Pani – a story we wish were true – part 32

2k15 might have been the best year for all the manan and kyy fans because we got such a beautiful show as Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan ! It was also full of downhills but we as a fandom were strong enough to survive it all !! I personally have never seen any other fandom as huge and as overwhelming as the fandom of kyy.

Really, KYY is the best thing that would have happened to all of us ! And now, the end of KYY is as sorrowful as it had been cheerful to have it with us. But friends, its time to be happy. Its a new year and new year would not mean we leave the old things behind in the old year. We will bring forward our love for KYY, manan and pani into this new year as well. We will cherish our love for the show and each and every one who had been a part of the show be it positive or negative. Soha, Harshad or Panditji might have been the evils, but its because of them we got so many manan moments ! So, we love them as well !

And, these stories will help us in completing our goal for the new year !

I wish all my friends a very very happy new year and wish you get all the happiness. Love you all so much ! Thank you so much for your support ! I really am out of words to thank you all so please forgive me if my thanks doesn’t sound really convincing.


Recap: Ayaz caught parth and niti together after shoot and found it fishy. Parth dropped niti home with a promise to see her at breakfast at her place the next day.

Niti thinking to herself, “Oh god ! Why can’t I sleep ?! I need to wake up early tomorrow morning and if I won’t sleep, how will I prepare breakfast tomorrow ? I really need to take some sleep.” She then shuts her eyes tight close and tries to go to sleep. But, as soon as she closes her eyes, she sees Parth and she instantly opens her eyes ! She tries to distract herself by playing candy crush on her ipad. While playing candy crush, when she wins a level and the odus does a happy dance (PS: odus is an owl in another world of candy crush that happily dances when you win a level), she remembers the happy and smiling face of Parth while they had been shooting that day. It was that face of him that had distracted her and due to which even she started smiling and laughing like an idiot, giving too many retakes ! She does not realise but while lost in her own world thinking about Parth’s smiling face, she falls asleep.

Both Parth and Niti have completed their breakfast and are still sitting on the dining table on chairs seated beside one another. Parth looks into her eyes and says softly,

Parth: The breakfast was amazing. You are a multi talented person Niti. I know I set the rules for no sorry and no thank you, but since you reminded me of home with this delicious breakfast, I need to break my own rule and say, Than…

He is interrupted by Niti’s finger placed on his mouth not allowing him to speak further. She then rises from her chair and moves closer to him. Her gaze not leaving his face and her finger still on his lips. She stands near him for a while, looks into his eyes, and then bends a little so that their faces are at the same level. She removes her finger from his lips and moves closer to brush her lips with his, softly at first and then growing wild.

Niti instantly wakes up from that dream and finds that she is sweating badly ! “What was that ?” she thinks to herself embarrassed at having got such a dream about Parth ! “He is just a friend ! Dreams can really be weird though !” She checks her phone to find it 5.30 am and decides to get out of the bed as she was definitely not going to be able to sleep peacefully after that dream!

She freshens up and is ready in her dark blue pair of jeans and a pink crop top. She had washed her hair and were therefore wet and lying loose on her shoulders all messy. Its only 6.30 when she is completely ready and there was still good 1.5 hours for her guest to arrive. She then starts browsing for some good dishes to be prepared for breakfast. She hadn’t been such a good cook but wanted to be really good at it today as it was the first time Parth would eat something made out of her hands. After a good 20 minutes of browsing over the internet, she finally decides on preparing something that would be quite homely since both of them were away from their families for such a long time. So, she decides on preparing aloo parathas and also have some bread, butter and jam along with it, and would offer coffee if he wishes to have it. “It is not going to be easy ! But i’ll manage somehow !” she thinks to herself and then starts preparing.

She keeps going through the instructions while preparing. She first prepares the dough which was the toughest part for her. Even when she used to visit her family in the holidays and if she would go to the kitchen to help her mom, this was the one thing she would always avoid, preparing the dough. But this time, it was ready, although it took quite some time but she managed it. It was 7.20 when she was done with the dough and the filling to be put inside the parathas.

