Pani – a story we wish were true – part 23


Recap: accidental kiss between pani. Parth and disha break up.

The next day they had to first finish off the accidental kiss scene as it was left in between the other day.

This time they get it done in one take itself. As the director instructs “action!”, niti falls over parth taking him to the ground and they come too close for their lips to accidentally brush a little. Niti’s loose hair comes over parth’s face and he takes it and puts it behind her ear. Both of them again share an eye lock but then quickly realise they were doing a scene and therefore come back to the acting where they just get up and move away in opposite directions.

This time it was parth who was thinking about the kiss. “It wasn’t an actual kiss and also it was just a scene then why am I feeling so different about it ? Damn ! What is this feeling ?”

Niti had again felt that magical spark when their lips brushed during the scene and also during the eye lock which was definitely an improvisation. An unplanned improvisation.

During the lunch break that day, everyone was sitting together all the boys and girls.

Ayaz: so guys and girls ! Our show is slowly reaching the peak and so there needs to be some celebration ! 

All of them shout together “wohooo !!”

Ayaz: so, so….tonight we go out for a party ! My place !

Charlie: why your place ayaz ? Let’s go somewhere out !

Ayaz: are you mad ? We can’t go in front of the public like that. And that too all of us together. We can’t be that visible.

Krissan: yeah he is right. So it’s decided, ayaz’s place it is !

At that, both Niti and parth start off together, “umm..I…”

And all the others stop them ! “No !”

Utkarsh: none of you get any excuses and you have to be there. What’s the time ayaz ?

Ayaz: 9 PM sharp !

Utkarsh: (talking to both Niti and parth) 9 pm sharp ! We will see you there. No more arguments ! And now let’s head back to the shoot. We need to wrap up early today for the party.

They depart for the shoot and later in the evening leave for their respective homes to meet at the party at ayaz’s.

While leaving ayaz calls veebha and utkarsh aside to talk about something.

Ayaz: listen we have made the plan and also made it to be strictly followed but both parth and niti are definitely going to use their brilliant minds to not come to the party. So you guys have to make sure that does not happen. Veebha you will get Niti and utkarsh you will get your best buddy.

Both veebha and utkarsh nod an okay and they all depart.

After reaching home, parth sent a message in the group after some time that he is not feeling well and therefore would not be able to attend the party. Just as he sends the message, his door bell rings and he opens it to find utkarsh.

Parth: utkarsh ! What are you doing here ?

Utkarsh: (dramatically) my best friend is not well and you are asking me what am I doing here ? As soon as I got your text I came by to be with you.

Parth: but I just sent the text.

Utkarsh: so, you wanted me to waste some time when you are not well ? I had to come instantly.

He comes in.

Utkarsh: come you lie down I will get you something to eat. Or maybe soup. I will order soup.

Parth: utkarsh stop it man ! (Shouts)

Utkarsh: seems like you are not at all well. You please lie down fast.

Parth: (softly this time) I’m fine utkarsh. I’ll be fine. You go for the party. I wanted to badly come but then I can’t. I won’t be able to travel that far to ayaz’s place Na.

Utkarsh: hmm you’re right. Don’t worry I’ll sort out your problem.

He takes his phone and starts doing something to which parth is confused.

Parth: what are you doing ?

Utkarsh: solving your problem. Now you just go to your bedroom and lie down. I’m sitting in your hall.

Parth: but why ??

Utkarsh: no arguments buddy. Just lie down.

Parth had to follow his instructions as he knew his friend was too stubborn. He had sent a message on the group that the party was to be at parth’s place as he was not in a position to travel to ayaz’s place.

On the other hand even niti was thinking of an excuse not to go for the party in case even parth was there. It would again become an awkward situation. Just then her phone rang and it was veebha.

Niti: hello

Veebha: Niti, my car is not working so I’m coming to your place and we will go by taxi you be ready in 20 mins. Okay bye !

She didn’t give Niti any chance to speak up ! She tried calling her back but veebha was too smart to be tricked by Niti. She didn’t pick up her call. Luckily Niti had not checked the whatsapp message that the party was at parth’s place. She got ready and met veebha downstairs in 20 mins.

Veebha had already instructed the driver about the address. Niti had never been to ayaz’s place so even she did not know the way and thought that they might be going there only.

As they reached, they met Krissan and ayaz downstairs.

Krissan: hey girls !

They greet each other with a group hug and head upstairs.

Niti: ayaz, what are you doing downstairs ? I mean how come you are coming with kriss ? The host is supposed to be ready to welcome the guests.

Ayaz: so the host would be ready to welcome us.

Niti: huh ?

Veebha: what he means to say is that he had been waiting here to welcome us being the host as you said.

Niti: ohh okay. (Confused)

While they were going towards the lift, Charlie joins them from behind and scares them all with a “wooo!!”

The dark passage helped her in scaring away the others.

Upstairs, parth had been lying in his bed when he randomly checked his phone to see utkarsh’s message saying that the party was at parth’s place instead as he was unwell to travel to ayaz’s. He leaves the bed and comes to the drawing room only to find all the arrangements already made by utkarsh.

Parth: what is this utkarsh ?! You shifted the party to my place ? Why ??

Utkarsh: because you were not well. I did not want you to miss the fun. And even the others agreed. They would be arriving any minute.

Just then the door bell rings.

Utkarsh: I think they are here, you go get changed, I’ll open the door.

Parth: fine !

Saying this he goes into his bedroom.

Utkarsh opens the door to find the others. They greet each other one by one and get inside the house. Till the time all of them had instructed each other, not to let Niti know it is parth’s house till she herself gets to know.

Niti: utkarsh, how come you are welcoming us including ayaz in his own house ?

Utkarsh: I came by early to help him with all the arrangements.

Niti: okay. Oh by the way, ayaz, your house is beautiful.

All the others agree and say together, “yeah ayaz, your house is beautiful”.

Niti is a bit confused at the reaction but ignores it. She looks at the door to see if parth is coming and the others do notice her actions but decide not to tease her as they did not want to spoil the party mood.

Just then, parth comes out of his bedroom, dressed in blue denims, red tee shirt and a black jacket, simple yet mind boggling ! Niti looks at him and is confused as to why did he come out of the bedroom ? She could not take her eyes off him, nor could parth take his eyes off the beautiful princess sitting on his couch. She was wearing a red dress patterned to show off her shoulders through a net fabric and forming a small balloon kind of a pattern below her waist just like some princess, barely reaching her knees with her hair tied in a messy bun. All of them stood up to greet parth and so did Niti but she did not go forward to hug him like the others.

They sit and chat for sometime and all of them make sure Niti still does not find out it was parth’s place.

Precap: party time ! Dance, games, Pani coming closer.


Sorry about the dress description . Actually I’m not that good at describing such details and so could not explain it properly. But I hope you all are enjoying this track as well. Please keep giving your feedbacks, as I’ve said earlier, I love to read them ! Thank you !

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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