Pani – a story we wish were true – part 26


Recap: Pani first night together. Midnight snacks, heart to heart discussions, emotions…

Pani had gone to sleep only at 5 am and just one hour later, Veebha was the first one to wake up. When she opened her eyes to an entirely different room than her usual bedroom she was left confused at first but few minutes later she realised she had fallen asleep at parth’s place last night after the party. She looked around to find all the others sleeping in different directions. She had been sitting on the floor with her head resting on the couch behind her, Charlie and Krissan were sleeping on the couch, Charlie only sitting with her head thrown back and mouth wide open looking like a little cute baby and Krissan resting her head in Charlie’s lap with her body stretched out on the couch. Ayaz and utkarsh had taken the pillows from the couch and had settled themselves on the floor itself. She got up and stretched her body that had got stiff due to the uncomfortable sleeping position. She once again took a look around and realised that parth and niti were missing. At first she thought that Niti must have left but she saw her clutch lying on the table and realised she had not left. She started searching the house for the two of them when she crossed parth’s bedroom only to find both of them fast asleep.

Parth was on the floor beside the bed on the opposite side where Niti was comfortably sleeping, with his head resting on the bed. Their hands almost touching. The scenario looked so peaceful that Veebha wanted the others to see that as well. She carefully moved to the drawing room without making any noise and started waking up the others. All of them were fast asleep and did not wish to wake up but she forced all of them saying that she had a surprise for them. Slowly, they got up with an irritated look for Veebha !

Veebha: (almost whispering) yeah you might be making faces right now but when you see it you will all forget your beauty sleep ! Come with me now !

She takes all of them to parth’s bedroom and they peep in from the door to find the adorable pair sleeping innocently. All of them mutter an “aww…” Silently and Charlie takes her phone to capture the beautiful moment. Just as she clicks the picture both parth and niti wake up because of the noise of the camera click ! They slowly open their eyes to find their hands touching and look up at each other. They look into each other’s eyes as their first morning together, so peaceful, so bright had freshened up both of them, they are thinking about last night when ayaz starts coughing to break the eye contact !

Ayaz: ahem ahem !! May I know what happened here last night ? I mean look at the scenario ! Utkarsh please check which direction did the sun rise from today ?

Parth: shut up ayaz !

Ayaz: okay okay so then you guys tell us what did we miss last night ? The last thing I remember is that you were proposing to niti. Ohh !! So Niti said yes !! Wow !! Congratulations !!

Saying this he moves inside the room and takes niti’s hand first to congratulate her who is in a shocked state and does not move or respond and then when he takes parth’s hand, he pulls it away with a jerk !

All the others start laughing at the embarrassing situation for Pani !

Krissan: okay guys I think we should get going or else we’ll be late for shoot.

First one to move at that is Niti who does not remember the sprain in her leg from last night and jumps out of the  bed only to scream out a painful cry ! Parth instantly moves towards the other side of the bed to help her get up and starts scolding her for not taking care of her wound.

Parth: listen are you mad ? How can you forget your pain so easily ?

Niti: it’s you who taught me that last night don’t you remember ?

He keeps gazing into her eyes at that as they remember their conversation about break ups and heart breaks from last night and how parth had motivated her to let go of her past and stop hurting herself by holding on to the pain. all the others are left confused ! Ayaz again breaks the eye lock,

Ayaz: ahem ! Sorry for that but can any one of you please tell us what did you guys do last night ? As in we are clueless !! First of all we see you guys sleeping here holding hands,

At that parth gives him a tough look,

Ayaz: okay okay almost holding hands, and then Niti has got this sprain in her leg, and the language spoken by the two of you is completely alien to us.

Both Niti and parth give him a confused look and he continues explaining,

Ayaz: what I mean to say is that the language is English and that too polite friendly English but when it comes out of your mouth for each other it seems alien to us ! So please please tell us what happened last night ??

Veebha, Charlie, Krissan and utkarsh burst out laughing and this time they are not able to control the laughter.

Veebha: (trying to control the laughter after some time) okay now enough of this ! I think we should get going. Niti come I’ll help you walk across.

Parth: uh no she won’t be able to walk.

Utkarsh: oh is it that bad ? Okay wait come Niti I’ll lift you and take you downstairs.

He comes forward and lifts her in his arms and starts moving out. Niti looks behind to see parth boiling with anger at that but trying to control his emotions. Both of them are constantly looking at each other till utkarsh takes her out of sight for parth.

Veebha decides to stay back at niti’s place in case she needs help with her wound. They freshen up quickly and get ready for the shoot.

Veebha: Niti you can take a day off. I mean how will you be able to travel so much ?

Niti: Arey Veebha I’m feeling better now. The pain has reduced and I can walk slowly without putting much pressure on this leg. I don’t want to take a leave.

Veebha: why ? Is it because of parth ? I mean what is it that actually happened last night ? You know when we entered the room the two of you were actually holding hands almost and parth was sleeping on the floor with his head on the bed.

Niti: yeah even I am confused at that. Actually he had taken the couch to sleep and asked me to sleep on the bed because of this sprain. So then how and when did he come on the floor is something even I am confused about.

