Pani – a story we wish were true – part 10


So here is a long long update for you all ! I hope you enjoy… Soon pani will start coming together so don’t worry and hold your breath for the pani connection ! Please do comment with your valuable feedbacks and do vote if you find it interesting. Also still there is a bit of Hindi language, but I’ll soon turn the story into complete English as I believe many would be having language problem…


At the restaurant, the girls are discussing about their respective roles and helping each other improve their performance with different ideas. And, being girls, they start discussing about the boys from their cast. Ayaz is great fun to be around yar ! Says Charlie. I’ve worked with him before and he is seriously very similar to his character cabir in the show. Krissan agrees and says, yeah even I think so I mean I’ve not known him for long but I think he is a very jolly person to be around.

And even utkarsh seems to be a nice person. He’s very innocent and sweet says veebha. Charlie interrupts her by saying, Ohh please veebha he’s no innocent person. Matlab haan he is but vo sidha to bilkul nahi hai. Tum log aaj aye ho Aur aaj hi vo shayad itna chup tha otherwise kal yad hain na krissan kitni masti kar raha tha ?! Krissan nods her head in agreement. She then asks Charlie about parth since she had worked with him before. Charlie starts teasing her by saying kyun Krissan apne boyfriend k baare mein jaane ki itni excitement ?? Krissan: Arey what boyfriend ?!

Charlie: matlab show mein yar ! But show mein vaise act karne k liye u need to be close offscreen as well I understand..and he even had fever since yesterday na to u should ask him how is he.. Take care of him na..dekha na tabhi to he was late for the shoot as well today..
Niti suddenly realised what she had done by shouting at him in the morning. She was not aware of his fever and had been judging him the wrong way..
Krissan: oh really Charlie ? Then to ask niti na. Cuz she is gonna steal my boyfriend away from me. Right niti ?

Niti comes out of her thoughts and is not very comfortable discussing about parth with the others openly and so just keeps mum. She suddenly realises if she is not so comfortable talking about him off screen then how was she going to act on screen. Veebha notices her worry and changes the topic by saying, btw we also have a negative character in the show na ?? Umm named harshad ? Who’s playing that part ? I need to know about him since my track is to be with him. She chuckles on her own comment. Don’t know yar, maybe he’s not yet selected, says Charlie. Just then Krissan spots the boys coming towards their table and exclaims, here come the boys as well. Niti who is facing the opposite direction suddenly turns around expecting parth but is disappointed to see only ayaz and utkarsh.

As they approach the table Charlie asks, Arey parth kahaan hai ? To this, ayaz replies, wah beta matlab hum yahaan hai uska kuch nahi, humein ek “hi” bhi nahi bola Aur sidha parth kahaan hai ? Charlie realises her mistake and says, Arey hi yar ayaz ! Kaise ho ?? Baith na uttkarsh…they get seated and then Krissan again asks about parth. Ayaz explains why he couldn’t come and everyone except niti is convinced with the reason. Niti knew somewhere in her heart that he avoided coming because of her. But she was surprised at her feelings that she was not quite happy. Did she actually want him to come ?? Why was she so curious about him all the time ? She had her new friends here but was still thinking about the person who was probably not a really good friend. Maybe an enemy who hated her and whom she hated. She then remembered all those fights she had with him and decided she did not need to think about him and that she was really happy he was not there.

Ayaz noticed that she was lost somewhere and interrupted her thoughts saying, who is he niti ?? Niti is startled on hearing her name and suddenly comes back to her senses and asks huh ? Ayaz repeats his question to which niti casually asks as if she did not understand the question, what ? Who ? What r u talking about. Ayaz explains, who are u thinking about ? I mean jab bhi koi ladki aise itne friends k beech baith k bhi chup ho to definitely she is thinking about someone na. Definitely she has someone who is not present here and is much more important to her. Before niti could answer Krissan asks, then Charlie how come u r not lost somewhere ? U don’t love amar?? Ayaz immediately replies, no she doesn’t. Charlie gets angry and throws a napkin at ayaz and says, ayaz please ! Aisa mat bolo yar ! During this conversation niti gets time to get herself out of her thoughts and she changes the topic so that nobody again asks her what was she thinking. Ayaz notices how she had changed the topic but ignores it thinking he will get many opportunities to find out now that they were to work together.

After completing their dinner and lot more chit chat and getting to know each other session they leave for their respective homes. Since they had an off the next day, veebha was to stay with niti and so they leave together.

