in it….and now that i know your break time, i'll try and be online at that time so that i can give you a quick reply and maybe we could chat on for a while…;)
      and to answer your last question….my bday is 18th of August…when is urs ??
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        And idk how and why people love my blabbering?! After i blabber i feel like im born just for that! But yahan toh situation kuch aur hi hai.. All love me blabbering and im kinda against it!
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    I mean utkarsh called bff a flop show which is deffo wrong if asked its fans like me! I fight wid my mom n bro wen they speak ill bout bff toh yeh gupta kya yeh nalayak!! I go mad wen any1 speaks ill abt my fav shows.. Bt one advantage is ke my bro liked bff πŸ˜€ acha tha na wid all d stalking kidnapping murder.. U kno what i found similar in kyy last epi n bff parth’s last epi?? Kyy – manik said he has partial amnesia and for d treatment he has to go for denmark the next day. Bff – prithvi(parth) doesnt say dat he had cancer bt he said that he has to go to usa. Cancer treatment ws held in usa ws known in d last epi of d show.. And wen manik said bout it mukti instantly asked “kab jaa raha hai?” he replied “kal” and in bff his gf bt nt confessed their love to each other she asked “kab jaa rahe ho?” he replied “aaj” i ws like.. Yeh parth ke characters aise hi kyu end hote hai onscreen??? I so from d starting of d show didnt want parth’s character to hav any kind of disease or disorder bt mera tai tai phiss ho gaya! Huh. Now idk what crap i’ve written.. I always speak shit. I dont keep anythin in me wen i want to say it. So just spoke up. Hope u wont mind medhu πŸ™‚
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    N the way pani feels r growing day by day is so romantic….
    See as i say before again u made me speechless By ur script….
    Love u yarr

    • Medhavi

      To tell you the truth, I never knew i had good sense of humour but now that you all are liking the comic scenes as well, i guess i might be reasonably good in that…maybe…but whatever it is, your comments make me speechless….so all i can say is thank you so very much !!:)
      Love you !’

  14. Alifya

    Hey , medhavi if u dont mind i would like to suggest u something i thnk the way parth n niti are feeling for each other i mean starting of love is too early in between i would also like to see some cute fights betwn them too cuz that makes relationship more strong……….well thats what i feel bt if others thinks that the story is at rght track to i dont mind…….
    Cuz m to just speechless by seeing ur telent i m big fan ur…
    N sorry if i had hurt u cuz what i feel i just told u….lots of love

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      First of all Alifya, don’t say sorry…In fact i loved it that you gave a suggestion…and now to answer that…it is a really nice suggestion and i will definitely incorporate it…yes i will bring fights but not necessarily right now…because as of now they have become friends very recently na…till now they had been fighting only…so yes relationships aren’t that easy neither would this one be…but one thing is for sure…that i will give my 100% to try and entertain you…:) and once again thanks for the suggestion…do keep giving them in future as well…i love it…
      Love you !

  15. rosmi

    omg,finally I could not stop myself from commenting. like seriously I am speechless. what a story….. hats off to you

  16. rosmi

    omg,finally I could not stop myself from commenting. like seriously I am speechless. what a story….. hats off to you.I just could not stop laughing during reading the whole story…. keep it up and all the best for your future

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey rosmi thank you so much for commenting dear friend…it makes me feel happy to see that i could entertain you…

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    Wow. I am loving this track. Keep it up medhavi. N d way u r shaping d storyline, it’s amazing. Hats off to you.

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      hey thank you so much…i’m glad you like it…and btw if you don’t mind me asking, are you a doctor already ? I know it might sound a silly quetion given that your name says so, but i’m just confirming…if it’s true then that means you are so senior to me…and it feels even better to having been appreciated by a seior person…so thank you once again…:)

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    Hi medhavi
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    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Ankita thanks for taking time to comment with such kind words…i’m so glad you liked it…and yes i have taken up this job like many other friends of mine to keep manan alive in all our hearts…:)
      and yes you are right that many might be reading the story even though they don’t comment…but it’s just that it feels really nice to have someone speak up their feelings after reading your work…who doesn’t like to be appreciated if they deserve…? and in my case i toh even like to be criticised if i’m going wrong somewhere…but i have decided i won’t be forcing anyone to comment from now onwards…rather i would try and make my work much much much better so that people can’t resist from commenting…that is true achievement is what i have realized…sorry for blabbering so much…

  19. Ankita

    And one thing i forgot to say…
    No matter how much or how less the comments are just remember that we love both your stories and we read them everyday so don’t stop writing….
    Again thanx for both the stories πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    Amazing… Awsm u r such a writer.. It feels dat pani z a true story dat I can’t stop reading..luv u n ur writing.. Thanks for recreating da wonderful moments f ma an in an alternate way

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey kitz…thanks dear for taking time to comment….it means a great deal to me….it feels amazing to read such kind words….thanks for the appreciation and i will keep making you happy like this…:)

  21. Latha

    Hi medhavi
    I would say that your are doing an awesome job such a good creativity I was a silent reader but your creative skills need a big loud of applause so thanks for this creative story keep going
    Take care of your health keep spreading love

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Latha thanks dear for such a beautiful comment….i don’t think i’m doing such a great job but when i see you all appreciating, something in my heart lightens up and i get encouraged to write more and better…so thank you very much !!

  22. Alifya

    Aww that was so sweet of u n ya Relationships aren’t that Easy nether this would be cuz ths story owes to you and i know it would be definitely more awsmm as intersting then real one foe sure…cuz the way u express ur feelings and idea’s of fun through story are just mind-blowing…..and ya the way u reply each an every of us it seems like u r a perfect examples of bstfrnd…. I dont know u bt still m glad too be a part of ur lyf…#keepsmiling..#stay blss

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Alifya for those kind words….and yes i reply to each and every one because i feel i need to thank each and every person for taking time out of their busy schedule and reading my work….and whenever i read the comments, i just can’t stop myself from replying….it’s like a reflex action….and lastly, i would like to say that i am so glad that i could make so many new friends and that all of you have become an esential part of my life now…..:)

  23. Jeeny

    hey hi!..i’m ur silent reader. I have been reading all ur stories since 1st and all stories are awsm.

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Jeeny, thank you so much dear….:) i’m glad you liked it….:) and a special thanks for commenting and letting me know your feelings….:)

  24. Poornima

    I am one of ur silent readers…..
    Ur stories are really awesome and i haven’t missed even a single episode
    Both ur ffs are awesome

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.