Pairs are Made in heaven….episode 3

Recape: Arshi meeting

Today episode
It morning a ray fall in our beauty queen swara ..her sleep disturbed by sun rays ..ahe woke up  saw the time and shock
Swara: Omg its 8  i have flight on 10 ..i have to ready…she rushed to wash room and  after half an hour she came back and got ready in pink top  black jeans with black jeans jacket …ahe packed hee lagguge and went to airport ..after checking and all she went to plan …
Swara(mono): o god thank u for my succuess full project ..i hvnt told abt this to bhaiyu and all and they dont no im cmg back i want to give surprise … then she took magzine and start reading…
Screen shift to  S M office
Sanskar was busy in his work laksh came
Laksh: sir u called me
Sanskar:yes laksh i want all account details
Laksh:ok sir
 Laksh left ..sanskar called to PA
Sanskar:riya come to my cabin
Pa came and knocked on the door
Sanskar:come in
Riya:gud mrng sir
Sanskar:riya cancel all meeting..
Riya:ok sir …after riya left sanakar left frm the office..

Screen shift to air port
Swara reached to kalkota  ..she took her laguge and to near exit ..she was busy in her cell suddendly dash with a guy ..she close her eyes ..fear of falling .. but a nick name she was saved by our  hero .he was mermirized by her beauty ..she feel a tight grip on her waist ..  slowly she open her eyes and lost in dark eyes they both lost in each other oyes ..due to noise she came to sense and   stood properly.. ..
Swara : thank you
Sanskar: ur welcome ..swara left from there and sanskar turn to see her and swara while walking turn and see him ..a cute smile on borh face..

In rahizada mansion
Dadi was sitting sofa   eating sweet..manik enter the home and shock ti see dadi..manik rush to dadi
Manik: darling what are u doing?
Dadi : eating sweets
Manik: that i can see .is bhaiyu come to no that u eat sweet then u know na what happen..
Dadi: patner plz dnt tell him..he ll nt allow me to eat ..and now shona also not here so plz let me eat..that both hitler keep me away from sweet always..
A sound came frm back.. im hitler?
They both turn and a bright smile came to there face
Manik and dadi: Shona/di ..manik run to her and hugg her ..she came in took blessing frm dadi and hugged her
Shona(fake anger): am i hitler?
Dadi:no beta ur hitler mother
Shona : dadi she pout ..
Dadi : come drama queen ..she sat besied her talk and went to freshen up..after getting reading she  had nd went office .

In rahizada fashion world(RFW) Khushi  was talking with staff .swara enter the office anlk staff stood with fear  and wished her ..she went to arnav cabin with knocking and with permission khushi stood confuse.. bt swara cane out not findung arnav  in cabin and asked to  reception
Swara: were is ASR
Recp:mam sir is meeting
Swara:when meeting started
Recp: mam nw it will over
Swara:ok by telling this went in his cabin ..khushi confusingly asked staff
Khushi:who is she?
Lady:swara mam  senior designer and MD pf this office
Khushi: bt she went to direct sir room without permission…befpre lady answer her arnsv came.
Arnav:miss khushi come to my cabin . By telling he went to cabin followed by khushi .when he enter ..he eyes was closed  by hand ..he touch that hand and a smile came to hus face
Arnav: shona
Swara removed her hand hug her.
Arnav: when u came
Swara:10min ago ..
Arnav:u hvnt inform abt cmg
Swara:surprise i wanted to see ur reaction. And one more surprise
Swara: my project was
Arnav:wow congrats jaan.
 selected..arnav was happy he lift swara and trwil her round ..khush who sttod behind arnav was shocked  seeing arnav in this shade.. arnav lifted her down.swara notice khushi pointing to khushi
Swara: khushi  right?
Khushi: yes mam

Swara:hi im swara
Khushi:hello mam nice to meet u
Swara:same here..swara beed bye to both and went her cabin..ragini came to her cabin
Ragin:shona when u came?hw r u ?hws ur project?u project selected na?ragini was contibeous quesioning
Swara: a question bank hold on.
Im came mrng and im fine and my project was good and it selected..Ragini: congrats and hugged her.
Swara: hw r u ragu?
Ragini: im fit and fine
Swara:hws jiju
Ragini was blusing
Swara:are wah blushing ..
Swara:hahah ragu
Swara:ok leave that i have to conduct fashion show…my london client are coming two days ..
Ragini:2days ..shona its less time hw to able to conduct ..and arrangment and all
Swara: dont woory we will do that .wait  lets discuss with bhaiyu..
Ragini : ok lets go
They both went to arnav cabin there khushi was already present there ..

Swara:  busy?
Arnav who was busy in file lift his face with smile
Arnav:no tell
Swara:need to talk..
Khushi whi was there she turn to leave bt swara stop her
Swara:khushi wait..i need ur help
Khushi :ok mam
Swara:ok listen all ..i have to conduct fashion show in two day as my client are coming so i need a place where we can conduct ..
They all are thinking  suddendly khushi and ragini said
Khushi/raginu:S M  resort
Arbav and swara looked at them and ragini and khushi looked at each other
Swara:so u know any of them
Khushi : mam my bro work there
Ragini: laksh is manager their .he will help..
Swara:thats great then .. we ll go tmrrw.
Ragini : ok i ll infor. Laksh
Swara: ok
Khyshi was confuse  .gow ragini knws laksh..

Precape: raglak and swasn meeting

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