Do Pal – Can Change Everything By AngelAshu (Part-5)

Do Pal Can Change Everything

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Recap: swasan date.. Sanskar delhi trip.. swaras accident.. swara smara convo.. smalak emotional scenes.. smara difficultly start acting like swara in front of Sanskar..

So, lets starts Part-5 of # Do_Pal___Can_Change_Everything

She leaves..

Sanskar: kya hogayi is ladki ko.. something is going wrong.. but am not able to catch point.. kuch to gadbad hai am not feeling good.. may be its my tiredness

He went home..

Sanskar tries to sleep.. but he not able to sleep.. he suffering from some bad dreams

Sanskar: ohh god.. donno y am feeling like alone.. I want to call swara once..

He calls swara..

Smara picks call and consoles him..

While she controlling her self heardly..

Some days passed..

2 months later

One day Sanskar calls swara and askes to come out with him..

She ignored..

Sanskar: come na swara..

Smara: I have some imp work Sanskar.. we will go later..

Sanskar: okk..

Sanskar cuts call..

He thinks something..

Sanskar: Swara birthday is coming na.. I will buy something for her..

He starts car and went to shopping mall..

Sanskar: kya lu.. ummmm.. (thinking)

At the another hand..

Laksh calls smara out..

She went with him..

Both love birds enjoying little..

And here..

His eyes fallen on some beautiful diamond bangles

He buys bangles and going to home..

Suddenly traffic jammed..

Sanskar getting bored.. he just watching outside from car window.. while playing his fingers on steering..

Suddenly he got shock

He saw swara with another men..

Sanskar: ye swara ye yaha kya kar rahi hai..?? and who is that guy..

He tried to watch properly..

At Pani puri stall

Smara: laksh.

Laksh: haa

Smara: I want to eat some kattaa vattaa

Laksh: awww.. any special.. any good news..??

Smara: (beating him playfully) shurt up laksh

Laksh: hahha smara.. I was just kidding na..

Smara: whatever

Laksh: chalo.. we will eat Pani Puri..

Smara: hmm..

Both eating pani puri.. while feeding each other..

And here..

He was in little far.. so he not able to see properly..

But he tries to see the men..

Sanskar: luckyyyyyyy.

Sanskar: swara lucky k saath??

He start thinking something..

They both are looking much close na Swara told me, she have any imp work.. but she here..

He calls her.. while watching smalak from far..

Smara: laksh.. Sanskar jiju ka call hai..

Laksh: pickup na..

Smara nodes and lifts..

Smara: haa Sanskar.. bolo..

Sanskar: where are u swara..

Smara: wo my. Wo..

Sanskar: y did u take much time to pick call.. busy ho kya..?

Smara: nothing.. am in home.. busy in work.. thats y..

Sanskar: okk.. bye..

Smara: bye..

Sanskar cuts call..

Sanskar: (monologue with much angry) u did wrong with me swara.. how can u behave like this with me.. cheee I have to talk with u about this matter.. u changed swara u changed..

He starts car.. driving fastly on road..

He remembering how swara moving close with laksh..

Tears falling from his eyes.. his eyes became red in anger

Sanskar: how can u do this swara.. u lied to me.. went with lucky.. u did wrong..

He went to home..

He threw all things at his room.. and cries to remember swara with laksh..

His phone rings..

He took his phone..

Sanskar: Swara calling..

He picks call..

Sanskar: hogayi teri pani puri khana..??

Smara: whattttt

Sanskar: now not need to act swara.. I want to meet u today evening..

And he cuts call in angry..

Smara: what happened with him..?? y he talking like strange let us meet.. will see..

Suddenly she strikes her mind..

Smara: he said pani puri na.. kahi mujhe laksh k saath..?? no no.. smaraaa all is well

She calm downed her self and gets busy in her work..

At evening..

Sanskar reached park and calls laksh..

Sanskar: laksh..

Laksh: haa bhaie..

Sanskar: I want to meet u once.. come to rainbow park now..

He doesnt listen answer and cuts call..

Laksh: isse kya hua.. is everything fine..?? ohhnnoo

He goes to go park..

