Pani – a story we wish were true – part 27

Recap: Pani new growing friendship.

Niti and veebha reach the shoot venue together and as soon as Niti reaches, spot dada comes to her and informs her that they have a Pani interview in 1 hour and so she needed to get dressed fast. On hearing the news, she was quite excited as it would be the first time they would behave normally with each other on set and that too for an interview. She started deciding about what and how to say in the interview. It should not seem too much of their friendship as it’s just the beginning but it should also not seem very pale. Their fans would want to know about their relationship off screen and now that they are friends there is no harm in revealing it. She was really excited about all of it ! She quickly went to her vanity to get dressed as Nandini murthy.

On the other hand when parth was told about the interview it seemed like he was all prepared and did not need to think about it so much ! He got dressed as Manik malhotra and reached for the shoot. He saw Niti from a distance, she seemed all chirpy and laughing her heart out in conversation with someone. He could not see the person she seemed to be so happy with. It must be her best friend Veebha I suppose, he thought to himself, or maybe ayaz, he knows just how to cheer up someone. He might be trying to cheer her up so that she would not think about the pain in her leg. He took a look at her leg which still had the bandage on. I wish she gets rid of this pain fast ! He is looking at her from a distance when ayaz and veebha come up to him.

Ayaz: (patting on his shoulder) sup man ?

Parth instantly looks at ayaz and veebha standing beside him and is confused as to who might it be with whom Niti seems to be so happy ? Ayaz and veebha are surprised to see his changing expressions.

Veebha: what happened parth ? Don’t worry we won’t ask you again about last night. We understand it would be really personal for you to share it with us. (Giggles)

Parth does not respond and moves forward to take a look at the person with whom Niti had been chatting all this while, seeming too happy and cheerful ! He reached her only to find that she was sitting with utkarsh which made him really furious ! Niti looked up to find him standing before her and gave him a shy smile but parth did not respond. He was boiling with anger inside and just moved away towards his vanity.

Once in the vanity he started thinking as to why was utkarsh and niti’s friendship affecting him so much ? Utkarsh was his best buddy on set yet he did not like him or rather he hated him when he was too close to niti. He realises his behaviour is not appropriate and decides to stay calm. Just then utkarsh comes in,

Utkarsh: hey buddy ! What’s wrong ? Why did you come in like that ?

Parth: nothing. I just left my phone here and came to take it. Come let’s go.

They move out of the vanity and join the others who are discussing about the party last night.

Charlie: so, niti when and how did you come to know that the “beautiful house” you had been praising was of parth and not ayaz ?

Niti: after all of you fell asleep.

Krissan: and how did you come to know.

Niti did not wish to describe the whole incident to them and she was saved by the directors call for a fab 5 scene and everyone except herself and veebha had to leave. Charlie moved with a puppy face as she was in no mood to work that morning and was still in that party mood !

Veebha: as of now director sir saved you ! What will you do later ?

Niti: I really don’t know ! But I just don’t feel like sharing it with all of them. I mean they are my friends and I don’t mind sharing my feelings with them but not this time. I feel
Like those moments last night belonged only to us and I don’t want to give them away to anyone else !

Veebha: I see ! Okay then I’ll make sure nobody asks you any questions further.

Niti: really ? Thanks Veebha ! You’re a darling !

During the lunch break, all of them are having their lunch together and parth and niti are sharing secret glances at each other without letting the others find out. Parth is asking her through his eyes if the pain in her leg was alright and she is responding with her eyes that she is fine all thanks to his care last night.

Spot dada came in during that time to call parth and niti for their off screen interview. They excuse themselves out of the vanity. Once they come out parth tries to talk to her about something but he spots the people who had arrived for the interview coming towards them and therefore stops. They settle in the other vanity for the interview. Surprisingly for Niti, parth keeps a distance between the two of them, more than required. This keeps her thinking for a while but then avoids the thought thinking it is just a coincidence.

Once the interview starts, they are first asked some random questions about the show and their journey so far. Both of them give their separate answers. And then comes a question that changes everything !

“So how is your bonding off screen ?”

Niti is just about to respond to the question with the answer she had decided and repeated in her mind a thousand times since morning, that they had started becoming good friends but is interrupted by parth,

Parth: it’s very professional ! I mean we just make sure our scene comes out really well. And if we get a scene we just rehearse it with each other and put in our own inputs to make sure the scene comes out well.

