Pani – a story we wish were true – part 29


Recap: parth enters niti’s house bollywood style and takes care of her sprained leg. Next morning niti finds out that it had been parth due to which her leg was completely alright. They meet on set.

Parth: niti you can’t do this to me! Please give me one chance to explain!

Niti: (turns around to face him) what would you explain? What explanation do you have for what you did yesterday?

Parth: can we get inside the vanity and then sit and talk about it?

Niti gives a sigh and then goes into the vanity, parth follows her.

Parth: first of all, I really want to know if your leg is fine?

Niti: (angrily) yes of course it’s fine. You took care of it so well last night.

Parth feels embarrassed at having been caught and bends his head low in front of her.

Niti: you got me here to give some explanation.

Parth: yeah!  Niti listen I know I have hurt you a lot but I apologize for it from the bottom of my heart.

Niti: (with a blank face) what is your explanation?

Parth: look both of us have been in this industry for a very long time and we know how it is with the media and public. They literally stalk our lives once we get on their minds with our performances. And this show, it is a big break for both of us. I just don’t want the public to go all ga-ga over parth and niti. We need to promote manik and nandini, that is what we are here for. And then once they know about us, the speed with which the Fandom of this show has been increasing, our personal lives won’t be ours anymore. Even if you and me would be just hanging around as friends, there would be several rumours about you and me dating. All these things might even turn out bad for our careers and for our personal life privacy. See I know we have had so many problems in the beginning with each other and it took us quite a long time to adjust with each other. And now that we have succeeded, I can see we were becoming really good friends until yesterday when I screwed it up.

Niti: is that it?

Parth: no, there’s more.

Niti: you have got only 15 minutes till the others start arriving.

Parth: look niti, I know it has been a very short time that we have known each other but in this short span of time, I feel like we have connected as if it’s been ages knowing each other. I don’t know what is that energy I feel when I’m around you and when we are doing good with each other. Being friends with you, not fighting with you makes me feel happy and enthusiastic. I just don’t want to end this new friendship so soon and I just don’t want the world to know what is going on between us.

Niti: so that your “image” stays intact right?

Parth: it’s not about image niti. It’s about our privacy.

Niti: then tell me one thing, why were you hiding yours and disha’s relationship?

Parth: because I was not really confident about that relationship. Niti I have already told you what went wrong between us. That had been going on for a very long time before it all ended. And I did not reveal it in the media because c’mon, who would want to become a laughing stock for the public. Once people would have known that me and disha are dating they would start following us everywhere and then when it would get over like it did, there would be a lot of gossip in the market. Nobody would try to know the real reason and respect our privacy. I just wanted to wait for the right time. And whenever I find that the right time has arrived for any such situation with any person, I won’t hesitate to share it with the world.

Niti keeps looking into his eyes all this while.

Parth: so that is what I wanted to tell you. I wanted to discuss this before that interview so that you don’t feel betrayed suddenly, which obviously you did but I just didn’t get a chance. So once again, I’m really sorry for whatever I did that hurt you. I just don’t want to let go of this friendship but I also don’t want the world to know about this little secret. And now I leave it up to you. If you still wish to stay away, I won’t bother you anymore.

Niti keeps looking at him for some more time and then leaves the vanity.

Parth realises, it had been the first time he had behaved like that with someone. He never believed in apologising so much. He always had that male ego to never apologise too much. With others, even if he was at fault, he would try once or twice to sort it out but then simply give up and won’t care. But this girl was something! She made him go crazy over this apology. He actually wanted to apologize because he knew he was at fault and he did want to try and work out the friendship. He had expected she would forgive him after so many efforts but she just walked out of the vanity which depressed him but he was also aware about his fault and so wanted to respect any decision she would make.

Niti comes out of the vanity, parth’s words still revolving in her mind. She is not in a state to make any decision. Somehow she did understand what he said and wanted to forgive him, but on the other hand her beliefs were completely opposite to his and that stopped her from forgiving him. She believed that there is no harm in hiding something that you believe is correct. She had always lived on the principal that do only those things which your heart believes are true and correct and one would never hide such things from the world. But then she also understood his point of view, the media would actually stalk them. But that was alright for her, because the celebrities could always keep their inner doors closed. They would have an option whether to reveal something to the whole world or not. She was feeling really confused and was not in a state to decide anything.

Parth came out of the vanity and saw her sitting on a chair outside, lost in some thoughts. Her face was blank, without any expressions and she was staring at a wall in front of her and thinking. He wanted to talk to her but decided she needed some time alone to digest all his talks. She might need a girlfriend, he thought. He quickly took his phone and called veebha, her best friend with whom niti could share her feelings.

Veebha: hello!

Parth: hey veebha it’s me parth. What time are you reaching the shoot?

Veebha: I have a half day today parth. So I’ll be reaching around 1.30.

Parth: 1.30? That will be too late. Can you please come right now if you do not have anything important?

Veebha: why? What happened?

Parth: actually I think niti needs you. She seems to be a bit disturbed and I guess she could share it with you as you two are best friends.

Veebha: oh! Okay then I’ll reach in 1 hour.

Parth: thanks!

Within the next few minutes the others start arriving and start getting dressed as their characters. Niti is the last one to get dressed as the fab 5 had a scene to be shot first and therefore, they were being adorned first.

Niti is waiting for her call for shoot in her vanity when veebha arrives.

Veebha: niti! Hey how are you?

She gives her a tight hug which was definitely needed by niti. She responds back with equal need which makes veebha aware of her situation. Without breaking the hug, veebha asks,

Veebha: niti, what’s wrong? Please don’t tell me it’s nothing because I know you really well.

