Pani – a story we wish were true – part 12

Later in the evening, niti was thinking about all the incidents of the day. I was so different today than I usually am. I don’t understand what went wrong with me ? How could I behave that way ?? I don’t believe I punched him for kissing Krissan ? No that was not the reason. I was mad at him that’s why I did that. And also I was in the character. Who am I kidding ? I know the reason. I just hope I can face him tomorrow.

Parth on the other hand is boiling with anger ! Why does that girl affect me so much ?? Why do I sometimes feel like my life is taking the shape of a daily soap wherein the smallest of scenes with that girl make me feel something really strong in my heart ! It’s like a flower growing in my heart. But why is it a flower ?? It should be cactus ! Because, she is no less than a thorny cactus who keeps hurting me or affecting me in a way I don’t want to get affected !

The next day when niti woke up she got a text about the change in the schedule for the day. The shoot had been postponed for 2 hours and she now had a scene with her family rather than the previous scheduled scene with parth.

Even the others were worried as to why had parth missed shoot. After the pack up ayaz called up parth.
Parth: hello !
Ayaz: hey where are you man ?! Why did you miss shoot ??
Parth: yeah ! vo actually tabiyat kuch thik nahi lag rahi thi so…
Ayaz: ohh c’mon parth ! You don’t need to lie to me. And you can’t even try and lie in front of me ! I can always catch u…
Parth: what ?? Why would I lie ?? Sach mein…was not feeling well…
Ayaz: accha chal you don’t wanna talk about it, it’s fine ! But I would just like to say that we have a huge responsibility of taking this show ahead and get it to reach the peak. So sometimes we just need to ignore the small things and should not let them bother us or our show ! Also, sometimes we form an opinion about others too soon which may not always be correct ! So just give it some time and don’t judge people based on your own opinions.. You might be wrong ! think about it…
Parth: (after thinking about it for a while) thanks buddy ! See u tomorrow…

Parth then thinks about what ayaz had said and feels that he was correct.. If he really wanted to be all professional then he would not have let such a small incident affect him and his work to such an extent. He realised he was wrong and decided he would not let that happen ever again. But there was one thing he did not agree to.. And that was about making wrong opinion of others. He knew ayaz was talking about niti but he was not ready to accept the fact that he had been misunderstanding her and that she was innocent.

Even niti had remained disturbed the whole day at shoot. But late at night while going to bed when she was thinking about the past 2 days she decided that she had let the small thing affect her way too much and that she should not let that happen again. So even she decided she would sincerely focus on her work and not let anything else affect her negatively.

So both of them wanted to grow in their careers and so both of them decided the same thing that they won’t let anything affect their professional lives. But a hint of connection between the 2 was already visible as both of them had been affected with the same thing and had decided on similar terms. There was definitely some connection !


Sorry friends its a small update..But to compensate that i will upload the next part today evening itself.. Please keep supporting and commenting..i love to read all your feedbacks..

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  1. Y so small!!!!?????
    I expected a much looonger one like d last two ones…plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz dear try to keep ’em looking…coz once we get into d vibe we don’t want it to end dat quick…u should have kept at least 2-3 scenes more…n plzzz include dhruv too in ur scenes…give him a extra bit of spice…just like ayaz is the medium..throw some light on others too…
    N waiting for d next update….plzzz plzz plzzz b quickie…
    Love u n love u pani!!!!?

  2. Awesome dr

  3. It’s grt yar…….
    Nd plz update as early as possible…..
    Ab or intezaar nhi hota…..

  4. Vry nyc…m vry excited with dis story…n yeah ryt….we can’t wait any more…plz update it soon

  5. Awesomeeeee!! Keep going medhavi!! Really loving ur ff!!! Srslyy!!! They are awesome!! #luv pani #luv manan!!!

  6. Awesome episode, keep it up. . eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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