Pani – a story we wish were true – part 33


Recap: Pani unofficial breakfast date.

After completing the breakfast, both of them leave from niti’s place together in parth’s car.

They follow the same routine as decided. Niti orders a cab near the shoot venue and parth was to drop her there. He is not ready to leave her alone till the cab arrives but Niti wants him to leave as she fears someone might spot them. And so did happen ! Both of them are arguing on the matter in the car when ayaz again passes by. He somehow had an intuition he might find them there and therefore decides to take that route, and well yes he was correct ! He spots parth’s car from a distance and stops right there to observe what happens. He is not able to see clearly but finds that there are two people sitting inside the car whom he assumes to be parth and niti.

After a lot of heated argument Niti had to give up and allow Parth to wait till her cab arrived, which was not a long time as the cab arrives within the next 3 minutes. Parth gives Niti a smile and she blushes while getting down from the car. That is when Ayaz is able to see her face and he was again correct as the other person was Niti Taylor ! He felt like he had won a big struggle ! He had solved the Pani mystery that had been going on in his head since last night. He then drives off and passes by niti’s cab. Niti is not able to notice the car but has an intuition that it was someone from her shoot. She immediately calls Parth who was still waiting at the same place as Niti had asked him to come after some time so that they don’t arrive at the same time.

Parth: (on picking up the call) missing me already ?

Niti: oh stop it Parth ! Did you see some car passing by ?

Parth: Niti this is a public road and so many cars have passed by since then.

Niti: no but did you see some familiar kind of car passing by ? I just saw one but did not notice it properly and I feel like it was a car belonging to someone from our shoot.

Parth: Niti ! Why do you press your brain so much ? Don’t worry it would be nothing. And even if it was then what is the problem ? That person would not have found us together. Don’t worry !

Niti: no but you don’t understand. Girls have intuitions and my intuition tells me that we are into trouble !

Parth: alright then even if we are, we will tackle it when it comes to us. For now just relax and don’t think too much ! And please, don’t look at everyone on set doubtfully or else of it was really someone who saw us together would be more sure. Just be cool with everyone just the way you always are.

Niti: okay. Fine then, I’ve reached. I’ll talk to you later. Bye !

And she quickly disconnects the call.

Ayaz is waiting in the parking itself near his car for any one of them to arrive and just then he spots Niti making the payment to the cab driver. He quickly runs to her and surprises her,

Ayaz: hello !

Niti: (turning to look at him immediately) oh hey ! You scared me !

Ayaz: oh is it ?

Niti: (talking to the driver) how much ?

Driver: 30 rs madam.

Ayaz: (giving surprised expression) oh wow Niti ! You get so much concession from cab drivers ?! That’s great yar !

Niti: umm no it’s not like that.. It’s just that..I …

Ayaz: you ? So you mean it’s not a concession? So then how come he took so less from you ?

Niti: actually I’ve come from a place nearby.

Ayaz: nearby ? But as far as I remember you stay quite far away.

Just then parth’s car enters the gate and goes towards the parking.

Ayaz: oh great even Parth is here now..

Niti: (scared) so ??

Ayaz: so ?? I’m just saying ! Even he is here.. So you were saying something. How come you have come from a place nearby ?

Niti: actually I had some work nearby and so I had come in another cab till there and then I took this cab.

Ayaz: (exaggerating surprise) ohhhhhhh !! Then that’s fine ! Come let’s go inside.

They start moving towards the vanities when they meet Parth near the parking.

Ayaz: hey Parth ! What’s up man ?

Parth: hey ! Good morning !

Ayaz: good morning..umm Parth won’t you wish Niti a good morning ? Oops ! I’m such a fool ! You two must have already wished each other right ?

Niti: what ? How ?? No !!

Ayaz: no ?? Okay…actually you didn’t wish each other that’s why I thought so.

Parth: no Ayaz it’s nothing like that. Come let’s get ready.

Niti enters the girls vanity and parth and Ayaz go to the boys vanity.

