Do Pal – Can Change Everything By AngelAshu (Prologue)


Do Pal – Can Change Everything

Hello guyz..

This is urs #AngelAshu..

With ur all supporting..

Today I came with my new SS..

Iam giving a little intro to u all..

Read it and enjoy..

Frnds it’s different from old SS’s..

Let’s starts intro of #Do_Pal___Can_Change_Everything

Swara Gadodia – Female main lead of this Story..

College student, cute bubblly girl, sweet and soft, modern + traditional.. Always reading

books.. Shona is her nik name..(Helly Shah)

Smara Gadodia – Twin sister of swara.. College student.. Also cute bubblly girl, sweet and

harsh, modern + traditional.. Likes shopping much.. Shoru is her nik name (Helly Shah)

Sanskar Maheshwari – Male main lead of this story.. College student.. Handsome hot

young men.. Likes reading books.. (Varun Kapoor)

Laksh Maheshwari – Cousin brother of sanskar.. Likes always do shopping.. College

student.. Also handsome young man.. (Namish Taneja)

These are imp roles.. And

Annapurna Maheshwari – Laksh’s Mother..

DurgaPrasad Maheshwari – Father

Sujata Maheshwari – Sanskar’s Mother

RamPrasad Maheshwari – Sanskar’s Father

Shekhar Gadodia – Swara’s Father

Sharmishta Gadodia – Swara’s Mother

Some friends, neighborhood will be come based on situation..

So, guys introduction completed..

Check once Picture.. U can find names there with pics of Swara and Smara..

Both are helly shah.. Just notice their hairstyle..

Soft hairstyle is swara.. Curly rings hairstyle is Smara..

Hope u all have no confusion..

Swara and Smara are twins.. Both roles played by Helly Shah..

In this ss will be Swasan (Herun)

But Smalak (Hemish) also imp roles..

Hope u all will like my SS..

Share ur views in comments..

As Always

Keep Reading.. Keep Liking.. Keep Commenting..

It will be uploaded at Fb..TU..Wattpad

So.. Give me ur all support..

Tell me.. Can I start my New SS..?

Don’t forget to leave Comments..


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  1. MOU

    What’s ur id on wattpad?

    1. AshiSai


      Thank u

  2. Kakali

    New new SS with twins.. awwww… thnk u Dear plzzz continue…

  3. Rabia

    Seems interesting ?

  4. SNY

    Interesting ash !!!

  5. Lovely twins kya baat hai

  6. Sanjanaagrawal

    Plz contniue

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