Pani – a story we wish were true – part 17


Fiends, before starting with the story I would like to thank you all for the wonderful support you all have given to me in this short span of time. Believe me, this really means a lot to me. I love to read all your feedbacks and it brings a smile on my face. So, I would like to thank you all for supporting me. Please keep supporting an I will keep entertaining…☺️?


The next shot was the friendship day sequence where manik and nandini where to pair up and perform a song.. Both of them had to prepare the song first where it seemed both were enjoying a lot singing with each other..manik realised that nandini is a really amazing singer.. And parth realised that niti looks too cute when she is enjoying herself… But it was not niti who was enjoying…it was only a scene wherein niti was “acting” as if she is very happy but on the inside she hated parth !

After the scene, when she was in the vanity, parth came to talk to her…
Parth: hey are you okay ??
Niti: yes of course…mujhe kya hoga ??
Parth: nai woh, yesterday you were quite weak na, u even fell off so are you okay now ??
Niti: thank you for your concern..but I am very strong ! I neither was nor would ever be weak !
Parth: okay..

He leaves with a confused state of mind as to why was she behaving that way ?? Fine then let’s just be professionals…why should I care about her so much ?? She’s just my co actor and we are really very professional…
Ayaz spots parth coming out of niti’s vanity and lost in some thought process and comes forward to talk to him…

Ayaz: so bro ?? How’s it going on ??
Parth: what’s going on ??
Ayaz: Arey your playing around..

Parth: look ayaz I wanted to talk to you about it…actually what I said yesterday, I was actually lying…I’m not playing around with her…I was actually trying to be normal with her…honestly I was fed up of all those fights so I thought we can atleast have some normal conversation…so that’s what I was trying to do…but I was afraid you guys might take it in the wrong sense specially you that is the reason I lied…
Ayaz: ohh man you know me so well !! Haha !! But on a serious note I think you are right…you should definitely give it a try to be normal..
Parth: no…actually I’ve dropped that idea now..
Ayaz: kya matlab ??

Parth: Arey yar she does not want to talk normally to main kitna bolu yar ?? I will just try and stay cool so that we don’t fight again but I can’t have any normal conversation with her…
Ayaz: chal thik hai ! Go ahead …and I am with you bro !
This time ayaz is lost in thoughts after his discussion with parth when he spots veebha…he decides he should talk to her as veebha and niti are best friends and so veebha can try and talk to niti about it..
Ayaz: hey veebha…suno please !
Veebha: haan bolo ?

Ayaz: listen I wanted to talk to you about niti…
Veebha; niti ?? What about her ??
Ayaz: actually, don’t you think that she is over reacting too much with parth…
Veebha: what do you mean ??
Ayaz: I mean parth had been trying to be normal with her but she is not even responding to that..
Veebha: I know she told me that parth tried to be normal with her and she was really disturbed with that..

Ayaz: disturbed kyu ?
Veebha: ayaz, tell me one thing, if someone behaves too badly with you at first ! Fights with you at every small thing, and then one day suddenly starts behaving normally, can you too start behaving normally suddenly ??
Ayaz does not reply for a moment as he believes what veebha was saying was correct…
Veebha: that’s exactly what niti is going through…yesterday when suddenly parth started talking to her normally, she was left confused and shocked as to why did this happen ??
Ayaz: chalo veebha I understand what you are saying but aaj kya hua hai use ?? You saw how she is behaving …with all of us and even with parth…
Veebha: that I still have to ask her..m sure there’s something that’s bothering her…
Ayaz: so then please ask her…and also why did she leave the group in the morning ?? She did not give an answer to that as well…
Veebha: okay then let me go and talk to her…
Veebha goes to niti to talk about it…

Veebha: hey best friend ! How are you feeling ?
Niti: hey ! M good…and sorry for behaving weird in the morning…
Veebha: it’s okay m sure there must have been something that was bothering you…
Niti: yes you are right…
Veebha: and ??
Niti narrates the whole incident of the other day when she overheard parth and ayaz’s conversation and also about Rahul…even though veebha was her best friend, niti had never opened up to her about Rahul.. She knew she had had a bad past but she never discussed the whole incident..
After listening to the whole thing, veebha just gives her a tight hug which makes both of them teary eyed…

They break the hug and veebha speaks up, niti m so sorry I wasn’t there with you last night…actually the shoot went on till late and then I thought u must be sleeping that’s why didn’t come over…
Niti: it’s okay I know it !
Veebha excuses herself out of the vanity and goes to talk to Ayaz..
Veebha: (angrily) ayaz !!
Ayaz who is facing the opposite direction is startled on hearing someone shouting his name angrily ! He turns and finds veebha boiling with anger.. Even Charlie and krissan who were standing there were shocked to see veebha in that state !
Charlie: veebha ?? Kya hua ??
Veebha: I need to talk to ayaz..
Ayaz: haan to Bol Na !
Veebha: (holds her hand and drags her away) come with me !
Ayaz: Ohoo kya hua madhubala ??
Veebha: you were telling me that niti is being unreasonable right ??
Ayaz: yeah Kind of but even you agreed to it right ??
Veebha: so then what would you call your friends “playing around” prank ?? Is that reasonable ?? To make fun of someone’s feelings ?
Ayaz: how do you know about that ??

Veebha: ohh so now you are scared ??
Ayaz: veebha atleast tell me the whole thing..
Veebha then tells him how niti had over heard the conversation.
Ayaz: ohh god !! Okay I agree she would have felt really bad on hearing that conversation…but do you want to know the whole thing ?? Can you trust me on that ??
Veebha: what is it ??
Ayaz then explains the whole thing how parth had lied to him and his true intentions now..
Both of them are stressed as the misunderstandings were not ending only !
Ayaz: I’ll do one thing I’ll tell parth ki kya hua hai and so he can go to niti and clear things out..
Veebha: nai nai…niti won’t talk to him..
Ayaz: Arey but they will have to talk otherwise they won’t be able to work together properly and ultimately their careers and the show will suffer…do you want that for your friends.
Veebha nods a no and then agrees to his plan.
Ayaz talks to parth about it and parth agrees to talk to niti about the same..
The whole day parth made several attempts to talk to niti but she did not respond.


Sorry for the late update…actually my internet connection was not working…

So friends I hope you like to see a different side of parth who realises his mistake and goes ahead to clarify the same.. Let’s see how long does it take for him to convince niti…hopefully it won’t take long as niti is a darling who understands things very well !

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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