On the other hand parth is sitting in his balcony and thinking about the past few days or rather months and all the incidents with niti. For a moment he thinks, kya mujhe jana chahiye tha dinner pe ? I mean just because of 1 girl, y am I avoiding the others ? And then suddenly let’s go
Of the thought saying, nahi parth tune bilkul sahi kiya. U better avoid any type of confrontation or communication with that girl. Agar fir kuch jhagda ho Gaya na as always to it will definitely affect your career. And you can’t afford to let that happen. Just then his phone rings and he sees some messages from a new group created by Charlie named kaisi yeh yaariyan ! There were pictures of the dinner get together and parth randomly opened one picture that was of niti and utkarsh. He could not help but notice her. Unknowingly he started to zoom in the picture towards niti. But soon he realised what he was doing and kept the phone aside without checking the other pictures. And then again came up a message from Charlie on the group, u missed all the fun parth !
This time it was niti who checked her phone while veebha was taking a shower. She saw Charlie’s message for parth and was curious to know whether parth had seen the pictures. And she started awaiting his reply.

Parth thought for a long time and then decided he should atleast reply otherwise it would be rude to others. And he replied. Yeah ! I can see that Niti checked her phone to see his reply which kept her wondering what that meant ?! Did he actually miss out and was upset about it ? Or was it just a simple reply ?! After thinking for quite some time, she made herself believe that she was stressing her brain too much.

Ayaz then replied, Arey parth tu to thak Gaya tha Aur sone vala tha na ? How come u still awake ? Aur jaga hi tha to sath aa jata..

To this parth had to give a convincing reply as he did not want to get caught by ayaz as to what his actual reason was of not going for the dinner.
He replied, actually I just woke up 1/2 hour back. Was really tired and still had fever thoda sa so ghar aate hi medicine leke so Gaya tha.

That sounded convincing to everyone and so nobody replied and ayaz just said okay !
All of this again kept niti thinking about him and his replies. In the meantime, veebha came out and saw niti lost somewhere. She knew she had to talk to her about it as she seemed lost during the dinner as well. But first she checked her phone and saw all the messages. She quickly realised what niti might be thinking.

Veebha: kitni acchi pictures ayi hai na ?
This made niti jump awake from her thought process and just replied a weak hmm..
Veebha: niti, kya hua hai tujhe ? Why are u so lost ?
Niti: mujhe bhi nahi pata ?! I don’t know what’s going on ? U know what veebha ? All my life, I have had great friends. Ive made so many friends wherever I used to go. I used to be very comfortable with everyone. And I never remember any one having any issues with me that would make them not wanting to be my friends.

Veebha: u talking about parth right ?
Niti looked up to her but could not answer that question. But she knew her friend would understand.

Veebha: look, I don’t know what went so wrong between the 2 of u. But I would just tell u one thing ! Iss duniya mein Sab log ek jaise nahi hote.  Tum jahaan gayi tumne acche friends banaye Aur yahaan bhi banaogi. In fact hum Sab acche friends banne lage hain na ? Sirf ek insaan ki vajah se don’t ruin everything . Agar koi ek hai jo tumhara friend nahi hai to tum baki friends ko bhul jaogi kya ? Parth k baare mein hum Sab itna nahi jaante. Vo kaisa hai kya sochta hai kya karta hai humein nahi pata. Aur agar vo khud hi aana avoid karta hai hum Sab k sath to hum kuch nahi kar sakte na !

Niti: u r right veebha. But i have a very strong feeling that he missed today’s dinner only because of me ! Chahe usne koi bhi bahana banaya ho ya kuch bhi msg kiya ho. I think it was because of me !

Veebha: ho sakta hai, Aur nahi bhi ho sakta. Par isse tumhe kya ? Arey vo nahi aya na to uska loss hai. Tum Bas apne kaam par dhyan do. Usne kaha hai na to be professional ? To ab tum usse bhi zyada professional banke dikhao sirf uske sath haan hum Sab to friends hain. And keep him thinking ki tum suddenly aise kaise behave karne lagi ? Aur vaise agar usne professional hone ki baat ki hai to galat bhi to nahi hai na ? Tumhaare kam k liye, humare show ke success k liye ye Sab accha hi to hai.

Niti: I think u r right ! Thanks veebha thank u so much. I’ll make sure main ab aisa hi karoon Aur uske baare mein itna na sochu…
Veebha: that’s like a good girl !
Saying this both of them greet each other with a friendly hug and then start discussing about random topics.


Please let me know what you liked/ disliked about this part and I will try and improve it next time ! Thank you for your valuable support …

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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