Pani – a story we wish were true – part 34


Recap: Pani rehearsing script and Ayaz having a doubt on them.

After the shoot that day, again Parth is waiting in the vanity which leaves Ayaz confused !

Ayaz: umm Parth ! It seems like you don’t love your house anymore ?!

Parth: why ?

Ayaz: you really asking me why ? Well the answer is right in front of my eyes ! You are again sitting in the vanity after the pack up ! What’s wrong man ? You’re behaving quite weird since the last few days. And same is the case with Niti.

Parth: (startled on hearing her name) Niti ? What about her ? I mean why are you mentioning her ? What’s the matter ?

Ayaz: relax ! I know you two don’t like each other but that doesn’t mean you’ll react like that at the mere mention of her name ! I’m just saying that it seems like something is wrong with her as well.

Parth: umm…yeah whatever ! Okay then I’ll leave ! Bye ! See you tomorrow !

Ayaz’s doubt goes on becoming more clear with all these reactions from Parth. He simply waves him goodbye and follows him.

Niti is standing at the gate with her girlfriends waiting for the cab and leaves as soon as the cab arrives.

Ayaz is again waiting behind parth’s car at the same point he spotted the two together the other day. Few minutes later, a cab stops near parth’s car and Niti gets down from it. Again Parth convinces Niti to let him pay for her cab and they leave together in parth’s car. Ayaz follows them. On reaching niti’s place,

Niti: would you like to come up for some coffee ?

Parth: umm…okay…

After they park the car and move towards the elevator, Ayaz quietly follows them and waits near the elevator after they leave. He waits to check the floor where the elevator stops and soon finds the floor no. For Niti’s flat. He then reaches upstairs and waits a while before ringing the door bell.

Parth settles himself on the couch and Niti goes into the kitchen to prepare coffee. After about 5 minutes, the door bell rings which startles both Niti and parth but then they calm down thinking that it must be nothing to worry about. Niti comes out of the kitchen to open the door but Parth stops her saying that he would do that for her and she can go back to the kitchen.

On opening the door, Parth freezes at the sight that catches his eyes. It is as if a ghost had hypnotized him and had asked him not to move ! His face full of fright, eyes unable to blink ! Ayaz gives him a smirk and asks,

Ayaz: What’s up bro ? How come you’re here ?

Niti comes out of the kitchen to check who is her guest and even she freezes at the sight of Ayaz. Both Niti and Parth standing beside each other, look sideways to face one another and try to communicate through their eyes but Ayaz distracts them.

Ayaz: (shaking both of their shoulders) What’s up people ? Why are you two so scared ? Niti, won’t you welcome your guest ?

Niti: (stammering) Ye-ah..Ay-a-z…Pl-ea-s-e s-it…

Ayaz takes a place on the couch and indicates Parth to sit beside him. Parth closes the door, gives a sideways glance to Niti and then settles beside Ayaz.

Niti: I’ll just get some coffee.

As soon as she moves into the kitchen Ayaz starts his interrogation on Parth.

Ayaz: So Parth ! So this is the place you like more than your house these days ? Right ?

Parth: Ayaz, it’s nothing like that please man !

Ayaz: What please ?

Niti comes from the kitchen carrying a tray with 3 coffee mugs.

Ayaz: Oh that was so quick ! Oh okay you must have already started preparing right ? For Parth ? Your new friend…Or should i say your…

Niti: Please stop right there Ayaz! You wanna know the truth ? We’ll tell you ! But please don’t jump onto any conclusions by yourself. That’s a request.

Ayaz: Okay..I promise I won’t bother you guys. But at least tell me what is all this ? I mean Parth drops you home and then he’s sitting here and you’re preparing coffee for him. And on set, you behave as if you’re enemies !

Parth: Relax Ayaz.. We’ll tell you everything.

Both Niti and Parth then explain the whole situation to Ayaz, what is their plan, why are they behaving like that, and also clearly specify that they are just friends so that Ayaz won’t start off with his teasing session.

Ayaz: Hmm…So that is the case. But they why hide from us ?

Parth: I told you ! If we tell you guys, it will spread on the sets and there are so many people there. Someone might find out and leak our secret.

Ayaz: Alright ! But don’t you think you’re taking this too far ? As in just be normal !Just like we are all friends ! If it’s just friendship between the two of you then why hide ?

Niti: No Ayaz, we wish to hide. Would you support us o not ?

Ayaz: Of course I will ! Don’t worry ! Okay then I’ll take your leave. I have to go somewhere. I just came by to check on the fishy things you two had been doing.

Parth: Yeah even I’ll leave with you.

Ayaz: No ! You stay back with your friend !

Parth: No I have to leave.

Niti: But Ayaz, how did you find out about us ?

Ayaz: Now that is a long story and I don’t have time. But to tell you in short, you left some loopholes which i found !

Both Ayaz and Parth then leave. Ayaz notices the way Niti and Parth wave goodbye to each other. He soon realises that there is something more to this friendship that even they don’t realise. So, he decides to take up the mission.

Precap: Manan store room sequence. Pani story behind it.

Tomorrow: Manan ff. Manik to find out mukti’s secret.


Sorry for this short update friends. But the thing is I’m not well since the last few days and therefore could not write much. I hope you guys understand. I didn’t want to leave you all with no update at all so I tried and wrote this much.

Thank You !



Credit to: Medhavi Thakkar

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  1. Ohh…..
    Thank you yar……
    You not feeling well……still update it for us…’s really means a lot for me……
    Really thanx for this……
    You really too good……
    this update is really very entertaining…….
    Nd “GET WELL SOON”…..
    Love u….nd have a nice day…..