Smara reached park..

Sanskar: wao.. u reached at sharp time..

Smara: what happen with u Sanskar.. y u behaving like this with me.. r u okk..??

Sanskar: (holding her shoulders and talking in high tone) am also asking same to u swara..

Y r u doing these all with me..??

Smara: am not getting u..

Sanskar: dont act swara.. dont act more.. morning I saw u with lucky..

Smara: wo (interrupted)

Sanskar: I saw.. u both are moving too close na..

She silent.. tears falling from her beautiful eyes..

Sanskar: what happened swara.. itne din me bore aagaya hu kyaa..?? u searched new one for u..??

She shouted

Smara: Sanskaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Sanskar: dont shout swara.. shout karne se truth cant changed na..

Smara start crying more..

Sanskar: u did very wrong with me swara.. (tears falling from his dashing eyes)

I never expected this from u.. u played with my feelings

Smara: Sanskar.. listen to me once.. please

Sanskar: enough Swara.. no more safai..

She falls down and crying more..

At that time laksh came there and holds her..

Sanskar: wahhh.. janab also reached

Laksh: whats going here bhaie..

Sanskar: u asking me whats going here.. ask to her.. she will explain truth..

Laksh start consoling smara..

Laksh: (wiping her tears) dont cry.. control ur self..

Sanskar: stay away from this girl lucky.. she playing with us.. with our feelings..

Laksh: (to smara) stay strong.. we did try na.. hmm..

Smara crying..

Sanskar: lucky I said stay away from this girl

Laksh: (high tone) enoughhhh bhaieeee enough no more.. u dont know truth

Sanskar shocked..

Sanskar: which truth.. what are u talking lucky

Laksh makes her seat on bench..

Smara: laksh.. I didnt do wrong.. I tried my self to follow my promise.. but..

Laksh: I know smara.. dont cry.. control ur self.. am with u na.. dont cry..
Sanskar: whats going here..

Laksh stood and start talking with Sanskar..

Laksh: bhaie.. she is not swara

Sanskar: r u mad lucky..??

Laksh: no bhaie.. she is swaras twin sister Smara..

Sanskar shock

Sanskar: what r u talking.. she never said to me she have any sister

Laksh: bhaie.. stay strong.. its time to tell truth to u..

Sanskar tensioned..

Sanskar: which truth.. where is my Swara

Laksh start explain all things abut swaras accident, come condition.. and promise etc..

Tears falling from trio eyes..

Sanskar stood like a statue

Laksh: bhaie.. we dont wanna hide this matter to u.. but swara took promise from smara

Sanskar: (crying) these all happened coz of me.. na my delhi jataa.. na ye sab crying)

Laksh hugs him and consoling.. but Sanskar not able to listen anyone..

Sanskar: I wanna see my swara.. mujhe swara ke paas le jao..

Laksh and smara took Sanskar to hospital..

Sanskar rushed to swaras room..

He just opened door..

His eyes fallen on her..

She is in unconscious state..

Smalak watching from out side..

He Start stepping inside with teary eyes..

BG plays..

(if u have play this song.. do pal from veer zara..)

Aaaa aaa aa aaa.. aaaa aaa aa aaaa.

he went to her and seated beside of her.. he cubbing her face and crying

Sanskar: am sorry swara.. I misunderstand u all.. am really sorry

My feeling was right.. I felt something bad going on..

Now wake up swara.. ur Sanskar came na..

He holds her hand.. he kissed her hand..

Sanskar: please wake up swara.. I never go away from u..

I cant live without u swara.. I cant see u in this situation..

Wake up swara.. wake up for me.. for ur love..

He falls on her shouder crying more..

Do pal ruka quaboon ka karvan..

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

(At that time Souls woke up from Swara and Sanskars body..

Both souls of swasan in white dresses..)

Do Pal ki ti ye dilon ki daastaan..

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

(Her soul start caressing his hair..

He felt her touch.. and smiles )

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

(Sanskar Soul: (hugs soul) swara do go away from me.. I cant live without u..

