Do Pal – Can Change Everything By AngelAshu (Part-3)

Do Pal Can Change Everything

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Recap: masti of swara and smara.. smara laksh meeting.. swasan convo about bracelet..

So, lets starts Part-3 of # Do_Pal___Can_Change_Everything

Smara smiles..

Laksh: r u miss.

Smara: am Smara..

Laksh: waoo.. nice name.. am laksh..

They both shook hands..

And left.

The next day..

At library..

Swara doing signature at entry place..

Madam: good evening..

Swara: good evening madam..

Madam: so, how was the story

Swara: let me complete book madam..

Madam: it means.. u didnt read full..

Swara: yeah.. (sadly)

Madam: haha swara..

Swara: dont laugh madam.. I will complete tonight..pakkaa

Madam: pakka..

Swara: haan pakka.. (smiles and moving ahead)

She searching books

Swara: ohhnnooo am not able to find my text book.. (became nervous)

Swara.. u have to find.. exams near me hai..

She took long breath and again start searching

At the another hand..

Sanskar stood in front of her but both didnt notice each other..

Finely she found book..

Swara: thank god.. some time passed..

Swasans going time is same..

Both meted at signature place..

Both saw each other and smiles..

Swasan walking towards parking place..

Swara: how was the day of urs..?

Sanskar: good.. n urs..?

Swara: not bad

Sanskar: ohh

Suddenly rain started

Swara: ohhhnnnoooo..

They both went to shutter..

Swara just playing with rain drops..

Sanskar staring her lovely face..

BG plays

Pyaar se pyaara tum ho sanam

Jitna chaho tum ko utnaa hai kam..

La la la laaaa. La la la laaa..

Pyaar se pyaara tum ho sanam

La la la laaaa. La la la laaa..

Jitna chaho tum ko utnaa hai kam..

La la la laaaa. La la la laaa..

Swara: what happened

Sanskar: no nothing

Swara: waiseee.

Sanskar: hmmm

Swara: y r u with me

Sanskar: what u mean..

Swara: (smiling) y did u came here with me..

Sanskar: (funnly) achaaa ji.. coz of rain..

Swara: ohh..

10 min passed..

Rain stopped

Sanskar: thank god rain stopped.. chale..?

Swara: where..?

Sanskar: me.. to my home.. u.. to ur home..

Swara: u go.. bye..

Sanskar: u??

Swara: my friend messaged me to wait for her..

Sanskar: ohh.. okkk

He about to take step..

Swara: hey.. listen..

He turns..

Sanskar: what..

Swara: (pointing to bench) ur books

Sanskar: oopsss I forget..

He took books..

Sanskar: thank u..

Swara: dosti and pyaar me.. no sorry no thank u..

Sanskar: but we are not friends and lovers na..

Swara: then chalegi ur welcome..

Sanskar: if u dont have any mind.. we can

Swara: whatttt.

Sanskar: friends..?? (passing his hand towards her)

Swara: (thinking)..
Sanskar: helllooooooo.

She jerks

Sanskar: say something yaar..

Swara: yes

They shook hands..

Swara phone rings..

Swara: one minitue.. (to sanky)

Sanskar: hmm

Swara accepts call..

Swara: haan sahil bhayya… bolo

(hahahahhahahahahah. Its sounds awsme yaaroooo.)

Sahil: ..

Swara: haa okk sure..


Swara: I will do na.. dont worry


Swara: okk.. bye sahil bhayya..

She cuts call

She checks msg..

Swara: oopppsss

Sanskar: what happened..

Swara: my friend messaged now.. she s not coming..

Sanskar: ohh..

Swara: chalo.. its late..

Sanskar: hmm

She taking steps ahead..

Due to rain.. she suddenly slipped..

He catched her by her waist

Both looking into each other eyes

She holds his collar tightly due to fear..

BG plays.. (continue)
La la la laaaa. La la la laaa..

Pyaar is dil me jagaya..

Mujh ko mujh hi se churaya..

Jee utee tujh pe marke hamm

Pyaar se pyaara tum ho sanam

Jitna chaho tum ko utnaa hai kam..

Oo oo oo oo.. aa aa aa aa.

They came in scene due to some horn sound..

Swara: are waah dosti abhi pakki hue.. ache se nibha raha ho.. not bad

Sanskar: how funny

Both start laugh..

Swara: bye..

Sanskar: haa bye..

One weak passed..