Even though the situation off screen had been improving between Pani, the manan scenario was still at fights and misunderstandings. The first scene for the day was one where 2 goons sent by aliya reach Nandini and Dhruv saves her. When the goons start beating Dhruv, Manik saves him. Nandini misunderstands the scenario to be like Manik being the culprit who sent the goons to her.

All of them get ready and dressed and reach the set location with their scripts. Since there was some time in the set being ready, both Parth and Niti excuse themselves from others to rehearse. Niti was now relaxed as nobody on set had asked them any further questions and she was therefore convinced that it was just her imagination that someone might have spotted them together.

15 minutes later, they were done with their rehearsal but they still had some time as the set was not yet ready, and also the guys playing the goons character were still rehearsing. But they decided to act in front of everyone that they are rehearsing and instead just stay away from all eyes and enjoy their personal friendship time without bringing the professionalism in between. They were chatting with each other with their scripts in their hands and glancing on the script time and again to make others believe that they are rehearsing. But someone found something fishy ! And it was none other than Ayaz ! He noticed quite a few times that Niti had been smiling but the scene was one where she had to be angry at Parth. He therefore knew that there was definitely something fishy, something that the two of them had been hiding.

Precap: Ayaz following parth’s car while he is going to drop Niti.

Tomorrow: manan ff. Harshad trying to be sweet and friendly with fab 5. Mukbhi track coming up..


hope you like it friends…waiting for your feedbacks ! Love you all !! Thank you !

#behappy #spreadsmiles

Credit to: Medhavi Thakkar

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  1. Awww.Sweet.Medhavi u nailed it again.Thank u so much yaar.Keep going.Keep entertaining us like this…

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Megh…and yes I will keep entertaining…:)
      #behappy # spreadsmiles

  2. Ayaz was dangerous man

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Ha Ha ! I agree, Hayathi…

  3. damnnnn….AYAZ STOP BEING A DETECTIVE…lolll loved it tho 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hehe…I’m glad you liked ….:)

      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  4. amazing medhavi

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you Piya !

  5. Sowwwiieeeeee medhuuuu!!!!!!!!! For not commenting on 2 epis!! 31 pe i tried many times bt this network evrytym crashed down!! I swear medhu.. I really tried to cmnt bt wenevr i came on dat page this network came as harshad.. I mean villain 😛 acha enough of my crap now.. Happiieee new year!!!
    When ayaz saw PaNi last night na.. I was ROFLing on him at his state!! I ws madd reading those lines!! Srsly any1 wud get shocked n it ws ayaz.. M agn laughin!!
    32.. Ahaaahh i lovvvveeee ittttt!!!!! Niti’s “first time” for PARTH !!! Woah! Awesome!! Super cute their unofficial breakfast date was! 😀 burnt parathasss… Hehe.. Sooo cute they are!!
    Now this 1.. Ayazzz….. Im laughin yet again!! Oh god m being a lunatic!! PaNi talkin sweetly and nxt moment fighting like cats n dogs.. Hahahaha… Im laughinn.. Confirmed. I’ve gone mad. 😀
    Oh oh! Niti was hell scared!! Ayazzz.. Man go slow! Parth is chilled out n niti is nervous!
    Haha this scene! ManRuv fight!! ManLya break up 😀 MaNan cats n dogs both onscreen n offscreen.. Hehe im mad. And PaNi rehearsing infront of all was hell crazy n idiotic!! People go idiotic in love 😛 as in starting na.. So being idiotic is awesome!! Lol idk wt m sayin.. Plz ignore medhu.. Waise ur stories hav made me mad.. U kno na i go literally crazy wen it comes to these 2 stories 🙂 excellent writer you are yaar!!
    Ayaz again!! BTW.. What were PaNi speaking dat made nandu smile???????
    Precap – yeh ayaz baba kuch galat ya unecessary cheez na dekh le!! 😛
    loved totally!! Love u medhu!!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey Plumpy please don’t be sorry yar !!!It’s okay….i completely understand…but I won’t lie….I do miss you whenever you are unable to comment…I do realize that there must have been some problem but still i miss you friend….because your comments are such i just looooooovvvvvveeeeeeeee to read them !!! You won’t believe I keep reading your comments more and more times !!!!you really make me so happy….
      Happy new year to you too deariee….:)
      Hahahaha I’m glad i could make you laugh so much…..Your laugh brings a smile on my face….:)
      Yup Pani breakfast date has been my fav so far….I tried to pen down exactly what i had imagined and i’m glad all of you could feel it with me…:)
      Plumpyyyy i can’t thank you enough girl !!!! You appreciate my work so well !!! I really don’t know whether i deserve such appreciation but when i get it i really feel sooooo goood…..I can’t describe it….All i can say is that on reading such comments i feel like, i want more such beautiful comments and for that i need to keep you all happy and i keep trying to do that…..I just hope and pray to god, i keep entertaining you all just the same way and even better…:)
      Thank you once again….:)
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

