Do Pal – Can Change Everything By AngelAshu (Part-8) (Last Part)


Do Pal – Can Change Everything

Hello friends…

After long time..

Sorry for late but u know na festivals hai, so..

Its special romantic episode for crazy swasan fans like me..

Its difficult to write for me..

Am just trying.. hope u all will enjoy this episode..

Finely reached to last epi..

I will come with new SS and I will continue my FF (lmlb)

Recap: swasan, smalak first night and some happy moments of them..

So, lets starts Part-8 (Last Part) of # Do_Pal___Can_Change_Everything

Laksh: haa bolo bolo.. my koun..

Smara: (buttoning his shirt while he caressing her hairs..) My naughty husband..

Both laughs..
2 days passed..

Family members called swasan and smalak..

Both new couples came there..

DP and AP gifts some envelope to Smalak..

Sujju And RP gifts some envelope to Swasan..

They opened and finds some flight tickets..

Laksh: papa yeee…. (suddenly sticks his mind and stopped )

Uttara: don’t worry bhayya’s we planed different places for u both couples..

Swasan smalak gave a confused look..

Uttara: aree yaar.. if both couples went same place.. u guyz not feel comfortable na.. haha..

AP: u don’t have much time.. tomorrow u want to leave..

Sujju: hmm.. do packing fastly..

Swara and smara blushed and rushed to room..

The next day they left MM..

And went different places as family members planed..

Swasan to Vancouver island, Canada

(actually Vancouver island, British Columbia, Canada is my fav place.. I donno much about Canada.. donno jo my kahungi wo Canada me rahegi ki nahi.. so.. adjust hojao… hahahha aisa samaj jao it’s my dream Canada.. haha… coz this Canada created by Ashu…lol..)

Smalak to Newzland.. (also my fav)

Swasan reached canada with some romantic moments in flight..

Swasan reached hotel..

Swara arranging their clots in cupboard..

Sanskar smiled and went to her..

He hugs her from back..

Swara: Saannnsssskkaarrrr… (blushing tone)

Sanskar: here.. no disturbance.. (naughty tone)

He smelling her hairs and peaks neck..

Swara: Sanskar.. go and fresh na..

Sanskar: am always fresh.. u know na..

(rubbing his nose at her neck)

Swara feeling nervous..

Some one knocks door..

Both gets disturbed..

Swara smiles..

Sanskar goes to door and opens..

Some man stood there..

Man: hello sir..

Sanskar: helloo..

Man: u want anything sir..??

Sanskar: yeahh.. ( frustrated)

Man: tell me sir.. I will help u..

Sanskar: no no.. u go..

Man: no sir… tell na.. I will try give u

Sanskar: areee baba.. jo mujhe chahiye wo tu nahi de sakta..

Man: tell me once sir.. I will try na..

Sanskar: ohhh god.. ghar wale kya kam hogaye.. yaha bhi ye… huuhhh…

Man: tell na sir..

Sanskar some how managed him..

Man leaves with smiling..

Sanskar locks door..

He turned back..

Swara puts towel in his hand and signals to fresh… while pointing washroom..

Sanskar: swara bas Do Pal..

Swara: go na Sanskar..

He hardly went washroom..

After some time..

He just checking his mobile..

She coming from wash room while rubbing her hairs with towel..

His gaze fallen on her..

Water drops falling on her bare back from her hairs..

She noticed him through mirror..

Cool breeze touching them.. and increasing their feelings..

He rushed to her and hugs from back tightly..

His hands touching her bare waist.. coz she wore red coloured saree with little white lace worked ..

He start suck water drops which was on her bare neck..

She feeling his touch and closed her eyes tightly..

Her heart beat increased..

BG started…

Pee loon.. tere nele nele naino se shabram

Pee loon.. tere ghele ghele hoto ki sargam

Pee loon..yeh peen aka mousam..

(he stop kissing and turns to her..

Both looking into each other eyes passionately..

Cool breeze came heavily from windows..

Her hairs flying in air and touching sanskar’s face..

His feeling increasing more..)

Tere sang ishq taari hai..

Tere sang ek kumari hai..

Tere sang chain bhi mujko..

Tere sang bekaraari hai..

(finely he placed his rough lips on her soft lips..

It became a passionate one)

Tere bin jee nahi lagtaa..

Tere bin jee nahi sakta..

Tujpe hai hare.. maine waaree.. to jahaa..

Kurbaan.. meharbaan…

Sunle zara.. tere.. kurbaan..

