Do Pal – Can Change Everything By AngelAshu (Part-2)

Do Pal Can Change Everything

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Recap: swara and smara college moments.. swasan meeting at library..

So, lets starts Part-2 of # Do_Pal___Can_Change_Everything

He just staring her..

Madam askes to give books..

Sanskar giving books to madam and smiles to notice what he did..

he came to parking place.. to pick his car..

he seated in car.. just noticed at his chest place..

Sanskar: ohhooo.. what is this.. (he find a bracelet which is hanging on his blazer.. left side chest.. I mean heart place)..

He took bracelet

Sanskar: ye kiski bracelet hogi..

Suddenly he remembered that incident which was happened recently.. swara dashing.. etc..

Sanskar: oops.. may be its her bracelet.. but she went na.. I will give this at library reception tomorrow..

He starts car.. and went home..

Swara also reached home..

After some time..

Swara reading story book while walking in her room..

Smara: shona.. chalo sojaao.. its late..

Swara: yaar bas 10 min..

After 10min

Smara got angry.. came to swara.. snatched her book..

Swara: areee shoru.

Smara: sone ki iraada hai ki nahi..??

Swara: shoru.. book do..

Smara: kya shona.. always books.. books.. u dont have any care about ur health na..

Swara: shoru.. this story na.. much intresting.. please.. giva naa. (about to snatch book from smara but vain)

Smara: no way.. come and sleep now.. read at tomorrow..

Swara: shoru dena yaar u know na.. I love this writer.. I never miss at least one book bye her..

Smara: haa shona.. kal panda..

Swara: yaar.. its very interesting now.. cant wait yaarr give me..

Smara: but shona.. aisa kya hai is story me..

Swara: shoru.. u know.. this is very interesting story.. even all stories by her amazing

Smara: bas bas.. take it..

Swara: hmm

Smara: waise..

Swara: kya..

Smara: u r big fan of this writer na..

Swara: ofcource..

Smara: then.. u go and meet her..(winks)

Swara: shoruuuuuuu..

Smara: haha.. shona.. am serious yaar..

Swara: idea to achi hai.. but I donno her.

Smara: what.

Swara: yes shoru.. she always writing by the name of AngelAshu.. I donno her real identity..

Smara: dont u search in google..??

Swara: if I didnt get.. its much bad feel for me..

its just time waste for us.. u go and sleep.

Smara: chill yaar.. good night..

Swara: good night..

Smara went to sleep.. and swara still reading..

Swara looks at clock.. its 12.00am..

Swara: I wont disturb shoru.. I will go to study room.. let her sleep..

Swara went study room..

After some time..

Shekhar going towards kitchen to bring water..

He notices lights still on at study room..

Shekhar: I think they forget to off lights.. let me check..

He went to study room.. he notice Swara still reading..

Shekhar: shona u didnt sleep till know..??

He came and sit with her..

Swara: papaaa u know na.. if I started to read any story.. full read karne tak neend nahi aati

Shekhar: haha beta.. but its too late.. read tomorrow

Swara: papa.. just 10pages left..

Shekhar: acha.. I think this book also by AngelAshu na..??

Swara: absolutely..

Shekhar: I know.. u much like her stories..

Swara: hmm.

Shekhar: acha.. tell me tittle of present story..

Swara: My Lovely Dreamland..

Shekhar: hmm nice

Shekhar: beta.. u read and.. jaldi sojaana

Swara: okk papa..

He stood and stepping towards door..

Shekhar: and haaa shonaaa

Swara: yes papa

Shekhar: tum book padne ke baad submit mat kiya karo

Swara: kyuu

Shekhar: aree beta.. mujhe bhi padne ka chance do..

Swara: haha okk papa

After some time.. swara completed book and slept..

At the another hand..

At MM:

Sanskar stood at window..

He nonstop staring that bracelet..

Sanskar: how beautiful she wasI never see her at library till today.. iam not able to forget that moment.. she did magic on me..

Her eyes.. her nose.. her lips awwww.

Je just realised whats happening with him..

Sanskar: ohhnnoo what I said.. its wrong.. its very wrong..

