Pairs are Made in heaven..episode 6

 Recape: swara as miss rahizada
Both swaragini reached the office ..soon both left to there respective cabin..swara was searching file in her cabin..
Swara:o man where is this file … where i kept.after searching she was tired and sat on chair and closing eyes…after some time suddenly she open the eyes
Sw:o god i left my file in sm office ..she got up and grab her car key and came out of cabin and dash to a person ..file fell from the person hand .
Swa: im sry i was in urget 
Arnv: its ok princess.
Swar(fake anger): cant u see and walk
Arnav: that i can also ask u na ..both brust into laugh ..all staff are shocke to see this shade .. and 2 pairs of eyes are looking them
Swa: ok bye talk u lt…while she was going arnv stoped her
Arn:  wait princess .mdid u change the fabric quality
Swa: no bhaiyu .
Arnv: then who changed..he was very tense …soon ragini also came like strom..
Rag: swara .the  ar.e no..t der it miss .
Swa: ragu calm down  say it ckearly i cant understand u ..ragini took a deep breath and said
Rag:designs are missing..both swarn are shock..
Swarn: What
Arnav: how  it happen .a lone tear ecaped from swara eyes .. arnav noticed that he too feel bad..
Swa: that person did a very big mistake ..i ll not spare them who did this cheap work.. she was boild in anger and all staff gulp in fear ..she wwnt near a girl who was standing she was shivering in fear..swara saw her with blood shot eyes . And slaped her all staff are shocked
Swa: how many money u got for this cheap work ..
Girl( scared): mam ..i ..did…n.t done anything.
Swa(rage):  dnt lie .mi hate liers.. girl was  hell scared  
Swa: what u think im a fool..  miss khushi show the video
Khushi:ok  mam..she showed the video in that clearly visible ..she stole the designs and change the documents ..
All staff are shock.
Swa: so miss monica .can u explaun this
Mon: mam o before complete sentence ragini slaped her.
Rag:i treat ad my sister bt u cheated..(guys monica was ragini assistance)
Mon: im sorry mam .
Swa: i dnt want cheater  in office ..thank to miss khushi see saw u going in my cabin and spy on u ..other wise u have sold our design..when she told me then i  told her to keep camera on and i changed original desing to duplicate ..
Arnav went near her and slaped her leaving all shock..
Swa: bhaiyu
Arn: i cant see tears in my sis eyes for u today i saw tears..i never rised my hand on girls bt u forced me to do this. U knw this is her dream project ..she was away frm me 2 month..and u going ro break her dream..
He turn to khushi
Arn: thank u khushi ..i m proud of my sis choice ..and im proud of ur loyal work .. turns monic who told u to do this ?
Monica:nikhil khrana
Arn took cell and called police ..
Soon police and arrested her …  and told them to arrest nikil also..police agreed and left frm therd..
Swa:bhaiyu send 2lakh cheque to her home.all are again shock.
Arv: why
Swa:bhaiyu she is the bread owner of her home..her father was ill and mother wash  utensil in others home.i dnt want to they suffer bcz of their daughter deeds .. and miss khushi take appointment from doctor..
Arn: doctor..u ok na y doctor
Swa: bhaiyu im fine ..appointmejt for monic father..
She did this work bcz of money
To do opration of ger father.. 2 people feel proud on hee one is arnav and other is our hero sanskar ..yes guys the 2 pairs eyes are non othed than sanlak..
Swara to staff : back to ur work ..all continue there work and ragarn(ragini+arnav)  went to thier cabun and swara went to her cabin ..and sat on chair and rested her head on back .she us facing to wall ger back is to door ..sound of knock came..
Swa:come in
Per: hello miss rhaizada. Swara as surprised bt hearing this sound and a smile appear on her face she suddenly turn.
Swa:hello mr can help u
San:nothing actuly u forgot ur file in my cabin so came to give that..he handed her the file.
Swa: thank u ..actuly i was cmg there to take this file..they were chit chatting .. a arnav came to her cabin
Arn: princess lets go to lunch…He did nt noticed sanskar .he was both swarn are tlking and laughing and sanskar was admiring thier bond soon arnav eyes fall on sanskar
Arn: hi sanskar hw r u
San(dramatic): thank god finaly u noticed me. Anyways hi im fine how r u
Arn: mee too fine..what a pleasent surprise.
Swa: guys u knw each other
San:ya arnav bhai was senior in ky clg and my di’s friend.
Swa(teasingly):di’s frnd not bad
Arn:princess she is jst my frnd nothinh else
Swa:did i told u anything ..
San:bhai ur behaving like we told she is ur gf .
Arnv was embareced ..both swsan laugh seeing his situation.
Then all talk some time and left for lunch ..later all pair came to lunch .swasan raglak and arshi..
Arshi brought tifeen and passed to all..
Swa: wao khushi di ur aloo sabji and chapati is very tasty.
Khushi: han mam even sanky like this
Laksh : han we call sanskar as sanky.sanskar given death glare to laksh..swara giggle .
Swa:khushi di who made this..
Khushi: mam i made
Swa:wao .its very tasty
Khushi: thank u mam
Swa: plz di dnt call me mam . U call me swara or shona ..nw im nt ur boss
Khushi: ok swara mam..swara look at her angryly
Khush:sry swara..
Swa:thts better..all had thier lunch and headed back to their work .swaragini and sanlak are in swara  cabin..both sanlak are looking her cabin..
Swa: u both are free now ..
Sanlak: yes.
Swa: then we can go ti resort now ..bcz we also free.
Sanskar:thats good idea ..all four left to resort swaragini are in one car and sanlak in another car ..they reach the resort..

Precap: manan and uttu meet ..

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