Pani – a story we wish were true – part 11


Now was the time for their first scene together. They would actually face each other for the shoot and will definitely have to avoid fighting. They reached the location which was an empty road near the Mumbai Pune highway and the evening atmosphere made the moment much more irresistible for any of them to focus on the shoot !

The scene was that the bus in which nandini had been travelling with her family from mangalore to Mumbai had broken down and fab 5’s car had bumped into the bus and therefore had broken down too. So as the 5 of them were walking along the road, nandini stepped out of the bus and manik accidentally collided with her which made her jar of fireflies fall off her hands which manik held for her from falling. The jar of fireflies ! The symbol of love, the indication of manan beginning ! While manik was handing the jar back to nandini (without looking at her or facing her) their hands connected and so did their hearts which made the fireflies glow !
The first manan scene was definitely a treat for the audience but it was something different for parth and niti as well. When their hands brushed beneath the jar for the first time, both of them suffered with a sparkly shiver and reflexively turned towards each other ! Their eyes met and they felt a strange feeling for each other, something they had ever felt for each other before nor for anyone else !

Few seconds later, the eye contact and the silent conversation between the 2 was interrupted by the director “CUT !”

The fantasy view came to an end !
Director: the 2 of you do not have to face each other. Manik she cannot see your face ! So please don’t turn. Just hand her the jar and walk away.
Pani are embarrassed at what just happened and suddenly get back to focus on the scene ! The next time they do the scene perfect and the director announces pack up for the day..

For the next few days, there were separate shoots for fab 5 scenes, nandini and her family scenes and navya scenes. So fortunately, unfortunately, parth and niti did not really have to meet for the next few days which was a relief for both of them.

But, as the days passed, the two of them had to face each other.

Few days later was the scene where fab 5 were throwing eggs on navya and nandini. It was maniks turn to hit nandini with the egg. Everyone was in the position and “action!”
But parth could not throw it in her. He saw her face all scared, not only out of her acting but she was actually scared of the egg hitting her head and all her clothes and hair getting dirty ! She had her back facing him and just had her head turned towards him a bit, her eyes closed out of fright, her tiny hands turned into fists and just waiting for the scene to just get over fast !
Parth did not realise that he had been just observing her innocent face for few seconds when the director called out ! “Parth!” What’s wrong ?? Why aren’t you throwing the egg ?? That’s when niti opened her eyes and realised it had been quite some time but she was still not drenched with egg. She looked at parth who was still holding the egg and was talking to the director, and suddenly, “action!” And boom !! The egg came and hit her head from nowhere ! She didn’t even get any time to get herself geared up for the throw !

While the scene was difficult for niti as well as parth, the others however, enjoyed a lot !
Few days later, after the shoot, niti was browsing for the episodes aired till date and came across one episode where parth and krissan aka manik and aliya who were dating as on the show at the time shared a kiss. She did not understand why she did not like the part. She knew she hated parth and also that it was only an on screen kiss. But why did it affect her so much. She was angry ! But why ? She herself did not have an answer to that question. Maybe because she thought that on one hand parth hated her but could do such scenes so easily with someone else. It made her think more as to why was she ignored by him so much as she had never faced such a situation with anyone else before.

The next day, they had a scene where she had to punch manik in front of the whole college as he had broken her appa’s pen. When she read the script she was kind of happy as she really wanted to punch him for kissing Krissan. Just then the director called her for explaining the scene.
Director: so niti, u have to be very annoyed at him and first look at him with those furious eyes ! And then just punch him with all the force u have ! Not that u have to actually hit him. Just wave your hand with full force but don’t actually hit ! It should look like u did but u don’t need to .

Niti: but why sir ?? As in we show so many realistic scenes on our show right ?? Then why not a realistic punch too ?? kyu sir ?

She obviously meant the “realistic kiss” between parth and Krissan.
Parth who was also present there was just staring at her. He did not understand her behaviour.
Director: kya matlab ? Any ways. Just act like u r really hitting him. The editing department will then take care of it as to how to make it look real. Ready ? Let’s start !
And then came up her turn to “act” but she was in no mood to act ! She came to him, shouted at him with whatever dialogues and also lot of improvisation as she was actually mad at him and then the punch ! She actually punched him ! Parth was actually hurt and they did not need to use any artificial blood as he was really bleeding. The scene came out really well and so the director did not cut the scene. But right after the scene, director came running and asked niti as to why did she hit him so bad ?