Sanskar beta.. control yourself.. haha..

The night passed..

The next day evening at library..

Sanskar parks his car..

Sanskar: (staring bracelet) if she comes here today .. then I will give this to her.. but if she

He about to think he noticed she parking her scotty..

Sanskar: (bright smile) she came Sanskar beta move on

Swara parks her scotty and about to take step..

Sanskar came and stood in front of her..

Sanskar: (to Swara) hiiii..

Swara: sorryyy??

Sanskar: whatttt

Swara: i I mean.. Iam not getting u.. I mean.. who r u.. (actually his looks makes her talk counfusly..)

Sanskar: am Sanskar Maheshwari

Swara: please give me my way.. I donno any Sanskar.. der ho rhi hai.. let me go..

Sanskar leaves her way..

She took 4-5 steps

Sanskar: hello. Misss

She turns back with irritated face

Swara: whats ur problem yaarrr..

She about to say something

Sankaaar shows bracelet to her..

She became silent

Sanskar: y u became quite.. haan..? (ups his eyebrows)

She takes 3 steps towards Sanskar..

Swara: its mine

Sanskar: yeah..

Swara: but ye tumhare paas kaise..??

He explains yesterdays incident..

Swara: ohh.. am sorry.. thats done by mistake..

Sanskar: I know.. (smiles) take it.. (passing bracelet)

Swara about to take..

Sanskar: one second

Swara: whattt

Sanskar: if I gives ur bracelet to u.. mujhe kya milega..? (funny way)

Swara: hahaha.

Sanskar: y r u laughing

Swara: do one thing..

Sanskar: what

Swara: keep it with u.. I have more..

Sanskar: whaattttttttttt

Swara: see Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari.. iss bracelet ko apne paas hi raklo..

Sanskar: what u mean..

Swara: (full funny) isse apne haat par pehanlo.. I dont have any mind.. (winks) lolllllllllllllll

His face became confused look..

She leaves with a funny smile..

She went inside of library..

He went behind her

She did signature at reception

Madam: good evening.. how r u..?

(swara is regular.. so, some of library staff close to swara)

Swara: good evening madam.. am fine (smiles)

She went to take books..

He came and did signature..

Madam: good evening.. how r u..?

Sanskar: fine.. (smiles)

Sanskar: (monologue) huhh Sanskar.. dont waste ur time.. give her bracelet to her.. and start reading

Its a big library..

He didnt find her..

He took books and start reading

Both seated at their regular places like both seated back of each other

Swara and Sanskar reading seriously..

Some kid came to swara..

Kid: didi.. cam u help me.. (slow voice.. coz.. library hai na.. no noise)

Swara: (smile) sure.. how can i..

Kid: solve this problem (maths question) na..

Swara: okk.. sit here..

Kid seated beside swara..

Swara solving problem while explaining to kid..

Suddenly pen stop writing..

Swara: offooo ye pen bhi abhi karab ho gayi

Swara: (to kid) do u have pen..?

Kid: I forgot to bring.. wait..

Kid turns back and asks Sanskar to give his pen once to her..

Kid: excuse me..

Sanskar turns back..

Sanskar: yes

Kid: can u give me ur pen once..

Sanskar: (smiles) (passing pen) take it..

Swara just turns back..

He noticed her..

Sanskar: heyyy uuu.

Swara: shhhh its library

Sanskar: haha.. I know..

Kid: didi.. explain na

Both gets buys in their works..

Kid: thank u didi.. u explained wery easily

Swara smiles kid leaves

Swasan stood at same time to leave library..

Both went to submit books..

He stood behind her

Madam: (to swara) heyy.. u know.. AngelAshus new book launched recently na.. I ordered that book for u

Swara: (exited) waooo thank u..

Madam: I will give u tomorrow

Swara: madam.. I want now..

Madam: but let me read first

Swara: madam.. please please please.. give me first na

Madam: (passing book) acha baba.. take it.. return me fast okk..

Swara: sure thank u. thank u soooooo much I love her stories (kissing book)

Madam: even me too

Swara: okk.. bye..