“Okay Niti Taylor ! Just go for it and make the parathas ! It’s your exam and you need to nail it with an A+ grade !” she motivates herself and starts the preparation of parathas. The first one she prepares is not a round shaped, the next one gets burned completely, the third one is again burnt but less than the second , the fourth is again burnt but less than the third. This goes on till she makes 7 parathas and only the last one was a properly shaped and cooked. She decides she would give him the last two parathas and would herself take the burnt ones so that he does not find out the blunder she had made. But, she just hopes he would not ask for a third one. “I don’t think he would. I mean they won’t taste that good that he would ask for another.” By that time it was 7.45 and she starts placing everything on the dining table. She places the bowl containing the parathas in the centre with a large plate containing the bread, covered by a transparent lid. She placed the jam and butter containers along with the container of bread and then placed the kettle containing hot coffee. Coffee had been the easiest of all as it was something she used to prepare quite often for friends who would visit her.

After placing everything on the table she again goes to her room to take a final look at herself in the mirror. Her hair had dried by then and she tied them in a bun. Exactly at 8.00 am the door bell rang while she was standing in front of the mirror with her lipstick in her hand. She quickly re-applied the lipstick she already had in the morning and took another quick look at the mirror and on being satisfied that she looked appropriate, moved forward to open the door. Parth was about to ring the bell once again when she opened the door. Parth took one look at her from head to toe and said,

Parth: oh so I was wrong !

Niti: wrong about what ?

Parth: when you didn’t open the door for so long I concluded you might be still asleep and therefore was about to ring the door bell once again. But, I was wrong. Looking at you, one can easily conclude that you have been awake for quite a few hours now.

Niti blushes and makes way for him to enter.

Niti: (following him inside) please have a seat. I’ll just be back.

He gets seated on the couch and she rushes into the kitchen to get water. When she gets the glass of water, she finds him staring at the couch and smiling.

Niti: is it so beautiful ?

Parth looks up at her confused.

Niti: the couch. Is it so beautiful, you can’t take your eyes off it ?

Parth: it is indeed. But, do you remember that day when I came by to your place and we sat on this couch and chatted for such a long time.

Niti: ( lowering her lashes and giving a blushed smile) I do.

She then realises she still had the glass of water in her hands and offers it to him. He takes it from her and she moves into the kitchen once again. She then calls from there,

Niti: would you like to have breakfast now ?

Parth: (rising from the couch and moving towards her) yeah sure ! But first, can I just use the washroom ?

Niti: yes of course. (Indicating the way to the washroom) first door on the right.

Parth: thanks !

While he is in the washroom, she decides to serve the plates so that she can directly offer him the good parathas. She places the plates on the table and goes to the kitchen to get some ketchup. While she is in the kitchen, Parth comes and takes the seat having the plate with burnt parathas. As soon as she finds him sitting on the wrong side and looking at the burnt parathas, she comes towards him shouting,

Niti: No No wait ! That’s my place ! Just get up and take the next seat.

Parth is really confused at such a behaviour and takes a look at the chair next to him and then checks both the plates. He instantly realises what the matter was as the other plate had properly cooked parathas. He holds her hand and makes her sit beside him and says,

Parth: Food is food. Whether it is properly cooked or overcooked. Get that ?

Niti simply nods her head and Parth starts taking a bite from the burnt paratha in his plate when Niti interrupts him again.

Niti: (holding back his hand) No please ! Actually it was my first time. But these in this plate are perfect. Please have them.

Parth: (giving out a sigh) Fine lets do one thing, we will both share from these two parathas which according to you are perfect.

Niti agrees as she just did not want him to eat the burnt ones. As soon as Parth takes the first bite, he falls in love with it and exclaims,

Parth: Niti what is this thing ?

Niti: (confused and scared) What ?

Parth: These are yummilicious ! Now, please dont stop me because i am going to eat away even the burnt ones ! I can’t resist !