Veebha: yeah and how did you sprain your leg ?

Niti: it’s a long story about last night but for now I can tell you that I fell over from a stool and twisted my leg. And parth helped me a lot. He took good care of my wound which is why I am able to walk a bit right now.

Veebha: so you are friends now ?

Niti: (blushing) I think so …

Veebha: Niti ?? You are blushing !! What is the matter ? Is it something more than friendship ?

Niti: no Veebha nothing like that. But yes we are definitely friends now. For now that’s the news.

Veebha: well okay. You get ready fast and come outside. I’m waiting for you in the hall.

Niti: sure.

As Veebha leaves, niti starts adorning herself. She takes a look into the mirror and blushes. Her eyes drop down due to nervousness and butterflies start forming in her stomach ! She slowly looks up again only to find her cheeks blushed thinking about last night. She picks up his clothes from the stool beside her that she had worn last night. They still smell of him and she feels him around. Just then her phone rings and distracts her thoughts. She checks it to find parth calling. She immediately picks it up with a joy on her face !

Niti: hey ! Good morning ! (Greets him cheerfully)

Parth blushes at her wish and realises disha had never wished him so cheerfully ! He just remembered all their fights that used to start early morning as well many a times and continue for several days which is why she would not wish him good morning at times ! He is lost in all these thoughts and therefore does not respond for a while.

Niti: hello ! Are you there ?

Parth: yeah ! Hey ! Good morning.. (Smiles)

Niti: your smile sounds cheerful this morning !

Parth: of course ! You are the first person to have wished me a joyful good morning !

Niti blushes and parth continues.

Parth: so how is your sprain ?

Niti: it’s much better !

Parth: good. So you are coming to shoot right ?

Niti: yeah why ?

Parth: nothing just asking.

Niti: now can I ask you something ?

Parth: yeah please !

Niti: as far as I remember last night I was sleeping on the bed and you were on the couch. But when we woke up I found you on the floor beside the bed and…

Parth: and our hands were almost touching. Sorry if you felt bad at that !

Niti: no no…it’s alright ! I was just wondering how and why did you land up on the floor ?

Parth: actually last night after we fell asleep, I suddenly woke up and found that you were a bit disturbed in your sleep. I thought you might be experiencing a bad dream. So I just came to the floor and held your hand to comfort you. And then I don’t remember when I fell asleep.

Niti: ohh ! So did you holding my hand help ? As in was I still disturbed ?

Parth: umm no. As soon as I took your hand you seemed quite relaxed !

Niti: (blushes) thanks !

Parth: oh please don’t say that!

Just then Veebha calls out niti’s name !

Niti: umm I need to go. See you at shoot ?

Parth: yeah okay !

Precap: first Pani interview. What will happen at that ? How will they portray their relationship off screen ? Where will this new found friendship lead them ?


I hope you like the new friendship between Pani !! Lot more twists and turns coming up in this friendship ! Stay tuned and keep supporting, and commenting ! I love to read your feedbacks ! Thank you !

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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    Ayaz d cupid rocks!!!!!!
    D precap was interesting!!!!
    Love u babe!!! U rock!!!!!!
    Keep Updating!!!

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thank you dear ! ☺️ Definitely will keep updating !?

  2. U r superb yaar….luv u …. ??

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Aww thank you ! Love you too !?

  3. can you tell me.. at what time you post this ff.. it got uploaded now.. but i posted my ff’s next epi… its not been uploaded till now yaar…. so much delay nowadays

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Hey arshi I know these people are taking very long these days in uploading..this part I uploaded at 3 am the previous night and it got uploaded only yesterday evening..even I am really disappointed..

  4. thats sooo nice epi…. wow…this is sooooooooooocute epi… i can visualize everything….not bcz of parth ithi.. but bcz of ur story it seems beautiful.. i like parth niti… just like other stars….. this couple in ur story is awesome

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thank you !☺️

  5. amazing

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thanks !

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    1. Medhavi thakkar

      I agree !?

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    U rockk!! One day m sure u’ll make me speechless by ur story!!!

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Awe dear ! Thank
      You ! But I wish that day never comes as I love to read your feedbacks !? Nevertheless you have left me speechless many a times with your comments !?

      1. Ohkay then! I’ll keep commenting wen possible! Even if its impossible i try to make it possible coz refraining from commenting on ur stories r nxt to impossible and you r one of d sweetest ppl i’ve known dear! Glad that my cmnts make u happy 😉

      2. I believe you are really sweet as you have the power to make me happy !?

  8. Ayaz was so cool yaar

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      I know right !?

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      Your vote counted..lets see which one wins !?

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      Doesn’t he look cute all the time ?? But I agree the jealous parth is too cute !☺️

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      Hehe let’s see what happens next !

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  14. Uma Maheswari

    While reading ayaz alien comment on pani language, I am just laughing loud and my friends around gave wierd look. Really you have good humor sense.

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Oh you are the first one to give me this compliment..maybe it just happened by chance ! But I’m glad you liked it…☺️

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    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Aww palak you are so sweet !! You really made my day with this compliment ! It’s feels good to know that someone somewhere is thinking about you ! Thank you dear for this lovely feedback ! Love you !?

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