Niti: I’m really confused veebha. I don’t know what to do?!

Veebha breaks the hug and looks at her,

Veebha: what is it? Tell me? We will work out something.

Niti then explains to her the whole situation, from the interview to the care parth had given to her leg the other night to all the discussion  they had had in the morning.

Veebha: look niti, I can definitely help you but this has to be your own decision. You need to find out what is more important to you, a friendship or the media?

Niti: no veebha you don’t understand. It’s not like revealing to the media is my agenda. But I just feel, why not reveal?

Veebha: but why reveal?? Look I understand your point of view but then accepting his point of view is not bad either. Tell me one thing, do you love him?

Niti: what??! No!!!

Veebha: right! So now if you reveal your friendship, people will definitely turn it into a relationship somehow. I agree with parth at that. Why give the audience hints about something that is just not happening? See for now the audience won’t look at the two of you as parth and niti but they will look at you more as manik and nandini and hence these problems would occur.

Niti thinks about it for a while and then gives out a “fine I give up” sigh!

Niti: I think you are right. So should I give this friendship a chance?

Veebha: of course! I have seen it niti how happy this friendship makes you, and I would suggest don’t let go of this friend.

Niti: (smiles) I won’t!

Spot dada comes in the vanity to call niti for a manik nandini scene. Niti gives veebha a hug and then leaves.

Precap: new blunders in manik nandini scene. Manik nandini need to fight but these new found friends can’t stop smiling at each other.

Tomorrow: manan ff. Friendship Day party at nandini’s place. Chacha chachi meet manik. How will they react? Would nandini find out manik’s truth?


Yes friends things are finally coming on track! Let’s see how does this “friendship” go about? Or is it something other than friendship that these two do not understand? Stay tuned to find out..

Manan ff coming up tomorrow.

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Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. Oh dear! This is again a mistake! It is part 29…sorry friends!

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  5. Hai medhavi….. Your both stories were awesome. I dont know how to express my happiness bcoz when ever i watch s kyy if situation like dis tho aach hain nah… But when ur showing in dat way i feel very happy, in one hour i read all upadets of ur story
    Thnk u so much such lovely update

    1. Aww dear don’t thank me.. Instead I should thank you for your lovely feedback… Thank you.. ?

  6. Wow precap z awesome yar…m jus waiting for nxt pani episode… N yea niti thanks for giving him a chance…luv u pani….specially u mehdavi thanks a ton yar… Coz of u v got a superb n soo romantic story to read not only to read actually to visualize…it’s bcm damn interesting now..even ua manan ff…marvellous job…luv u loads for dis????

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  12. I really really liked this update, of course something written by u cant go wrong ?. And yeah thanks for replying for my comment,that’s so nice of u to reply everyone separately ?.
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    1. Hey dear I need to reply to all of you because all of you are my friends…and I can’t be bias towards any of you… Each and every one of you make me so happy with your comments… So I can’t stop myself from replying.. And it’s okay if you asked about my studies. . ? I’m doing CA final…

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    Parth having d male ego n all!!!
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  17. Okay so im gonna type almost what i typed then.
    Yayyiieeee!! Im flashing my 32 teeth! Hehe im smiling ear-to-ear !! This is my favorite episode so far!! Love it soooooo much!!! Oh gosh! Medhuu!! I just cant say how beautifully you’ve penned this epi!!!!??? Im so much in love with this epi!!! Im going all crazy and insane after watching this epi!! Insanity at its height 😛 . Love you so damn much for this epi medhuu!!
    Parth!!! You rock man!! Niti was completely blank by his talk! Loved how you portrayed her state of mind! I agree with parth! He’s right coz if they’d reveal that they’re friends, the mad fandom would surely assume that they’re in a relationship! That was very practical of parth! Love you so damn much man!! Niti’s actually driving him crazy! My god! Parth had never spoke this much!! And im loving this new parth!! Awe that was so sweet of parth to call vibha so that niti could share everything with her!! I so loved vibha – niti convo!! Vibha is indeed a true friend! And now comes the crazy precap!! Oh man! I was laughing like a lunatic after watching the precap!! MaNan gotta fight and PaNi, they could’ve atleast held a serious face! But no! These are smiling like idiots!! Im lovin’ this new “friendship” of these 2 new “friends” !! Loved how parth explained everything too.. Especially his priority for friendship! It really touched me! Niti’s reactions were totally justified! Freakin’ awesome epi!!
    Loved it so much!! Love you medhu for this marvellous epi!!! Kudos to you!!!
    MaNan FF! Some more hours to go! I hope those hours pass soon! Very soon! And you know this thought was lingering in my mind when parth was explaining to niti.. What if what you wrote is actually, fortunately, real ?!

    1. Okay so this reply has taken longer than usual because plumpy you left me speechless with that huge detailed comment!! Aww dear I love you so much… That was so sweet of you… And that too you typed it all twice… I’m really blessed to have found you as a new friend who appreciates my work so much… And yes parth’s explanation had to be justifiable because that is exactly what happened in the real world. People did fall for the two of them madly!! Howsoever pani shipping is also fun but this is just a part of my story… My attempt to try and understand that inside story, the emotions… I’m so glad you liked it. What else should I say?! Thank you very much!! And keep supporting but also concentrate on your studies… All the best! ?


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  21. Uma Maheswari

    Really superb… Nice episode. For every true relation, we should give up our ego. This is what part did. Good job Medhavi

    1. Yes dear ego is something which can ruin a relation… So sooner or later one has to give it up… ?

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