Niti is broken into pieces ! She is not able to believe what she just heard ! She keeps stating at him while he is answering, But soon realises she is in an interview where again she would have to act as if she is alright. She gathers herself back together and says,

Niti: yes, he is right ! We are really professional.

Parth feels the pain in her voice at that but is unable to do anything about it. He wanted to talk to her about it before the interview started but did not get a chance. He decides he would talk to her as soon as the interview gets over.

Once the interview gets over and the interviewers leave the vanity, niti is sitting there constantly gazing in one direction and thinking about what parth had said about their relation back then ! She is unable to come out of the shock ! Parth realises he had hurt her and starts talking but realises she was lost somewhere and wasn’t listening to him. He then puts his hand on her shoulder to wake her up from her thoughts but just as he touches her shoulder, she jerks away, looks at him with those painful eyes and leaves the vanity !

Parth feels really mad at himself for giving her that pain !!

Niti comes out of the vanity in a shocked state and is unable to react! She is hurt, she is angry, she is confused,  and is feeling betrayed! Going through so many emotions at the same time is making her go crazy.  She decides to pack up for the day and therefore goes and talks to the director to take a leave.  She has a genuine reason that could grant her the leave that is her sprain. The director instantly agrees and she moves to her vanity to collect her belongings. 

Parth decides to talk to her about it to make her understand his situation. He knew he was guilty but had his reasons for giving that answer. He goes to niti’s vanity where she is packing her stuff.

Parth: listen where are you going? I need to talk to you.

Niti: (very angry) Mr. Parth Samthaan you cannot boss around at any person and any situation. I don’t want to talk to you or see your face so please,  just leave.

She picks up her bag and starts moving out but Parth stops her by holding her right hand from the elbow.

Parth: at least listen to me for once!  Please!

Niti: leave my hand Parth, you’re hurting me!

She jerks her hand free from his hold and moves out of the vanity.

Precap: parth running after niti to convince her.


So friends as we all know kyy is ending soon. here I would like to confess something. I love all the actors on the show, be it niti(my fav doll),  or parth(the handsome hunk), ayaz(miss him), Charlie, Krishan, utkarsh, veebha, Karan, yuvraj(even though he kind of replaced parth). I was in love with season 1 and yes even I was upset that Parth had left the show but somehow I could not stop watching season 2 just because of that small reason! I loved niti and the others and I continued watching season 2 for them! But frankly the story for me was not going that interesting. Or maybe I just didn’t like it too much not as much as season 1 and so I almost stopped watching it since that last 2 weeks or so. But now when I heard that it is coming to an end, I felt really depressed! You know why, because I was thinking to start watching it again once I get back home. But once I got back, this is the news I got! I know this makes all of us  sad, really very sad! It’s like you can never say goodbye that easily to a family and kyy Fandom is a family! We’re not yet ready to say goodbye!

But friends, I really need to know if you want to read these two fan fictions or not? It might happen that now that the show is ending, people might most be interested in reading this just because it makes them sad maybe. So today I ask you all something which I expect each of you will give! I want a vote from each and every person reading this, “should I continue writing these ffs or not?” I know many of you do comment on every part but there are many other silent readers who never comment or drop in their feedbacks but this is for all of those, please comment this one time! And tell me whether you want to read further or not! Friends I might not continue if I don’t get a good response! Because trust me it’s no fun to keep writing without any appreciation or maybe less appreciation. I would request all of you to please let me know your views.

Oh and by the way manan ff next part coming soon.

P.S. I have read all the comments on the previous parts but only this time I could not reply to each one of you separately as I was out of town. But I would like to say thank you so very much for all those beautiful feedbacks..
Thank you!

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar


  1. vidya

    Pls do continue these fan fictions. They are amazing . My day never gets completed without a part of kyy n u make my day through this fictions.thank u n stay awesome

  2. Monika

    This ff, pani a story we wish were true is really heart touching one… I always wait to read the next part. Will.keep on checking if the next part is uploaded… Even KY2 is ending, your ff will help us get relieved from that sadness that the show is ending… so never stop your ff… especially pani a story we wish were true… please don’t stop writing and uploading… please please…

  3. Please continue updating your ffs……….They really make my day…and yes I was a silent reader but you please keep writing both of your ffs….