Swara and smara went shopping mall

Smara: shona.. my ye trail karke aayi..

Swara: okk..

Smara went to trail room

Laksh came there with his friends..

Laksh though smara stood there..

Laksh: guyzz.. I just come..

Kartik: where r u going..

Laksh: going to meet friend.. (like hero style)

Laksh goes to swara..

Laksh: hiii

Swara busy in selecting dress..

Laksh: hellooo

Swara: (talking with stranger) yess

Laksh: how r u dear..

Swara: (confusing) sorry I didnt getting u..

Laksh: ohhnnoo.. teri memory kitna short hai..

Swara: mind ur language Mr..

Laksh: are yaar.. whats ur problem.. milakr ek hafte nahi gayi.. huhhh.. u forget..

Swara: I donno who r u..

She doing her work..

Laksh thought she doing Mazak with him..

Laksh: (Monologue) Mazak with me.. not bad..

He again start talking with her..

Swara got irritated

Smara just came from trail room..

Watching these all from far..

Smara: (un known smile appeared on her face) lakshh yaha.. he thought shona as me.. ohh god banda gaya aaj chalo.. take some fun

Laksh bak baking here Swara irritated.. smara enjoying from far..

Swara: mr.. I said na.. I dint know u.. just go (high voice)

Laksh: acha ji.. then no problem.. I will give my intro again

Swara disturbed much

She slapped him

Laksh shock.

Smara bigggg shock

Laksh friends also shock..

He placed his palm on his cheek.. where she slapped..

He didnt speak each word.. he goes to friends..

Smara feeling much bad..

Laksh went to his friends..

All start fun on laksh..

Kartik: bada gaya.. friend se milne..

Omi: haan.. lo gift lekar aaya

All friends: hahhahha

Laksh silent..

Laksh: (monologue) whats wrong with her

Smara feeling much bad.. she start taking step towards laksh..

Swara calling her..

Swara: shoru shoru.. my yha hoon

Smara: haa.. what u selected..??

Swara: going on na..

Smara: u carry on.. I just come..

Swara: where are u going shoru..

Smara: ek call karni hai.. here signal problem..

Swara: okk come fast..

Smara doesnt waste one second.. she goes to laksh..

Laksh seated calm.. all friends taking fun on him..

Smara reached there.. all shock..

Laksh stood..

She about to say something..

Omi: lo.. she again came to give another gift.. I mean slap..

All friends: hahahhaa

Laksh staring her angrily..

Smara: just stop it. (high voice)

All stopped..

Smara: am sorry laksh

Laksh giving confused look..

Kartik: first slap.. now sorry.. waahh

Laksh: guyzz am going.. chalo.. (angry voice)

Smara: please listen to me once laksh.. please..

Laksh: whattt (harshhh)

Smara: (pointing Swara) once look at there

All looking swara.. she busy in selecting dresses.. and here all shock

Smara: she is my twin sister

Laksh: OMG. U both looks like one

Kartik: ohhnnoo what am seeing.. is it true??

Smara: yeah..

Laksh: means.. she slapped me not u oohhnnooo

Smara: how can I yaar..

Laksh: sorry.. I donno about urs na.. I thought.. she was u

Smara: I want to talk with u alone..

Laksh nodes as yes..

They both went parking place..

Smara: am sorry laksh.. sab meri wajah se..

Laksh: its okk yaar.. its done by my mistake na..

Smara: no.. I was in trail room.. I saw u talking with shona.. I know.. u talking with shona coz u thought she s me.. I was enjoying ur bak bak from far.. but suddenly she slapped u (tears falling from her eyes)

He staring her..

Smara: I donno she will slap u.. sach me I donno..

Laksh: (placed his hands on her shoulders) smara…. relax

Smara: am feeling very much bad

Laksh: r u enjoying my bak bak from far..??

Smara: wo my (looking into his eyesand stopped)

Laksh: bolo..

Smara: haa..

Laksh: why..??

Smara: (downs her face) donno.. but I like to see u from far..

Laksh: really..?? (slow voice)

She nodes as yes..

He ups her face by chin.. he wipes her tears..

Laksh: can I say something..??

Smara: haa..

Laksh: I fallen on u at first sight

Smara: (like waooooo look)

Laksh: but.. I have a fear.. u will reject me..

Suddenly she placed her index finger on his lips..

Smara: how can I reject u..?

