Pani – a story we wish were true – Part 1


Part 1

Niti is waiting outside of an old co-actor/friends’ house. She is here for a party and is waiting for veebha anand a very close friend of her.

Parth has had a serious fight with his girl friend disha and is badly drunk ! Even he reaches for the same party as niti. When he reaches the venue, the gate is half closed and he gets pissed at that situation and starts honking madly !! He is already angry cuz of the fight and the fact that the watchman was not present to open the gate aggravates his anger !! Niti is waiting near the gate itself and on hearing the horn gets irritated as parth would just not stop it !! She realises he needs someone to open the gate and looks for the watchman but is not able to locate him. Finally on being enough irritated by the honking decides to open the gate herself ! As she does so, parth zooms in with his car, parks it inside and comes towards niti angrily !
Parth: itni der se horn baja raha tha to khol nai sakti thi gate ?? Kis baat ka wait kar rahi thi ?? Duty pe aate ho to kam to thik se kiya karo !!
Niti: what do u mean by that ?? Listen I’m not the watchman here ! I saw u were not stopping only ur horn was irritating so I thought I’ll just open the gate as the watchman was nowhere to be seen !
Parth: ha lekin when u saw k watchman wasn’t there to jaldi nai khol sakti thi gate ??
Niti: Arey ?! Firstly, u could have opened it yourself Na ?! And, m no servant of yours ki aise behave karoge !
Parth: u know what ?! Forget it ! Idiot !
And parth leaves

Niti thinking to herself, pata nai kya problem hai iski ?! Like seriously ! Actors kabhi vaise nahi hote jaise screen pe dikhte hain. I mean I used to like his performance so much on bff and aaj I feel like never wanna see his face ever again !

She looks in the direction in which parth is going and sees that parth accidentally bumps into the watchman. He then realised with the uniform that he is definitely a watchman and starts shouting at him ! Kahaan they ?? Kabse horn baja raha tha main ! Par koi aata hi nahi hai ?! Duty pe dhyan do ! Aise vaise log ghus aate hain andar.. And he turns and looks at Niti . Niti overhears the conversation and is very angry ! But doesn’t want to create a scene and so decides to just ignore.

As the watchman comes near the gate, niti talks to him really politely. Seeing his age, she addresses him properly and says, kaka aap please bura mat manna. Aise log to bolte rehte hain.
Watchman: Arey beta koi baat nahi vo main to khana khane Gaya tha. Kafi der se baitha tha ki night duty vala watchman aye to main jaaoon par bohot der ho gayi isliye Chala Gaya.
Niti: koi baat nahi kaka aapki koi galti nahi hai.
Watchman: beta tum to vahi ho Na jo bade acche lagte hain mein kam karti ho ?? Arey beta humara pura parivar bagal vali chawl mein jaakar har roz vo show dekhte hain. Aur tum bohot hi pyaari lagti ho usme.
Niti: thank u kaka
Watchman: yahaan Rohan (imaginary actor) baba ki party k liye ayi ho ??
Niti nods a yes
Watchman: to yahaan kyun khadi ho ?? Party to kabse shuru ho gayi hai
Niti: haan vo main apni ek friend ka wait kar rahi thi.
And just then she sees veebha walking in and runs to her and they give each other a tight wala hug and after breaking the hug both speak up together ! Kitne time baad miley !! And they burst out laughing !
They then start walking towards the building and niti waves a goodbye to
The watchman with a cute smile..

Credit to: Medhavi thakkar

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  1. Woww!!! Awesome it is!!! U gotta continue this for a forever girl!!! Damn hell!! Its freakin’ awesome!!! And it’s rare that people know that parth has acted on BFF too! Some dont even know the show! And yeah are u bff fan dear? If yeah i wud love to hear bout what u feel bout bff! Coz i’m a bff fan! Parth had acted very well as prithvi too!!
    And ur giving us PaNi and it’s so nice to read! Oh i’m lovin it so much babe!!

  2. Oh its too gud yaar… nice story

  3. I am reading this ff on wattpad too!….awsum it is! Hope u will not discont on wattpad…..

  4. really God one..Jo kabhi ho nahi sakta ,par asal mein sab chahte..Pani

  5. Awesomeee! Loved it!!! Pleaseee do continue!!???

    1. Thank you so much…and yes my story is on wattpad as will be continued there as well as here on telly updates..m glad you liked the beginning because it is going to get more interesting as it goes further.. and don’t worry I am going to continue it for as long as you people like to read it and keep me updated with your comments and suggestions.. And @plumpyyy I’m sorry to let you know that I haven’t seen bff..I do know about the show and also that parth was too good in that as well but apart from that I haven’t a clue about the show. But I just thought I could use the information in my story… Once again thank you so much for all your support…

  6. Medhavi Thakkar

    Thank you so much… and yes my story is on wattpad as well.. it will be continued there as well as here on telly updates as well… m glad you all liked the beginning because the story gets more interesting as it progresses… and i am going to continue it for as long as you people like reading it and keep me updated with your precious feedback and suggestions… once again, thank you so much for the lovely responses ! it really means a great deal !

    1. Welcome medhavi!! Eagerly waiting for next update!!! N I THANK YOU for writing this!!! #best wishes!!!

  7. Wow!!wow!!wow!!it was relly osom.vry osom.parth ,niti and veebha 2 omg.deadly.dis is osom yaar seriously.plz do cntnue it.gtts more intrstng.PANI IS ROCKING .and so true we wish it culd b TRUE.

  8. Really nic. Continue. Well done and thnx for a super ff.

  9. Oh its completely okay babe! U dont need to be sorry for it. Vry less ppl kno bout bff n that’s common. And im super excited for ur storyyy

  10. luvd it.. <3

  11. Hi madhavi dear, it’s superb nice beginning, I’m loving it, plzzzz continue dear and update the next episode soon, love you loads

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