Pani – a story we wish were true – part 19

The next morning when parth is driving to the shoot, he starts thinking about niti…the way she smiled, laughed, the way they shared chats for so long without realising it, her pasta, and everything else about her… This brought a smile on his face…

Just then his phone rang and on checking it he found it to be disha…suddenly the smile from his face vanished…he did not wish to talk to her so he just disconnected the call…disha had called so many times since last night but parth was too angry on her statement to talk to her…

“But somewhere even I am at fault I guess…I mean if I found disha in some other guys apartment even I would not like it…but still that does not mean she could make such a cheap statement…”

He picks up his phone and calls disha…
Disha picks up at the 1st ring itself…she had been waiting for his call !

Disha: parth why are you doing this ??
Parth: disha don’t you realise what you said was very wrong ! You don’t trust me !
Disha: I do parth ..I do trust you…and you are right…what I said was wrong…I’m sorry…I do trust you… But parth my insecurities aren’t wrong…
Parth: what insecurities disha ?? Kya ho jayega ??
Disha: parth, how can you expect me to be cool when you aren’t picking up my calls and sitting with some other girl and chatting for hours !!
Parth: she is just a co actor…
Disha: so then keep her to that Na ! Why make her a friend ?? Parth I thought you were too professional in your work and you have always been but with this girl, your professionalism has vanished somewhere… I’m saying this for your career itself…you know how it is…the two of you are paired up on screen and imagine if what your director says about your jodi actually comes true that manik and nandini soon become the hot favourite couple of every viewer… Then the audience would go all crazy about the 2 of you…they would then start expecting that the two of you should be together not only on screen but off screen as well…and your friendship in the audiences eyes would make them believe it more…do you want all these things in the way of your work ?? I know you don’t like all this…and that’s why I’m guiding you…just be professional with her…let people believe that the two of you aren’t even good friends off screen…

Parth thinks about it for a while and then agrees to her…

Parth: I think you are right …okay then I just have to be professional with her that’s it…nothing else…
Disha: good…chalo then I’ll talk to you later…have to go for a shoot…
Parth: yeah okay…bye…
Disha: I love you parth…
Parth: I love you too…

When parth reaches the location for the shoot, niti spots him parking his car and calls his name from far away and starts coming towards him with a wide smile on her face for her new friend. Parth does not give any reaction.

Niti: Hey good morning !

Parth: Yeah good morning.. I’ll just go get changed..See you for the shot..

Saying this he leaves and niti is again confused at his actions.. What does he want ?? Why cant he be normal ?? I think he might be disturbed on some other thing..Maybe something is wrong with disha ?? Otherwise why would he now ignore me ?? We are to now…umm i mean yeah i guess we are friends now…Yes we are ! A faint smile appears on her face at this thought…Now the journey of kaisi yeh yariaan is going to be fun !! Finally there would be no misunderstandings or fights but only friendship amongst all of us..

They were shooting at a different location that day..It was still friendship day celebration and they were at a friendship day party too far away from the city and manik had tricked nandini to get her to the party..

They first have the scenes where fab 5 are enjoying the party with the drinks and music and also bullying navya naveli…Those scenes were the ones where nothing went as directed but still the scene came out really well..It did drag on a bit too much but still all of them did enjoy..Manik and nandini were not supposed to be a part of that sequence but still parth and niti were involved in it as well.. Parth was actually not really interested because of his “professionalism” clause but since ayaz and utkarsh were forcing him to come, he did for some time..that time as well niti tried to talk to parth casually but he again ignored her..

Since the combined scenes took too long, the time to shoot for the manik nandini confrontation scene after nandini angrily broke the show piece was very late..till then many of them had already left and it was just parth, niti and veebha on the sets along with the other crew members..Veebha did not have a scene but she was accompanying her friend niti.

During the scene, manik had to shout at nandini as he was mad at her action of breaking the show piece..The scene again turned out really well as parth was actually angry at her, at the situations, at his stupidity of the other day when he reached her place to apologise and also at the fact that disha did not trust him.. He had told her that he forgave her but inside his heart he could not let go of it..

All these things together made him so mad that it actually helped in the scene but niti was shattered ! She did not understand why but she could actually understand his emotions.. She knew he was’nt just acting..He was actually mad ! However, she did not realise that his madness was towards her itself as all she could remember was the wonderful time she had spent with him the other day because of which she could not even imagine him being angry at her again..She knew he was a really nice person at heart but it was just the misunderstandings that got them too bitter towards each other..

After the pack up, veebha and niti went up to parth towards his car.
Veebha: so parth, you would drop us home right ??
Parth: huh ??
Veebha: ohh c’mon. It’s so far away from the city and everyone else has left. Also, you can’t let your new friend go home alone at this hour of the night can you ? (Winks)
Parth: yeah okay whatever. Come get into the car.
Veebhas home comes first and so they drop her and move towards niti’s home.

After dropping veebha, niti thinks she should now talk to him about whatever that has been bothering him due to which he had been shouting at her whole day long. Had it been 2 days back, she would have hated that attitude of him towards her but now that she knew him more and that she knew they were friends, she did not feel bad about any of those things that he had said to her since morning.