Madam: hmm.. bye..

Sanskar: (monologue) so, madmji.. hamare Ashu k fan nikli like me hahaha

He submitted books.. and left..

At parking place..

Swara going towards scotty..

Sanskar coming behind her.. while running to catch her..

Sanskar: hello. Oye..

Swara turns back..

Swara: yes.. (behaving like she talking to Sanskar first time)

Sanskar: I.. I was just kidding.. take it.. (passing her bracelet)

Swara giving counfused look..

Sanskar: take it na.. it urs na

Swara: hmm..

Sanskar: take it na..

She took..

Swara: thanks..

Sanskar: ur welcome..

Swara: u come daily na..?

Sanskar: yeah

Swara: me too I cant live without books..

Sanskar: r u student..?


Sanskar: I completed my studies recently.. and joined at dads office..

Swara: good..

Sanskar: about to ask something..

Swara phone rings..

Swara picks call..

Swara: haan shoru..

Smara: shona.. where r u.. come fast na..

Swara: yeah.. am coming.. bye..

She cuts call..

Swara: I have to go.. nice to meet u..bye..

Sanskar: bye.. u too..

Both left.

The next day.. Sunday..

Smara went shopping with her friends..

Smara: I just come guyz.. u carryon..

Friends: okk..

She thinking to buy some gift for her friend Ratis birthday..

She walking at mall, looking at gift articles..

Suddenly she dashed some person.. both fall down

Smara: aaauuuuccchhhhh.

She about to shout on that person..

She saw him she not able to talk a single word..

He stood..

He: am sorry.. am sorry (passing his hand to her)

Smara holds her hand in his hand..

He helps her to stand..

Finely she stood..

Due to fast drag.. both became close to each other

Both lost in each other eyes..

Smaras hairs flying..

The person non other.. he was.. our laksh maheshwari..

Laksh: r u okk.. (slowly)

Smara: yeah.. (step back)

Laksh: am sorry.. I was searching for gift.. dekha nahi aapko..

Smara: its okk.. am sorry too.. even I didnt see..

Laksh: r u fine na.. kuch laga to nahi..??

Smara: its okk.. am fine..

At that time smaras friends called her..

She turns back and stepping..

Laksh also going back..

She turns her face back and staring him.. while steeping..

Her friends drags her..

She went..

He also did same..

Laksh: intresting. (smiles)

The next day..

Smara: I didnt take gift yesterday.. today have to go..

At the another hand..

Kartik: yaar come na..

Laksh: yaar.. I just went yesterday na..

Kartik: come with me na yaar.. akhele thodi na jaunga..

Laksh: okk chalo..

Smara went shopping mall..

Kartik and laksh went the same mall..

some 6-7 years kid falled on floor and crying

smara and laksh rushed to her at same time..

Smara: are baby.. utho utho..

She helping her to stand..

But her leg paining much

Laksh lifts kid and placed her at chair..

Laksh noticed Smara..

Laksh: heyy aap yaha.. again..

Smara: ohhoo.. Mr.. its mall.. not ur home.. its my wish.. I will come any time here

Laksh: ohh.. yaaa

Smara: some one bring icepack.. (shouted)

Some one brings..

Smara applying ice pack at injured place of kid..

Laksh staring her lovingly..

Smara: (with concern) baby.. how s u feeling now..?

Kid: better thank u didid..

Kid (girl) kissed at her cheeks..

Smara too kissed..

Kid: bye didi..

Smara: bye..

Kid went..

Laksh: r u doctor..??

Smara: jiiii???

Laksh: I mean.. I observed ur way of applying icepack.. its like doctor work..

Thats y I asked..

Smara: am student..

Laksh: (smiles) ohhh I like ur helping nature..

Smara smiles..

Laksh: r u miss.

Smara: am Smara..

Laksh: waoo.. nice name.. am laksh..

They both shook hands..

And left.

Episode ends

Precap: Laksh Saw Swara at shopping mall and thought she is Smara.. Swara Shouts on laksh.. he felt bad.. Swasan jagda..friendship..

So, friends.. how was the episode..

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