For a while Niti keeps staring at him while he enjoys the delicious parathas. Parth notices her gaze on him and takes a piece in his hand and squeezes it into her mouth. Niti is shocked at first at his action but then realises that the parathas were actually yummy. She feels proud about herself as this was something she had never expected to do. After finishing off with the parathas Niti pours parth a mug of coffee and goes into the kitchen to get bournvita milk for herself. When she comes out from the kitchen with the mug of milk parth starts laughing out loud at her kiddish habit,

Parth: (still laughing) oh my god Niti ! You’re such a baby !

Saying this he places his mug on the table and pulls her cheeks with both hands.

Parth: (while pulling her cheeks) and you even look like one with these chubby cheeks.

After pulling her cheeks for quite a few long seconds he finally lets go off her and starts having his coffee still giggling softly. Niti stares at him for a while and then looks away with a blush appearing on her face.

Precap: ayaz trying to reveal the secret Pani trying to hide.

Tomorrow: manan ff Harshad again trying to befriend Nandini.


Happy new year 2016 !

Forget the past, live for the future. So what if kyy has come to an end ? “Pani – a story we wish were true” and “manan ff – unconditional love” hasn’t ! We will never let the sizzling hot chemistry of manan and Pani die ! We will keep them alive with these stories. But for that friends I only need one thing and that is your support ! Believe it or not friends, your lovely comments motivate me to write more and better. To tell you the truth, before writing a new part I re-read some of your comments on my old parts and that really motivates me further !

And friends I would just wish that this new year brings lots and lots of happiness for each and every one of you !! Since you make me happy, I would wish that even you all remain happy always !! Thank you so much for making my year 2015 a memorable one and I promise I will make 2016 a memorable one for all of you !

Love you all !


Credit to: Medhavi thakkar


  1. sona

    hey.. happy new year,,its been little different now..the last week much talked scandal of whtsapp n the legal notice from parth to vikas shudnt hav happened that way,dont know who is true..but what happened ruined something

    • Medhavi thakkar

      Hey sona I completely agree with you…all of it was really disturbing…but I believe let’s just leave it to the people actually involved to sort it out. It would be better, I believe, if we leave it untouched…and such things keep happening in this industry but real talent would never be outlooked so we don’t need to worry…our Parth Samthaan has been doing great work and would definitely continue doing so…

  2. Hayathi

    Oh god finally tu walon ne accept kiya yaar… i am feelimg so boring these days thank u guys….. parth was so cool… oh no ayaz dont reveal na

    • Medhavi thakkar

      I know right ?! Even I’m really thankful to TU that they finally accepted…you know I had been checking the page since morning to see if they had started and as soon as they did, I submitted my updates cuz I could not keep my friends waiting for so long !

  3. kavya

    Thank u, thank u, thank u,……
    For this amazing come back……
    Kyy ke khatam hone ke bdh ab, “pani” or “manan” ff ki importance or bhi jada bdhe gyi h humari life me……
    Plz yar……ise bar apne bhut lamba intzaar karwaya……
    Soo plz next time se ise thoda jaldi past kar de na…..
    Love u
    Love pani…..
    Plz this ff…..

    • Medhavi thakkar

      I’m really sorry dear…I know you had to wait too long…but trust me if I knew TU would go on a holiday after 31st, I would have tried and avoided my break from 26th to 31st…next time pakka I won’t let you wait so much….you just please keep supporting by way of the wonderful comments !! I just looooovvveeee to read them all !! Love you !?

  4. Megh

    Thanks medhavi for ur lovely ff.This is exactly the same way how i expected parth and niti to b in their real lyf.I just read ur ff only today and became an instant fan to it..I can really imagine the scenes when u wrote the update.Please keep us updating with this ff everyday as this is the only hope and remembrance of kyy I have now.Thanks a lot

    • Medhavi thakkar

      Aww dear I’m glad I could live up to your expectations….thanks for your lovely feedback…

  5. tabassum

    happy new year aaj without
    kyy monday hai but tumhari yeh story padh kar kyy ho jaane ka gham kam hua,your story is best like kyy,i like to read your story and i actually imagine your story characters its beautiful story and todays story part is awesome the way your writing the story is too good so keep it up

    • Thank you dear !! This is a really big compliment…yes we all miss kyy but we won’t let it die so soon….these fan fictions written by me as well as all my other friends will keep kyy alive forever !

