Pani – a story we wish were true – part 13


The next morning brought in positive vibes and parth woke up to a refreshed mood. He was no longer into any of the fights or arguments and just wanted to work ! He reached the venue for shoot 5 minutes early which was so unlike him and when niti reached she was shocked to see him there as she had got used to him being late always but today there he was, before time !

She saw him discussing the scene with the director and when they saw her, the director waved at her and even parth gave her a hushed smile something which left her astonished ! She straightaway went to her vanity for getting ready for the day ! Half an hour later, nandini murthy was all ready in the sky blue sleeveless tunic paired with black skinny pants along with her blue bag hanging on her shoulder carrying her phone and mini fan. She reached the place where the next shot was all ready and started going through her script that spot dada had given to her while in the vanity. Just then, the director called out her name and asked her to get into position with parth. She nervously started moving towards him without lifting her eyes to look at him and avoiding eye contact. She reached and stood quite far away from him at which the director shouted again, “niti, go nearer. The 2 of you do not even fit into one frame !” Niti started feeling weak in her knees as she realised that parth had been affecting her so much ! Him ignoring her would set her mood off and him giving her a smile would make her nervous ! And now when the director had to guide her on such a small thing that she should have understood herself, she felt really embarrassed in front of the whole cast and crew.

But she knew she had to be “professional” and so she moved closer to him and took her position. As she moved closer, parth asked, “hey, what happened ? Are you okay ?” She felt like she would just fall on the floor as her knees were too weak to take in the changing scenario. And that was exactly what happened. She suddenly tripped to the floor but just when she was about to touch the ground she felt 2 soft hands around her waist holding her tight as if promising, ‘I will never let you fall’ . She had closed her eyes in panic and as she slowly opened her eyes, she saw the possessor of those soft hands around her waist and it was obviously parth. He asked, “are you alright ?? How did you fall off suddenly ?”

“I didn’t” she said looking at his hands around her waist. And he suddenly removed his hands after getting her back on her feet. This time it was parth who was embarrassed of his actions. “Sorry..I just thought you would fall off and so tried to help. That’s it. I’m sorry if that seemed inappropriate to you.” Niti was shocked at the suddenly changed but changed-for-good side of parth ! “It’s okay..” Was all she could say out of the shocked state of mind.
Parth called out to the director who had been watching the duo from a distance and had decided not to interrupt the conversation as it was something really unusual on sets to see pani having a normal conversation without any heated arguments. “Umm I think we should take a break! She does not seem to be well. She can take some rest while we take up the fab 5 scenes.”
The director agreed and asked niti to relax until after lunch and asked to get the set for fab 5 scene set up in the music room.

All the other fab 5 members were in the vanity either getting ready or just relaxing so none of them were aware of the scenario on set except one who had been observing every single thing since the beginning and had been enjoying it like a movie. It was none other than ayaz who had been eagerly waiting to blow up parth’s mind with all the silly comments he had made up in his mind after watching the entire episode !

After niti left for her vanity, parth was left puzzled at his own behaviour ! He knew why he had smiled at her in the morning and why had he greeted her while she came for the shot. That was because he had decided not to fight any more. Not because he wished to be friends with her but because all those fights had been really getting on his nerves and so he decided to keep the atmosphere cool and just have some professional conversation with her on set so as to reduce the chances of any arguments. But he was surprised at his reflex action towards her falling. What was it that rushed into his blood on seeing her fall off that he had to hold her in his arms ?? He saw ayaz coming towards him with a smirk on his face that indicated that he was to be flooded with his baseless comments and teasing once again ! He immediately rushed to the director and started discussing something with him hoping that ayaz would not dare to start his silly jokes in front of the director who was quite a strict person ! Ayaz noticed his smart move and moved away with a ‘i’ll get back to you soon’ look.


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Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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