Pani – a story we wish were true – part 15


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On reaching home, she takes a quick shower and gets changed into her comfy brown pajamas and a plain oversized yellow tee.. She then makes herself a cup of hot coffee and sits and thinks about what parth had said to ayaz.. She remembers every bit of what he had said ! His words had once again wounded her old scars that were given to her by Rahul !

Niti was in high school when she started getting offers for ad films. She became quite popular due to the opportunities she used to get back then ! The boys from her school as well as from other parts of her city started admiring her. She became the girl of any mans dreams ! But none of their feelings were truly called love. They were just playing around fantasising about her and discussing her on and off .. But there was one genuine guy from her class who truly had feelings for niti. His name was yash. He was a really shy and nerdy kind of a guy.
One day the boys gang of the class was having a niti Taylor discussion,
Akash: no man ! It’s not that easy to woo her. I mean look at her. Already she was difficult and now this instant popularity has made it more difficult.

Dhruv: I agree with you ! But yash you should try I mean you do “loooooveee” her right ?? (All of them chuckle at the joke except for yash who feels insulted)
Rahul: Arey ! Mat karo aise ! Don’t insult his feelings yar ! (He too chuckles on making the comment jokingly) dekh yash I know ki padhai important hai par mard ban yar ! Aise to you will never get your love.

Yash: listen, you guys can go ahead and make fun of my feelings but I know for a fact that I feel for niti is something you will never understand.
Rahul: ohoooo…bhai dar gaye hum to ! Listen, you can never woo her. There’s just one guy in this whole school or rather in this whole city who can woo her.

Dhruv: bro, I don’t mean to offend you but she is actually difficult !
Rahul: so you’re challenging me ?? Okay then ! Challenge accepted.. I will show it to you that no girl can be “difficult” for Rahul Saxena !
One week later, Rahul obviously won the challenge but there was someone who was badly cheated ! Niti !

She had planned a surprise for Rahul and therefore reached his place in the evening after school. She asked the maid not to inform Rahul about her arrival and directly moved towards his room.. As she was moving towards the room, she was thinking about last night when the 2 of them shared their first kiss in the same room. She had never felt the same before ! Her first kiss..she was so happy that her first kiss was with a person she loved infinitely ! As she climbed the stairs and moved nearer to the room, she heard few voices coming from the room.
Rahul: wohooo guys !! Enjoy !! The beer is on me today !

Dhruv: yeah bro ! Maan gaye tujhe ! You did win the challenge !
Akash: yeah bro you did actually woo that girl ! You got her to believe you ! Too good man !
Dhruv: kya believe ?? He got her to fall in love with her ! Poor yash !
All of them laugh out loud and niti who is listening to all the conversation is shattered ! The man she thought was the love of her life was cheating on her ?! But what is it about yash they are discussing ??

Rahul: bro, he did not have the courage ! He said he loved her, but where did all that love vanish when I was playing around with his “looooveee” !! Love needs courage to protect your loved ones which he clearly did not have and I had the courage to play around with the star of the school !

Niti runs away from there crying her heart out !!
Few days later she decides to leave the school as well as the city and settles in Mumbai ..
***end of flashback***

It had taken her 4 long years to realise that all boys might not be like Rahul or yash and she had actually started to trust boys once again but parth samthaan had broken that trust again !!
She falls asleep weeping…


So friends yes this is too different but it’s required for the story. I hope you all like it. Next part we get back our pani !
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Also, friends I would be uploading another ff that is based on manan. I will upload only 2 parts first. And if you guys would like to read more then please do comment on it and only then will I continue. The name is “manan ff – unconditional love”. Look out for it.

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. Yes all men r same idiot badtameez hein…..

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Hehe it’s just a story dear ! But all men are not the same. You’ll see how parth is in this story itself. ? But seriously there are good people as well. Have faith in it ! ☺️

  2. madhavi it is awesome. .plz continue writing. ..n plz update the next part soon

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Very soon dear..thank you for your lovely comments…

  3. Egarly waiting for nxt part

    1. Medhavi thakkar


  4. Awesomeeeeeeeee I rlly loveeeee uu… Waiting fr dat Pani feel.. and drama.. Pleaeeeeeeeeeeessseeeeeee more long like seriously.. S2 se pehle ab m ye pd ri hu

  5. I think dis track z awesome.. How about submitting it in d current MTV script corner.. They need it.. I m so done with d current kyys2 track

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Thank you so much dear ! What you said really means a lot to me ! But I’m no professional. Let the professionals do their work and I’m sure even they will keep entertaining us.

  6. Madhavi I m a new reader..and its just awsome

  7. its great…… entertaining!! pls continue

  8. Yea ryt all men are same…but except parth….parth is totally different from others…. He is vry gud at heart… Seriously I toh luv him alot…. N yea u please don’t stop updating dis…..we wuld luv to see more n more updates…

  9. Lovely episode, yes this track was needed to know niti’s pov for men and her hurt after parth’s statement…but I’m hopeful for future episodes to pani fights and as well as,their bonding n chemistry. …keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  10. Thank you friends for your support ! I will definitely try to upload next parts ASAP !

  11. Wow amazing I mean da way u r writing is very gud n I m eagerly waiting for dis ff daily to read n wenever I read its makes me smile according to da situation n im luking forward mre interesting story n ya gr8 going n pls continue it n bdw da manan ff -unconditional love is also gud medhavi n I m loving it♥:-)

    1. Thank you dear m so overwhelmed by the response from you. I would definitely keep updating regularly so that you do not have to wait. Thanks a ton !

  12. It was gr8!!!!
    Keep updating!!!?

    1. Thanks ! Sure will keep updating soon only for you all ?

  13. U r awesome yar…..means really lagta hi nhi h ki u r not a professional……
    Ur story increase our curiosity…..
    really head off for u….
    Keep it up….
    Plz update soon……you know na ab or intzaar nhi hota humse….

    1. Medhavi thakkar

      Aww dear thank you much ! I really appreciate your love ! Thanks a ton for the support ! ?

  14. “what will happen next?” is my first thot aftr reading evry update! U just write evry bit of d updates so beautifully that v crave to read more!! Would love if this was for real!! Loving it so damn much!! U gotta continue! Love PaNi.. All guys ain’t same!

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      To tell you the truth even i am always as excited as you guys are to write more and to read your feedbacks ! So don’t you worry i am not ending this anytime soon.

  15. Monika malik

    love ur writings so much.keep rocking……………………..

    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      thank you !

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