Do Pal – Can Change Everything By AngelAshu (Part-7)

Do Pal Can Change Everything

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Recap: swasan unite.. some emotional scene..

Swasan and Smalak marriage rituals & Marriage.. bidai..

So, lets starts Part-7 of # Do_Pal___Can_Change_Everything

Swasan took blessings from all elders..

Smalak too..

Then Swara, Smara bidai done..

Swasan And Smalak reached MM..

MM full decorated..

Its a evening time..

Maheshwari family arrange Grihapravesh For Swara and Smara grandly..

All people start confusing in Swara and Smara..

So, uttara gives a suggestion.. she tells swara and smara dont be alone..

Jaha bhi raho apna husband ke saath raho.. then no confusion..

All agreed.. and happy to..

Sanskar goes to swara.. and laksh goes to smara..

They also happy for staying with their partners..

Ring ritual going on..

Swara and Sanskar seated in front of each other..

Sujata kept One spacious handi between Swasan which was filled by milk and rose petals..

Ap came there..

AP: Swara.. Sanskar.. am leaving this ring (pointing a diamond ring which is present in her palm) in this milk.. u both have to search with ur hands.. and who finds this ring first.. wo winner hoge..

Uttara: but badimaa.. why this ritual present in marriage riutuals.. whats the speciality..?? tell na..

AP: hmm.. jo is ring ko pahle find karte hai.. elders kahte hai ki unke haat upar hogi always..

Uttara: then, chalo bhayya bhabhi.. we want to know about ur future..

All laughs.. swasan staring each other and smiles..

They starts searching ring in milk handi..

All watching ritual excitedly..

In milk handi both hands are swimming.. haha..

Sanskar holds swaras hand..

Swaras expressions are changing..

Sanskar not leaving her hand..

Swasan taking each other with eyes..

BG plays..

Janam janam janam.. saath chalna yu hi

Kasam tumhe kasam.. aake milna yahi..

Ek jaan hi bhale.. do badan ho juda..

Mere hoke hamesha hi rehana.. kabhi na kahana alvidaa

Ahahahaa haa ha haaaa..

All people dont know her holds her hand.. coz milk covering their hands..

Swara showing her eyes to him to leave..

Sanskar nodes his head as.. No way..

She giving a please look..

He smiles and leaves..

Both searching again..

Sujata: areeee jaldi dundo.. ek ring dundne ke liye itna time huuhhhh..

AP: sujataaa u and ram taken 2 hours to find ring.. yaad hai na..??

Sujata: (blushed) aap bhi na jiji

All laughs..

Suddenly swara founds ring and shows to all..

All clapped.. swara won this ritual..

Swara giving a winning smile to Sanskar.. Sanskar pouted..

She smiles..

AP: So, swara ka haat upar hogi inke life me..

All again clapped..

Uttara: lets see.. laksh bhayya k future kya hogi..

All laughs..

Smalak ring ritual going on..

Smara founds ring but didnt shows to all.. she leaves ring and acting like searching..

Laksh too doing same..

After some play..

Uttara: aree bhayya bhabhi.. what are u doing.. haan.. itni time hogayi.. not fair..

Both smalak didnt find ring..

Swara: uttara.. is ring in that milk handi or not..??

Uttara: I kept ring in milk na bhabhi..

Swara: then.. check and again leave na..

Uttara: okk bhabhi..

Uttara askes to remove their hands from milk handi..

Smalak did..

Sanskar: oyee hoyeee kya baat hai lucky..

Swara: what happen Sanskar..??

Sanskar: see smaras finger na.. lucky slide ring to her.. haha..

Uttara: ab ring kaha milegi bhayya.. aap jo pehna liya na.. hahahah

AP: then.. inke life me laksh ki haat upar hogi..

All clapped while laughing..

Smara blushed.. Laksh staring her..

After that..

Sujju: chalo its time to do another ritual..

AP: yeah.. chalo swasan.. smalak..

Uttara: bhayya bhabhi.. in this ritual u both have to feed sweets to each other in front of all..

AP: First Swasan..

Swasan came there..

Uttara passes a sweets plate to Swasan..

Ladoos present there..

Sanskar took one laddo and tries to feeds her..

But she blushed to eat with his hands in front of all

Any way she eats and feeds to him.. and blushes..

Smalak ritual also completed..

Some time passed with some rituals..

At night..

Sanskar comes to his room in Bride groom attire..

He opens door..

Romantic wind touched his face..

He smiles and stepped inside..

Room dull decorated with flowers..

Romantic wind passing little heavy..

His eyes fallen on bed..

Bed fully decorated..

His life seated in bridal attire on middle of bed..

He smiles again to see her in veil..

He turns and closes room door and locks it..

She noticed his presence in home..

She felt little nervous..

He start stepping towards bed..

Romantic wind raising their feeling more and more..

He came to bed and seated near to her..

Her heart beat start increasing.. her palms start shivering..

Finely he placed his palms on hers and little pressed..

A beautiful smile appeared on her face..

Sanskar: Swaarraaa.. (romantically)

Swara: (slowly) hmmm..

Sanskar: y r u feeling nervous.. am here na..

Swara: (monologue) are buddu.. thats y na am feeling nervous..

Sanskar opens her veil..

He lost in her beauty and forget to take his hands from veil..

She atill closed her eyes..

BG plays..

Tanu itna mai pyaar karaa

Ek pal vicchh sou baar kara..

Tu jave je mainu chadkke..

Mouth daa intzaar kara..

(she opened her eyes and lost in his beauty)

Ke tere liye dunia chodte hai..

