Pani – a story we wish were true – part 24


Recap: party at parth’s place. Niti unaware of the fact that she was at parth’s place.

All of them had been sitting and having discussions of fun topics when Charlie came up with an idea.

Charlie: let’s play some game. How about truth or dare ?

Ayaz: no Charlie ! Not truth or dare. Only dare ! Truth is too boring. Besides we all might be knowing almost all of the truth.

Krissan: no that’s not true. There are many truths that have not been revealed.

Ayaz: okay fine but then still no truths tonight. Only dare. Agreed ?

All of them agree and they settle themselves on the floor in a circle around the table.

Ayaz finishes a half empty bottle in one go and then spins it on the table. First dare comes on Charlie and the person to give her a dare was ayaz.

Ayaz: (slightly drunk accent) so Charlie, you saw how I finished the half filled bottle right now. Now you have to take a full bottle and finish it off in one go ! You can choose whichever you like.

Charlie: one go ? Ayaz isn’t that too much ?

Ayaz: not at all ! It’s not impossible at least ! C’mon ! Choose your bottle.

Charlie chooses a bottle randomly and opens the seal. She looks at it for a moment and then takes a look at the others who had been staring at her and waiting for her to complete her dare.

Krissan: go for it Charlie !

She takes it in and finishes the whole bottle in one go !! All of them cheer for her !!

The bottle is spinned again and this time it stops on veebha. And the dare was to be given by utkarsh.

Utkarsh: I know I have a wonderful one for veebha ! We have all seen her as navya naveli on screen and she is that innocent girl on screen always covered completely wearing that salwar kameez. But today as we can all see she is looking hot !

Everybody hoots at that !

Utkarsh: (raising his hands to stop the hooting) so today Ms. Veebha Anand, you will show us the s*xy side of yours !

Aliya starts playing some sensuous music from her phone and veebha after hesitating for a while, gets up and climbs on the couch. She had been wearing skinny pants with a crop top and a jacket over it.

“Zara zara touch me touch me touch me…ohh zara zara hold me hold me hold me…ohh zara zara kiss me kiss me kiss me…”

As the music starts, she removes her jacket and throws it on ayaz who had been constantly staring at her ! She gives a performance that makes all of them keep staring open mouthed ! The performance although was sensuous but was not at all cheap and that was the beauty of it !

The bottle is spinned again and this time it stops on utkarsh and its niti’s turn to give him a dare.

Niti: so utkarsh, as you know our cabir from the show. But you know he is a bit upset and he needs your support. So go ahead and give him a tight hug, a romantic one and kiss him.

Charlie: (full drunk) wow Niti !! You’re a darling man ! What a dare ! C’mon ! Aww ayaz how you wish you had agreed to the truth part as well.

Utkarsh hesitates a bit but then stands up and extends his arm to ayaz who takes it and stands with him. Utkarsh comes a bit closer to ayaz and looks into his eyes romantically.

Utkarsh: I can understand what you are going through. But don’t worry I’m always there for you. Whenever you need me, I’m just one call away. You know I…I love you !

He moves closer and their bodies touch. He takes his face in his hands and caresses it for some time. He then closes his eyes and starts taking his face closer towards his lips. Just when their lips were about to touch, he turns his face and plants a kiss on his cheek and then gives him a tight hug.

All the others start applauding at that bravo performance !!

Veebha: what a Nautanki you are man ! But superb performance !! Okay next !

The bottle is spinned another time and this time it stops at Krissan and veebha was to give the dare.

Veebha: I know just the perfect one for kriss !

Krissan: please veebha ! Please have some sympathy on me !

Veebha: no no no…so kriss is going to sing a Hindi sing for all of us. And mind you, it has to be a proper Hindi song and the accent has to be at least near to perfect.

Krissan: ohh no !! This is cheating ! All of you got something that you already knew but me ?!

Veebha: so you think I have a good practice at sensuous dancing ? It’s totally fair and you have to do this. You live in Mumbai and you don’t know a single Hindi song ? That cannot be the case !

Krissan: okay fine I know one but then you guys have to join me.

Ayaz: okay fine go ahead. You know one song that is also a big thing ! C’mon start !

Krissan: (in a not so Hindi accent) yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai…yeh na ho toh kya fir bolo yeh zindagi hai…koi toh hmmm…

Niti: what hmm kriss ?? Continue …

Krissan: that’s all I know !

Utkarsh: okay no problem. A big round of applause for Ms. Krissan Bareto !

All of them start applauding.

Veebha: but you really have such a beautiful voice. You sing amazing girl ! Seriously !

Krissan: really ? Thanks ! (Smiles)

Ayaz then again spins the bottle and this time it stops at parth and Charlie was to give him a dare. (Their positions had changed and therefore it came on Charlie)

Charlie who was drunk immediately gave out the dare that kept all the others mum !

Charlie: so parth you are going to propose to niti ! Yayy !! Clap everybody ! And music !