Swara Soul: (hugs back) am with u always Sanskar.. am with u..)

Tum the ke thi koi ujli kiran..

Tum the yaa koi kali muskayi..

(both consoling each other and smiles)

Tum the yaa sapnoon ka taa saavan..

Tum the ti kushiyoon ki ghataa chaayehe thi..

(his soul asked her for dance.. her soul agreed)

Tum the ke thaa koi phool khila..

(his soul holds her from back and little moving both sides)
Tum the yaa milaa thaa mujhe nayaa jahan

(her soul closed her eyes and feeling his touch with smiley face)
Do pal ruka quaboon ka karvan..

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

(his soul makes her turn and pulls close to him)
Do Pal ki ti ye dilon ka daastaan..

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

(her soul blushes.. her hairs falling on his face..)
Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

(his soul adjusting her flying hairs..

Suddenly both souls went in respective bodies..)

He woke up from her..

He apologized to smara and laksh..

From that day he start take caring for her with his own hands

Both families known all truth now

And happy for each other..

Some days passed..

Finely swaras birthday came..

Sanskar buy bookie for her.. he make a special cake for her with his own hands..

He took cake bookie and bangles to hospital..

He goes to her room..

She lied on bed unconscious state..

He hardly controlling his self..

Sanskar seated near to her..

Sanskar: (to swara) see swara.. I brought these all for u.. today is ur birthday na..

We planed to celebrate together na.. how can I forget.. hmm..

Swara.. wake up for me.. just Do Pal.. Dopal ke liye utjao Swara.. (crying)

Am missing u a lot.. please once talk to me swara.. once talk to me..

He hardly controlled his self and wiped his tears..

BG plays (continue)

Tum tey ya kushboo hawaon me ti..

Tum tey ya rang saari dishaaon me thy..

(Sanskar took cake knife and put into her hand.. he hold her hand and makes she cut cake.. while singing happy birthday song)

Tum they ya roshani raahon me ti..

Tum tey ya gee bhondh fizaaon ti..

(tears falling from her eyes..

It means she able to listening all.. but she not able to respond..

He noticed her tears.. he quickly wipes her tears..

Sanskar: no swara.. no tears more.. am with u na.. tum jaldi teek ho jaogi.. dont cry.. dont cry..

He hugs her.. she felt his touch and happy..)

Tum tey mile ya mile manzile..

(he feed her to cake piece but she not able to eat na..)

Tum try tha ka jaadu bada koi samaa..

(he felt like she also feeding to him and smiles..)

Do pal ruka quaboon ka karvan..

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

(see swara.. I brought a gift for u..

He opened a gift box.. and a pair of beautiful diamond bangles present there)

Do Pal ki ti ye dilon ki daastaan..

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

(he took her hands and makes wear)

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

(he kissed her both hands..

Sanskar: these bangles looking more beautiful on u

Happy Birthday My Princess)

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

(he caresses her hairs)

At that time Samra and laksh reached there..

Laksh: aheem Ahemmmm

Sanskar turns back..

Sanskar: smara.. lucky.. tum log kab aaye ho..

Smara: just abhi jiju..

Laksh: I think u both are busy nA.. smara.. we have to go yaar

Sanskar: shut up lucky..

Smara: jiju.. see ur brother.. always like this mental.. huhh..

Laksh: oye hello.. mentals lover also mental na..

Smara: jiju.

Sanskar: laksh.. dont say like this to my sweet saali.. u only mental..

Smara: thats like my jiju

Laksh: hogayi tum dono ki.. let me wish my bhabhi..

Smara: first me..

Laskh: hm..

Smara goes to swara..

Smara: (kisses forehead) Happy Birthday Shona.. jaldi teek ho jao.. we have to do more masti.. and u know I today library madam called me.. and told.. a new story book launched of AngelAshu.. u have to read fastly

Sanlak smiles to listen this..

Laksh goes to swara..

Laksh: Happy birthday bhabhi.. u dont take worry.. ham bhaie se party lenge..

Trio smiles.. and have yummy cake..

The episode ends with this smiley moment..

Precap: suspense

So friends, how was the episode..

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