Niti: so parth are you okay now ?
Parth: yeah why ?
Niti: because I noticed you were disturbed about something since morning and therefore you were also rude to me at times.
Parth: hmm..
Niti: so what is it ? Tell me. What is it that is bothering you ? Is everything alright with disha ? Or is there some other issue ?
Parth: (irritated) oh my god ! You are unbelievable. You can’t even get the simplest hints can you ? I am disturbed because of you. Oh no wait ! I’m not disturbed. I’m completely fine ! It’s just that I’m not interested in talking to you or being your friend as you have been considering me since morning.
Niti is moved ! She is confused as to what is the matter once again that parth was behaving like this ?
Parth: listen I’m here to work and not to make friends. You have your friends and I do have mine. We don’t need more friends right ? So I just want that we don’t get too involved with each other personally and just focus on our work. Otherwise, public will start following us for any off screen “chemistry” between us !

Saying this he stops the car and niti who had been looking at him all the while he was talking, turns around and finds that they had reached her building. Without uttering a single word, she just leaves. Parth keeps watching her all the while she is walking away from the car and into the building towards her flat but she doesn’t turn around. Parth waits till he looses sight of her and then leaves.


So friends…yes ! Our parth and niti seem to be very stubborn on accepting their feelings. But don’t worry, they will slowly because this is all imagination. Here we wish they were together and we do bring them together. Unlike, real life where we can do nothing but ship them for few small feelz..

Friends, please keep up your support and also do recommend it to your friends if you find it worth reading. Thank you !

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  1. U kno dis disha I jus wanna kick her….parth was jus trying to be normal wid niti den wats her problem???btw….it was awesome…. U kno while reading dis update I felt like it’s a real story coz d current situation btwn parth n niti z xactly d same…. Isn’t it??lyk being vry professional n all…anyways thanks for d wonderful update

    1. Yes that possessive Disha ! We all hate her.. And I agree the two of them are really very professional.. And that is the reason I’m trying to shape my story that way so that we can get a realistic touch..

  2. Yes exactly the current situation is like this only well…….the update was really good lets see what happens next!!OMG the next morning what is going to happen
    Really excited ? thanku medhavi wonderful and amazing update keep going❤

    1. Lest just wait to find out what happens next ! Thank you shakshi for your support ! 🙂

  3. Uma Maheswari

    Though its ur imagination… I can relate this story to reality. Ur story comes before my subconscious mind while I am reading. Really nice…

    1. Aww that’s so sweet of you to say uma! Thank you !:)

  4. Really yar……your imagination r just too great…….means kabhi kbhi too lgta h jaise sb sach me mere aakho ke shamne hi hoo raha h…..
    Thanx for such an amazing update…..
    Love u dr….

    1. Aww Kavya ! This is such an amazing compliment ! I’m glad that you can actually feel my story..:)

  5. How can parth talk like that yaar

    1. Parth’s behavior has changed coz of dat idiot disha…she’s instigating him to become dat monster..

    2. I know right ! He is so confused ! Hope he realises that and changes soon !

  6. OMG!!!!AMAZING medhavi!!!!
    I don’t have words to say…it seems like always dis time too u have left me speechless….
    I m bursting wid curiosity to know what will happen next…
    U always seem keep up my curiosity n i just looove dis fact… sooo loyal to disha..
    Niti…is just as always a sweetheart
    Bt disha…is a glitch here…
    D argument scene in d car was intense n fab…looved niti’s reaction…n parth’s concern…as she left…
    In alll as always….FANTABULOUS!!!!

    1. Omg !! You always amaze me with your feedback ! You start by saying that you are speechless but your words leave me speechless dear !! I’m so touched by your FANTABULOUS comments each time ! I really can’t thank you enough for making me so happy !! Love you loads !

  7. Plzzzzzz make nitis accident…it will be great fun to watch…

    1. Hey tasfia, will definitely try to incorporate your suggestion into my story

  8. Mast yaar plz update next part soon….?????

    1. Thanks diya ! Sure next part coming soon !

  9. Parth was too rude with niti. He should make her understand his situation. Medhavi u r awesome like always. Never forget l’ll always support u. U the best.

    1. Hey palak thank you so much for your support ! ☺️

  10. Awesome episode dear, it’s superb, marvellous episode dearrrrr…parth n niti both trying their best to be normal as much as possible but the situation turns out to be against them…finally when now parth was kind of OK then this stupid disha messed it up…n niti’s reaction was really natural…she is sooo naive…can’t wait to know what happens next. ..eagerly waiting….love you loads and very tight hug

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thank you so much dear ! ☺️

  11. Hey mehdavi…. Wer z nxt episode….. M eagerly waiting for ua update….pls make it soon if possible….. Actly ua story z too good dat we can’t wait….it feels lyk too real yar….hats off yar seriously….. Luv u loads for giving us our imaginary story…

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Next part coming up tomorrow for both the stories…thanks for your support ! ☺️

  12. Disha is the the real life gf or just for this story I have this doubt for a long long time

    1. Even I am not really sure but had a it’s all my imagination..

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