Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 2

Niti and veebha reach the party and meet all their friends and start chatting. Just then Rohan, the host comes to them with few of his other guests and starts introducing. Niti that’s parth samthaan and parth that’s niti Taylor a very dear friend of mine . Both of them are disgusted to meet each other again but since every one is around, they simply shake hands and then ignore. Veebha who is niti’s best friend notices this and finds something fishy ! After some time veebha drags niti aside and asks her about the Cold War with parth. Niti describes the whole incident and expresses her hatred towards him.

Veebha: Arey par tum to fan thi uski. Bff regular dekhti thi Na ??
Niti: veebha main fan thi. Par ab nai Hun. I mean jise bado ki respect karna Na aata ho and jo bina vajah mujhse aise baat kare I can’t ever like that person !
Veebha: Arey Arey thik hai chalo chodo. Chalo sabke paas jate hain. Vaise kafi filmy situation nai thi ?? Bhai mujhe to lagta hai ye story just shuru hui hai. Agey bohot kuch hoga
Niti: veebha please ! Hum actors hain to tum sara kuch filmy bana dogi?? Ye real life hai reel life nai. Yahaan hum apni script khud likh sakte hain aur main apni script mein parth samthaan ko kabhi nahi likhungi for sure !

During the whole party parth keeps drinking a lot as he’s still mad about his fight with disha ! Niti notices him and it disgusts her more that he is drinking so much !

Party ends.

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  1. How cute niti

  2. hey u goin superb

  3. Sry to say bt pls use English yaar…because language problem ? ….pani rockzz …tanq fr writing ff on manan tats pani ?

  4. Medhavi Thakkar

    Thank You.. and i will try to use english but the thing is i feel ki pani feel comes with a mix of english and hindi.. you know the way they always talk in their interviews or also in many of their scenes on the show.. but i’ll definitely try using more of english..

  5. Hi dear, it’s superb episode, plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  6. Verryyyy nycc!!! Loved it!!! #keep going dear!

  7. Medhavi thakkar

    Thank you ☺️☺️

    1. Its so much… interesting to read u r story really i appreciate u work keep writing it……

      1. Medhavi thakkar

        Thank you so much !

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