Pani – a story we wish were true – part 18


Later in the evening niti is preparing her dinner as her cook is on a leave.. She is preparing pasta and it’s almost done when her door bell rings !

She opens the door to find parth standing at her door step !

Before she could say anything, parth comes in and being a foodie he cannot resist himself from the delicious smell that had been coming straight out of the kitchen… He moves into the kitchen and finds the pasta served in a plate, he just picks it up and tastes it only to find it amazingly yummy !!

Niti might not be a very good cook, but everyone who knew her was a fan of her pasta ! She used to cook the most yummylicious pasta as the others used to call it…

Niti is really furious on seeing parth eating away her pasta and snatches the plate from him and places it on the kitchen counter…

Niti: what are you doing here ??
Parth: Arey ?! I’m your guest Na ?? So you should welcome me…instead you are shouting at me ?? How rude is that !
Niti: ohh really so do you know how not to be rude to others ?
Parth feels embarrassed as he knew what she was talking about..
Parth: look I know we have problems and I know the reason of your increasing anger towards me…but I’m here to explain everything …if you could lend your ears for some time…
Niti just nods and points at the sofa indicating him to sit down…

Parth: look I know you overheard the conversation between me and ayaz and…
Niti: and now you are hear to make up some wonderful excuse and try to again convince me into your sweet talks ??
Parth: see I know you don’t really feel anything good about me and since the day we met, we’ve always ended up into fights..but the truth is it had always been misunderstandings…but this time I don’t want any misunderstandings…I request you to trust me for once !
Niti: (looking into his eyes and realising he is not lying this time as she could very easily understand people’s intentions by looking into their eyes) okay go ahead..what explanation do you have for all that playing around ??
Parth: I was not playing around.. I was genuinely trying to be normal with you and not fight with you…
Niti: why ??
Parth: because I was fed up of all those fights ! It wasn’t taking us anywhere…and both our minds used to be disturbed and so we were not even able to concentrate on our work …
Niti: but then why did you tell ayaz that you were just playing around ??
Parth: I lied to him because I did not want him to start teasing me for being nice to you…u know how he is…
Niti: yeah I know…but that was a really rude statement to make do you realise that ??
Parth: yes I do realise it…and m sorry for that…m sorry for hurting you by that statement or by any other thing I might have done in the past…I really am sorry !
Niti: (giving a faint smile) it’s okay…and even I’m sorry…even I have been at fault in the past and an equal participant in all those fights…
Parth: so let’s forget about everything else and be normal ??
Niti: yeah ! I like that…
Parth: accha so now can we have that pasta ?? Trust me it’s the best pasta I’ve ever tasted !
Niti: I’m sorry but it’s my dinner !
Parth: Arey so can’t you share ?? And I’ve come to your house for the first time and you should offer me something atleast…
Niti: okay fine..let me get it…

Both of them then share the pasta from one plate and discuss about random topics…they realise they actually enjoyed each other’s company !

They don’t realise but they keep talking for almost 2 hours !

All that while disha had been trying to call parth but his phone was on the silent mode and he was busy talking with niti..

Since parth was not picking up the call, she tried searching his location and when she got it, immediately reached there !

When she reached the building she saw parth walking out and furiously ran to him for an explanation !

Disha: what is this parth ?? I’ve been calling you since forever and you don’t bother to answer any of my calls do you ??
Parth: disha, firstly just calm down alright ?? There’s no need to shout so much ! And secondly, I called you at first but you were busy and you told me that you have shoot till late tonight and therefore I shouldn’t disturb you ! So that’s what I was doing…not disturbing you as u want it…
Disha: don’t blame me parth ! You are at fault…why didn’t you answer my calls ?? Where’s your phone ?? Just have a look how many times have I called…
Parth searches for his phone but does not find it and suddenly realises he left the phone at niti’s place…he turns around to go get his phone when disha stops him..
Disha: now where are u going ??
Parth: to get my phone ! I left it upstairs..
Disha: upstairs ?? Who lives here ?? As far as I remember, none of your friends live here…
Parth: disha, please don’t pretend to know everything about me ! You actually don’t !

Just then he hears his name being called by a sweet voice and just as he turns around he finds niti walking towards him…the sight of her walking towards him smiling at him brings an even wider smile on his face and forget his argument with dish.