Tujpe hi saans aake ruke..

Mai tujh ko kitna chahta hu..

Ye tu kabhi Soch Na Sake..

His face start coming close to her..

She blushed and tries to escape from there..

She came down from bed and start stepping..

But her holds her hand..

And drags back..

She fallen in his lap..

He smiles and take advantage.. he holds her..

She tries to stand but vain..

Her hairs touching his face and increasing his feelings..

He smelling her hairs

BG plays.. (continue)

Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahan tu..

Hai to hai issme zindagii..

Ab mujh ko jaana hai kahaaa ke..

Tu hi safar hai aakhari

(she turns her face to him.. both faces are in much close to each other)

Ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahi..

Na bina kabhi mujhko tu paas de..

Mai tujh ko kitna chahti hu..

Ye tu kabhi soch na sake..

He again lost in her beauty..

She escaped from his lap..

He smiles to see her act..

He came in front of her.. and places his hands on her shoulders..

Sanskar: y r u escaping me..

Swara downs her head and blushes..

Sanskar: swara

Swara: hmm

Sanskar: u r looking more beautiful when u blushing..

She ups her head and smiles to see him..

He places his palm on her cheeks..

Starts caressing her cheeks with his fingers..

Sanskar: when u blushing.. ur cheeks became red na.. my heart knows this red only for me.. I like this much..

She hide her face at his chest and hugs him..

He hugs back..

He caressing her hairs which was busy in flying..

Swara: itna sab kuch hogayi Sanskar hamare life me.. bahut dar lag rahi hai ab mujhe..

He broke hug and cupping her face..

Sanskar: kyu.. kya hua.. dar kyu..

Swara: ki mai fir se tujhe kho dungi tohh.. (tear drops falling from her eyes)

He placed his index finger on her lips..

Sanskar: ssshhhhh bahut kuch she liya hum apne life me.. no more.. from now only happy..

Swara: she smiles hopefully..

Sanskar: and yaad rakhna.. iam always with u.. it u gets bore.. fir be I cant leave u..

She smiles

Swara: I never gets bore with u Sanskar.. u r a sparkle in my life.. who changed my future..

Sanskar: u r my life swara.. I LOVE U..

Swara: I Love U More..

Both hugs again..

BG plays..

Ankhon ke hai ye quahishee..

Chehare se teri na hate..

Neendon me meri bas tere

Quabon ne li hai karwatee..

(Sanskar: now no one can separate us my princess.. u are mine only

Swara: then, makes me urs forever..

Sansakr: r u ready for this married life..??

Swara: hmm..

Sanskar: pakka na..?

Swara: am urs.. not need to take permission..

Sanskar surprised to listen her words and felt happy too

He took her into his arms.. placed her on bed..

He removes her jewellery.. he leaned on her..)

Ke tere orr mujh ko leke chale..

Ye dunia bharke sab raaste..

Mai tujh ko kitna chahta hu..

Ye tu kabhi Soch Na Sake..

Sanskar placed bed sheet on them..

After some time they consummated their marriage..

Both happy for each other,

Swasan hugs each other tightly and slept..

At the another hand..

Smalak also consummated their marriage..

The night passed..

The next day..

Sanskar sleeping peacefully with a bright smile on his face..

Swara came from washroom..

She stood in front of mirror..

And drying her long hairs with towel..

Some drops fallen on his face..

He gets disturbed..

He opens his eyes..

He just staring his princess who stood in front of mirror and rubbing her hairs with towel..

Sanskar: (monologue) she looking more beautiful in saree.. Iam first time seeing her in saree..

A naughty thought came in His naughty mind..

He goes to her and hugs her from back and keeps his chin on her shoulder..

He acting like.. sleepy voice..

Swara noticed him..

Swara blushed..

A big curve appeared on her lips..

Sanskar: which type wife u r swara??

Swara: what u mean Sanskar..??

Sanskar: u dont know.. now u have a responsibility to wakeup me with love..

Swara: (understood his intensions) achhaajjii but u woke up na.. go and take bath..

Sanskar: (still hug) I think u forget something..

Swara: (acting) nothing na go and take bath..

Sanskar noticed his acting..

He makes she turn to him..

Sanskar: madam. Now I have responsibility to remember ur forgotten things..

He pulls her close..

Swara: Sanskar.. ye kya kar raha ho.. subh subh..

She pushed him..

Her act makes him more crazy..

He pinned her to cupboard..

Sanskar: u cant escape from me now Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari

Swara helpless..

Swara: then close ur eyesss

He closes his eyes..

She kisses his both cheeks..

She pushes him and about to ho.. he holds her hand and drags on him..

Sanskar: ab ritun gift to le ja..

She blushed..

He peaks her fore head.. and went to take bath

At the another hand..

Smara brushing her hairs..

She wore a long chudidar..

She just turns back..

laksh wearing shirt..

she about to go from room..

laksh holds her hand..

Smara: (surprised) lakshhhh kya karr raha ho.. chodoo..

Laksh pulls her on him..

Laksh: how is ur new morning with me..

Smara: how can I describe my happiness.. my all dreams came true.. I got my love forever..

He hugs her.. (he still not buttoned his shirt).. she hugs back..

Laksh: (naughtly) smaraaa..

Smara: hmm..

Laksh: am not able to forget last night.. I want again

Smara: (broke hug and beats his chest playfully) tum bhi na..(blushed)

Laksh: haa bolo bolo.. my koun..

Smara: (buttoning his shirt while he caressing her hairs..) My naughty husband..

Both laughs..

The episode ends..

Precap: Swasan honeymoon.. (last part)

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