  4. kavya

    First of all…..i give my vote in “YES”
    Plz continue rekhna apni story……
    Now it is a only medium Jose hum lgega ki hum kyy2 se utne hi connected h jitne phele the….
    Soo plz ap apni dono story plz continue rekna……

    • kavya

      Nd a big thanx 4such an amazing update……
      u really don’t know, kitna miss kiya h mane apko or apke updates ko in 3 Dino me……
      in 3 Dino me kam se kam 20- 25 bar mane part 25 or 26 padha hoga……

    • Medhavi

      Aww kavya even I missed you a lot! And thanks for the vote. Yes I will continue both stories. I know even I feel connected to kyy by writing these stories.

  5. ms. xyz

    Pls. Continue dear….
    I’m just started reading both ff 2 days ago nd really like both 🙂
    Nd ur work for these ff are commendable
    At least by both ff we connected with PaNi nd Manan… pls continue

  6. Anu

    Hi Medhavi..I have always been a silent reader of ur stories and really appreciate ur writting skills.I totally love ur stories and really imagine each and every scene as if I am watching some I really want you to continue both of ur stories as they are totally awesome…

  7. Plz cntinue yarr..i really love to read these day is incomplte without rrading these ffs..dnt stop writing..plz do vote yar..i really appreciate ur writting from d bottom of my heart.plz dnt stop..plz plz plz..n dnt go on the votes..plz cnt ur writting for me..atleast i m ur regular readr..its request of ur fan of ur writting..ur ffs..plz cnt.

    • Medhavi

      Thank you friend. And don’t you worry at all!! I am continuing both stories. Check out for manan ff today. Have submitted it already.

  8. shakshi

    Plss continue writing u r awesome and I don’t wanna miss pani as well as the season is ending………..

  9. bhagi

    Hi, i am of those silent readers. Your story is really very nice. You express their emotions very well. I dont want you to stop pls continue your great job. And sorry if there are any mistakes in my comment

  10. Kitz

    U r an amazing writer… Luv to read ur ff.. Jz simply superb can’t wait n stop reading… Pls don stop writing as it z a means by vich I can b with fab 5 evn though I can’t c dem on screen.. Pls continue

  11. Jesy

    Pls continue your writing skills..its really beautiful.i do not get time to comment ur evry story but trust me u r a wonderful writer.u really do bring out the plot so well like i can literally imagine m on the sets of kyy.i make sure i read evry episode of urs..gud job !! Keep it up girl!!

  12. hope

    DO NOT STOP!!!!!

    • Medhavi

      Aww dear!!! Even I missed you all… And I never wanted to stop but then was just afraid that the response might reduce.. But seeing all of your love I can never stop writing this. ?

  13. Alisha

    Plzzz do continue… I luv both d parts bt I especially lyk dis 1 Pani- a story we wish were true…
    The way you narrate feels nt lyk reading it bt listening 2 sme telling me a beautiful story….I too is sadj dat ky2 is ending bt evry true fan of ky2 will never burn dat crazy crazy luv for show…So i want you to continue…plsss doo

    • Medhavi

      Aww dear thank you so much!! That’s a beautiful compliment. And don’t worry we will keep kyy alive in these 2 stories. Manan ff will be uploaded today. Look out for it. ?

  14. Alifya

    Hey plzz plzzz plzz do not stop writing u r just an amazing writer yarr u just reminds me all that pani &fab5 movements once again,i had just fall in love wd ur stories ur both ff r just awesome thanks for making this much efforts for us plzzz do continue 🙂

    • Medhavi

      Aww dear! Don’t thank me.. Rather I should thank you for your support. Thank you so much.. Keep supporting and I will keep entertaining.. ?

  15. Plumpyyy

    Medhavi!!! U hav to continue!!! The stories on kyy is d only medium thru wich v cn keep kyy, fab 5, manan n evry1 alive!!! My 3/4 days goes in thinking bout d kyy ffs i read!! Cont plz

    • Medhavi

      Hey plumpy I know your feelings girl. We have been friends for a long time now.. Still thanks for voting.. And yes I am continuing. ?