    2. Medhavi Thakkar

      Oh and Pani might be talking about the burnt parathas from breakfast that made Niti smile…:P

  6. just amazing!!!!!!!!! lovely writeup……keep up the good work yaar….

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thanks Mona !
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  7. Khehte h na….”jis chiz se hum sab se jada darte h wohi chize hum bar bar darrati rehti h….”
    same situation abhi pani ke sath h…..jitna woo apni is new frdship ko sab se chipana chahte h…..utna hi ayaz hone notice kar raha h….
    it’s totally mind blowing……
    It’s really entertaining…..
    Love u yar…..
    love pani…..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Yes Kavya you are absolutely correct ! Since they are trying to hide it, therefore Ayaz will soon find out…:) Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback….do feel free to give any suggestions….Love you !
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  8. firstly u told that Ayaz will also join their breakfirst in precap but that has not happened in episode ….

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey shweta I must have not put it correctly in words…what I meant was that somehow he will find them together…I did not mean at the breakfast itself…go ahead and read the next part for that…:) hope you enjoyed it….thanks for commenting….

  9. That was jst awesome !!! U r a amzing writter medhavi

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Sia…:)

      1. Actually am silent reader of ur stories n jst luv thmm ….. Keep it up babes !! U simply rock!

  10. hi medhavi! mujhe nahi laga tha ke pani argue karenge i mean the way they understand each other…anyways iss part mein ayaz ka detective mind bhoot chala but nice yaar

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey tabassum, you know it happens at times that you do understand each other very well but in certain circumstances your mind doesn’t work in a proper direction and therefore you might end up in an argument but such arguments are always short lived….:) I hope you didn’t dislike my work because of the argument…please feel free to comment further with suggestions…I would love to incorporate them…
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

      1. hi medhavi! your story is perfect itself no need any addition…i am just commenting saying my thoughts to you
        …don’t think like that…yes your right in every relation there is such a situation people lost there patience…but its not like that they argue bcoz they care for each other …and remember yaar your story is like example of perfection…so don’t every chang your story not even they argue incident…just always keep write like this its your unique style and we all like your story just the way you writing and be happy…god bless you… now your fine na

    2. Medhavi Thakkar

      Hey dear sorry i had missed out on this reply of yours…and yes thank you very much for having that respect towards my ideas….i really appreciate that ….and i’m so glad you like this angle of the story…perfection, i don’t agree because there are yet many more things to be improved upon in my work…but thanks for the compliment…and yes please do give any suggestions you find for both the stories…:)

  11. nice episode I liked it very much

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thank you!

  12. O wowwww, awesome episode…loved it very much. .plzzz ayaz don’t break their secret….I’m enjoying so much of this pani friendship. ..medhavi dearrrr you’re amazing. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thanks Roma…I can’t reveal much of it…but all i can say is whatever will happen will be for so much fun and entertainment…
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

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