Pani – a story we wish were true – part 21


Surprise ! You don’t need to miss me today !?


After 5 minutes of continuous laughter,

Charlie: Guys enough ! I think now we need some damage control.

Krissan: (suddenly serious) Yeah guys i told you this would hurt both of them badly.

Utkarsh: They might not talk to us.

Ayaz: Don’t stress your tiny heads too much. They would be upset right now but soon it will be all good. After all we are all friends and friends do play pranks on each other.

Charlie: Okay then lets go and talk to niti first. Parth is busy with Disha so lets give him some privacy.

All of them head towards niti’s vanity.

Niti is crying like a baby and her best friend veebha is not able to do anythign for the first time because she knew what had happened was really disturbing for her.

Charlie, Krissan, Ayaz and Utkarsh enter the vanity and on seeing her crying like that feel really ashamed of their act. Ayaz being the big brother moves towards her and sits beside her.

Ayaz: (putting his arm around her shoulder) Choti please don’t cry. We’re sorry but it was just for fun. We didn’t realise it would turn into this.

Niti: It’s okay bro. I’m not mad at you guys. It’s just that. It’s something else that I’m upset about.

Charlie: What is it Niti ? What is it that is disturbing you ?

Without answering the question Niti leaves the vanity. Utkarsh tries to follow her but veebha stops him saying she needs some time alone.


Parth: Disha stop ! At least listen to me once !

Disha: What should I listen to Parth ? Was that also a scene for the show ? If yes, where were the cameras ? I couldn’t find any !

Parth: It was just an accident.

Disha : How many times do you come across such accidents and that too with that girl ?

Parth: Listen Disha I let you go before for not trusting me but this time if it happens again then I can’t let it go.

Disha: What do you mean ? So you would break up with me ? Of course you would ! You’ve found your new love on set.

Parth: (Shouts !) Enough ! You don’t trust me ? Fine ! I don’t give a damn ! Don’t you try to contact me ever again ! And what happens in my life should no longer bother you !

Disha leaves angrily and so does Parth. He is coming towards the vanity when he sees Niti coming out of the vanity and crying. The two of them come face to face. At first Parth feels like wiping her tears and consoling her but then decides against it and both of them move away in opposite directions.

After the shoot that day, when Niti is sitting on her couch and thinking about the incidents of the day, her door bell rings. She opens the door after wiping her tears to find Utkarsh standing at her doorstep.

Niti: Utkarsh ? What are you doing here ?

Utkarsh: When my friend is so sad how do you expect me not to come ? May I come in ?

Niti: (confused) Yeah sure please come in.

They sit on the couch and Utkarsh hands her a box.

Utkarsh: Medicine for your tears.

Niti: Medicine ?

Utkarsh: Just open it.

Niti opens it to find a black forest pastry in it. She is rejoiced to see the sweet step taken by her new friend.

Niti: Aww thank you so much utkarsh. I love it.

Utkarsh: Great then go ahead and eat it away.

They share the pastry and after that Utkarsh tries to talk to her about Parth.

Utkarsh: Now do you want to talk about it ?

Niti: Umm Utkarsh I…

Utkarsh: I can understand. He is my buddy therefore you might be confused as to whether you should talk about him in front of me. But trust your friend I wont share it with him.

Niti: What should I say Utkarsh. I’m not mad at you all for the prank. I’m mad at myself because I let him affect me so much. I don’t want to but it just happens. I can’t help it.

Utkarsh: I would suggest don’t think about it too much. Just live in your own world.

Niti: I agree to it. But then sometimes such incidents disturb me a lot.

Utkarsh: For that, I promise we would not play any pranks on the two of you at all. We will give you your space.

Niti: Thanks Utkarsh. You really are a true friend. And thanks for the pastry once again. It was so yummy !

Utkarsh: Madam, dosti mein no sorry, no thank you !

At this both of them laugh out loud as Utkarsh mimics Shah Rukh Khan.


As the show starts reaching the peak, the work load for all the actors increases too much. Most of the time, they are all on sets as it was not only manik and nandini but also the others who had various scenes and opportunities to perform.

