Pani – a story we wish were true – part 16

The next day niti wakes up with a severe headache and realises the reason for the same to be that her head was full of bitter memories from her past ! She was sitting on her bed holding her head and thinking about parth’s “playing around” statement ! She realised she had been played around a lot..and wanted to bring an end to it. “That’s it !! I’m leaving the show ! I do not even want to serve the notice period cuz I can’t take this anymore.. I can’t let anyone play around with me the way they want ! I can’t just sit and be the entertainment of others lives..” She makes a firm decision and first thing she does is to exit the whatsapp group kaisi yeh yariyan..

Just as she leaves the group everyone is alarmed to see the notification. Parth is getting ready for the shoot and thinking about what he had to say to ayaz about being nice to niti..he decides he would tell ayaz the truth and be professional with niti on sets without any fights, misunderstandings or arguments. Just then he checks his phone and on finding niti’s notification, immediately dials her number, concerned as to what does the notification mean ? But soon he realises what was he doing. He disconnects the call hoping it did not connect. But too bad, it did connect. Niti saw parth’s missed call when she came out of the washroom after taking a shower and it made her more angry ! She thought he was still playing around and that he must be hoping that on seeing his missed call, she would revert back ! “Very old trick mr. Monster ! I’m not calling ..nor am I seeing you ever again !” She is just about to call the production department when she gets a call from her mother.

Mom: how’s my darling daughter doing this morning ?? Did you sleep well ??
Niti: hey mom ! Yeah I’m are you ?? And how’s dad ?? And di ??
Mom: they are all great ! But we all miss you a lot dear…
Niti: I know mom even I miss you all so much…I think I’ll come over to you all for sometime…
Mom: ohh that’s such a great idea ! But would you be able to get a leave ?? As in your shoot ?? What about that..
Niti: that will be managed..don’t worry about it..
Mom: Arey but your show is doing well then you might not get a leave.. Niti, are you alright ?
Niti: (she just choked on hearing her moms question but immediately cleared her throat and replied) of course mom ..what would happen to me ??
Mom: no it’s just that I haven’t ever seen you so liberal towards your work. That’s the reason you visit us very rarely and most of the time it’s us who travel down there to meet you..
Niti: no mom nothing like that, what I meant was that I might get a leave in few days so till then I can work overtime and cover up the scenes Na that’s why !
Mom: oh then it’s fine dear.. We would be waiting for you.. But let me tell you one thing, we are really very proud of you dear.. People here, know us because of you and specially because of this’s going really well…and you are wonderful as always ! We just love to watch you on it.. Baby, you have done great till now, and we know you will continue it further but just make sure that you don’t let any other thing affect your know how difficult it is to get such a good show and an even better role to play that people admire so much.. So if there is something that is bothering you, just remember it’s not as important as your career..
Niti: thanks mom !! I love you !
Mom: I love you too beta ! Bye..
Niti: umm mom..
Mom: yeah ?
Niti: I’m sorry but I won’t be able to come home..
Mom: it’s okay honey..just take care of my daughter..
Niti: I will

She hangs up with a smile.. Moms can get you to the right track always !
Just as she disconnects the call, she finds several missed calls from veebha, Charlie, Krissan, ayaz, and utkarsh…She decides not to call back anyone and just reach the sets as she was already very late !

On the sets, everyone has been waiting for her for the last 1 hour..
Director: (angrily) where is niti ?? Somebody atleast call her and find out…
Charlie: sir we did call but she’s not picking up..
Director: what ?? Let me call now ! (He searches for his phone in his pocket but does not find it) I left my phone in the office..
Parth is sitting just beside the director and browsing on his phone when the director spots him and snatches his phone from him..
Director: let me call her now..
He does not give anyone a chance to speak up and just calls niti..
Niti is in the taxi, on her way to the shoot when she gets the call… On seeing parth’s number flashing, she disconnects the call.. Her phone again rings, it’s parth again ! And she again disconnects…

The director is now too furious..
10 mins later, niti reaches the shoot and enters her vanity to find all her friends and also parth sitting there..
Niti: kya hua hai ?? Why u all over here ??
Krissan: niti where have you been ?? We’ve been calling you since forever and you don’t even bother to answer back ?! And why didn’t you answer director sirs call ?? He is damn angry at you !
Niti: Arey but when did he call ??
Ayaz: just 10 mins back when you disconnected the call..
Niti: Arey but 10 mins back to parth ne call kiya tha..
Utkarsh: haan to you couldn’t pick up the call ?? Director sir had called from his number..
Hearing this, niti is really ashamed of the way she had behaved..she leaves the vanity and goes to meet the director..
1/2 hour later she returns to the vanity after sorting it all out with the director..


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Credit to: Medhavi thakkar


  1. riddhima

    medhavi i m just luving it………………..if it is nt a problemlem to u can u pls upload the next part soon………………..just cant wait fr it πŸ˜€

    • Medhavi thakkar

      Thank you dear I’m so happy to see what effect my ff has on you..i will try to upload next part ASAP !

  2. kavya

    Really yar… mom dad ko pata kaise chal jata h ki kb unke baccho ko unki direction ki jarurat h…..
    Well…..ek problem too khatam hoo gyi ki niti show nhi chur rehi….too” pani” get lot off chance for clear his doubt……
    Medhavi…..a huuggeee….ttthhhaannnxxxxx for such gud update…..
    apne daily routine me se itna time nikalna is not easy for anyone……
    But you do this for us….
    isliye thank you yar…..

  3. hope

    Medhavi u rock!!!
    I m already a fan of urs!!!???
    D mom angle was soo realistic..
    Parth was soo cute!!! Being concerned n all!!!??

    • Medhavi thakkar

      Thanks dear ! But no fans ! We are friends ! ☺️? Thank you for the support friend !

    • Medhavi thakkar

      Thanks dear ! And you can give your suggestions for the manan ff if you don’t find it nice..I will definitely try to improve.. Thanks for your support !! ?

    • Medhavi thakkar

      Sorry didn’t get you ! Do you like manan ff more or this one ? Please give any suggestions you have..I would love to incorporate it..all I want is for you all to like my work ! ?

  4. rida

    Too good yar….how beautifully u’ve written dis story….m soo glad dat I got a beautiful story to ready…tysm medhavi… Luv u for dis..u kno I was quite bzi today so couldn’t read ua update on tym…but was impatient to kno today’s update…sry for late comment

  5. Roma

    Awesome episode dear, loved niti n her mom’s convo. …it was really sweet, the way she understood her problem and directed to the correct path was amazing, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    • Medhavi Thakkar

      Thanks dear..I have submitted the next part but it is not yet published. Sorry for the delay..

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