    1. Oh dear please don’t thank me so much…i really love to write and therefore could not control myself…also if i don’t update i badly miss your sweet feedbacks….thanks for your feedback and i will keep entertaining…:)
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  2. Heyy dear…
    Everything can wait…but first comes ur health…
    Ur updates are as always awesome!!!fantastic!!!
    U really bringout d scene well…
    N ur ideas n concepts are more den awesome!!!
    We loooove reading ur updates…but it can wait as u need to get well…if u want u can take a break u can…as if u r well n good only then..u can give us more fab updates…so take care n u too spread smiles like u always do..
    Love u loads..get well soon…

    1. Thank you so much hope for your wishes…and yes I am feeling much better now so will keep you all updated with such updates…hope you keep liking it…and thanks for giving your feedbacks very time…love you…:)
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  3. Wowwww dr ayaz too genious

    1. Hahaha i know right ?! 😉

  4. Medhu!! If u write being unwell na toh i’ll gift u somethin… Nandu punch!! Instead of taking rest u were writing?! Yeah its so sweet of u to think so but v cn wait na!! See v were waiting fr so many days to get ur update toh ek aue baar wait krna pade toh whats big?? Ur health comes first so take good care n dont write until ur alright!
    Now switch to d epi!
    Hahahahhahahahahhahahahaha…….. It was small kya? I didn’t know! Thnx medhu for mentioning it! I was busy laughing.. Kya kare.. U make me mad each time! Like seriously! If parth was chilled out in d last epi he ws scared here! Oh god! PaNi r sooooo cute!!! Agn.. Parth sayin her he’ll open d door… And now comes freezer!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaaahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahah i was laughin.. No no m still laughin at PaNi’s reaction.. Esp parth’s….. Im laughinnnnn…… Hahahahahahahahahaha ayaz is mad. Gud dat ayay knows d spark nw. Bt i want him to go slow. Bt y is he in hurry? Tc medhu.

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Plumpyy you don’t realise but your amazing feedbacks are no less than a gift yar ! And about writing while being unwell, actually writing these stories has become like a drug for me….I can’t just simply stop…actually since i was unwell i wasn’t getting many good ideas so i stopped at a short update…but i could not completely deny writing and posting…and to tell you, i’m much better now and working excitedly on other parts coming up in the future…hope you like them all…:) and btw i’m again smiling like a stupid reading your comment….I feel so happy yar that my stories entertain you all so much….thanks plumpyy for your continued supporrt….love you for that…:) And yeah i know Ayaz found out the things very soon but if you want me to go slow I’ll do that from now onwards…:) hope you like it….
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

    2. Medhavi Thakkar

      P.S. I forgot to mention…I read your comments today in office and my friend was sitting right in front of me and i could not stop smiling…she thought i was a lunatic that i’m staring at the screen and simply smiling …:P

  5. Omg its dammmmmmm cute epi yarrr, thnk u soooooooo much dear for these lovely updates…love u yarrr,n how’s u feeling now dear?? Did u take medicine?
    …plz dont stress ur self too much

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Alifya, you guys are part of my life now and you are really very very important….so don’t you ever think that you are not important….and yes i’m much much better now…especially after reading all these comments….love you !!:)
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

      1. Hmm..glad to know that u r feeling better now:) ya i love u too dear n kya kare ab tum itna mind-blowing work karti ho to i just can’t stop my self to thanku

  6. We r not more imp then ur health..
    Tc, stay blss,stay healthy..
    #keepsmiling alwyz

  7. hi medhavi!yes everyone is right you have to take some rest health is more important get well soon and its not short update…parth scared look wow its like unimaginable…pani freeze situation that also interesting…ayaz six sence its superb in short todays part superb don’t write any update till than you completely fine god bless you

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey tabassum thanks for your concern dear….you know i can’t stay unwell for so long when i have friends like you who care so much even though we don’t know each other in person…thanks friend….and i’m much better now…at the verge of complete recovery…so I won’t stop posting….:)
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  8. sujatha muthukannu

    Hi frnd, I miss ur story last few days just now I came to know that u r not well. Nd how u r now? R u alright?
    Take care yàar. As same as b4 I love to read every update of urs. Keep gng..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey sujatha…thanks dear, I’m much better now….almost recovered….i’m glad you like my story…keep reading, keep commenting and i promise to keep entertaining….:)
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  9. There was twistttt 🙂 🙂 I lovee itt!!!

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Hey zoey I’m glad you liked it…:)

  10. I dnt knw but may b m at fault still can u plz clarity it. In this part thus whole ayaz scene happened. But then u mentioned precap n tomorrow too. So this is confusing. Cz ye store room sequence abhi hua hi nhi . plz reply 🙁

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Hey akshaya ! In this part, as you saw Ayaz follows parth’s car and reaches niti’s place and catches them red handed over there…now, the precap is the store room sequence from the show. Where Manik and Nandini are locked in the store room for a very long time. Since the format of my story is such, I would be including many such scenes from the show and will show it behind the scenes as per my imagination…now tomorrow is about the other ff that I write named, “manan ff – unconditional love” and it is about that…it is not at all related to this ff…I hope I could clear your doubts…if not, feel free to ask again…please reply and let me know whether I could explain properly or not ?! Thanks !:)
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  11. every episode leaves me askin for more!! you are doing a great job grl………wow…..thank you!!

    1. Aww thank you so much Mona…:)
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  12. Awesome, marvellous episode, medhavi dearrrr take care sweetie. you loads and very very tight hug

    1. Thanks Roma…Love you too…:) and returning the tight hug…:)
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  13. guys plz upload the pani story quickly

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