Pani – a story we wish were true – part 30


Recap: parth gives niti his explanation for not wanting to reveal their friendship to the world. Veebha helps niti make her decision.

On coming out of the vanity niti meets Charlie who seems to be disturbed. She notices that and asks her,

Niti: hey Charlie what’s wrong?

Charlie: nothing I’ll speak to you later.

She starts moving but niti stops her.

Niti: no. You talk to me right now. Tell me what’s wrong?

Charlie: I don’t know man! I’m just too pissed off! Me and Amar, we do not get time to spend with each other alone. Like it’s been ages since we spent, quality time outside of our house without any media. I don’t know how they always come to know of our whereabouts and reach there for our personal time coverage. And because of this shoot we can’t even escape out of the city. And within the city they have their detectives all over. Both of us are irritated at this and this morning we ended up in a fight!

Niti: so does that mean you wish you never told the media about your relationship?

Charlie: of course! And not only about my relationship with Amar, I would have wanted not to reveal any of my friends as well. You know when they have nothing else to do they would come up with some rumour that I’m dating someone else just because I am spotted with some other friend of mine who is a guy! I mean it’s not like that but they would never understand!

This leaves niti giving parth’s explanation a thought. Charlie’s phone rings and she excuses herself to the vanity and niti moves towards the set.

The whole day at shoot, she gives no answer to parth nor does she even look into his direction. She simply works paying no attention to parth, as if being pure professional. Parth is really confused at her behaviour at first but then concludes that she is really angry at him and has therefore decided to maintain some distance from him.

Later that evening, while parth is sitting and thinking about the whole day’s incidents, his phone rings and he picks it up without checking the caller id.

Parth: hello!

Niti: (happily) hey friend!

Parth is suddenly confused on hearing niti’s voice and immediately checks the caller ID to confirm. On being satisfied that he has not been dreaming, he keeps the phone at his ear and speaks up,

Parth: how come you called?

Niti: what do you mean by how come? One friend can call another friend right?

Parth: friend?

Niti: yeah! Friends! You and me..

Parth: but you were so different on set today and you seemed to be so…

Niti: so professional?! That’s what you said we would do right?

Parth: (still confused) but… I don’t understand!

Niti: okay let me explain. Look I thought about it and concluded that you were correct. We should really not reveal our friendship to everyone. And besides, having this secret kind of friendship is really fun! Like being pure professionals on set and then after shoot being friends, away from all other eyes!

Parth: (playfully) oh! So is that your plan? But what if I reveal your little secret to the media? And what if I add something more to it like, the two of you seem to be dating!

Niti: (dramatically) omg!! That would be disastrous for my career!! Please please don’t do that to me please I beg of you!

Both of them start laughing out loud at that!

Parth: but how did you change your mind? I did not expect this seriously!

Niti: don’t you lie! You definitely expected this!

Parth: not really expected but yes I wished this would happen.

Niti: and it did! Actually at first I was really confused as to what should I do but then I got few hints here and there that made me believe that I should definitely go for it!

Parth: that’s great! But don’t you find it funny as in remember the time we first met? How we used to end up fighting each time we came across each other?!

Niti: I know right! We were both really stupid and stubborn!

Parth: please don’t drag me into it. You were stupid, actually you still are!

Niti: oh really then why did you make this stupid person your friend?

Parth: that’s because I really like stupid people!

Niti: that’s because you are stupid!

They keep chatting for some more time and then fall asleep with a promise to meet next morning being pure professionals!

This went on for few more days and then one fine day it was as if their secret was to be revealed!

They had a scene where manik has gone to nandini’s house late night to discuss about dhruv and rishab’s attacks and their problems. (refer episode 21) nandini does not open the door for him and manik gets really angry and the two of them start fighting. Now that was the actual scene they had to perform, they had to be angry and mad at each other but what exactly did they end up into?

As soon as nandini opened the door she found manik standing there and had to be mad at him but as soon as niti saw parth she started smiling and even parth responded with a grin..

Director: cut!! Why are you two smiling? You need to be angry! C’mon let’s take it once again !

They give another take but once again they start laughing on seeing each other. This went on for several takes and even they were confused as to what was really wrong with them? But they could not control the original friends from coming out of the professional co-actors!

After several takes they finish off with that scene but everyone on set is confused at the sudden change in the professional couple’s behavior. Few others like ayaz, Charlie and utkarsh who were present on set were also suspicious about the blunder.

Precap: would ayaz find out the secret parth and niti are trying to hide? Would parth and niti be able to convince him against it?

Tomorrow: manan ff, would nandini find out manik’s true intentions? How would she react? What all drama would happen at the friendship day party?


Friends I know it is a small update but I’ll try to keep the next one much longer. Till then please keep supporting and commenting. I really love to read all those comments.

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Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  4. First of all, congrats! You complete 30 episode of “PANI”.
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  5. Wow dats was sooooo cute….hiding ur friendship wid everyone n pretend as if pure professionals…. Was awesome….I think cabir will b d 1St one to find dis fishy things

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  12. Uma Maheswari

    Short and sweet update

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  13. Loved it totally!!! Like.. How do u always manage to amaze me??!!! PaNi and their idiotic convo.. No no.. Stupid convo.. Oh gosh! Loved it medhu!!! Charlie was one perfect medium through which nandu’s confusion would clear up! Great job medhuu!! 🙂
    oh dear! Loved their “stupid” smiling session!! They laughed also!!?? Shit! Mad people! Hence we are mad too 😛
    Ayaz… Anything can happen!
    Sorry for not commenting on manan ff.. Hav got guests at home.. But i guess nandu would’ve heard all of it… Eager to read further.. Loved both of it.

    1. Oh plumpy actually i need to ask you how do you manage to amaze me with your feedbacks on every part and that too soooo sweet feedbacks ! Love you for it…and please dont be sorry for not commenting i can totally understand…:)
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  15. first time i am commenting i readed your whole story it was superb if i want chose between kyy and your story i will definitely chose your story how can you narrate so beautifully wow i like it plz continue,after kyy your story gonna give me the feeling of deep emotions about friendship and the happiness so,carry on.

    1. Oh hey new friend ! I’m glad you commented and let me know about your feelings…thank you so much…and yes dont worry even though kyy has come to an end, this story wont…i will keep entertaining all of you till i can and till i keep getting such lovely feedbacks !:)
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