Along with this, what the situation was off screen was the same as on screen. Manik and Dhruv were best buddies, so were parth and utkarsh. Nandini and Navya were best friends, so were niti and veebha. Nandini and Dhruv were the new friends as also niti and utkarsh. After veebha it was utkarsh with whom niti was most comfortable on sets. This however used to upset parth at times, however he did not realise the reason for the same.

One morning, when niti reached the sets, she was handed over the script for the day and on going through it she started feeling weak in her knees and her body went cold. Veebha saw her sitting on a chair outside her vanity and came to her.

Veebha: Niti what’s wrong ? Where are you lost ?

Niti just handed her the script for her to see it herself.

Veebha had a look at the script and found the script to have a scene of manik and nandini’s accidental kiss.

Veebha: Niti i know what you are thinking but this is something you cant help. I mean since we have all signed the contract which says that this show would require all such type of scenes.

Niti: I know veebha and professionally i wont mind doing that. But while signing the contract i wasn’t aware that me and parth would share so much of awkwardness.

Veebha: But we’ve all noticed that you two do bring out a scene really well. I mean being professional is not a problem for the two of you.

Niti: But veebha how can i be professional in this thing that too with him ?

Veebha: See, it’s just an accidental kiss. I think the two of you will definitely crack it.

Just then the director calls out niti’s name and she leaves.

When she reaches the music room where the scene was to be shot, she sees parth standing there and her feet stop right there at the doorstep. She is lost in her thoughts when she hears her name. It was parth calling her for the rehearsals.

“Rehearsals ? We will first rehearse, don’t know how many times and then the actual scene ? Oh lord till when would i have to bear this sweet torcher ? Did i say sweet ? No i did not mean that. Its definitely not sweet. Its bad ! really bad !” she thinks to herself lost in her thoughts when parth shakes her awake from her dream world.

Parth: (shaking her shoulders) Niti ??

Niti: Huh ? (she takes a look at his hands on her shoulders and jerks herself away from him).

Parth: (confused) Come lets rehearse.

Niti: Why rehearse ? We’ll be able to do it. Lets just directly take up the scene.

Ayaz: (just entered the room) Ohoo niti ! Directly your scene haan ? What about the others ? Not required right ? So eager you are for your scene ! Muaah !!

Parth gives him a tough look and ayaz just moves away.

Precap: Pani kiss !!


So friends i hope you are excited for the upcoming Pani kiss. We’ve all seen the manan kiss on screen but what was the story off screen ? I am going to unfold that soon. But for that please keep supporting more and more to motivate me to publish the next part soon.

Thank You.

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. Awww kitna cute story hein yaar

    1. Medhavi thakkar


  2. Sorry friends I told you about the schedule and then updated today so obviously none of you will come up to check ! But whenever you do please read and give your feedbacks ..also I have the parts till 25 already written as I am uploading on watt pad as well so by tomorrow I will publish all the parts till 25 and then will go ahead with the schedule..actually I want both the stories to run parallel at both the places that’s why I have decided to do so…hope you all like it…and I hope I get a feedback on every part although I’m publishing them together…thank you !

  3. Ended up with a interesting Precap??
    Waiting….waiting for the part-22?

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      You will soon find it uploaded dear as I have submitted that as well…

  4. Love u…love u..soooo much!!!
    I had to come to check..
    It’s become a routine…n habit…
    N here it was pani..!!!!!???
    Looooved it awesome!!!!
    So finally disha’s out of d story…
    Now its time for pani to reunite!!!??
    Medhavi its really sweet of u that despite ur busy schedule u do remove time for us..
    N u never fail to rply to each n everyone of ur supporters…
    N dis really is d sweetest thing abt u dear…
    Thank u once again for updating today too…????
    Bt plzzzz update on manan ff too…
    N I too believe it would b awesome I u kept both d stories parallel!!!!!!
    Love u dear!!!!?