  16. Sashii

    Medhavi u have 2 continue.. Cmmon u just started.. Don’t tell me u r breaking r hearts already.. Plus.. Fr me I stopped watching kyy2 long back I open this page ONLY N ONLY FR UR FF.. SO pleaeeeeeeeeeeessseeeeeee CONTINUE

    • Medhavi

      Not at all dear!! How can I break your heart? I can’t even think of it.. Don’t worry.. I am continuing.. ?

  17. rida

    Dat was sooooo not fair to niti…I mean she was so excited n parth agn u did d same.
    But yea he might be having some genuine reason behind dat… So let’s wait for dat… N mehdavi pls do continue it…coz now dat ky2 z gonna end so we’ll miss dem alot n dis z d only way dat we can stick to dese characters…n yea as we all kno dat season 2 story s not dat interesting but still we’re watching jus coz we’ve a strong bonding wid d show n it’s been a routine to watch though it’s not interesting…. so pls it’s ma humble request to you not to stop dis ffs pls…we need both d stories atleast I want both d stories so pls promise us….

  18. mona

    hey mehdavi pls continue with ur story, with kyy2 ending atleast we will have some respite!…………..plsssssssssss continue

  19. Zoey

    Seriously PLEASE DONT NOT STOP WITH THE PANI FF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pani f is my fave and if you stop writing it I will be SOOOO sadddd!!! btw LOVED the part!! please update soon!!!!
    btw THANK YOU writing thisssss!! Lots of love!!!

  20. Fathima

    hey Medhavi I am a silent reader but after reading your feelings I wanna tell u DAT plss continue these ff coz I love them n dey bring smile on my face coz I really love kyy n I m sad DAT the show is gonna end . PS I luv u n Ur ff so plsss continue

  21. kavya

    Plz medhavi plz……
    Plz continue both stories……
    plz yar….these stories means a lot for me……
    I m ur biggest fan yar……or ap is tarah apne itne sare fans ka dil nhi tuure sakte hoo yar….plz yar……u hve too continue ur both the stories…….

    • Medhavi

      Don’t be a fan dear… Be my friend.. ? my lovely friend don’t worry I’m not stopping . You will find me everyday ?

  22. Palak

    Please continue. Don’t u ever think to stop updating us . All my friends & I give first preference to ur updates . After my studies I read ur updates & it makes free from stress. Please never stop updating. This request is from my all friends group

  23. anne

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  24. stargirl

    Please do continue to write these fanfictions . They really really amazing. As the show is ending in a few weeks these fanfictions will help us to remember them for more time. And yes you are surely an amazing writer . Keep this good work going and please dont stop writing ?

  25. indira

    I loved your each & every episode that you post…specially PANI.

    Please don’t stop to write. keeping writing. We keep loving MANAN.

  26. Roma

    Hi medhavi dearrrr, it’s superb, awesome, emotional episode…plzzzz continue dear, I’m watching this show kyy as pani and manan through your ffs…I’m loving both ff from the bottom of my heart…it’s really sad that this show is ending but truth is you’re keeping this show alive by these amazing ffs…so please continue dearrrrrr…keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very very tight warm hug to youuuuu my dearrrrrr friend…muaaaaahhhhhh

  27. Plumpyyy

    Medhuuu!!!!!! Thanks for d continuation!!! And now m waiting fr manan ff! U said na it’ll b up 2day! Its nt yet published! Love u n d ffs lots!!
    Stay blessed dear!

    • Medhavi

      Anytime dear!! Even I don’t know yar!! I’ve submitted it since morning and it is still not published!! Even I am so disappointed!! Sorry for the inconvenience! ?

  28. Plumpyyy

    Hey medhavi! Its not ur fault na so y sorry? U’ve done ur part n its upto the team..they did nt publish it yet 🙁

    • Medhavi

      I know yar!! I even mailed them with the query but there is still no response neither is the part published. ?

  29. akki

    Plz continue. U r my only hope. & yeah m kinda silent reader. But today m saying in a one go :p. U r really killing it. I think u shud strt writing books i swear. Manan n pani r life 🙂 m already in a state of nostalgia. But thnx to u fr giving this specially pani they r my fav & will always b 🙂 all d best 🙂

  30. ayesha

    I Know its sad that kyy is ending but we can’t forget it and fir that ur ffs really help to relive the story.It would be great if you will keep writting .please dont discontinue.

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