Pani – a story we wish were true – part 14


Niti was traumatised by the strange incidents that had been happening with her since morning. As she entered the vanity, veebha noticed the horrified state of her friend that kept her worrying. She kept calling her name, but niti would just not respond. Veebha then had to shake her awake of the wired thought process going on in her mind.
Veebha: (while shaking niti holding her shoulders) niti !! What’s wrong with you ??
Niti: (on coming to her senses) huh ??
Veebha: Arey where are you lost ?? I’ve been trying to talk to you for so long but you aren’t responding ! Is everything alright ?? And why is your shot postponed ?
Niti: (still in a confused and disturbed state) for me to rest…
Veebha: rest ?? Kyu ?? Kya hua hai tumhe ?? Niti tell me what’s wrong ??
Niti: (irritated) i don’t know Veebha ! Nahi pata ki kyu Aur kya hua hai mujhe ?! Aur uss monster manik ko !!
Veebha: manik ?! U mean parth…what’s wrong with him ?? Did you 2 fight again ??
Niti: (again confused) nahi …fight nai… normal conversation hua…usne kiya…
Veebha: (surprised) what ?? Normal conversation ?? strange !! But accha hai Na…
Niti: hai Na ?? Tumhe bhi strange laga Na ?? Mujhe bhi !! Isliye to main….
Veebha: tum kya niti ??
Niti: main…main vo….I fell off !
Veebha: (shocked and concerned) what ?? Fell off ?? ?? How ?? And are you hurt ?? Tell me !!
Niti: no nothing like that..cuz someone held me tight !
Veebha: who ??
Niti: (softly) parth !!

Just then there came a call for veebha on sets and she had to leave the conversation half way. Although she really wanted to know the whole incident but she had to leave.
Niti was still confused on parth’s actions and words towards her since morning and was rewinding the whole thing in her mind again and again when she heard someone talking outside her vanity. It was parth and ayaz.
Parth: ayaz what is your problem man ?? Why can’t you for once get serious ?!
Ayaz: Arey seriously puch raha Hun mere Bhai !! Bata bhi de…chal kya raha hai ?? Baahon ke darmiyaan…do pyaar mil rahe hain….
Parth: just stop it !! You wanna know ?? I’m just playing around with her…( yes ! He lied. He did not want anyone to know what was actually going on inside his head. In fact even he was not aware of his true intentions. But he definitely did not want anybody to know that he was the one who was trying to be normal with her, that he was the one taking the first step to being atleast normal co-actors. If people knew, they would all take it the wrong way specially ayaz. No matter what he knew he could never convince ayaz to his true intentions)
Ayaz: as in ?? Playing around k liye niti Taylor hi mili tujhe ?? Ohh yes ! I know ! In fact yahaan pe sabko pata hai ki tum dono ki banti nahi hai… Isliye playing around with her. Naughty naughty !! Chal koi nai Tu karta reh play around, main chalta Hun.
Parth: yeah ! Bye !

Niti was shattered on hearing the whole conversation. She had tears in her eyes !
How could I be so dumb ?? How did I not see his real face ?? Mujhe laga vo jaisa bhi hai atleast kisi ki feelings k sath to aise nahi khelega! It had been so difficult for me to convince myself that all boys are not like Rahul ! But i was wrong ! All boys are the same !Aur ayaz ko to main ek bohot accha friend samajhti thi.. Usne bhi parth ka sath Diya in this silly prank ?! I just can’t trust anybody !

She is too exhausted for the day and so takes permission from the director and leaves. Parth comes out of his vanity when he sees niti leaving through the main gate and it leaves him thinking if she is alright. He then comes to know from the others that she had to leave as she was not well.
Veebha is really concerned about her friend but since she had a scene to do, she could not leave with her. As it is niti wanted to be alone for some time and so she asked veebha to stay back and complete her scene.


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Credit to: Medhavi Thakkar

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