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thank you so much dear !! I just can’t get enough of your feedbacks !! It makes me so so so happy to know how much you all love my stories and me !!☺️☺️ And yes I updated because why wait when I have the parts already written …so I have submitted till part 25 and 26 will b updated tomorrow.. But sorry dear manan ff won’t be possible today…but tomorrow pakka both will be updated ! First thing in the morning ! ? Love you for your support ! Thank you !☺️

  5. First of all…..a big thanx ki tumne aj day na hote hoye bhi update kiya……
    Means a lot 4 us……
    Nd one thing I want ki tum clear karo ki” parth or disha ka finally break up Hoya ya nhi….????
    But really… story bhi tumhari tarah h superb h….
    Nd hoo sake too plz manan ka bhi 1 part aj update kar Dena…..plz plz plz plz …….
    Nd really thanx for such an amazing update… uuuuu…..
    LOVE U PANI…….

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Aww dear thanks tumhe nahi mujhe bolna chahiye for your support and the awesome feedbacks !! Really I can’t express how happy you all make me with your comments !! And I know you might be confused about parth and disha’s relationship status right now..but just hold on you will soon find out in the next few parts ! And dear about the manan ff I’m really sorry I won’t be possible to update it today because it’s not ready yet ! But I’ll make sure tomorrow first thing in the morning is that ff and also part 26 of Pani..I have already submitted 25 parts of this story so it will soon be published ..keep checking and do read and comment like always ! Thank you !

  6. Oh lord!! Medhavi!!! What r u yaar??? Like how do u manage to amaze me sooo much??!!!! On that ur sweet n kind nature is lyk icing on d cake!!! My god! I cant get enough of reading both ur stories!!! Im highly addicted to it!!! Soooooooo perfectly n beautifully u write gal!!! Love u n ur writing skills!!! U kno to play wid words really well!! I seriously cant express how much i love ur stories in words, literally!! Nandini promise! Yaariaan and love.. PaNi.. Love all d tiny bits of d story!!!
    Update manan ff soon plz! And sorry for not commenting yest..had returned home all tired..
    PS- will comment on each update. But not long. Sorry.
    Keep shining dearie!!!

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Hey friend, it’s not my nature but your sweet feedbacks that are an incing on the cake ! I’m so blessed to have friends like you who appreciate my work so much !! All these comments get me more and more motivated to write and upload on time !! Thank you so much dear ! And it’s completely fine if you haven’t yet commented on the other parts…I understand…I know your feelings for my story and that is what matters…thanks dear !

  7. Its our routine to check ur can’t miss it…and again fab going.??

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Aww thanks girl !! Keep checking as you will soon find parts till 25 uploaded..I have submitted all…and tomorrow will be part 26 as well as next part of manan ff..thanks for the support !

  8. ???? mast yaar…. Luv uuuu

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      Thanks dear ! Love u too !

  9. muaahh muah

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  10. It’s OK yaaaaar. Friends mein no sorry and no thanku .frriendship means understanding and l understand your situation. I know its getting difficult to update both episode. So its OK. I will always read your updates whenever u upload . l love your imagination & U keep thinking and share with us

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      I know dear friendship mein no sorry no thank you ! But main aur to kuch Kar nahi sakti Na to tell you how happy you guys make me !! That’s why I need to thank you ! It’s because of the support you all have been giving that I have been able to write so much ! Wish I could meet you all personally and give you a tight hug ! But since that’s not possible so for now I need to say a big big thank you ! And stay tuned for the upcoming parts…very soon all parts till 25 will be uploaded as I have submitted them and part 26 would be tomorrow along with the manan ff !?

  11. Eager for next updates

  12. Really it’s a nice story….I wish it should come true ☺ and Medhavi….u r really a fabulous writer. ……its jus awesome

    1. Thanks dear ! I’m so glad you like it ☺️

  13. I have only 3 words fr u “I loveeeee uu”

  14. Awesome episode, you’re such a sweetheart medhavi…wowww the way you’re narrating your ff, it seems like a true n I’m watching it literally. Pani rocks n all the others roles are very well written…amazing story…very excited for upcoming episodes of both stories…n your reply to each comment shows that you are an angel with very pure heart…be like this always my sweeeeeet friend. ..I’m already seeing your uploaded next episodes…very excited to read them quickly…thx honeyyy for updating regularly…love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh

    1. Aww dear I reply to every comment because your comments incline me to do so…you all make me so happy with you lovely feedbacks that I just can’t stop myself ! Thanks for your continued support throughout !?

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