Pairs are Made in heaven….episode 2

Recape:dadi and manik planning

Today episode..
S.M groups..
Sanskar came to office went to his cabin ..A knock on the door came
Sanskar(bossy tone):come in
Man: good mrng sir
Sanskar : good mrng mr files are ready?
Man:yes sir ..all are waiting for u
Sanskar : ok..
 Mr meheta abt to leave sanskar called him
Sanskar:laksh(mr meheta is laksh).
Laksh:yes sir
Sanskar: how is ur sister now?
Laksh (teary eyes):she now fine sir..they both smile an  left to meeting..

A girl came running  and went to reciaption.
Girl:hello i have interviewe here.
Recp: sir is in cabin u can go
Girl: thank sister
Girl rush to cabin bt dashed a man ..girl start scolding him
Girl: are u blind are what ..see my file all spread on ground i have to go to interviewe …
Man:im sorry
Girl:what sorry ..i know this type of boys ..if they see beautiful girl then .they intentionaly dash to that girl …A staff are stood and see that scene with shocking
Man:excuse me
Girl: move side

.then the girl went  to ASR cabin and knock on the door then no response came.then girl peep inside found no one there then came back to recioption
Girl:sister u told ASR  is in then no one is there
Recp: mam u go knw sir jst went inside
 Again girl went to ASR cabin knocked the door.Arnav was busy in call when he heard knock sound
Arnav(bose tone):come in
Girl entrr the cabin and shock to see arnav on boss chair..(yes guys u gt that man whom girl dashed non our arnav only)
Girl sweating and gulp in fear arnav havnt noticed her he was busy in call  and checking email in laptop
Girl: good morning sir
Arnan turns his face and shock to see girl and in anger
Girl:sir i came to give interview
Arnav:u are rejected
Girl was shocked and  tears start to flow fron her eyes..that all talk heard by caller..
Caller:bhaiyu what is this?
Arnav: shona she is that girl only abt whom i told u.
Swara:bhaiyu u only tell na keep ur persnol and professional plz dnt do like that
Arnav:shona she indulted me front of all staff
Swara: bhaiyu take her interviewe if she fail then reject her if she pass interview select her..may be she is perfect for ur PA post …see only talent not beauty our eneminity.
Arnav:ok  ur are saying thats way im giving her chance ..ok bye talj u ltr
Swara:ok bye
Arnav:so miss take ur seat
Girl: thank u sir..and she given her documents to arnav . He asked question and she answerd and arnav was impressed
Arnav: so miss khushi ur selected.
(Ya that girl is khushi)

Khushi: thank you sir
Arnav : so when u want to join
Khushi : sir today
Arnav:ok  ..he called a lady .lady came
Arnav: so miss priya teach her work and show her cabin.
Priya: ok sir..(to khushi) come mam
Khushi: thank u sir and im sorry of that misbehave
Arnav: its ok miss khusi…u may leave now .khushi came out all are staring her ..priya introduced to all staff.

In lunch khushi was sitting alone in canteen ..then ragin came asked her
Ragini: may i sit here
Khushi : ya sure
Ragini: thank you
Khushi :welcome
Ragini:hi im ragini ,
Khushi:im khushi
Ragini: nice to meet u
Khushi:same here ..they both talk random thingss  and after lunch khushi went to her cabin and ragini went to arnav cabin
Ragini:hi bhai
Arnav busy in file .without lifting face
Arnav:hi ragu
Ragini: bhai bhabi will be jealous of this files
Arnav (cinfusingly): which bhabi?
Ragini:my future bhabi..
Ragini:y always sit with this file or laptop..  marry with this only on
 both brust into laugh .
Ragini:when shona is cmg?
Arnav: dnt knw ..may be next week
Ragini:im happy for shona ..she reached to her dream
Arnav: yes she struggle lot for this.
They sat there doing there chit chat ..

Precap:swasn meeting….

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