(she pushed him and rushed towards window.. she breathing heavily..

He smirks and follows her..)

Hosh me.. rahu kyu aaj my…

Tu meri baaho me sulti hai mujme samaye hai yuuu..

Jistarah.. ki koi ho nadhi..

Tu mere seene me chupte hai saagar tumhare mai hu..

(he holds her from back.. he gripped her waist with his left hand from back and..

He playing on her arm with his right hand fingers romantically..

She feeling very newly with his act..)

Pee loon.. tere dheemi dheemi lehron ki cham cham..

Pee loon.. tere soundhi soundhi saanso ko hard ham..

Pee loon.. yeh peene kaa mousam..

(suddenly he makes as she turns to him..

And start rubbing her face and neck with his nose..

She feeling butterflies in her stomatch..)

Tere sang ishq taari hai..

Tere sang ek kumari hai..

Tere sang chain bhi mujko..

Tere sang bekaraari hai..

(he kissing in her fore head.. eyes.. cheeks.. ears..

He about to placed lips again.. she put her palm between their lips with a beautiful smile..

He again lost in her beauty..)

Sham ko.. milu jo main tujhe..

To bura subha na jaane ki kuch maan jaate hai ye..

Har lamha.. har ghadi.. har pehar..

Bhi teri yaado se tadpaake mujh ko jalaate hai ye..

(he placed a soft kiss on her palm.. and captured her lips..

Both kissing each other lips passionately..)

Pee loon… main dheere dheere jalne ka ye gum..

Pee loon.. in gore gore haaton se hum dum..

Pee loon.. ye peene ka mousam..

(finely they came in sense felt little embaressed..

Suddenly some sounds coming from sky.. rain started..

She scared and hugs him tightly.. he hugs back.. like protecting her..

Cool breeze coming fastly.. both lost in each other warm embrace.. )

Tere sang ishq taari hai..

Tere sang ek kumari hai..

Tere sang chain bhi mujko..

Tere sang bekaraari hai..

(she start shivering due to cool weather and stood near window..

He broke hug.. and closes window doors..

He came too her and again took her into his warm embrace..

She feeling more comfortable now.. its also cool.. but not much..

His 2-3 shirt buttons ware opened.. she hide her face at his bare chest..

She hugging him more tightly.. even he too..

He kisses at her hairs..

He broke hug and cubs her face..

She looking like.. Am only urs..

He ups her with his strong arms and moving towards bed..
She just staring him..)

Tere bin jee nahi lagtaa..

Tere bin jee nahi sakta..

Tujpe hai hare.. maine waaree.. to jahaa..

Kurbaan.. meharbaan…

Sunle zara.. tere.. kurbaan..

He placed her on bed..

(she just took bath na.. she dint wear any ornaments..)

He removed his shirt and leaned on her..

He offs lights..

She blushing more.. her face became red..

He took her saree pallu and slowly start removing..

She felt shy and hugs him tightly..

He broke hug and covered blanket on them..

Both hugs each other..

She start kissing on his chest..

His feeling raising more..

He opened her blouse Dori..

He moving her fingers on her bare back.. she blushing more..

He again captured her lips..

Both lost in each other..

After some time.. they came into sense..

They became each other once again..

After vacation they reached home…

3months passed..

Its karwachouth night..

All ladies wore red saree’s with heavy jewel sets..

They are looking more beautiful today..

They kept fast for their husbands..

Uttara: badi maa.. chaand (moon) aagaya..

All smiled and took their pooja taali’s went to terrace..

All men’s stood and women’s came there and stood in front of their husbands..

Swara also stood in front of Sanskar..

She did arti to chaand.. and doing to sanskar..

She watched moon from net plate (I donno whats called that plate which is used to this ritual)

And she watched Sanskar from that net plate..

She put teeka to him.. she took water glass and makes he drink..

He drunk and he also makes he drink water.. and breaks her fast..

She took ladoo and feeds him..

He looking to her naughty way.. which makes her blush..

He also feeds her..

Both smiled to see each other..

Sujju: jijii.. bagwan kare.. is ghar me bachoo ki kilkaari jaldi aajaye..

All teased new couples..

They blushed..

After some time..

Swara just entering into Swasan room..

She surprised to see their room..

Room fully decorated with flowers..

She stepping inside..

Suddenly some one patted her shoulder from back..

She turned back.. her prince stood there with dinner plate..