Niti: hey you left your phone upstairs..
Parth: ohh thanks ! I was just about to come back to get it…
Niti: ohh no problem..
She notices disha standing with him and being such a sweetheart, starts talking to her as well very warmly !
Niti: hey ! U must be disha right ??
Disha: yeah ! ( she says that in an ungrateful manner)
Niti: glad to meet you ! How are you ?? You must be parth’s friends right ??
Disha: girlfriend ! I am his GIRLFRIEND !
Niti: (embarrassed) yeah ! Great ! Well then I’ll see you guys later..bye !
Parth: bye ! See you tomorrow !

Niti gives a faint smile to parth but on noticing disha’s anger at it, immediately turns her face flat and moves away !

Disha: what has she got to do with you ?? And that too so much that you at this hour were in her house ! Tell me the truth ! You were in the bedroom right ??
Parth: (really mad at disha’s comment !) mind your language disha !! If you don’t trust me then that’s your problem…I’m not going to give you any explanation…so go ahead and imagine whatever you want to…
Saying this he leaves…


I hope the story is still interesting…keep supporting and I will keep entertaining….
Thank you !

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. brilliant!!…… non stop talking for 2 hours with pasta for dinner………great going……thank you so much!!!!! <3

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      My pleasure dear ! 🙂

  2. Wowwwwwieeeee .. m I first one to read it.. Medhavi I wanna meet u in person.. n hug u.. Such a wonderful story.. U must be a cuteeeeeeeee wonderful person too.. Loveeee u soo much.. U r d best..
    Waiting eagerly fr d next episode.. It’s like food fr d hour.. Loveeee u .. Stay blessed

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Aww dear thank you so much ! Can’t say about myself, but you are definitely a wonderful person to be so appreciative of others’ work. You never fail to make me smile or rather blush through your comments. Thank you so much for your support. And, even i would love to meet you. Hopefully we get a chance to meet up in the future. Would look out for that opportunity.

  3. It’s fabulous…….
    It’s very very very entertaining…..
    Love you dr…..

  4. Atlast dono mill gaye yaar such a cute update

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thanks ! 🙂

  5. Wow misunderstanding clear finally do it yaar

  6. OMG!!!!!
    Thanks alot..for updating..u r amazing!!!
    Waiting for d next

    1. Thanks dear ! Love the fact that you are always there to support ! ☺️

  7. Brilliant yaar really good but the update was short and keep on doing like this I really love this series I appreciate ur imagination and now Pls make the update more longer with lots of pani scenes

    1. Hehe will definitely try to keep them longer. Thanks for your feedback ! ?

  8. hey madhavi u r too good,u hav bcm my favourite author.. story teller…I feel u hav great future

    1. Aww dear thank you so much ! You have no idea what this compliment means to me ! ☺️

  9. Finally……OMG the same plate ?? fabulous madhavi u r a great writer hope u keep doing well like this lovely
    Waiting for the upcoming story eagerly pls upload it faster
    LOVE ❤ U

    1. Thanks dear ! I will definitely keep writing well till the time I have your support ! ?☺️

  10. High five gal..its just yummilicious lyk the pasta.the story

  11. Next upload pleaeeeeeeeeeeessseeeeeee

    1. Next update tomorrow dear..look out for it..?

  12. Awww how sweet……dey shared der dinner… I don’t believe dis….OMG m sooooo excited… U kno wat I feel butterflies in ma stomach…. Medhavi ua such a gud writer yar… Y don’t u look forward in dis field… M sure u’ll get a great success

    1. I know right !! Sharing dinner is so cute !! Look out for more Pani moments in the coming updates..thank you so much dear for your support !! Will surely take your suggestion into consideration…

  13. Best story so far.Madhavi I really need to thank you.Feel like it is actually happening. love you for taking time and writing pani story.

    1. Thank you dear ! I’m glad you liked it..☺️

  14. Awesome episode, wowwww finally issues resolved btw pani…but I hate this disha … eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. I agree with you ! Even I hate that Disha..let’s see how long does it take for her to go away from our story…stay tuned ! Thanks for your worthy feedback !?

  15. sujatha muthukannu

    I really enjoyed ur story. Interesting, keep going

  16. I and obviously every one of us is liking it and will support u forever
    You r very sweet u reply each one of us and that’s really good that’s how one should be with her fans instead of being rude and over confident
    #loveumadhavi? #

    1. Thank you dear for your forever support promise ! I’m really grateful ! And to talk about replying to all of you, I just can’t control myself from replying because your comments make me feel so happy that I have to reply..and none of you are my fans..I’ve gained so many new friends in this journey ! Love you friend !?

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