Do Pal – Can Change Everything By AngelAshu (Part-6)

Do Pal Can Change Everything

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Recap: Sanskar watched smara with laksh.. te misunderstood them.. smasanlak convo..

Sanskars knows all about Swara.. his care for her.. swaras birthday celebrations..

Smalak fun with swasan..

So, lets starts Part-6 of # Do_Pal___Can_Change_Everything

Laksh goes to swara..

Laksh: Happy birthday bhabhi.. u dont take worry.. ham bhaie se party lenge..

Trio smiles.. and have yummy cake..
Sanskar staring swaras innocent face lovingly..

And remembering something..


One day..

Swara seated on bench at park..

Sanskar became in to sleeping position by kept his head in his princess lap..

She smiled blessfully..

She starts caressing his hair with his palm..

Sanskar: Swara

Swara: hmm..

Sanskar: after our marriage.. I wont leave u at least DoPal

Swara: achaa.. then kya kya karogaa with me… (crazy)

Sanskar: ummmm (thinking)

Swara: tell na..
Sanskar: bas tumko dekta hi rehjaungaa

Swara: really..??

Sanskar: haa..

Swara: all time u will do this only..??

Sanskar: if my princess is itnaaa cute.. Do Pal tak nahi chod sakte na usko alone..

Swara blushed..

Swara: aur

Sanskar: when u come with coffee to wake up me.. I will give u good morning kiss..

Swara: achaa..

Sanskar: dont worry my princess.. I will take return gift too..

She blushed more

Both start laughing little..

BG plays..

Tere bin tere bin

Tere bin.. tere bin..

Tere binaa.. marna nahi..

Jeena nahi.. tere bin

Tere bin.. tere bin

Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa ga ma pa sa ni sa ni sa ni..

Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ga re pa ma ga..


Smalak leaves..

Sanskar kissed swaras fore head..

Sanskar: in any situation.. I always with u swara..

Jaldi teek ho jao.. am dying to listen my princess voice..

Am dying to listen my name with ur voice.. (tears rolled in his eyes)

4 months passed..

Now also Sanskar taking care for her..

One day he went temple to pray for swara..

Sansakr: (joined his both palms.. closed eyes..) oh god.. bring my swara back.. swara is ur gift for me.. u know na she is everything for me..

She is my life.. I want my life back.. am dying to listen her voice.. its very difficult time for me..

but in this difficult time am not leaved her hand..

at that time someone played bell of mandir (mandir ki ghanti.. jo god k murti k saamne hoti hai)

he slowly opened his teary eyes and turns back..

he was in hell shock..

he not able to believe his eyes.. he just looking who stood in front of him with a unbelievable look..

from that persons back (who stood in front of Sanskar) smalak stood in side hug and signalling him as happy days reached in their life again..

Sanskar: (slowly) Swwaaarrraaaaa (tears falling from his eyes..)

Yes that person is non other.. she is swara

She start nodding as yes with teary eyes

(if u have play Tere Liye Song from veer zara film)

Both start stepping towards each other..

Both are smiling while crying to see each other.

BG plays..

Tere liye hum hai jiyen..

Har honton ko siye

Tere liye hum hai jiyen..

Har aason piye..

Dil me magar jalte rahe..

Chahaton ke diye

Tere liye tere liye

Tere liye hum hai jiyen..

Har aason piye..

Tere liye hum hai jiyen..

Har honton ko siye..

Dil me magar jalte rahe..

Chahaton ke diye

Tere liye tere liye

Aaaa.. aaaaa Ahhaaa.. ahhaaa..

(Both reached to their love..

Sanskar showed his both palms to her..

She placed her palms in hiss..

He holds her palms..

Both looking into each other emotionally)

Zindagi leke aayi hai..

Bite din ke kitaab..

(he caressing her hairs.. she staring him emotionally)

Zindagi leke aayi hai..

Bite din ke kitaab..

(he touched her face.. she smiles with teary eyes..)

Ghere hai ab hame..

Yaade hai be hisaab..

(she cubing his face..

Both lost in each other eyes like

Swasan eyes are talking with each other)

Bin puche mile mujhe..

Kitne saare jwaab

(both wiping each other tears)

Chahaa tha kya.. paaya hai kyaa..

Hamne dekhiye..

(he opened his arms.. she hugs him tightly..

He hugs back.. happy tears falling from swasan eyes like rain)

Dil me magar jalte rahe..

Chahaton ke diye

Tere liye tere liye

Some time passed..

Still they are in each other embrace..

But with a blessed smile..

At that time.. both maheshwari and gadodia family reached there..

All became a circle position around swasan..

And start clapping

Swasan disturbed by listening clapping sound..

Sanskar happy..

Swara tensioned.. coz she dont know about their families acceptance..

She looked at Sanskar

Sanskar: haa swara.. our families happy with our relation..

Swara became more happy..

She meets each and every family member after long time..

All got much happy..

AP: now we dont wanna waste time..

Shomi: yes.. ab hamko muhrat nikalwana hai.. for swasan and smalak..

Dp: panditji also here..

Swasan and smalak blushed..

All goes to panditji..

Panditji checks panchang (a holy book)..

Panditji: both couples kundalies are matched perfectly..

parso is best for engagement..

and shadi after one week..

all got happy again to listen panditjis words..

The engagement day..

Gadodia hall fully decorated with lights and flowers..

Awsme weather going on..

Maheshwari family reached GH (Gadodia House)

Shekhar and shomi received them..

Sanskar wore dark pink coloured sherwani..

His smile makes him more cute and hot..

Laksh wore a dark blue coloured sherwani which was designed with pink lace..

He also looks dashing..