Swara: (with bright smile) Sanskar.. ye Sab…

Sanskar: ek minute..

He went to table which was decorated.. he placed dinner plate on that..

He comes to swara..

Sanskar: now say..

Swara: u did these all for me..?

Sanskar: (placed his arms around her neck) ofcourse yes..

Swara silent..

Sanskar: chalo.. I brought dinner for u..

He makes her sit..

He feeds her with his hands..

She feeling much happy now..

Tear drops falling from her eyes..

Sanskar became tensioned..

He stood and comes some cose to her..

Sanskar: (wiping her tears) what happened Swara.. r u okk..??

She nodes as yes..

Sanskar: fir ye tears..?

Swara stood and hugs him emotionally..

Sanskar hugs back..

BG plays..

Do pal ruka.. quabon ka kaarvaan..

Aur phir chal diye..

Tum kahan.. hum kahaan..

Do pal kit i ye dilon ki daastaan..

Aur phir chal diye..

Tum kahaan.. hum kahaan…

Swara: sanskarr..

Sanskar: hmm..

Swara: mujhe bahut darr lag rahi..

Sanskar: (bokes hug and cubing her face) kyuu.. kya hua..

Swara: I never want to go away from u..

Sanskar: what happened swara.. am here na.. am with u now and always..

Swara: I love u sooooooooooooooo much Sanskar.. and I know u too loves me more.. ur love always makes me feel special..

Sanskar: swara… (care voice) y r u thinking about these all.. tell me the reason of ur tears..

Swara: hamare life me itna kuch hua na.. mujhe dar lag rahi ki fir se my tumhe kho na du..

He hugs her tightly like he feeling her pain..

Sanskar: shhhh swara.. don’t think like that.. aisa kuch nahi hoga..

Swara: I cant live with out u Sanskar.. don’t go away from me..

Sanskar: no swara.. never.. never.. (patting her back)

She noticed his tears..

Swara: (broke hug and wiping his tears..) y r u crying..??

Sanskar: swara.. I can feel ur pain.. if u cry.. how can I smile..

Swara: Do Pal kitna kuch kar dia na hamare life me..

Sanskar: hmm..

Both hugs again emotionally.. feeling relax..

BG plays..

Do pal ruka.. quabon ka kaarvaan..

Aur phir chal diye..

Tum kahan.. hum kahaan..

Do pal kit i ye dilon ki daastaan..

Aur phir chal diye..

Tum kahaan.. hum kahaan…

After one month..

Swara feeling ill today..

But she didn’t share with anyone..

She serving breakfast with smara..

Suddenly she falls down and became unconscious..

Smara suddenly shouted…

Smara: Shhhhoooonnnaaaaaa….

All tensioned..

After some time..

At Swasan room..

Dr came and checked swara..

Dr: congratulations Mr. Maheshwari.. aapke wife maa banne wali hai..

A big curve visible on all faces..

Some time passed..

Swara still unconscious..

Sanskar only present in their room..

Swara gets conscious and tries to came down from bed..
She about to fall.. he holds her and makes her sit properly..

Swara: Sanskar.. what happened.. my neeche ti na.. am here.. how..??

She asking like question bank..

He dint replying.. just staring his princess lovingly..

Swara: Sanskar.. kuch bolo na..

He didn’t replay anything.. he just hugs her with love..

Swara surprised to see his act..

She about to ask.. he start telling..

Sanskar: (still hug) thank u soooooo much swara… its very big gift for me..

Swara: am not getting u Sanskar..

Sanskar: hum parents banne wale hai my princess..

She again surprised..

Swara: sach Sanskar..?? it.. it means myyy..

He broke hug and nodes as yes..

He kissed her fore head..

Both hugs each other again and feeling happy for good news..

Do Pal always changing Swasan’s life..

Sometimes happy and some times sad..

Do Pal – Can Change Everything na..

Do Pal makes meets them.. Do Pal makes them fall for each other..

Do Pal did Swara’s accident.. Do Pal makes Meet smara as swara in front of Sanskar..

Do Pal makes truth out.. Do Pal makes them emotional moments..

Do Pal makes Swara’s conscious.. Do Pal makes their marriage..

Do Pal makes swasan became each other forever..

The SS ends..

So, friends how was the last episode..

Hope u all will like this romantic + emotional epi..

I will come with new SS soon..

Thanks a lot for ur lovely supporting…

Keep reading.. keep liking.. keep commenting..

Ur comment makes me happy guyzz..

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