Ayaz puts up a romantic song and parth instantly gets up. Everyone thinks he felt bad and is therefore going away but he moves towards niti who is sitting on the floor and extends his hand for her to take it. Niti feels shy at first but when she looks into his eyes, she forgets everything and takes his hand. She stands with him and he starts moving closer. He comes closer and she keeps moving behind till her legs touch the couch. He makes her sit on the couch and himself bends on one knee keeping her hand in his.

Parth: the start of our story was a rough one. But what I have come to realise is that the start doesn’t really matter. What matters is how the journey goes ahead. But our journey also did not go too well in the beginning. But as time passed by I came to realise one more thing. Whenever we fought it was not because we really hated each other, rather it was because we never tried to understand each other. But I’m glad you gave me that chance at your place that day, to make you understand the real me. But I again screwed it up. I really am a very confused person. I know what I want but sometimes in that journey I also miss out on other special things coming my way. But now I feel like you are one special thing that has happened to me which I do not want to let go. I ask you for a second chance to prove myself. I expect you would grant me that and then we can start our journey afresh.

He waits for an answer and after waiting for few seconds, niti softly nods her head in agreement. He then stands up and makes her stand with him.

The background music is still playing, “kyunki tum hi ho…ab tum hi ho…meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho…”

He slides his right hand towards her waist and takes her right hand in the other and starts moving their bodies to the music. It is a magical moment for both of them. None of them remember that they are surrounded by the others and are just lost in each other’s eyes. After some time, he puts both his hands on either sides of her waist and pulls her closer. He makes her put her hands on his shoulders. He then raises his right hand and she is confused as to why is he removing his hand. She had been feeling very secure in his arms and was not liking the sudden change that was occurring because of him removing his hand. He reached her hair and carefully pulled out the only pin tying her entire hair. He kept staring as her beautiful hair dropped to her shoulders and traveled down to her waist, touching his hands. They kept dancing till the music came to an end.

As the song stopped, they came back to the real world and felt embarrassed at what had just happened in front of everyone. None of the others could give any response as all of them were awestruck ! They kept staring while Charlie and utkarsh had already fallen asleep. Niti hesitantly sat beside Veebha when her hand hit the glass of wine kept on the table and the wine spill over her dress. She started searching for the washroom and parth led her to the washroom in his bedroom. As she went inside to get cleaned up parth stood outside with a towel in his hands. Just as she came out, he gave her the towel but her dress was too damaged !

Parth: do you wish to change ?

Niti: but what would I wear ?

Parth: I can look for something suitable out of my clothes if you want.

Niti: your clothes ?

Parth: yeah why ?

Niti: What would your clothes be doing in cabir’s wardrobe ?

She takes a look at the room and finds one wall filled with photographs of parth’s childhood, school, family, college, friends, and lots of pictures of him eating different types of food.

Niti: (confused) what are your pictures doing at cabir’s place ?

Parth: what are you saying ? This is my bedroom and my house !

Niti: what ? But the party was supposed to be at ayaz’s place Na ?!

Parth: yeah but then the venue was changed to my place last minute. Didn’t you read the message on the group ?

Niti: no i didn’t. All this while I’ve been thinking this is ayaz’s house ! And nobody even told me the truth ! I even complimented him for te beautiful house and he said thank you instead of clarifying the fact that it’s your house and not his !

Parth smiles at her compliment of a beautiful house without looking at her. But then looks up at her confused but cute face.

Parth: listen it’s okay. They might be playing another prank. You tell me should I get you something to change ?

Niti: no I think I should get going.

She moves out of the room only to find all of them fast asleep because of the drinks. Everyone except parth and niti had drunk a lot ! 

When they saw the scenario, niti turned to face him.

Parth: even you can stay back if you want.

Niti: no it’s okay I can manage myself.

Parth: no you can’t ! I mean look at the time. It’s 2 am. I don’t think it’s such a good idea for you to travel alone at this time. That too to your place that’s quite far away. If you want I can drop you.

She thinks to herself that it’s so sweet he still remembers her place. She starts thinking about the day they had spent hours chatting with each other.

Niti: (after coming back from the thought process) no it’s okay. I don’t want to bother you at this hour ! Do you mind if I stay back ?

Parth: not at all. But there’s one condition.

Niti looks at him confusingly !

Parth: (giving out a light laughter) don’t worry. It’s not that difficult. You just need to get changed. Your dress is not in a condition to be worn till morning.

Niti nods an okay and parth goes to his room to look out for something for her to wear. She is waiting in the drawing room till then when she realises she is feeling hungry. She goes to the kitchen to look out for something to eat. Parth comes out to the drawing room with an old track pant and an oversized tee shirt. He finds she is not there and suddenly hears some noise coming out of the kitchen.


So friends how do you like parth’s proposal ? And are you excited for the night Pani are going to spend together ? Watch out for the longest night ever ! ? well might not be the longest.. But long enough for you all to enjoy reading.. please keep supporting and drop in your feedbacks ! Thank you !

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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    1. Thanks dear ! Yes I will keep posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.. Stay tuned ?

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