Niti looked up at parth who was boiling with anger inside but since he was “professional”, did not say anything and just moved out. Niti realised what she had just done and was really embarrassed at her action. She saw his wound and it hurt her. She just muttered a sorry to the director and moved to her vanity. The director then announced a pack up for the day as it was too much drama already !

Back in the vanity, niti was still confused as to what made her do that ? Why was she upset about parth kissing Krissan ? Why ?? And to such extent that she actually punched him ! Just to convince herself she thought, I was not angry about the kiss, I was just angry on that guy ! He always fights with me na ! That’s why ! But, should I say sorry ? I mean I was at fault. But even he has been at fault in the past, he never apologised. But, should I ?? Just then Charlie entered the vanity and started asking niti as to why and how did she actually punch parth ?
Niti: vo…actually…main na…galti se…

Charlie: kya ?? Galti se ?? Niti itni badi galti ?? Yar usko lagi hai. U sure galti se hua ?
Niti: haan vo main character mein thi and I was actually feeling the pain, appa’s pen and then I just punched !

Charlie: haan thik hai niti but agar galti se hi hua hai to atleast go and say sorry ! See he’s so badly hurt but still he did not say anything..
Niti realised Charlie was right and that she should apologise and excused herself out of the vanity to go to the boys vanity.

In the boys vanity, there was parth and ayaz.
Ayaz saw niti and commented , look who’s here ?? Humari nandu Devi ! Jinke gusse se kabhi koi Bach nahi paya…Charlie had been following niti and when she entered the vanity and saw ayaz commenting she called him out as she knew it would be difficult for niti to apologise with all that commentary from ayaz.

Parth was still burning with anger and said, leave !
Niti: vo main…
Parth: Suna nahi Maine kya kaha ? I said just leave ! He literally shouted out the words ! But thankfully not loud enough to be heard outside by Charlie and ayaz
Niti: listen please let me explain ..
Parth: what do u wanna explain ? Huh ?? I know why you punched me !
Niti was surprised at that ! Does he really know I was upset about the kiss between him and Krissan ?

Parth: why are u so surprised ? I know u very well miss Taylor. You must have thought that whatever happened between the 2 of us, u were still not satisfied na ? Kyunki uske baad u never got the chance to scream or shout at me. Kabhi baat hi nahi hui na humari. So since I’ve now got the chance, I’ll take my revenge !
Niti: what do u mean by revenge ?

Parth: exactly ! That’s exactly what u thought ! Right ?
Niti: wrong ! Listen don’t shout so much okay ?! Main bhi Bol sakti Hun but since aaj galti meri thi dats y m not saying anything.
Parth: ohh ?? Galti ?? Miss Taylor galti use kehte hain that happens unknowingly. Aur tumne, u hit me purposely !
Niti: why can’t u understand such a simple thing ? Look I know I was at fault. I was in the character and that’s why By mistake I punched you actually hard ! Nothing else. So there’s no revenge thing as you put it. And m sorry…she said the word sorry very softly..
Parth: what did u say ? Sorry ? Oh my god ? What’s happening ? Miss niti taylor is saying sorry ? Wow !!

Niti: yes ! Because I unlike some people do realise my mistakes and apologise for them. So m sorry. Saying this she leaves.
Parth feels bad at that moment as he realises he had never apologised for his mistakes. He knew for a fact that be it knowingly or unknowingly but even he had hurt her at times . Just then ayaz got in and disrupted parths thoughts.

A very very very long update !! Hope you enjoyed it !! Please give your valuable feedbacks…

Credit to: Medhavi Thakkar

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  1. Oh god awesome dr

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    1. Medhavi Thakkar

      Thank you so much !

  3. Enjoyed????I loooved It!!! Awesome amazing!!!! And d eye contact scene bravdo babe…Keep it looong!!!!Love u n love pani!!!!

  4. Loved it soooo much!!!!! PaNi were awesome!! That eyelock…magical!! Yay spark’s ignited!! There will be fire soon! Ayazzz iska non-stop commentry chalu rehta hai!! Charlie was mediator here..nice…
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    lOVE U…
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  6. When You said said very very long update that time only I realize it is really long. but serious it is going interesting……….

  7. When You said very very long update that time only I realize it is really long. but serious it is going interesting……….

  8. Plz update soon…..we are waiting…

  9. As the story grows please use Niti and Utkarsh offscreen friendship make Parth jealous and also see some instagram account of “pani shippers” and “pani fandom” for your story. It is my small suggestion, it sound wrong please ignore it.

    1. * sry if it sounds wrong to u in any ways please ignore my comments

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