Laksh: meansss. U

Smara: yes.. I love u..

Laksh: I love u too..

Both hugs each other..

Laksh: smaraaa

(still hug)

Smara: hmm..

Laksh: we donno about each other properly.. but we are in love with each other..

Smara: its enough na.. not need to know about that things.. which will change In few days..

Laksh: hmm..

Some days passed..

Swasan dosti increasing day by day..

One day swasan meet at restaurant..

Swara: sorry sorry sorry i was busy

Sanskar: what yaar.. u dont have at least Do Pal (two seconds) for ur friend..

Swara: ohhhooo Sanskar I came na..

Sanskar: chalo.. do order now

Swara: I want noodles

Sanskar: aaj bhi noodles..?

Swara: fav things never will change Mr.Maheshwari..

Sanskar: acha ji.. as ur wish.. I have a surprise for u..

Swara: for me..??

Sanskar: yes..

Swara: what

Sanskar: see.. some one came to meet u..

Swara: who

Sanskar: see there..

Swara turns her face.. some girl coming towards their table..

She looked at Sanskar

Swara: Sanskar. Ye.. ye koun hai..

She came there

She: hey Sanskar.. ( to swara) u swara.. right..??

Swara: (confused) yeah but.

She: (to Sanskar) u didnt said her about me..

Sanskar: yaar.. how can I say.. u tell na

Swara: guyzz whats going on.. am not getting u..

She: Am Ashu.

Swara: ohhh (shuddenly she realised what she said)

Ashu: yes Am AngelAshu..

Swara: (she is in shock) ..

Her eyes became more bigg.

Sanskar jerks her

Swara: u guyzz.. not joking na

Ashu: heyyy swara.. we are not kids na

Swara: (shouted in excitement) waoooooooooo.. Ashu My AngelAshu

Its not my dream na (rubbing eyes)

Sanskar Ashu smiles..

Swara and Ashu Share a sweet hug..

Swara: what a writer yaar.. I much like ur stories

She non stop talking with ashu..

Ashu: thank u sooooo much for ur love

Swara: waise sansakr how did u bring her here..

Sanskar: she is my friend..

Swara: whattt.

Ashu: yes.. we are besties from childhood..

Sanskar: and am her fan too like u

Swara: waaaaoooo yaar aaj to shock pe shock

Ashu: haha

Swara: nice to meet u ashu I cant sleep with out read ur stories..

Ashu: ohh nice..

They 3 enjoying

6 months Passed..

Swasan both starting feel for each other..

Its Valentines Day..

Swara and Sanskar both went party with friends..

Sanskar proposed her in front of all

First she little bit shock coz today she too decided to express her feelings..

And finely she accepted his love

He stood by knees

Sanskar: Swara.. I donno.. which Do Pal did Magic on me.. I cant live with out u..

I always askes to sped atleast Do Pal to me.. but today I want u for life long

She smiles and said yes..

He askes her hand..

She gave her hand..

He put ring to her finger

Sanskar: I LOVE YOU


All start clapping.. rose petals falling from up..

She hugs him.. he hugs back

All askes to dance Swasan..

All couples went on stage and start dancing..

Song played

Swasan starts dancing

Do pal ruka quaboon ka karvan..

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

(He opend his arms..)

Do Pal ki ti ye dilon ka daastaan..

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

(she places her hands around his neck)

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

(he holds her waist)

Tum the ke thi koi ujli kiran..

Tum the yaa koi kali muskayi..

(both moving romantically)

Tum the yaa sapnoon ka taa saavan..

Tum the kushiyoon ki ghataa chaayehe thi..

(he caressing her hairs.. she blushing)

Tum the ke thaa koi phool khila..

Tum the yaa milaa thaa mujhe nayaa jahan

Do pal ruka quaboon ka karvan..

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

(Sanskar pulls her more close she blushed again)

Do Pal ki ti ye dilon ka daastaan..

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

Aur phir chal diyen tum kahan ham kahan..

Both lost in each other eyes..

Song ends..

All start clapping..

Swasan embarrassed..

The episode ends..

Precap: Swasan love mooments.. swaras accident.. doctor says Sorry, she is no more..

So, friends.. how was the episode..

Hope u all will like..

I will upload next part soon..

Dont take tension to thinking about precap..

Aaj to meri kuch zyada tareef hogayi na lollll

Just wait and watch..

More twists waiting for u all

Stay turned.. dont forget to leave comment


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