  6. urMi

    hi dear ,ur ff is awesome…update d next 1 soon…

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  7. bhagi

    Happy new year. And of course we would not miss pani or manan with all these fanfictions especially your’s. You are such a great writer and we will always support you. Long live manan and long live kyy. Love you loads MT

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      sorry dear you had to wait so much…circumstances were such, i was really helpless ! But i won’t let this happen again…:)

  8. tabassum

    hi medhavi!just now i saw your reply to mine 30 part comment,you asked me about feelings,feelings like niti break up pain,parth trust issue,pani concern about each other and how pani firstly fighted but after some time they understand each other that is very important thing in every relation we have to understand individual persons according to them point of view and also parth take care of niti when she is in pain according to your story,these things i liked very much i hope you understand what i wanted to say so,thanks for writing such a beautiful story.

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      yes dear i understand what you said…I agree with you that these small things really work wonders in any relation…thanks fro sharing your feelings friend…

  9. Saveetha

    Hi Medhavi, kudos?. superb story line, seriously it’s awesome, easily am able to visualize all the scenes. Once I finish reading your step I feel like I ve been watching it rather reading. As kyy is over now hereafter ur stories are going to make us happy by reminding Manan. And I wish ur story should b made as a serial again wid Manan. Be proud of ur imagination skills.

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much Saveetha…I just love such feedbacks from all of you !! You really bring a huge smile on my face ! I would love to take such an opportunity to make it a show but we all know its not possible…So, i’m just happy with this small scale response ! Which for me, is nothing less ! Love you !

  10. Joe

    Happy new year
    Thnk u so much fr such a lovely update thu ne so much wait kar vaya but its kk
    Update was so cool

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Yes I know you had to wait and I’m sorry about that…I’m glad you liked it…:)

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Yes dear today’s update was ready and submitted in the morning itself but it took quite some time to get published. Now, it is published and you can go ahead and read it…waiting for your feedback on that as well..:)
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  11. Sathya

    Can’t believe ky2 is ended
    U wer the only hope and ur back,After reading this update na I’m feeling little better than before
    Thank u soooo muchhh……..??

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww dear I’m so happy my update helped you. I know I can’t replace the charm of Kyy but it’s good to know that I can at least reach somewhere near it…:) thank you for your lovely response !
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  12. leena

    Hi medhavi I have been a grt fan of man an n even had ever left an episode of kyy whether season one or two.I wish u could recreate the magic with pani too.hope I wish I will again enjoy that lovely serial with all well done in each roll and each character. Keep writing I wish fan like mine will again like to see manan magic recreated by u.
    Happy new year n lo us is wishes for Future

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Yes dear that is my goal..actually when I started writing this ff I had never imagined it would stop like this but still my story was to shape up like this that we don’t have kyy we can still relive it through all these amazing fffs written by all my friends…and for my story, you can tell me which scenes from season 1 as of now were your favourites and I would recreate them in the pani version..I would love it if you would give your suggestions…:)
      #behappy #spreadsmiles

  13. Megh

    Medhavi please don’t make us wait too much na,if possible can u update daily, at least to get over the feel that kyy ended,and u r my sole hope

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Yes dear I understand your curiousness and i do upload daily except for sundays…my schedule is Monday, Wednesday and friday, pani ff and tuesday, thursday and saturday, manan ff…But it sometimes takes longer to get published here on telly updates otherwise i do submit it daily…sorry for the inconvinience caused…

  14. Roma

    Awesome, marvellous, lovely episode. ..happy new year to alllllllllll my deariiiiiiieeess, muaaaaahhhhhh. you loads

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