Sanlak eyes searching for their loves

Sujju: aree choree.. sabar rakho toda sa.. aajayega dono..

All laughed..

Sanlak embarrassed..

Parvati: Sharmishtaa.. time ho rahi hai..

Shomi: ji maa..

Shomi went upstairs to bring Swara and Smara…

Both bridals are got ready..

Shomi: Shona Shoru.. ready na beta..?

Swara: haa maa..

Smara: haa maa..

Swara wore a dark pink coloured lehangha which was worked with golden coloured stones..

She kept her hairs loose.. she wore a simple diamond jewel set..

Smara wore a dark pink coloured salwar suit.. with a simple jewellery

Her have curly hairs..

Both are looking beautiful..

Shomi brings swara and smara downstairs..

White swara and smara coming down..

Sanskar and laksh opens their mouths like O..

Swara and smara came stood in front of Sanskar and laksh respectively..

Panditji askes to continue ring ceremony..

Shomi gives ring to shona..

Swara slides ring to sanskars finger and makes him officially hers..

He smiles to see her.. she too..

Sujju gives ring to Sanskar..

Sanskar slides ring to her finger and makes her officially hiss..

After that smara and laksh also exchanged rings..

All clapped..

Both couples took blessings from all elders..

All blessed them heartfully..

The day passed…

After 4 days..

Mehandi and Sangeeth day..

Both bridals seated at their places..

Two girls putting mehandi into their hands..

At swara:

Girl: tell me ur fiancé name..

She blushed..

Girl: aree tell na.. (teasing)

Swara: (slowly) sss Sanskar..

Girl: okk..

She wrote S letter in her hands and covers with design..

At smara..

Girl wrote L letter with mehandi and covers with design..

After some time..

Sanlak came to swara and smara.. finely they finds their names in her loves hand..

All clapped..

Its time to sangeeth..

All askes to dance swasan..

Both went on stage..

Song played..
Quab hai tu need hu main.. dono mile.. raat bane

Rooj yahi.. maang dua.. teri mere baat bane aaa.. aaa

(Sanskar askes her hand.. she hplaces her hand in his hand)

Main rang sharbaton ka.. tu methe gaat ka paani

Main rang sharbaton ka.. tu methe gaat ka paani

Mujhe kudh me khol de to tere yaar baat ban jaani

Main rang sharbaton ka.. tu methe gaat ka paani

(swara went his back and hugs him from back)

Maine to dheere se.. neendon ko dhage se.. bandha hai quab ko tere..

Maina jaha chahu.. na aasmaan chahu.. hazaar se mai to mere..

(he makes she turns around him..)

Tu dang chahaton ka.. mai jaise koi naadaani

Mujhe kudh se jod de to tere yaar baat ban jaani

Main rang sharbaton ka.. tu methe gaat ka paani

Both lost on each other eyes..

All clapped..

Swasan came into senses and felt embarrassed..

Now smalak..

Smara and laksh went to stage..

Song played..

Na jiya.. zindagi.. ek pal bhi..

Tum se hoke judhaa.. sun zara

Bin tere.. mujh se naaraaj tha dil..

Tu mila hai tokah raha

Main to tere rang me rang chuka hu bas tere ban chuka hu..

Mere mujh me kuch nahi.. sab teraa

Sab tera sab tera..

Main to tere dhang me dhang chuki hu bas tere ban chuki hu..

Mere mujh me kuch nahi.. sab teraa

Sab tera sab tera..

All clapped..

The next day is Mehandi day..

One yellow coloured Curtin hanged

One side..

Swara and smara seated for haldi ritual..

Both wore yellow costumes..

Another side..

Sanskar and laksh wore yellow coloured simple sherwanis

All came and applies mehandi to both couples and blessed..

Swara remembering Sanskar..

But she felt he is beside him and blushed..

Ritual completed successfully..

The marriage day..

Sanskar seated at mandap and following panditjis words..

Laksh too..

Sanskar wore cream coloured sherwani with red coloured combination..

Laksh wore maroon coloured sherwani..

Panditji: bring bridals hto mandap..

Shomi brings swara and smara from upstairs to mandap..

Swara in full bengali attaire..

She wore a red coloured saree in Bengali style..

With little heavy jewel set.. she looking like Bengali dulhan..

Smara wore a maroon coloured lehangha.. with heavy jewellery..

Sanskar and lakshs eyes fallen on them..

Swara and smara came to mandap and seated beside of their princes..

Panditji askes them to exchange malas..

They did..

Pandit ji askes them to take 7pheras..

Pandit ji reading holy mantras

Swasan and smalak completed their pheras

Both couples seated now..

Sanskar: (murming in swaras ear) be ready my princess..

Swara: for what my prince..

Sanskar: to became mine forever..

Swara blushed..

Sanskar noticed her blush and felt happy..

Panditiji askes to fill sindoor in hers hairline..

Sanskar took pinch of sindoor and placed at swaras hairline..

Laksh too in smaras

Panditji askes to tie mangalsutra..

Sanskar took mangalsutra and tied around her neck..

After that laksh did with smara..

Then pandit ji said.. Marriage completed..

Swasan looking into each other eyes felt happy

BG plays..

Ye wahi var hai..taras gayi ti.. jiske liye varmaala..

Ek vivaah aisa bhi kabhi jise nahi koi bhulne waala..

Aankhon mein aasu..

Aisi saji hai..

Phoolon ke jaise shabhram..

Sang sang rahenge janam janam..

Sang sang rahenge janam janam..

After that..

Swasan took blessings from all elders..

Smalak too..

Then Swara, Smara bidai done..

The episode ends with Bidai ritual..

Precap: Last Part..

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