Do Pal – Can Change Everything By AngelAshu (Part-1)

Do Pal Can Change Everything

Hello friends.. how z u all..

After long time am giving Part-1 na..

Too much busy yaaro.. any way..

Thanks a lot for awsme encouragement..

And I decided to start this SS..

Am uploading at TU and Wattpad to.. give ur support there too..

Glad to got ur all comments..

And haa

Happy Navratri to all..

I gave intro. Hope u all dont have any doubt..

So, lets Starts Part-1 of #Do_Pal___Can_Change_Everything

It was a pleasant morning..

Gadodia Mansion (GM)

Swara and Smara Still Sleeping..

Shomi Came to woke up them..

Shomi: Oh My God.. when will they both Wake up early..

Shoonaaaaaaaa.. Shorrrruuuuu. Utho beta. College jana hai

Shona: (closing her ears with cushion) Mommmm. Dont Shouttt.

Shomi: then wake up its too late

Shoru: mom just 10min.

Shomi: he durga maa yeh bachhiyaa kab sudrege..

Shona, Shoru : mmmooooommmmm..

Shomi: chalo chalo.. its became late my daughters

Swara and smara both woke up..

Shomi came to them and kisses forehead..

Shomi: good morning

Shona, Shoru: good morning mom..

After some time.. both gets ready and went college..

At the another hand..

Maheshwari Mansion (MM)

At Sanskar maheshwaris room..

Phone ringing..

One handsome dashing guy came from washroom..

He wore just towel (from his stomach till knees)

he looking much hot..

he came to mirror and adjusting his wet hairs..

with a flirty smile..

he noticed phone was ringing..

Sanskar: oops.. this phone was ringing from long time.. I have to attend..

He took his mobile.. he got a smile on his lips..
He picks call..

Some female voice coming from that side..

Female Voice: Good Morning Sanskar

Sanskar: (bright smile) Very Good Morning Ashu Darling

(hahah guyzz dont be jealous okk.. me.. I mean Ashu is Sankys childhood bestiee

And haa.. hamesha Swara k bestie bankar bore hue..loll.. socha k is baar sanky ki ban jau..

Chappals.. tomatos.. eggs.. stones.. all aloowed.. hahaah)

Ashu: All the best.. yaad hai na.. today ur first day in Office..

Sanskar: hmm.. thank u.. I thought u forget..

Ashu: haha never..

Sanskar: hmm..

Ashu: chalo.. ready ho jao.. bye..

Sanskar: byee..

After some time.. he went office..
And here..

Swara and Smara sited in class..

Swara listening class with much interest..

Smara getting bore.. smara dont have much interest on studies..

She always like hotel management..

But.. unfortunately she missed her admission.. so, she joined with Swara..

Some Time passed

College done..

Swara: shoru.. I wanna go library..

Smara: okk.. u go.. but dont ask me to come..

Swara: yaarr come naa its not college library na.. u can read another books here na..
Smara: no shona.. I dont have any interest na.. u go plzzz

Swara: okk.. u go home.. and tell to mom.. I will be late..

Smara: okk.. bye.. take care..

Swara: bye..

Swara went library..

Smara went home..

At Maheshwari Office..

DP: ur work is really good Sanskar.. iam proud of u beta..

Sanskar: thanks Dad..

DP: its done.. u can go home now..

Sanskar: okk dad.. but I want to spend some time in library.. can I go..?

DP: sure.. its very nice habit.. u can go..

Sanskar: thanks dad.. bye..

Sanskar went Same library where swara went..

Swara madam busy in reading books..

Sanskar goes to took some books.. he took and goes to table and seated

Some time passed

Swasan both seated back of each other.. like they just have little distance..

Swara back will touch Sanskars it..

Some time passed..

Swara got a message from smara..

Message: come to home.. its late yaarr

Swara replayed her.. and adjust book.. took some books to submit there..

She goes to submit books..

She completed submission..

Swara: thank u mam (smiles)

At that time Sanskar also came there to submit book..

He near to her

She turns back..

Both dashed each other..

Books falls down from sanskars hand..

Swara: ammm amm sooo sorryyy

Due to dash.. her hairs messed..

She adjusted her hairs and bend down, took books and passing to Sanskar..

Swara: am sorry.. I didnt noticed u.. take it..

Sanskar just lost in her beauty..

Actually he dont have any positive opinion on love etc..

But he just losted..

Swara: hellooo.. (gesturing her palm in front of his eyes)

He dont respond..

Swara: (playing chutki) helloooo

He jerked suddenly..

Sanskar: yessss

Swara: kha kho gaye ho tum.. take it.. (passing books)

Sanskar: thank u..

She leaves..

He just staring her..

Madam askes to give books..

Sanskar giving books to madam and smiles to notice what he did..

Episode ends..

So, friends.. how was the episode..

I know its very small.. next episodes will be big yaaroo..

Sorry for small update..

Meet u tomorrow.. enjoy..

Keep liking keep commenting..

Dont forget to leave comments..


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  1. Kakali

    1st meet ,, n lost lost . wooowww !! dear , loved it. thnk u.

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    Nice dear… Continue soon….

  3. Hmmm good start dear

  4. SNY

    Awesome ashu …..

  5. Mica

    thank God! sanskar lost in Swara, not in Ashu.. huh!*jealous

    1. AshiSai

      Lolllll… Am his bestiee only na..
      Swara is his heart..
      Thank u

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